White doctors in London are six times more likely to be offered jobs than black doctors | The BMJ

White doctors applying for medical posts in London are six times more likely to be offered a job than black applicants, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show.The new data also show that white doctors are four times more likely to be successful than Asian candidates or candidates from a mixed ethnic background.The figures were uncovered by Sheila Cunliffe, a senior human resources professional who works in workforce transformation across the NHS and the wider public sector. Cunliffe sent freedom of information requests to all 18 NHS acute trusts in London asking for a breakdown by ethnicity for 2020-21 of the numbers of applicants for medical jobs, shortlisted candidates, …

When deeming the suitability of job applications for short listing, ethnicity and age should not be factors, so this information should be withheld in the short listing process. This would go some way to ensure interviews were, at least granted on ability, and it is a sad reflection on how short listing can be viewed.

However, discrimination would still be a factor at interview, so is it time to record interviews both audibly and visibly, so that there is more evidence than just a scoring sheet when the possibility of racial factors re non selection are raised.

This would go some way to minimise discrimination, but, unfortunately discrimination will never be fully done away with, unless the human factor is not present.

Also, the prospects of promotions and the methods of how it is done need to be more transparent.

This is a very sad reflection of the times, which after  many years racism is still regarded as being present. While I hope it is becoming less, this could be down to racists being more adept at covering their racist attitudes. Close monitoring of all aspects of employment need to be more present in all areas, especially employment and racism  be a criminal act with a very severe sentence.



Source: White doctors in London are six times more likely to be offered jobs than black doctors | The BMJ

‘If it were the UK, police would have opened fire’: the explosive film about Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters | Television | The Guardian

It was the day rampaging Trump supporters stormed the Capitol – and almost derailed democracy. Now, using footage from rioters’ cameras, an unsettling film takes you into the thick of the mayhem


This is very hard to say because it would be very unusual for this to occur in the UK and armed police may not have been there.

Even if they were their nu, supporters of the then, current President, albeit a President to be removed, mbers would not have been great, so it would have been more than likely that they would have been riot police who would have been unarmed.

But, that been said it would not have been long before armed police would have arrived, but they would not have opened fire unless they were going to enter the building.

What does need to be said is, if this had been BLM instead of white supremacists, then the police would have opened fire and on a ‘shoot to kill’ basis, it is how it is in America. I am not saying the American police is racist, but all is done on profiling, so where black lives are involved it is shoot first and ask questions later, but these were White Supremacists and also supporters of a US current President, albeit a President very soon to be removed.

Which he was but not far enough, for Law and Order is moving very slowly in America, in fact, so slowly that before any action is taken the former President could again be standing for Office. He was guilty of inciting violence from his very first President Campaign, but was allowed to get away with it by the American Establishment.  Perhaps because the thought was a White American would not go as far as Trump did and is still doing.


Source: ‘If it were the UK, police would have opened fire’: the explosive film about Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters | Television | The Guardian

The scams most likely to trick midlifers

How to keep yourself safe from the most common frauds targeting 50-somethings




Any scam does cause distress and certainly one re romance and dating as the person being scammed is more than likely at a low ebb to start with, so extremely very vulnerable. These scammers are in deed the very depths dealing with the most vulnerable in Society.

Now, it is evident that these scammers have no morals and have absolutely no concerns about those who they scam and dealing with many emotive issues. For it is not just the lost money, but the mixed emotions that are caused and in many instances these mixed emotions could lead to much further tragedies.

More should be done to safeguard those who are being scammed, but even more so the dating/romance sites should be held more responsible, for it is not sufficient for the sites to state that the profiles on the sites are all fake and only there for virtual communications, as many who join these sites are wishing for much more than messaging.

Surely, in this day and age, these sites should be more able to ensure that all the profiles are from genuine people who are really looking for what they state they are.

Even if you do not get scammed for money being sent to the scammers, but the sites illicit money either by subscriptions or for purchasing means to message.

||From mu=y own experience it is very evident that many who respond to persons looking for relationships are just there to ensure messaging is continued and there will be no likelihood of any eventual meetings. So it is therefore the romance/dating sites themselves who are scamming the people looking for relationships.

Means need to be found to ensure these sites are more transparent in their dealings and that all profiles are of genuine people.

Source: The scams most likely to trick midlifers

Priti Patel’s revenge on climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rights

Priti Patel’s revenge on Insulate Britain climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rightsThe ‘criminal disruption prevention orders’ announced by the Home Secretary would mean banning people from protests based on nothing more than suspicion



Yes, it is, but should by allowing one persons rights, should that curb another’s, especially if they are innocent bystanders, surely not.

So by allowing Criminal disruption prevention orders Priti Patel is safeguarding the rights of innocent bystanders. By all means disrupt the Government and any others who are involved, but not innocent bystanders.

Source: Priti Patel’s revenge on climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rights

Scotland Yard urge women to ‘wave down a bus’ if they are concerned about being approached by a lone male officer

The Metropolitan Police guidance was branded ‘laughable’ and ‘derisory’



Does Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave live and work in the real world, who in their right mind would challenge a lone  assumed Police officer, let alone a lone woman. It is not lone woman who needs to challenge, but fellow Police officers who should not blindly support their own colleagues for if something does not feel or sound right, then it is more than likely not to be right. For with their Police training they should be possible to spot a wrong , but has said they are more concerned at supporting colleagues rather than weeding out persons who should not be in the Police force.

A full investigation needs to be conducted to every force starting with the Met, so that bad officers can be found and dismissed before even more crimes are committed under the terms of the Law.

This needs to be done starting both at the top and the bottom. With recruiting becoming even more stringent.

It is also evident that sexual is not the only area, but as much so racism, gender, culture and many other aspects and not forgetting ‘Secret Society’ involvement.



Source: Scotland Yard urge women to ‘wave down a bus’ if they are concerned about being approached by a lone male officer

Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

Nicola Sturgeon and campaigners have condemned the remarks as ‘appalling’ and ‘horrifically offensive’




The Police do have a lot to learn, but they are not alone, for it appears so do Police and Crime commissioners, that is if they are like the one for North Yorkshire, one Philip Allott, the Conservative police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire. As he blamed Sarah Everard, for putting herself in the position from which she was brutally murdered, for you should really trust the police and not fear and distrust them.

But, in this day and age trusting the police is not there, for they are racial profiling Black youths, creating even more distrust and anger in the ‘Black community’.

Really, can one refuse to be arrested, especially where the officer has other motives. For is not resisting arrest an  offence itself.

What Police officer is going to wait while you check them out and calling for help, who is going to help a person who appears to be being arrested, for they too could also be arrested.

Philip Allott is far from ‘fit for purpose, and should resign immediately.

The police are there for our own safety, well they should be, but in this day and urge, how can we all be sure?

True, the focus over the last few years has been mainly on the Met, but there have been others especially in South Yorkshire with the policing of Hillsborough in 1989 and also the Miners strike in 1972.

But there have been many incidents in many other forces.

Gone, many years ago has the public conception that you can trust the police. Many occupations have there ‘bad apples’ but it is how you deal with them, if you even do deal with them. The Policy is a community and there is a very strong element of sticking together and supporting each other, but when this leads to bad areas of policing the sticking together has to be stopped. Some police officers have tried to speak out and have suffered for doing so, as it should have been them who were supported, instead of those to whom the complaints or concerns were being made about.

Safeguarding in some respects has been lost in some Police forces and it desperately needs to return, otherwise respect for the policy will never return and them you have the situation in America where trust in the police is not there in many communities, just deep fear and mistrust, which is borne out in the actions of virtually all American Police officers, where some are acting as criminals instead of applying Law and Order and safeguarding the public, for there it appears they have a policy of shoot and ask questions later and in many instances the questions are not asked, do we really wish to follow an American example.


Source: Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

Sarah Everard: Women Police Officers Are ‘Vilified’ For Reporting Misconduct Of Male Colleagues, Ex-Senior Cop Says | HuffPost UK

Former Met chief superintendent condemns “sexist” service that sees men “close ranks” and potentially abandon women while on duty.


Yes, the Met commissioner Cressida Dick should go and should have gone long ago for there have been many incidents occurring under her tenure one being, Jean  Charles De Menezes, https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/feb/10/cressida-dick-de-menezes-shooting-met-police-desert-island-discs-radio-4, they say ‘lessons will be learnt’ but are they ever. In many instances the answer is no as for lessons to be learnt there as to be a concerted effort and in the Met is that concerted effort there, I fear not under Cressida Dick.

She is always too quick to come to the defense of the Met, as many in the Met are also. But it is not just Cressida who needs to go for many in the Met need to go also for the supporting officers under Cressida have not been supporting in good quality policing, only in supporting fellow officers, of which they were excellent.

But Police need to be there firstly for the public and if they are not should they be there.

It is not just how women are thought of both in and outwith the Police forces, but there are also serious concerns regarding Racism, membership of secret Societies and many more.

But is it just the Met, I fear not and this is an opportunity to have an in-depth investigation of not just the Met but every police force, but who would do it for are we trusting that the police can really police themselves. It needs to be done by a cross section of the public and also in the open.

There was a time when virtually everyone respected the Police, but now and for many years that is not so for that respect as changed to fear and mistrust.

Source: Sarah Everard: Women Police Officers Are ‘Vilified’ For Reporting Misconduct Of Male Colleagues, Ex-Senior Cop Says | HuffPost UK

Judge Issues Protest Warning As Paralympian Jailed For Plane Stunt

Yes, there is a right to protest and a right to freedom of Speech, but the protest and actions of James Brown far exceeded these rights and seriously affected rights of others, who all could bring civil actions against , as well as time.James Brown as they have all experienced a monetary loss, as well as time.

Protestors need to be accountable as should those who they protest against, but innocent bystanders should not have to suffer.

What this has to do with being a Paralympian is anyone’s guess.

Same Difference

A British Paralympic gold medallist has been jailed for a year for glueing himself to the roof of a passenger jet in an Extinction Rebellion protest – the first custodial sentence for any action linked to the group.

XR said it was “shocked and devastated” by the sentence handed to James Brown, 56, at Southwark crown court in London on Friday afternoon, by a judge who warned that protesters who disrupt people’s lives “will face serious consequences”.

Judge Gregory Perrins said Brown, from Exeter, who has been registered blind since birth, “cynically used” his disability and put his own life at risk when he staged his protest at London City airport on 10 October 2019, at at the height of XR’s second extended campaign of protests in London.

James Brown denied one count of causing a public nuisance, claiming he had ‘to do something spectacular’ to draw attention to the…

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Ministers to crack down on overprescription of medicines on the NHS | The Independent

Government-commissioned review finds 10 per cent of drugs prescribed by primary care doctors are not wanted or needed




This may or may not be true, for we can only know if we see how this conclusion was reached.

For medications are given to individuals and like all individuals we could all experience problems in many different ways.

Unfortunately the NHS does not treat people as individuals, especially in these times of non-face to face consultations. and then the problems in getting repeat consultations when needed. This is the same for both GP and hospital consultations.

They all treat the condition in a ‘one fits all’ approach, instead of a ‘person centred ‘ approach. Also and especially hospitals treat conditions in isolation, but many have multiple conditions and with GPs and some extent hospitals appointments are time time related., otherwise the appointment system get out of line and appointment times are then not met if appointment times are exceeded.

But, if you have more than one issue when seeing a GP and want to relate to your list, the GP could well say, just give me the top of your list and we will discuss the rest on your next appointment, and that is a major problem for when will that next appointment be, certainly not the next day or even the next week could be weeks or months. Even getting through to a GP surgery is a major exercise for it could take time to get even in a queue and then wait to be connected to the receptionists, to be then told all that days appointment haver been taken, no offer for any face to face for the appointments referred to are telephone appointments. It was said sometime ago that going on 80% of a GP consultation was from the patient and not any GP checks, but with a telephone appointment the only vehicle of communication is voice, no understanding of tone, body language and any other observations, so again the appointment is somewhat not sufficient.

As I said, even with a face to face you are usually restricted to around 10 mins, which gives no time for many patient to mention all they wish too and a patient is not an expert of medical issues only on their body and how they are feeling, much of which can’t be expressed over the phone.

Yes, GPs are over worked and there are too few of then, but don’t we all have stressed lives and who is to say how much effort it took a patient to try and get an appointment in the first place, is there any wonder why A&Es are so busy these days, as patients will mainly take going to A&E and suffer the long waits there for they know they will be seen, but again by an overworked, mainly junior doctor, not saying they are not fully trained, but long hours can lead to mistakes being made and they are made and one mistake is one too many.

The NHS has been underfunded for many years, but then so as Social Care which is another story, but as equally important, if not more so.

Money is not everything, for there has been much Government interventions into the NHS and mainly not for the better. Care of any nature is more than likely to be long term and costly.

Don’t get me wrong for we in the UK are extremely lucky to have the NHS, and I bless the Labour Government in the 40s for all their work and will to create the NHS in 1948. But in those days Doctors and Dentists and the BMA were not fully in favour of the NHS, as I am lead to believe they did not wish to lose their access to their private practices, so a compromise was reached. This was on the lines that if they agreed to be brought into the NHS not as employees, but as self employed they could retain their private practices and still work for the NHS. So even tough they are contracted to be in the NHS it is the practice and not the individual doctors. So they can withdraw from the NHS if they wish and still work on  private patients, which many |Dentists have done, so creating many problems for |NHS Dentistry, in that there is a very serious lack of capacity in NHS Dentistry, as so many people are experiencing in not being able to find an NHS dentist, and then afford it, for Dentistry was removed for ‘free at the point of delivery’ many years ago, although the NHS payment is subsidised through the NHS.

|Both the N HS and also Social Care need to be fully funded, but that takes money and one of then should not be left short to fund the other. This is not the fault solely of this Government, but of many previous Governments who have left the NHS somewhat underfunded and even more so, Social Care,  latter even true today, in fact very true and the question is will both be able to survive, especially social care, for the current lack of social care is already having an effect on the over use of the |N HS and if it were to get worse,which it is every day, or even disappear, the NHS would not be able to cope and that would mean disastrous consequences for all who need these services and have no ability to pay.

So urgent action is still required and the announcement a few weeks ago was way to little and way too late.

So medication is but one problem in many others. But I would not just say there is over prescription, which in some instances there will be, especially in some instances of antibiotics and in some anti depression. But please before any thing is done view the patient and not just the assumed overt prescribing.



Source: Ministers to crack down on overprescription of medicines on the NHS | The Independent

Mum paralysed by stroke after M25 protest delayed trip to hospital by six hours – Mirror Online

The woman’s son Chris said he was ‘so angry and so upset’ as he watched his mum ‘slip away’ while they were stuck in standstill traffic on the M25. Doctors said her recovery would have been minimal if she had arrived within 90 minutes



While I agree drastic actions need to be taken regarding climate change, but to cause all this disruption and also much pain and suffering should not be the way.

The people kept in these jams caused by these protestors actions are in no way to blame, by all means go after those in the Government but not the innocents.

Yes, these protestors have a right to protest, but the persons held in these jams also have rights and by exercising one right should not mean that other rights are ignored.

Source: Mum paralysed by stroke after M25 protest delayed trip to hospital by six hours – Mirror Online