Putin aiming to divide US public opinion with nuclear treaty pullout, experts say | US foreign policy | The Guardian

Russian president accused of ‘playing to rifts in the United States’ by raising specter of nuclear war between Moscow and west


This is what Putin does for he is a manipulator, in both Russia and the rest of the World.

The majority of us are totally unaware of all the areas he and Russia have and are infiltrating every aspects of world affairs through covet agents and many others in all forms of media. He could well have covet agents fully inside the Republican Party, but they appear to be unaware or are unwilling to be aware.

While Putin is in power he and Russia can never be trusted. There is debate about his mental state and if his metal state is unstable then he could follow any paths of actions, but is that a reason to allow him to do has he pleases. Whatever actions or inactions are contemplated, Putin will do what he wishes to do and perhaps inactions are a greater risk to the World than actions against him.

For he will believe inactions are a weakness and thereby give him belief that he can do anything and he will be unchallenged, as we have seen by the mostly, inactions from the West in his previous invasions into other countries. But Russian actions against others is not new, but that could be said about many other countries in historical records.

Is Putin’s action to suspend Russian participation in New Start, the last remaining nuclear arms treaty with the US, really that substantive as he was not allowing access since COVID, so really just doing what is happening in reality.

The West needs to stand firm against the actions of Putin and fully support Ukraine in any ways required until all Russian forces have been removed from all Ukrainian  territory and in effect make it that Russia can’t have any prospects of invading any countries by any means be it military force, media and any others.

These are lessons to be learned and not only by Russia, as many Western foreign policies also need to be reconsidered.


Source: Putin aiming to divide US public opinion with nuclear treaty pullout, experts say | US foreign policy | The Guardian


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