Russian anger grows over strike that killed dozens of troops in Ukraine | Euronews

Kyiv claimed that as many as 400 Russian soldiers died and 300 more were injured in the incident which happened at a temporary barracks in eastern Donetsk region.


Any deaths are regrettable but in a war military targets are seen as legitimate, but civilians are not. So the Ukrainian attack on the temporary barracks in the eastern Donetsk region is acceptable but the Russian attacks on civilians are not.

So, Grigory Karasin, a member of the Russian Senate and former deputy foreign minister should be directing his anger and comments to whom is responsible and that is Russian President Vladimir Putin for declaring the illegal invasion of Ukraine. If he wishes no more dead Russians then that is easy to do, just remove all Russian troops from every part of Ukraine, stop all activities against Ukraine and then recognise Ukraine for the independent country it is.

Very few trusted Russia before the invasion of Ukraine and now no one will trust Russia ever again. and the blame rests fair and square with Vladimir Putin who is certainly no friend of Russia and is the real enemy of Russia and the population of Russia.

Putin is the abuser and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Also the Russian population needs to have their Human Rights restored.


Source: Russian anger grows over strike that killed dozens of troops in Ukraine | Euronews

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