Menopause remains taboo in most workplaces. This needs to change | Sydney Colussi, Elizabeth Hill and Marian Baird | The Guardian

It is both impractical and socially irresponsible to ignore menopause and its implications for our changing workforce


I totally agree and should never have been so, but it was and still is in many areas, let alone countries. In a workforce an employer should be understanding to all their employees and be there for all of them and each and every employee should be also understanding as well, this in turn will make a workplace good to be in and not a ‘hell’ for some.

While being a male, I will never experience the feelings in my own body, so my heart goes out to all women that when their menopause does occur they will be able to obtain all the help and care that they need and wish for. But, they will also need the trust and confidence to do so and not only from men, for it is known that some women, hopefully, a minority, also don’t offer help and care to other women taking the view that they did not have, so why should others and see it as just a fact of life, when it should not be so.

If this is occurring it is so wrong for ones own bad experiences should not be used as a way to not help and care for others, surely in this day and age we are all better than that.

But, as we know the main problems are to do with males, beit they don’t understand, not wishing to understand or totally don’t care, but this needs to change for we all need to be there for others and not just for ourselves alone.

So, it is not just a problem in Australia, but in many countries, if not all and some are much worse than others. In some, just being a female is a step too far as we can see recently in Iran, Afghanistan and some others. Being male or female, or other genders should mean we are all equal and no one should be more equal than others.

Human Rights are there to protect and we should all abide by them.



Source: Menopause remains taboo in most workplaces. This needs to change | Sydney Colussi, Elizabeth Hill and Marian Baird | The Guardian


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