Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

But people with disabilities are often left out of the fight for reproductive rights


“People with disabilities also have sex. They want to start families, they want to date,” Moonan says. But “people don’t see people with disabilities that way.”

This is so true and in many ways people don’t see people with disabilities at all.

Joy Moonan and others are ‘Experts by Experience’ and they all so need to be listened for the politicians and not experts in any field. It is just they have been voted into positions which gives them great power, but they use it so unwisely.

A blanket ban on abortions and some other medical interventions are so wrong as all cases should be viewed on their merits. Especially where lives are in question and with abortions in many other instances such as rape, incest, etc.

To not take into account the lives of women is justifying ‘Institutional Murder’, but, certainly in America and maybe in some other countries, politics has been allowed to run uncontrollably, as severe right or even left views need to be contained.

People should be the important factor and not just the views of the powerful or assumed powerful, for that is power by dictatorship, which can be readily seen in some, supposed democratically ruled countries, especially in some parts of America.

The abortion bans are an abuse of power, not respecting hard fought for Womens Human Rights, so disrespectful of women.

Source: Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

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