Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ

Yes, the US Supreme Court decision to overturn roe v Wade is a great reduction on the rights of women in the US and could for many women in other countries. It shows how politics and religion should not have as much say in the Law that it does in America. America is now so less ‘Free’ for women in America especially those who are poor and of a non-white ethnicity. The health of these women is now at serious risk and even there lives, but is it a surprise that many Republicans are in favour of the ending of abortion rights, while many who wish for abortions are less likely to be Republicans, perhaps this is another way to reduce the Democrat vote.

Lets do hope that many states in America do not go and restrict or stop abortion totally and that this is not repeated in other countries, women’s rights need to be maintained and now, even, more so.

Source: Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ


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