As a mathematician, I fear Rishi Sunak’s plan for compulsory maths doesn’t add up | Kit Yates | The Guardian

Forcing students to endure a subject that many find unenjoyable could end up putting some off A-levels altogether, says mathematician and author Kit Yates


I totally agree with Kit and I would say more.

If Rishi feels maths is so important, I would suggest he takes some of his own advice, for while he is well over 18 his own maths does not add up as he is unable to see beyond his nose.

Yes, Maths is important, but so are all the other problems and many of these have been caused by Tory Governments over the last few years.

One of the main priorities is the crisis in Social care which has been around much longer than the crisis in the NHS and is one of the reasons for the crisis in the NHS.

By all previous and this current Governments social care has been allowed to continue without any degree of sufficient funding and the workers within social care have been degraded by the government and the media leading to the public being unaware of how important social care is not just for those persons in need of social care but for the continued existence of the NHS

Get social care sorted and this will remove some of the problems in the NHS.

But this needs massive funding and care workers to be seen as the experts and professionals they really are. For care workers are not doing unskilled work but are very skilled workers and they need to have a remuneration that takes this into account, not the paltry £10 per hour but at least £14./15 per hour. This would encourage more to be care workers and then those who are not as skilled as though should be can be dealt with as can the care providers who should be much better than they are.  Don’t judge the care profession on the few who are not as should be as the majority are but there is an insufficiency of them.




Source: As a mathematician, I fear Rishi Sunak’s plan for compulsory maths doesn’t add up | Kit Yates | The Guardian


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