Ministers preparing to ditch NHS targets as patients face record delays for treatment – Mirror Online

The Tories have been accused of bringing the NHS close to collapse families needing GP appointments struggle for weeks to be seen and record numbers waiting for hospital treatment


I don’t dispute this article and perhaps this form of privatisation is not the answer, but neither is the old-fashioned nationalisation we had prior to the prioritisation in 1994-1997.

I am old enough to remember the nationalised British Railways (1948), as I was born in 1949 and up to being 18 I and my family used the railways for every UK holiday we had as my father worked for British Railways and then for British Rail so we were entitled, as a family, free rail travel throughout the whole of the UK and also France and some other Europen countries, in fact, my father had free rail travel throughout the whole of Europe, while myself and my other mother had to pay a third of the costs, especially in Spain. For holidays in Europe we didn’t fly as in those days the ferries were owned jointly by the UK and French railway boards so we didn’t pay for cross channel ferries, except for what is known as a Port Tax, a tax ferries had to pay to dock at ports, which was, for passengers, including in the ferry costs charged to passengers and was not part of the free costs for railway employees.

In those days there was also a considerable lack of Government finance to invest in the railways so much of the rolling stock and infrastructure was outdated especially on the London Midland line from Sheffield to London. In fact, not until the privatisation of British Rail with the introduction of East Midland Railway did any new rolling stock arrive. Also, the Sheffield Midland Rail Station was considerably modernised and is now just known as Sheffield.

A much-needed passenger lift was installed as previously it was only a footbridge, which seriously impeded persons with disabilities who could only get to station platforms 2- 8 by using the goods lift, very far from desirable.

Yes, privatisation, while creating improvements in many ways could and should have been dealt with so much better, but is renationalisation the real answer, for, if it follows the last nationalisation then no, for that suffered from a serious lack of Government investment and the great decline in the Rail System in the UK. Whatever is to be done needs to be so much better but I have serious doubt that it will be for I have no faith in any UK government irrespective of the colour of the Party in control as politics gets in the way rather than the benefit of a UK population.

Yes, I am very cynical but that is from living for 73 years in the UK and not just the dealings with the Railways but most of the other aspects of the UK of which there is the NHS Social Care to name but 2 which again I have very much to say on the lack of Government financing, especially social care.


Source: Ministers preparing to ditch NHS targets as patients face record delays for treatment – Mirror Online

Biden Admin Sets New Guide To Fix Over Discipline Of Students With Disabilities

Following the release of a data report noting higher rates of discipline aimed at students with disabilities, the guidelines aim to address the disparities.


Persons with disabilities are in no way looking for favours, far from it, but they are wanting to live their lives as best as they can. However, to do so they may need help and assistance, which can be in many ways. They may need some physical assistance, but also assistance in many other ways depending to the nature of their disabilities and the extent. It could be in a greater need of understanding, or more time to complete tasks required, but in many instances not for someone to complete the tasks for them, but to enable them to complete the tasks themselves in anyway they can.

Pressures should not be applied to the person with disabilities to complete tasks more quickly than they wish to or are able to do. This also includes when there are misunderstandings by any person as to not work at the pace of the person with disabilities could upset them, cause unnecessary frustrations, which could lead to behaviours which may challenge. If this occurs it will not be the fault of the person with disabilities but due to the pressures put upon them, but, as is seen many times the blame is placed on the person with disabilities leading to further measures be placed on the person with disabilities when, if, more consideration and less blame was evident the challenges would not have occurred.

But as is the case, very frequently, expulsions, criminality and even more pressures are being given, when, if, there was more understanding, considerations, etc, the problems would be minimised or not even occurred.




Source: Biden Admin Sets New Guide To Fix Over Discipline Of Students With Disabilities

The EU never understood Northern Ireland | The Spectator

The Northern Ireland Brexit Protocol has proven a difficult circle to square. But it is Europe, as much as Boris Johnson, that has failed.


To understand there has to be a willingness to understand and unfortunately, the EU has never had this willingness to do so and perhaps the same could be said of the UK having a willingness to understand the EU.

The UK population agreed to join a Trade association, but never a political association, for this later was a whim of a said Tony Blair, who never went to the UK population for a political association agreement. He argued that by winning a General Election where retained membership was part of the Election Manifesto gave him authorisation the take that decision himself and so set the seeds for an eventual UK leaving the EU by the 2016 Brexit Referendum

Northern Ireland has always been a problem politically and maybe it was a grave error to create the split in 1921, but split it was and many grave problems occurred for many reasons.’ leading to many deaths and destruction in both Northern Ireland and England.

A form of peace was achieved in 1998 by the Good Friday Agreement, which the current squabbles between the UK Government and EU could put in jeopardy.

A solution to the present EU/UK dispute has to be achieved and to do this both the UK Government and the EU need to trust each other, which in many respects forms the basis of the problem as both distrust each other.

These are just a few of the problems for there is also the Scottish Independence question. But the EU or certain countries within the EU also have their own independence situations at times Catalonia in Spain, Basques in Spain and France, other problems in Greece and many others.

Politics and money cause many problems and understanding should be a priority for all concerned, but many may just wish to ‘bury their heads in the sand


Source: The EU never understood Northern Ireland | The Spectator

Champions League final 2022: Liverpool demand investigation into stadium chaos as police tear-gas fans

Europe’s showpiece final delayed by more than half an hour with fans locked outside and left to suffer heavy-handed treatment from local police as witnesses describe scenes of ‘absolute carnage’


This was organised chaos by UEFA an d the French authorities, who did their best to blame the Liverpool supporters when the French police purposely delayed the Liverpool supporters access to the ground. Then had the audacity to then tear gas and pepper spray the innocent supporters causing even more mayhem.

The French authorities need to be sanctioned and maybe French football clubs or at least Parisian clubs banned from football tournaments as a warning to France.

Source: Champions League final 2022: Liverpool demand investigation into stadium chaos as police tear-gas fans

(20+) Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz | Facebook

6 March 1942 | A Czech painter Jaroslav Král (born 1883), an outstanding representative of Czech cubism and neoclassicism, was incarcerated in Auschwitz. He was an organiser of artistic life in Brno.
The Germans arrested him for his activity in left-wing organizations. In the camp he was registered as no. 26452.
Jaroslav Král perished in the camp after 16 days.
Just one of the many who died in Germany’s Concentration camps during World War 2, a war which was said would be the war to end all wars, but that doesn’t take into account  the aspirations of some leaders in the World. For there have been many wars since, including Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and many others and now Ukraine.
No wars should occur, yes there will be differences, but none should lead to any confrontations, and especially any losses of lives or even injuries.
As in many instances the leader of one country have intentions of grandeur, self-importance and an assumed position of power. Putin wishes to be the person who brings back the Russian Empire, but why should Russia have an empire, in fact, why should any country have an empire.
A country should be all the people within that country, not just the person who has by whatever means attained the position of power.
In Ukraine, it would appear that the majority do not wish to be under the control of Russia, but Putin appears to disagree and so has invaded Ukraine illegally and needs to be brought to account. The losses of life both Ukrainian and Russian are on the hands of Putin and any others within the ruling body of Russia.
Putin and his ruling Comrades need to be held accountable as should any others who created the atrocities in previous and current conflicts.


Source: (20+) Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz | Facebook

Ukraine is NOT the only terrible war being waged!!! Time we stopped ALL war!!

Yes, it is well time that all wars were stopped and even better that no wars were created, but as you say, it is part of the human make up, but may not be because of stupidity, but that, in some instances could be true.

No, I feel the major problem is envy, the wanting of something that is not yours, or in fact ego, so the human psyche is the main problem.

Also power corrupts, as many feel they have the power to overcome or ignore rulings.

Humans will not change, so what can be done, well be very careful who you elevate into positions of power and have a robust removal process available when it is clear that abuses of power are occurring.

But persons in these situation will be adept at fooling others by deceptions and there will always be persons who can easily be deceived.

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There is something terribly wrong with human beings. We nearly always elect psychopaths!! We think we can solve things with violence! We enjoy pain and suffering! We have a horrible stupid streak!

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DWP admits wrongly rejecting disabled people for benefits at record rate | The Independent

Exclusive: Warnings that ‘flaws in the system’ have led to almost 80,000 Personal Independence Payment decisions being overturned at initial review


Why is this news, especially to the DWP and the Government as from the introduction of PIP in November 2017 they were warned that there were problems with assessments, but they appeared to be blind and deaf to the comments made.

The UN also have advised this Government about their discrimination to persons with disabilities, but the Government refuted this.

Now they have promised £5.4 billion spread over 3 years for health and social care, but this is an insult to social care as it is way insufficient as it should be at least £12 billion, just for social care alone and not spread over 3 years but given immediately.

This Government has not got a clue or just doesn’t care , especially the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Thérèse Coffey MP.

So, it is not just the Welfare benefits that are not sufficient and the assessment processes, but the whole Government attitude to persons with disabilities. Coping with their disabilities and life is more than enough and also for their families, but until you are there you will never comprehend what they have to take onboard and contend with, as if drains the life from you, causing more stress on stress until it becomes, but you have to continue, for there is no alternative, as social care is too a large extent not there and won’t be until it is sufficiently funded.

Many mistakes were made in 1948 with the creation of the NHS and the Welfare State, not that it should not have been created for the creation was great and much thought was put in, but events over years as meant changes should have been made, especially the creation of one body to encompass both the NHS and Social Care. As to have it split means there are many duplications of processes and lack of communications between the organisations on many levels.

Source: DWP admits wrongly rejecting disabled people for benefits at record rate | The Independent

Emma Barnett: From the playground to the police station, women’s vaginas are used against them – and it stinks

We live in a culture that shames women for speaking about their genitals and god forbid, defending them


What Stinks, good question, well I say the culture of the Met Police, for they are supposed to be their to uphold law and order for the protection of the public. Not there to abuse members of the population by any actions, as why should they be cutting off anyone’s clothing as that is damaging private property without any good reason and then to compound that by verbally abusing the person.

Serious investigations need to be done to the Met Police not only with regards to the actions of the officers concerned, but also to the effective management and supervision of said such officers.

The first to  be considered has to be the Met Commissioner Cressida Dick for she appears to be totally unsuitable for the role, not only in respect of this situation but of many others.



Source: Emma Barnett: From the playground to the police station, women’s vaginas are used against them – and it stinks

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’ – Scientific American

We need to plan for a future where millions of survivors are chronically ill


This is indeed true and in America with their insurance based health service this will create major problems, as many can’t afford sufficient health cover currently.

But, even in the UK with the NHS this will cause many problems for will the NHS be sufficiently funded to enable staffing levels to be achieved and many other resources. Also will sufficient capacity be created to cover any similar pandemics, I very much doubt so.

But, assuming the NHS is sufficiently resourced, it is very much doubtful that social care will be, as it has not been for the last 20 to 30 years. Then with the austerity cuts imposed on Local Authorities (LAs) and more expenses due to COVID the situation has become even more dire. To have any chance of Social Care recovering this Government needs to, urgently reimburse  all the funds that were retained by the Government on the basis of austerity cuts.

Even then, much of Social Care needs to be reorganised so that all care workers are not only paid substantially more to around. at least £14.00 per hour, but also the working conditions have to be improved such as paying for travel time, introduction of a scheme to pay them while being  sick, payments for working unsocial hours. What also would improve, at least Social Care, is improving immigration provisions to allow more non-UK persons to enter the UK to work.

The are major shortages of care workers in the UK, which will be made worse due to the mandatory COVID vaccinations required and not only for Social Care, but also the NHS.

The current situation is very dire but the results of long- COVID will make it much worse.

Source: A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’ – Scientific American