Scottish Labour to back gender recognition law despite concerns and MSP split – Daily Record

Scottish Government’s gender recognition plans


Human Rights are extremely important but in granting these Rights it could mean the Rights of one could supercede the Rights of another, but that does not mean that Rights of one should not be granted, but does mean that great care needs to be taken in drafting any legistration, which in many instances is not always apparent. This means that some challenges could well occur, which then could well lead to very costly and lengthy court proceedings.

This then leads to how Parliamentarians vote, when we have Elections to any parliament who are we really voting for, is it a Party or an Individual for both are on the Ballot Paper.

A MP or MSP are said to be the voice of their constituents, not just those who voted for them, but everyone of their constituents. No mention is made of Party Politics when, in effect, they play a major part as use of Party Whips implies, is that not what dictators do!!, when we say we live in a democracy.

So, effectively all MPs or MSPs should always vote how they feel all their constituents wish them to, not how their Party dictates or how they themselves wish. Not an easy task for anyone.

Source: Scottish Labour to back gender recognition law despite concerns and MSP split – Daily Record


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