Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Stephen Kapos says he has a duty to teach others about his experience whether Starmer and co like it or not As Skwawkbox predicted last week, Holocaust survivor Stephen Kapos has been driven out of…


The Labour Party was created in 1900 due to the inadequacies of the other Parties at that time to deal with problems within the working population of the UK.

During that time it has undergone many changes, but is it still the Party of the working population, now that is the question.

Stephen Kapos was a member of the Party and also one of the Few Holocaust survivor still living today. The Holocaust, one would have expected to provide ‘lessons to be learnt’ but it is so clear that they have not as there are still extermations of many around the World so it is so clear that lessons have not been learnt. There have been and still are exterminations of many races, ethnicities, gender, religion, disabilities, sexuality and many others in many countries of the World.

Stephen Kapos is as said one of the few remaining persons alive of the Holocaust and is therefore a person of expert experience.

He is not just commenting on the Holocaust with his own experiences but how others are being dealt with today, even by Israel and Palestine, but just like the current Tory Government, it appears the Current Labour Party is not listening or does not wish to listen.

I am no expert on the Holocaust or even Palestine, but Stephen is and he should be listened to and the Labour Party needs to get back to its underlining former principles of listening to all of the working in the UK, which it appears not to be in some ways. But, I am not an expert in the Labour Party, or in fact any Party, but one that wishes the best for all in the UK and the stopping of discrimination in all its forms ceratinly in the UK and also wherever it occurs in the World at large.

Please lets us be a listening nation and that starts with everyone in the UK and for goodness sake lets all abide and mainain our Human Rights.

Source: Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX


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