The Brexit predictions that came true, those that didn’t—and what we didn’t see coming | The BMJ

A lot as and is being said about Brexit, some true and some not so true.

What es known is that whether the UK stayed in the EU or not changes would have to occur to one degree or another, as nothing stays still.

If we had stayed in the  EU is well known that there would be much more political union to an extent that it would become a United Stares of Europe with more and more decisions being imposed on Member countries by the European Commission, maybe that to all intensive purposes that the Member countries could cease to exist in respect of decision making in most instances.

No one in the UK agreed to any political union, except the Government of the day and especially one Prime Minister Tony Blair, who made these decisions without referring to the |UK population through a National Referendum by a direct question, only through General Elections on a lengthy Election manifesto, which included many points.

Only in 1975 and 2016 were there referendums 1975 for whether we stayed in the EEC no mention of the EU and political union and 2016 on whether we left or stayed in the EU by a simple majority. 1975 result was to stay in the EEC, but eventually it was changed through Blair and the European commission to the EU and 2016 to leave the EU. How to leave was decided by the then Tory Governments and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

With the NHS and social care, it was decided that doctors and nurses could still come to the UK as long as they qualified to do so and in most instances the salary requirement would be met. However, re care workers due to the abysmal pay rates the salary requirements would never be met, unless care workers were made a special case, which was promised but never materialised.

So Brexit and lack of commitment of the Tory Government meant social care was not committed to, which is not surprising for no Government to date has made the commitment to social care that is needed, hence not only the lack of care workers, but the required financing of social care.

So blaming Brexit, totally, is wrong as many Governments have to shoulder the blame to differing degrees.


Source: The Brexit predictions that came true, those that didn’t—and what we didn’t see coming | The BMJ

Water plant that could prevent hosepipe ban ‘secretly mothballed’

Thames Water’s £250m desalination site out of action until next year at earliest despite record summer heat



With global warming and climate change the World and the UK is getting hotter and dryer, ice-caps are reducing as ice is melting, so increasing sea levels and there is much less rain, so casing inland water shortages. So, too much water in the seas and insufficient inland. So, surely any measures to take water from the seas and convert it to desalinated water, but is this occurring. But it is expensive, so by this article it is not. however, when is cost exceeded by necessity of demand, you would think, with the current drought conditions and that these will occur more and more as years go by.

The costs need to be reduced so, use of green processes more should be considered, wind farms, hydroelectric and others.

But will the water companies do this, are shareholders more important than customers and sufficiency of water.

Who are these water companies there for, their customers or Shareholders, well a privatised company should be there for both, but who should get the priority?

For without both the companies would not exist, without customers the company would not receive any income and without shareholders there would be no one to monitor the Directors and to own the company shares.

But to keep shareholders happy dividends need to be paid to shareholders, especially currently when great profits are being made, but also out of these profits investments also need to be made to ensure water supplies are maintained, leaks are repaired, new infrastructures installed, research conducted and new innovations considered, staff salaries are paid from.

If the companies are renationalised the theory is that all profits will be channeled to all of the above, with the exception of paying shareholders dividends because there will be no shareholders.

But these water companies used to be a nationalised industry, so why are the infrastructures so old, as it is reported that much of the current pipe works are still from the Victorian era, hence the excuse for so many leaks, so was the required investments not done to the degree required. Well not all pipes can be replaced at once, for the nationalised industry or even the privatised companies would not have sufficient staff to do so, but saying that was there really sufficient investment before privatisation.

Well, in my opinion, no for even though there were, technically no shareholders, there were, for although not classed as shareholders, it was owned by the country or the Government of the day by way of a Quangos, as each area of the UK had their own Water Boards or Authorities

So, Governments, in effect, controlled money to nationalised companies, so in virtually every nationalised industry, prior to any privatisation, there was lack of investment, as there was before they were nationalised .in the early 19th century. But, at least with nationalised industries the money would, more or less, be retained in the UK, but, it was pooled into Government and used how they felt fit, so money from water could be used anywhere other than water.

With privatisation, it was believed that the money raised would, in most instances, be retained in the UK by UK owned companies by members of the public owning shares or pension trusts. However, by passage of time, many of the original UK companies are now owned by organisations or outside the UK or countries.

Source: Water plant that could prevent hosepipe ban ‘secretly mothballed’

‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

Using trains or planes can be fraught with difficulty and danger for disabled people, from being forgotten about at stations to being unable to use the toilet on long flights



This all shows how ineffective and totally unsuitable the current equality legislation is and that it urgently needs to be made more effective, for nobody should have to undergo the indignities that disable people have to contend with when flying.

They like all passengers are paying for a full service and not the diminished service they are currently receiving for they are undergoing indignities no one should have to and then being blamed for inconveniencing others, when it is the service being given which is at fault.

The airline industry should be ashamed for the service being given to disabled people. They have rights which are being ignored.

They are being told to wait for assistance, which should be there ready and waiting for them and in sufficient numbers so no one is left waiting. in doing so all passengers will be able to leave the planes at similar times.

But, I see this everywhere; like persons in wheelchairs being refused travel on buses because the driver says there is no room, but there is for passengers not in wheelchairs. Then being asked to wait for the next, but who says the next will be any different or the next and so on.

Transport should be made so that all passengers are to be treated equally. But it is the same with taxis, why should persons in wheelchairs have to order special taxis that accommodate wheelchairs, when legislation should be stating that all taxis should be made to accommodate all passengers, if not they can’t be used as  taxis.

Equality should mean equality.

Source: ‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

Johnny Depp’s ex Ellen Barkin claims there was a ‘world of violence’ around the actor | Daily Mail Online

Ellen Barkin said that there was a ‘world of violence’ around Johnny Depp in a deposition that wasn’t aired at his $100m libel trial with Amber Heard.



This shows there could have been more of a ‘ring of truth’ in Heard’s testimony, But, Depp is a good Actor, so they say, well he was at the trial.

Source: Johnny Depp’s ex Ellen Barkin claims there was a ‘world of violence’ around the actor | Daily Mail Online

I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

A DAD-of-two claims he is banned from buying his council flat because it was adapted for his disability. Antony Carter, who has cerebral palsy, had the bathroom in his South London studio converted…


This is so disgraceful and so discriminatory for why should an adapted property not be included, as it is more likely a person will stay much longer in an adapted property for themselves, as to a person who does not need any adaptations. so, I would like to be advised for the reasoning for this.

It is not as though adaptions will not be made in owner occupied properties, as they will be, but in owner occupied properties adaptions will be made, but any servicing and repairs costs could have to be borne by the occupant, especially after the warranty period, which is more than likely 5 years. Again even that is discriminatory as for rented property these costs are borne by the local authority for the period they are in the property and being used.

Why should an owner occupier have more costs than a renter and why should they not be allowed to apply to own the property after adaptions have been made,

This is, yet again, more discrimination on persons with disabilities.

Also, as there was this restriction at the time the adaptions were made, then it should have been that the Antony Carter was made aware of the restrictions before the decision to have the adaptations done.

Here, I feel Antony Carter as a claim against Lewisham Council for their inability to fully advise him and keep him informed. Surely, Lewisham or any authority has a Duty to do so.

Rights of persons with disabilities are no where as many as there should be and where there Rights many councils are failing to uphold these Rights, either through ignorance or in some instances deliberately hoping the person will not know their rights or if they do, not exercise them.

Even when people are aware that their Rights have not been adhered to there is an inability to take action due to the restrictions on obtaining Legal Aid due to Government interventions, thereby restricting peoples rights even further on persons who don’t have the ability by finance to take actions.

Thus increasing the gap between haves and have nots, making availability of legal assistance restrictive and not available to all persons, so restricting equality.



Source: I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

US faces new era of political violence as threats against lawmakers rise | House of Representatives | The Guardian

Members of the House will now get up to $10,000 to upgrade their home security as experts warn such threats endanger the health of US democracy


It should be, without saying that violence of any nature should never be condoned and especially violence to anyone doing their job of work.

However, these days violence appears to be coming a ‘norm’, when it should never be. This appears to be occurring in all countries, be it left or right wing factions and everyone should be working against this trend continuing, especially those in some area of leadership and power of influence.

But, it appears America, to some extent, is an instigator of violence, with some persons in legislator areas, both past and present, actively encouraging violence to persons who don’t represent the same views of them without any apparent fear of arrest and prosecution. This only creates the impression to those whose reactions to be violent are their prime actions to do so. This has to be wrong completely and if allowed to continue will certainly lead to escalation of violent actions leading to eventual disintegration of Law and Order.

Yes, there is freedom of speech, but not to the extent of creating violence to others.

America holds the belief that it is the ‘land of the free’, but it should be free within restrictions so that the human rights of all concerned are respected and not just for the most powerful.

Democracy and Liberty for everyone not just a stated few.

Source: US faces new era of political violence as threats against lawmakers rise | House of Representatives | The Guardian

Sally Ann Hart says disabled people should be paid less as ‘they don’t understand money’ | Metro News

A horrified audience loudly shouted ‘shameful’ as Sally-Ann Hart spoke about people with learning disabilities.


This is blatant discrimination and Sally-Ann Hart should be taken to task about it and it should not be ignored. Yes, plenty is being said, but are any actions being taken against Sally-Ann under the Equality Act 2010 and, if, not why not.

Blanket judgements are wrong in all respects, as why does not understanding money have anything to do with how much a person is paid for a task done. Surely the payment should relate to the task and not the person. Also, there are many people who don’t understand money and they will not have learning disabilities or autism so, should they also be paid less, well according to Sally Ann, maybe so, but she would never say that.

Picking on persons with LD and autism is so, wrong and could be that this is an indication of her views on disability, for which she should be prosecuted for, in making that statement.



Source: Sally Ann Hart says disabled people should be paid less as ‘they don’t understand money’ | Metro News

Exclusive: hack declares trigger ‘result’ while vote still open and Byrne supporters blocked from Zoom – SKWAWKBOX

Party’s stitch-up of MP of the Year Ian Byrne grows ever more shameless Labour’s rigging of the ‘trigger’ process, which will decide whether Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrn…


Unfortunately, this appears to be a sign of the times in politics, where in many instances democracy does not exist, no matter which Party it is. Being Right, left or centre appears to make no difference, it is the view of those who by some means have got the influence, decides, irrespective of the views of many others.

It is the state of politics in the UK, and if left to continue, democracy will fail to exist.

Source: Exclusive: hack declares trigger ‘result’ while vote still open and Byrne supporters blocked from Zoom – SKWAWKBOX

Ukraine Orphanages: Children Tied Up And Men In Cots | Same Difference

Vasyl Velychko has been tied to a bench on a baking hot day for hours, but no-one hearing his screams will untie him. The 18-year-old is one of thousands of disabled people living in Ukraine’…


Unfortunately many orphanages in Eastern Europe have been found to be very poor, especially those from former Russian states, with those with children with learning disabilities and autism being some of the worst.

This is, in some respect, due to the lack of human rights in Russia and the Russian states and former Russian states.

But, certainly, now, these states should know better, but while ignorance will be a reason there will be others including lack of human rights and certainly lack of finance.

Now, of course, there is the war in Ukraine with Russia, but, even so, these unfit orphanages should be dealt with as a matter of urgency and it is causing unnecessary pain and suffering on innocent children, as well as the pain and suffering caused by the current war with Russia.

Source: Ukraine Orphanages: Children Tied Up And Men In Cots | Same Difference

My baby was taken into care – then murdered – BBC News

Laura Corkill’s son Leiland-James was put in care from birth – and killed by the woman who wanted to adopt him.

============================================It is my belief this is not the full story, but not sure from whom.

Laura’s past has certainly been very troubled, but it appears due to an abusive partner and not Laura, but it appears all the blame is being heaped on Laura, with insufficient understanding and maybe a willingness not to from Cumbria County Council.

Yes, Cumbria County Council have a ‘Duty of Care’ for baby Leiland-James, but, also for Laura and from what is said in the article insufficient Duty of Care for Laura has been seen.

Councils are dammed if they do and if they don’t and hindsight could show things could have been done differently. Unfortunately, all councils ate overburdened with work a severe insufficiency of social workers and certainly funding, which is done to this Government and many previous Government.

But, from the initial social worker, it appears Laura was lead to believe that she would be allowed to care for her new baby, with the support of Aishea Drysder, from Women Out West. Also both Laura and Aishea were not informed of any changes or developments by Cumbria CC.

There is no mention of any multi Agency reviews and so it appears these changes were down to the second appointed social worker and there is no mention why the case was taken away from the initial social worker.

This complete lack of communication is extremely deplorable, and is a reason why social services are viewed in a ‘poor light’.

This case and the decisions made is even more debateable when this is taken into account ‘It was 2019, and over the following year, she would try to get him back. But just days after his first birthday, the woman – who social workers had placed him with – murdered him.’

So, it appears that baby Leiland-James was not fully safeguarded and with hindsight, it could well have been better to allow Laura to look after baby Leiland-James with the support in place.

Both baby Leiland-James and Laura have been severely let down by Cumbria CC and also Aishea from Women Out West to some extent.

Laura wasn’t involved in the subsequent murder trial and she wasn’t involved in Cumbria County Council’s review into his death, it is no wonder that she feels silenced. Having her first children taken from her, then her new baby Leiland-James and not being kept informed of subsequent events will be completely devastating to Laura and could well cause some major mental problems for some time, if not ever.

Her trust, if ever there will be no longer there re Cumbria CC, but do they care, we will never know.

There is the severe underfunding issue, severe deficiency of social workers leading to those there being so over worked and under great pressures themselves, but that should never be used as an excuse for measures taken and not taken as Duty of Care should supersede these and they have their duty to adhere to.

It is now too late to right the wrongs which occurred to Laura and baby Leiland-James, but not to ensure Laura is being well looked after, however how long belatedly.

Cumbria CC need to acknowledge their own accountability in this, but so does this Government as services can’t be conducted on ‘shoestring budgets’ which this Government is asking all Councils to do and not only Councils.

So Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss what have you to say. I would have said Boris also, but who cares about Boris, except for Boris and perhaps his wife Carrie.


Source: My baby was taken into care – then murdered – BBC News