US abortion restrictions are unlikely to influence international trends, which are largely becoming more liberal

Only 24 countries today totally ban abortion. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision in the US is unlikely to lead other countries to join that list.


Hopefully, the US influence on restricting women’s rights is diminishing, as if not it will be a great disservice to women after campaigning for so many years to gain long sought after rights.

Even with Roe v Wade the rights to free access were not as great as they should have been, for even though Roe v Wade did liberalise abortion, it did not restrict the rights of anti-abortionists to challenge women on their trying to enter abortion clinics as the had to counter an excessive wall of abuse to do so, thus creating a great more stress for women at an extremely stressful time. What should have been the case was for a free zone around the clinics so women attending for abortions did not have to contend with abuse virtually at the clinic doors.

Unfortunately, in America, the rights of religious zealots are looked at more favourably than the rights of women. The World at large is showing much more liberalisation than has ever been afforded in America. This is, supposedly the ‘Land of the Free’, what a joke, for it is only free if you agree with the principles of extreme religion, with America being in respects of, supposed extreme Christianity, while the likes of Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc being extreme Muslim. The 2 vast extremes of religion, but with freedoms so restrictive.

So, lets do hope that the liberalisation of women’s rights is here to stay and be further extended in the majority of other countries.


Source: US abortion restrictions are unlikely to influence international trends, which are largely becoming more liberal


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