Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins are haunted by the child abuse investigation against them – The Washington Post

After a months-long ordeal, Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins are fighting for changes in the way cases like theirs are handled.


Child protection is a minefield, for in many instances it is dammed if they do take actions and in others dammed if they don’t and in others whatever they do could be the correct actions.

It should be without saying that the children should be the number one priority, but at times the system is the main priority, whether the system is good or not. In many instances there are preconcieved beliefs at play, when, in reality each situation should be viewed as unique, but that is far from easy to achieve. For if real concerns are justified, it is more than likely that the parents or custodial persons will be good at covering what has occurred. So, mistakes are bound to occur, but the system should be flexible enough to ensure that mistakes can be easily rectified, where in many instances the system is not flrxible enough.

In this instance the Department of Health and Human Respources (DHHS) were trained by the Police, where perhaps they may not be the best agency to conduct the training, for by the Polices nature they concentrate on crime and this could be their first priority in any actions or training they provide.

In this instance it was eventually proved that the actions of the DHHS were not justified, but by then much damaged had been caused to the family, especially the children, that the system used was supposed to protect. Lrssons should be learnt, but are they been learnt, I really doubt so, as really for lessons to be learnt there has to be a commitment from the respective body to do so and perhaps funding made available to create the instances for learning to take place.

This instance was in America, but similar could and are being actioned in many other places both in America and many other countries.

Source: Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins are haunted by the child abuse investigation against them – The Washington Post

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