A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

In this place where Russian troops held everyone in Yahidne—more than 350 people—captive, a list of the dead still remains etched on a wall


Russian forces in their invasion of Ukraine have committed many attrocities, this is just one and shows why all Russian Troops have to be driven from every part of Ukraine.

They have no thoughts for anyone, except themselves.

There so many untold War Crimes occurring, but, in time everyone committing them will be held to account.

Putin has to be defeated and then be prosecuted for all the War Crimes his illegal invasion of Ukraine has allowed to occur along with all the others.

Western Leaders provide all that Ukraine requires without any further delays, for delays only allow for more Russian war crimes to be committed.


Source: A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

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