Three Conservative MPs quit party | Nye Bevan News

Three Conservative MPs have resigned from the party to join a new breakaway group, saying that Theresa May’s Brexit plans mean they can no longer remain members.

Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen, and Anna Soubry all announced their decision on Wednesday morning.

Three Conservative MPs have quit the party to join the Independent Group founded by former Labour MPs.

In what will be seen as a rebuke to Theresa May, Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen said the Tories had lurched to the right, adopting Ukip policies and pursuing a hard Brexit.

The Independent Group was formed on Monday by seven former Labour MPs, including Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger and Chris Leslie. Joan Ryanbecame the eighth MP to quit Labour and join the group on Tuesday night. They said they felt it necessary to leave Labour because of the leadership’s Brexit policy and failure to tackle antisemitism in the party.


Source: Three Conservative MPs quit party | Nye Bevan News


EU banks are in the clear over Brexit as they will be able to carry on using London | Daily Mail Online

Major banks on the Continent will be able to carry on using London for £60 trillion of crucial trading activity even if there is a No Deal Brexit.

Large lenders inside the European Union have been given permission by Brussels to continue accessing so-called clearing houses in the City for a year after we leave.

These clearing houses allow banks to trade complicated derivatives which underpin vital lending to households and businesses.

Banks based inside the EU are legally only allowed to use clearing houses within the bloc – and it was feared a No Deal Brexit would cut them off from London, the main hub for clearing, causing chaos.


Source: EU banks are in the clear over Brexit as they will be able to carry on using London | Daily Mail Online

Motion – National Independent Living Support Service – DPAC

Disabled People Against Cuts and our allies in the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance are campaigning for a National Independent Living Support Service capable of upholding disabled people’s rights to independent living and building on what was so effective about the Independent Living Fund before it was closed in spite of enormous opposition in June 2015.

Please call on your union branches and CLPs to pass motions supporting the campaign. Thanks to Sean McGovern for the wording of a suggested motion as below. If you would like someone to speak at your branch meeting please send details to

For information about our vision of a National Independent Living Support Service, download this document: NILS-summary-doc-2



Source: Motion – National Independent Living Support Service – DPAC

Ivanka Sits In Stunned Silence As Angela Merkel Shreds Daddy’s Trade War With Europe : Daily Kos

The Munich Security Conference was not kind to Mike Pence, who was given the silent treatment when he brought “greetings from Donald Trump” over the weekend and not one person clapped — not even a “polite golf clap” as reporter Johnathan Allen put it. If you missed that embarrassment, here’s the clip.


Source: Ivanka Sits In Stunned Silence As Angela Merkel Shreds Daddy’s Trade War With Europe : Daily Kos

Spanish warship’s incursion into Gibraltar waters is defended by Spain | World | News |

Madrid stated they left the area after being contacted by the Spanish warship. Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said a Spanish navy ship named Tornado was policing the area on Sunday in what he said was a standard procedure. Mr Borrell told reporters in Brussels, “The Tornado called three commercial ships that were breaking maritime security law in Spanish territorial waters by standing still”

Mr Borrell added: “Those ships responded to the requests of the Tornado and abandoned the area.”

But, the Gibraltar government differs from this interpretation of events.

They have indicated the Spanish warship tried to order commercial shipping to leave anchorages in British waters near the Rock on Sunday but was challenged by the British Royal Navy and sailed away.

Neither side mentioned the nationality of the commercial ships.


Source: Spanish warship’s incursion into Gibraltar waters is defended by Spain | World | News |

Brexit news: Theresa May infuriates Brexiteers as EU gets its way – ‘FLOWERY WORDS!’ | Politics | News |

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay took details of “Plan C”, drawn up by Brexiteers and Remainers, to talks with his counterpart in Brussels. But the call for “alternative arrangements” to a backstop preventing a hard Irish border was sidelined in favour of legal assurances. Mr Barclay and Attorney-General Geoffrey Cox will return to Brussels on Wednesday to present EU officials with a “legal way forward”.

Mr Cox will aim to secure a fresh legal text that allows him to reverse his November warning Britain could be locked in the custom union backstop by the EU.

After a “positive” two-hour meeting with Brussels negotiator Michel Barnier, Mr Barclay said the Government now wants a document that sets out the temporary nature of the backstop.

He said: “The Attorney-General shared his thinking in terms of the legal way forward and how we address the central issue of concern in terms of the indefinite nature of the backstop.


Source: Brexit news: Theresa May infuriates Brexiteers as EU gets its way – ‘FLOWERY WORDS!’ | Politics | News |

Labour DOWNFALL: Cowardly Corbyn avoids MELTDOWN meeting as angry MPs cry ‘B******T’ | UK | News |

Seven Labour Party MPs officially left the party on Monday – including Luciana Berger, Chuka Umunna, Gavin Shuker, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith and Mike Gapes Ann Coffey – following the huge divide over both Brexit and the party’s ongoing anti-Semitism row. Corbyn critic Ian Austin told reporters outside of the meeting he believed more MPs will follow in the footsteps of the seven Independent MPs.

The shock departure sparked a heated debate at the Labour Party’s weekly meeting, with emotions running high among the MPs as the Labour leader made no appearance.

Political journalist Kevin Schofield wrote about the meeting Twitter: “Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth breaks down in tears in PLP meeting as she accuses party leadership of not doing enough to tackle antisemitism.”

He also wrote: “Ian Lavery tells the PLP “there will be nobody more disappointed than the leader of the Labour Party to those 7 MPs leaving”. One MP responds: “B******t.”



Source: Labour DOWNFALL: Cowardly Corbyn avoids MELTDOWN meeting as angry MPs cry ‘B******T’ | UK | News |

In one news conference, Trump created several new minefields | Euronews

1. He arguably undermined the legal basis for declaring a national emergency: “I could do the wall over a longer period of time. I didn’t need to do this. But I’d rather do it much faster,” Trump said when describing how the border spending bill gave him many of the things he wanted, but that it “skimped” on his border wall.

2. He said it was a “lie” that the preponderance of illegal drugs crossing the border do so at ports of entry — when the DEA reported in 2018 that it was the most common method for transnational criminal organizations: “When you look and when you listen to politicians — in particular, certain Democrats — they say it all comes through the port of entry. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s just a lie. It’s all a lie.”

3. He said Japanese Prime Minister Abe recommended him for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on North Korea, which has created an uproar in Japan: “In fact, I think I can say this: Prime Minister Abe of Japan gave me the most beautiful copy of a letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called the Nobel Prize. He said, ‘I have nominated you…'”

4. He claimed Obama was “close to starting a big war with North Korea,” which former Obama White House aides deny: “And I don’t want to speak for him, but I believe he would have gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea.”

5. After signing criminal-justice reform into law, he appeared to endorse China’s policy of giving the death penalty to drug dealers:“And when I asked President Xi, I said, ‘Do you have a drug problem?’ ‘No, no, no.’ I said, ‘You have 1.4 billion people. What do you mean you have no drug problem?’ ‘No, we don’t have a drug problem.’ I said, ‘Why?’ ‘Death penalty. We give death penalty to people that sell drugs.’ End of problem.”

Yes, Trump’s remarks were three days ago. But that doesn’t mean what he said on Friday was old news. Quite the contrary…

Indeed, he created problems for his lawyers in defending his national emergency, for Japanese PM Abe, for Barack Obama, and for those who want to tout his sincerity on criminal-justice reform.

“This is the president using emergency powers to thwart the will of Congress”

For all of the focus on the Russia investigation, whether or not the president has obstructed justice, and whether or not he’s violated the Emoluments Clause — is the national emergency Trump announced on Friday a clear violation of Trump’s oath of office to preserve/protect the Constitution?


Source: In one news conference, Trump created several new minefields | Euronews

Spanish warship orders Gibraltar boats to leave British waters : The Telegraph

Spanish warship with its guns manned ordered commercial ships to leave British Gibraltar waters on Sunday, the territory’s government said.

The warship’s crew can be heard in an audio recording of a radio exchange telling vessels anchored at the Rock to “leave Spanish territorial waters”. Royal Navy boats were deployed in response to the incident.

The vessels that were ordered to leave remained in port during the incident, which was branded “foolish” by a spokesman for Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar.

“There is only nuisance value to these foolish games being played by those who don’t accept unimpeachable British sovereignty over the waters around Gibraltar, as recognised by the whole world in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,” the spokesman said.

“It seems there are still some in the Spanish navy who think they can flout international law.


Source: Spanish warship orders Gibraltar boats to leave British waters : The Telegraph