NATO meets to talk Ukraine at scene of one of its most controversial decisions | Euronews

In 2008, NATO promised that Ukraine and Georgia could join the western military alliance. Russia invaded the latter four months later.


We all know that Russia can’t be trusted and even more the Russian President Vladimir Putin. For it is his sole wish to not only recreate the Soviet Union, but the Russian Empire.

So, while Putin is around no country in the previous Eastern Europe is safe from Russian invasion, so everyting needs to be done to safeguard the independence of all countries.

Many of these countries are now members of NATO and many others wish to join, but NATO is there as a defensive organisation not as an aggressive one, so all Putin needs  to do is leave every independent country alone and not invade anyone on the pretext that he is safeguarding Russia from NATO invasion, which will not ever occur unless Putin instructs his forces to invade first.

This he did with Crechnia, Georgia, Crimea and now East Ukraine, now none of these areas were in NATO although some wished to be, so Putin got in first or so he thought, but his last invasion could well be his undoing for Ukraine was not going to let Putin’s invasion of East Ukraine without challenging, with the help of Western arms aid, but not Western forces. This aid needs to be continued and much increased to safeguard further invasions by Putin. For if Putin suceeds in the invasion and defeats Ukraine, it will not be long before he embarks on further conquests. So, it is more than essential that the aid is continued and be greatly increased, as Putin only understands power, previously his own assumed power, but now the power of the West in supporting Ukraine with weapons.

He knows he and Russia is no match for the combined West and he will go to any lengths to undermine the West. The West have no wish to harm Russia, but while Russia is controlled by Putin they have no choice and that is why sanctions have been imposed, but they will never invade Russia, unless Putin is foolish and he starts to invade a country in the NATO alliance.

Yes, he could instigate a Nuclear Strike, but, if he does this would immediately trigger a Western Nuclear Strike against Russia, from which Russia would never recover from, so Putin would then be responsible for the annihilation of Russia, which he has no wish to be.

So, the West needs to continue supporting Ukraine with arms to push Russian troops out of all Ukraine and that will be Putin’s humiliation and his eventual downfall. But when this occurs Russia will still have to be watched for whom will be the new President of Russia, lets hope not another aggressor like Putin.

But it is not just the Russian invasion of Ukraine, for there are many war crimes being found in the formerly Russian occupied parts of East Ukraine, which have been done to Ukrainian residents by Russian forces.

So, it is not just the defeat of Russian forces in Ukraine, but the prosecution of those Russian forces responsible for commiting the war crimes which has to be dealt with, with the final responsibilty down to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source: NATO meets to talk Ukraine at scene of one of its most controversial decisions | Euronews

Rishi Sunak should seek new Brexit deal with EU, says Tony Blair think tank | The Independent

PM urged to consider UK alignment with parts of single market



The 2016 EU referendum was a once in a lifetime action as was the Scottish independence referendum, so as there should be no talk of Scottish independence, there should be no talk of joining the EU in any form.

The Blair thinktank is and always will be for the EU and is Blair.

When Blair was Prime Minister he never once consulted the UK population on how to conduct talks with the EU and he blindly went his own way and signed the UK further and further into the EU without any UK population mandate.

That was not democracy then and will not be now for with the EU there is no way for close alignment on trade without much closer alignment with the EU in many other ways. One being giving UK soverenty away to the EU and being a puppet state of the EU, not being in charge of how the UK conducts any of its business, joining the Euro, British army given to the EU, no tax independence and much more.

The UK 2016 EU referendum was about UK freedom from constraints from the EU and we should not go back to being controlled by the EU.

Re freedom of movement, yes lets have it but on UK terms not EU terms, so in reality immigration from the EU to the UK will be the same as any other country. I wish a boarder relaxation, but on our terms, for the UK needs the right immigration policy to sustain UK growth, which we currently don’t have, as it is currently too restrictive. Many areas of UK workforce are short of applicants and Non-UK applications are desperently needed. Social care, agriculture and hospitality to name just 3, but there are many more.

Realistic salaries need to be offered in these areas, much more than currently being offered, especially in Social Care, which should be, at least in the region of £14/15 per hour rate. If this is not achieved in social care and much more, then we can say goodbye to the NHS, which is another areas dependent on non-UK immigration.

We need to do what is best for the UK and not what is best for Blair.


Source: Rishi Sunak should seek new Brexit deal with EU, says Tony Blair think tank | The Independent

Kim Kardashian is ‘disgusted’ by claims ex Kanye West showed nude photos of her to employees | Daily Mail Online

An insider says reality star Kim Kardashian is ‘disgusted’ by claims that her ex-husband Kanye West showed off nude photos of her to his former employees.


While I am no supporter of Kim Kardashian, no one should be subjected to this form of abuse, for abuse it is and just goes to prove that everyone needs to be extremely careful what you allow anyone to see of you, for, in effect, no one can really be trusted. When love is no more and even when it is trust is something that can never be guaranteed.

Source: Kim Kardashian is ‘disgusted’ by claims ex Kanye West showed nude photos of her to employees | Daily Mail Online

Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent

This series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ has seen its only two Black female contestants booted from the show first – keeping alive an odd tradition that’s affected everyone from Alison Hammond to Adele Roberts. Nicole Vassell asks how long the show can choose to ignore it


I must say I am no fan of ‘I’m a Celebrity and this, apparent racist connection only makes me more so and it’s applied connotations to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ again not a favourate programme of mine, as I an no fan of any reality programme, so the apparent coming back of ‘Big Brother’ is filling me with dread.

But, apparent racism in the reality voting is even more of a dread.

The UK is and always will be a multicultural country and in my opinion far better for it. But, racism in any form needs countered for it is an unhealthy experience, especially for persons who are non-white.

Without a strong multiculturalism the UK will fail to exist and many professions are totally reliant on non-white inclusion. The NHS for one the care profession for another and many more.

But there are many professions where racism appears to be rife and not only racism, but, also accounts of gender discrimination. One only has to look at the Police and especially the MET Police and now apparently the Fire Brigade, or is it only the London Fire Brigade, we will have to wait and see.

We import a lot from America, but their concentration on racism is one that we should not.

Unfortunately, racism will never go away, as there will always be, I hope a very small number of racists and not only in the white communities for all communities have some degree of racism in them, but the attitudes of the white population go a long way to breed racism in other cultures.

We all should be viewed and treated as equals, with race, gender, disability, sexuality and others not being countered in the way we react to each other for there are good and not so good in all areas of life and we should all embrace each other.

It makes life for everyone so much easier, especially in these dark days of ecconomic disparity for we all need each other.

Lets make the UK a great place to be for everyone and use that as an example to other countries where their way of life may not be as good.

Source: Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent

Qatar insists rainbow colours are allowed at World Cup after ‘localised incidents’ | The Independent

Exclusive: Fifa has assured national federations that fans displaying the rainbow colours associated with support for the LGBTQ+ community will no longer be stopped by security staff at World Cup venues


FIFA have shown that they have no respect for football as football should be non-political but in awarding the World to Qatar they made it so.

The right to view and attend the World Cup is everyone’s right and to give the World Cup to a country where it was obvious the this freedom would not be there was completely wrong.

Source: Qatar insists rainbow colours are allowed at World Cup after ‘localised incidents’ | The Independent

World Cup: Outrage amid claims Qatar to ban kosher food and Jewish public prayer – The Jewish Chronicle

Why is anyone surprised for Qatar no promises can be expected to be kept, there fooled FIFA to allocate the games to them and now the true Qatar is surfacing, perhaps not the population, but certainly the views of the ruling family.

Go there at your own risk, but as countries go they are not alone, when any events are planned on any country many factors should be taken into consideration, their, laws, Human Rights record, their tolerance or intolerance and many others, not just their ability to fund the event or perhaps funding the allocating organisation.

The allocation should be open to inspection.


Source: World Cup: Outrage amid claims Qatar to ban kosher food and Jewish public prayer – The Jewish Chronicle

Texas man charged with killing two nurses opened fire while his girlfriend was giving birth | Daily Mail Online

Nestor Oswaldo Hernandez, 30, who opened fire at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas on Saturday – killing two nurses – was on parole for aggravated at the time of the shooting.




Well this just shows the state America is in, but the gun culture rules Supreme.

If the gun culture was not how it is and it was more difficult to obtain firearms the 2 nurses would still be alive today, but they are not purely down to the American gun culture.

I don’t expect this to change for the better, as it will only get worse, as the NRA and those in support of guns will just say more guns are needed and most likely say the 2 nurses should have been ‘carrying’.

So is the whole idea that everyone in America carries, what about children, for why should they be left undefended. Will it come that as soon a child is born a gun will be given to them, ludicous but, not that ludicous as the gun policy.



Source: Texas man charged with killing two nurses opened fire while his girlfriend was giving birth | Daily Mail Online

Jeremy Hunt: New Chancellor Warns Of “Difficult Decisions” To Come

New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has warned of “difficult decisions” to come and said “mistakes” had been made after a turbulent few weeks in the markets. Liz Truss’ new Chancellor took the job after Kwasi Kwarteng was sacked on Friday amid continuing fall out from the mini-Budget


Yes,  I agree many difficult decisions to come and now is certainly not the time for tax reductions for the persons earning above £150,000.

The gap between the the poor and the rich should be being reduced, when it is really being increased.

So, for a temporary messures a further tax rate should be introduced for those earning above, say £500,000 of around 47% or even more.

The National Living Wage (NLW) is assumed to be the amount needed for persons to live, reasonably, on, so it makes no sense to tax anyone earning below the National Living Wage, therefore the amount for tax to start should be above the NLW and then, always, increased in-line with inflation.

Welfare benefits should also be increased to the NLW and then again always increased in-line with inflation.

Corporation tax should be retained at 20% and it be ensured that every trading organisation is taxed at that amount and the loopholes available to multi-national organisations be fully closed.

Now, austerity, we have already had at least 12 years and now is not a time for more as there should be no more savings to be made, that is, if there was ever before. As in many instances to achieve the levels required essential services had to be cut, when no essential services should ever be cut. So, therefore, no cuts to Health, Social Care, Education and maybe more.

So, we come to Defense, how can cuts be made there, especially with the increased spending required to fund arms for Ukraine, which again is essential, so that Putin, in his quest for power, to not be allowed to retain any part of Ukraine and also give back all the areas he has already took by force. If not, he won’t stop at Ukraine, but take all areas formally under the USSR and maybe many more. He should have been stopped in his quest for Crimea and all others before, but that was down to inaction from Western Governments falling for Putin’s bluster.




Source: Jeremy Hunt: New Chancellor Warns Of “Difficult Decisions” To Come

Sky News: Ukraine war: Eleven volunteer soldiers killed in Russian military firing range shooting, Kremlin ministry of defence says

Putin is continuing to lose on all fronts, when will the Russian population come to realise that the only enemy of Russia is their own President Vladimir Putin. He is the only cause for the Russian troops being killed and the increasing criticism of Russian activities in Ukraine.

The once believed respect for Russia is continuing to be eroded and Putin is totally to blame for this. His unnecessary and totally unfounded invasion of Ukraine should never have taken place. But Putin’s total control of the Russian media means that the Russian population are being forced fed totally unproven and extremely incorrect information regarding Ukraine and its actions towards Russian supporting residents in Ukraine.

But by Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine it is so much more likely that Ukraine will become a member of NATO as will other countries bordering Russia who are currently not NATO members.

As to Putin’s threats to ‘nuke’ Ukrainian troops attacking illegal Russian troops in Ukraine should this occur it will also mean that nearby areas of Russia will also be affected by nuclear contamination thereby inflicting more Russian deaths, that will be Putin’s eventual epitaph, as the only Russian President to inflict nuclear contamination and deaths onto Russians.

The Russian population needs to urgently be enlightened that they are in very grave danger from Putin. For the sake of sanity Russia and it’s population need to be safeguarded for their own protection. Their enemy is not Ukraine and the West, but their very own President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin supporters.

There are terrorists in Russia, but they are President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin associates.

The Human Rights of Russians are not being respected by their own President Vladimir Putin.

Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online

An Australian-American conservative political commentator found herself ‘sandwiched’ between two supremely overweight passengers on a recent American Airlines flight.



What is exactly an Australian American, surely you are either Australian or American, as this women studied her DNA and she is only a percentage American and Australian, when people can be a varied mixture of ethnicities. Then she had the audacity to label 2 persons obese, could it be that she is so thin. If she is that particular then she should have paid the premium so she could select the size seat that works best for her.

Good on American Airlines to rebuke her and so publicly, for you pay for what you get. She paid the standard fare and therefore should not expect special privledges, so what if she is a conservative political commentator, as she should not and doesn’t deserve special treatment.

She is guilty of abusing her fellow passengers and not respecting their Human Rights, she is extremely lucky not to being served a litigation order.


Source: Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online