Death toll in Russian missile strike in Ukraine rises to 40 | Reuters

The death toll from a Russian missile strike in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro rose to 40 on Monday with dozens more missing, making it the deadliest civilian incident of Moscow’s three-month campaign of hurling missiles at cities far from the front.


Russia is its own worst enemy or should it be the Russian President Vladimir Putin is Russia’s own worst enemy.

He started the war with Ukraine on the pretext of Russian Training exercises and then just diverted his forces into Ukraine without any justification, fully believing success would be in a few weeks. Now it has been going for around a year with no sign of an ending, causing very heavy losses on both sides.

He complains of the West arming Ukraine, but believes the likes of Iran and others arming Russian forces is OK. He is using mercenaries from Chechnya, a supposed state of Russia again taken by force some years ago, but objects to any individual mercenaries within the Ukrainian forces.

His further justification was the threat of invasion of Russia by NATO forces and his assumption of Nazi influences within Ukraine. But NATO is a defence organisation and only threatens committing forces if a country which is part of NATO is invaded which Ukraine is not currently but wished to be. While the Nazi influence appears to be within the Russian forces and the mercenary forces already helping Russia.

He was objecting to Finland and other states bordering Russia wishing to join NATO, which his invasion of Ukraine is now making that more likely.

Russian forces are causing many actions that could be seen as War Crimes, which Putin is disputing, but the apparent evidence is there to be seen.

Some years ago Putin fooled the West that he was wishing to be at peace with the West, but it is now clear that was never his intention and Russia will now never be trusted again.

Putin has so many double standards, being OK for him to use but not for the opposing forces.

The West needs to do all it can to support Ukraine otherwise it will fall to Putin and then he will see this as his ‘greenlight’ to invade the next country in his agenda. No country will then be safe from Russian seen aggression, which is the case with Russian, some What, unseen aggression, be it cyber-attacks, poisonings and others.

The Russian population needs to see that Putin is the enemy, but with Putin’s total control of all media, killing Russians who oppose him, or at least arresting them, to what unseen fate they are given, the Russian population are being screened from the truth or they are falling for Putin’s propaganda.

Source: Death toll in Russian missile strike in Ukraine rises to 40 | Reuters

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