Donald Trump: polling suggests criminal charges won’t dampen his support

The US constitution would not restrict Donald Trump from running for president, even if he is in the middle of a court case, or was convicted.


Unfortunately all of this is so true and really does show that the US voting system is not what it should be.

Trump has a long history of subverting the US legal system by whatever means at his disposal. He also appears to have the ability to advise his supporters exactly what they wish to hear, even if some of the information he gives them can easily be disproved and at times he says opposing views to different audiences depending on what he feels this wish to hear. But, each audience only hears what they wish to and not what they don’t.

Non-Trump supporters wish this will be the end of Trump, but I feel it will not be, we can only hope that many of his current supporters do, eventually see Trump for what he really is.


Source: Donald Trump: polling suggests criminal charges won’t dampen his support


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