Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

Exclusive: Alarm over quality of Home Office age assessments as hundreds placed in adult hotels and only moved to children’s services when charities intervene


As many refugees or asylum seekers have little or no Identity documents, as they may have lost them on route, had them stolen, were unable to bring them for some reason or they deliberately discarded then so that their identity, age and country of origin are unknown. It is, therefore very difficult for the authorities in the preferred country in which the persons wish to reside to correctly identify the correct information of the persons.

Some could be assumed younger that they say, older than say or actually believed, so the 2 former could cause many problems, children being classified as adults causing a problem for the children or adults classified as children causing problems for any children with whom they are placed. Let alone any problems they may come across on their treks over many lands. These are the risks that refugees and asylum seekers put themselves in, but there would more likely be risks if they stayed were they were.

So great care has to be taken by all concerned.

Many are undertaking these journey due to circumstances outside their control, so being incorrectly age assessed increases their problems, as does the length of the process and in many instances the quality of the accommodation they are placed in, especially having to share rooms and even more so beds.

The process needs to be conducted quicker, and there certainly needs to be more monitoring while the process is being conducted.

In reality it would be more beneficial if the need to seek asylum or be refugees were not necessary in the first place, but the reasons they do are also numerous, including famine, climate change, influence of wars and other conflicts, etc.

So great care needs to be undertaking by all concerned, so that successful outcomes are realised.

Source: Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

Hiding behind the loophole of a dead sex trafficker? Stay classy, Andrew | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

‘Potential defendants’ are sweating (if they can) over whether Virginia Giuffre’s settlement with Epstein will protect them, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde



Prince Andrew stooping to a new low, just how low can he get, perhaps he is the supreme ‘Limbo’ dancer or is he a skater on ‘thin’ ice.

He knows no bounds for he appears to be an expert at squirming and he appears lucky that ‘Mummy. is so well financed, but for how much longer with Andrews record.

He was also close to both Maxwell and Epstein so he may know more than he lets on, so could be at risk from others involved who also could have much finance, influence and much more, so he could be sweating more, assuming he really can and his claim he does not could be another untruth. For, if this does get to court, which it should, he will have many instances to sweat. But money, influence and power is at work, it did not save Maxwell and certainly not Epstein, whose fate was sealed by some means, but could Andrew’s.

But would it be a miscarriage of justice for the real victims if he was, justice should prevail.


Source: Hiding behind the loophole of a dead sex trafficker? Stay classy, Andrew | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

The US president said economic measures would be taken if Russia were to invade Ukraine, but the Russian leader said that would trigger a complete rupture in their relations



What a sorry state this world has become or more to the point Russia. I thought that Putin was only the President of Russia and not all the independent states around Russia.


It is Putin amassing the troops on the Russian/Ukraine border as a threat, not only to Ukraine but the whole of Europe. Being independent Ukraine should be free to join what organisations they wish to, as long as they do not encroach into Russia. If Ukraine wishes for NATO troops then that is up to Ukraine not Russia. Nato, itself as no wish to invade Russia, unless the Russian troops invade Ukraine first.


If any Western country wishes to react to Russian aggressive actions with sanctions then that is up to the Western countries, and all Putin needs to do is stop all the aggressive actions and then he and Russia will be left alone.


So Putin desist in threatening anyone and then no actions will be taken against you.


Just because your ‘Puppet’ Trump is no longer in office in the US, is no reason to make aggressive gestures, as Putin should show respect for those countries around Russia.

Source: Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

Valentina Orellana-Peralta’s family demands ‘transparency’ from LAPD after officer killed her in a dressing room – The Washington Post

Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, was trying on quinceañera dresses at a store when an officer shot an assault suspect on the other side of the wall. She and the suspect died.




Yet another US Police shooting with 2 dead, the suspect in the store who was unarmed and an innocent 14 year old girl in the stores dressing/changing rooms trying on dresses with her mother.

When will these senseless stop, only when America comes to its senses and realises that people with guns kill while people without guns do not.

Neither of these deaths should have occurred, especially the 14 year old girl.

But that is life in America or should it be death.

Source: Valentina Orellana-Peralta’s family demands ‘transparency’ from LAPD after officer killed her in a dressing room – The Washington Post

Putin to ponder options if West refuses guarantees on Ukraine | Euronews

In comments aired on Russian state TV Sunday, president Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will undertake “adequate military-technical measures” if NATO and other Western allies do not pull back from Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general.



Putin is acting as if he is Lord and Master of the Universe while he is just President of Russia not the whole Eastern block. The Eastern Block countries exercised their rights to gain their independence from Russia and if they wish to entertain relations with Western Countries and NATO then that should be their choice not his. Nato and the Western Countries do not wish to invade Russia, but Putin is looking for any excuse to invade Ukraine and other former Russian Stae territories against their wishes.

He should not forget that his ally or should I say Puppet Trump is no longer in charge of America, although Trump believes he his.

For if Putin does invade the former Russian State territories who is to say he will not stop there, for in his haste he could well invade Western territories.

Does he really want WW3 for if he does it could be the extermination of Russia and a good part of the whole World.

His thirst for power holds no bounds.


Source: Putin to ponder options if West refuses guarantees on Ukraine | Euronews

UK police chiefs consider public admission of institutional racism | Police | The Guardian

Unfortunately, Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, does not think and that is the problem for while she is Metropolitain Police Commissioner, I can’t see any progress being made on institutional racism within the met force.

Her continued refusal to accept there is any racism means , the problem is not being recognised within the force leadership and therefore no improvements will be made.

She needs to go without delay.

Source: UK police chiefs consider public admission of institutional racism | Police | The Guardian

Modern-day culture wars are playing out on historic tours of slaveholding plantations

The romanticized notions of Southern gentility are increasingly at odds with historical reality as the lives, culture and contributions of the enslaved are becoming integral on tours of plantations.



Slavery in any form is abhorrent and it is still occurring in many forms.

How any human can do this to any other human is beyond comprehension.

To say those who became rich on slavery be they, British, American, Dutch, Portuguese or any other Westerner is also not easy to understand and how did they see this from a Christian point of view. For if the Bible condones such actions then I say The Bible is a corruption of life for slavery should have no inclusion in any Christain thought and any who undertook such actions, were not Christians in my view.

But slavery was not new in the 17th/18th century, as it existed in the far east well before Christianity.

But, even today in America there are those who wish that slavery could be brought back, now you may feel that is not possible.

But, in effect it has never gone away for there is now Modern Slavery.

We all need to do what we can to ensure any forms of slavery are done away with, as we should all respect each other and no one should be more equal than another and have a right to freedoms and to live life.

Slavery is never good and for those who feel there were good slave owners are very much mistaken, but then not all slave owners were as bad as others, but they were still bad.



Source: Modern-day culture wars are playing out on historic tours of slaveholding plantations

Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

The Mail On Sunday has lost its Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of the letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle

A legal judgement has been made and you may or may not agree with the outcome for numerous reasons. But, I feel a major one will be on your views of Meghan Markle, for you either like Meghan or not, but in reality none of this is our business. However, it is showing how the law is on Grandparents rights and press freedoms.

Re Grandparents they have no legal rights to see or have any other controls on their Grandchildren, as this is solely down to the parents and in many instances mainly with the mother, unless it can be proved that the mother is not legally capable.

So all this blustering by Thomas Markle is down to either a misguided understanding of his Rights or more than likely his overblown insistence of his own importance. If he really wishes to see his Grandchildren he is by his own actions making it even less possible that he will. For he needs to show understanding of both Meghan’s and Harrys points of view and not throw a tantrum when his wishes are not granted.

By releasing the letter from his daughter to the Press, he has again shown misjudgement and it is now, if it was ever to be, that he will see his grandchildren.

As to the Press again they are guilty of showing their own importance and, as there are many instances, where the actions of the Press are seen to far exceed their assumed Rights, they have been brought down, but perhaps they have money to waste on legal matters.


Source: Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

All in the name of assumed democracy and free speech, but if it wasn’t for the gun, Rittenhouse would not have been there.

The gun laws of America and the assumed rights to carry have a lot to answer for.

The other major problem is the question of racial tensions in America, for many in the Southern states wish for slavery to be brought back and the Confederacy by the way Confederate flags are used. But that should be all in the past, but Trump and his associates and supporters are re-raising these and for some Brexit in the UK has brought racists out of the undergrowth. They have always been there but did not have the full confidence to show themselves.

Human rights are there for everyone not just persons of white origins. No one is wanting more rights, just the means to exercise theirs and not be condemned for doing so.

Equal Rights for All.


Source: US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

Wheelchair User ‘Pushed From Brighton’s Legends Club Dancefloor’

This is not a ‘one-off’ as many venues are inaccessible and of those that are not all areas will be. You maybe able to get in the building, but not access the dance floor, or even toilets. Then if toilets are accessible will they be disability aware, with required adaptations.

I fear they will not be many nightclubs that conduct a full disability assessment and this should be a requirement. Then the results of the assessment should then be published in all media regarding the nightclubs.

We have had numerous Disability Acts, being Disability Discrimination Act 1995, then as amended in 2005 and the Equality Act 2010 .But none of them went far enough and gave too much time in which to comply. But many didn’t well not fully as there were too many areas, which could be avoided for many reasons. One of which was cost, and many others.

This is not how persons with disabilities should be treated, for all they are asking for is for them to lead a reasonable life with the same rights as others.
But to do so there needs to be adaptations and it is these that not all businesses and organisations adhere to. They may go part of the way, but not fully, but if they are not fully complying then they are not complying at all.

There should be no half measures.

Same Difference

A wheelchair user has expressed anger after claiming his chair was pushed off a dancefloor by nightclub staff.

Tyler Paul, 29, was on a basement dancefloor at Legends in Brighton when he said he was asked to leave.

A video on social media appears to show a bouncer grabbing his wheelchair to escort him off the dancefloor.

Legends apologised, but said the video only showed a “snapshot”. It also said its basement was not wheelchair-accessible due to fire regulations.

Mr Paul, from Worthing, has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair, but can walk with support.


He visited the nightclub on Saturday, and walked downstairs to the basement dancefloor with the help of friends during the evening.

He said he was initially asked to sign a document saying he was happy to be downstairs.

But ten minutes later, Mr Paul said another bouncer asked him to leave.

He said when…

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