Covid booster jabs could be brought forward as UK daily cases hit 52,000 | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian

MPs voice frustration to new vaccines minister about ‘stalling’ programme in England


If it wasn’t for MPs Questioning the Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup MP in the Commons, I would assume she does not exist, for as she been seen by anyone outside the Houses of Parliament.

The vaccine programme and the booster programme areas stalling but no sign of her making public announcements, is she really up to the jobs, or is really the Government, for all they appear to do is dither, until actions come way too late.

The only success was the COVID vaccination programme but since the departure of the former Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Nadhim Zahawi MP, this has been faltering.

Now is that just a coincidence, or is there more to it since the change of Minister.


Source: Covid booster jabs could be brought forward as UK daily cases hit 52,000 | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian

Wayne Couzens is not ‘one bad apple’ in the Met police, so we’re training people to intervene in arrests

The attempt by the police to distance themselves from Sarah Everard’s murder is as predictable as it is offensive



I fully support this article for long gone are the days when we could trust the police, if they ever did really exist. It has been said before, that it is a fine dividing line between being in the Police and being a criminal, from the evidence coming forth this dividing line is becoming very blurred.

Serious and in-depth investigations have to be carried out in the open and certainly not Police investigating Police.

Certainly in the Met there needs to be a full look at all positions of seniority starting with the Met Commissioner and very much so the officers immediately in charge of those officers who are not acting how a police officer should and this needs to be made public so the public are well aware of what they should expect from Police officers.

In some respects we should find ourselves lucky that most of our Police officers are not armed as this would certainly had more to these untenable situations.

We appear to becoming more like Police officers in the US as time goes on, where it is shoot and then ask questions.

As to Cressida Dick she should go and should have long ago, for now and for some time there is no respect for her and she seems incapable of conducting her duties. In her statement yesterday, she needed prompts rather than it come from her heart, she is certainly ‘not fit for purpose and never will be be, if she ever has been.



Source: Wayne Couzens is not ‘one bad apple’ in the Met police, so we’re training people to intervene in arrests

People With Learning Disabilities Should Be Prioritised For A Covid Vaccine

This I agree with, but what about all the persons with LD/Autism who are needle averse, for as I can see this group of people have not be looked at and have been left out of the research.

But, they are in the same, very vulnerable group of persons with LD. With regards to the flu, they are entitled to the nasal spray, which is given to children under 12 years. While it is not as effective as the flu injection, it is better than nothing and here more research should be given to providing a vaccine of suitable strength to give more protection that can be administered other than by needle.

Same Difference

When Margaret Keenan became the first person in the UK to receive the coronavirus vaccine last week, the nation breathed a sigh of relief. But it is crucial we do not forget those who have constantly been at the back of the queue: people with learning disabilities and autism.

Throughout the pandemic, people with learning disabilities and autism have consistently been let down. A lack of clear, easy-to-understand guidance, unequal access to care and illegal “do not resuscitate” instructions have exacerbated the inequalities many people have long faced.

The impact cannot be ignored: our research shows that 76% of people with learning disabilities feel they do not matter to the government, compared with the general public, during the pandemic. And data shows the danger of contracting Covid-19 for people with learning disabilities and autism is much higher than for the wider population.

Public Health England has said the registered…

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Research: An exploration of Black carers’ experiences of their relative/loved one’s detention under the Mental Health Act

A Caring Mind

Researchers from University College London want to hear Black carers’ views about what it was like when their loved one was involuntarily admitted to hospital (sectioned under the Mental Health Act).

Please see info below.

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PM To Look At Idea Of Raising CA By £20 A Week

Not only increase Carers Allowance by £20 per week, which is long overdue, but alter other aspects for below are the current conditions

The type of care you provide
You need to spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone. This can include:

helping with washing and cooking
taking the person you care for to a doctor’s appointment
helping with household tasks, like managing bills and shopping
If you or the person you care for are affected by coronavirus, you can still claim Carer’s Allowance if you provide care remotely. This includes giving emotional support over the phone or online.

Your eligibility
All of the following must apply:

you’re 16 or over
you spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone
you’ve been in England, Scotland or Wales for at least 2 of the last 3 years (this does not apply if you’re a refugee or have humanitarian protection status)
you normally live in England, Scotland or Wales, or you live abroad as a member of the armed forces (you might still be eligible if you’re moving to or already living in an EEA country or Switzerland)
you’re not in full-time education
you’re not studying for 21 hours a week or more
you’re not subject to immigration control
your earnings are £128 or less a week after tax, National Insurance and expenses
If your earnings are sometimes more than £128 a week you might still be eligible for Carer’s Allowance. Your average earnings may be calculated to work out if you’re eligible.

Calculating your earnings
Your earnings are any income from employment and self-employment after tax, National Insurance and expenses.

Expenses can include:

50% of your pension contributions
equipment you need to do your job, for example specialist clothing
travel costs between different workplaces that are not paid for by your employer, for example fuel or train fares
business costs if you’re self-employed, for example a computer you only use for work
If you pay a carer to look after the disabled person or your children while you work, you can treat care costs that are less than or equal to 50% of your earnings as an expense. The carer must not be your spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.

You earn £100 a week (after tax, National Insurance and other expenses) and spend £60 a week on care while you work. You can treat £50 of this as an expense.

Payments that do not count as earnings include:

money received from an occupational or private pension
contributions towards your living or accommodation costs from someone you live with (they cannot be a tenant or boarder)
the first £20 a week and 50% of the rest of any income you make from someone boarding in your home
a loan or advance payment from your employer
If you get State Pension
You cannot get the full amount of both Carer’s Allowance and your State Pension at the same time.

If your pension is £67.25 a week or more, you will not get a Carer’s Allowance payment.

If your pension is less than £67.25 a week, you’ll get a Carer’s Allowance payment to make up the difference.

If you get Pension Credit
If your State Pension is more than £67.25 a week, you will not get a Carer’s Allowance payment but your Pension Credit payments will increase instead.

If you’ve deferred your State Pension, the income you would get from it is included when working out if you’re eligible for Carer’s Allowance.

So what needs changing

your earnings are £128 or less a week after tax, National Insurance and expenses – should be changed so that the £128 is made equivalent to the National Living Wage

You cannot get the full amount of both Carer’s Allowance and your State Pension at the same time.

If your pension is £67.25 a week or more, you will not get a Carer’s Allowance payment. – this again should be matching the National Living Wage

This would mean the Carers Allowance would be a more substantial benefit available to many more carers.

Same Difference

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Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

Four comments and three not understanding the problem, perhaps they are conservative MPs or even Government Ministers, for they also do not see the problem, whether by design or not is not clear.

Yes, there are disability benefits, but these are there for the increased costs borne by families due to to their relatives disabilities. For anything required for disabilities costs more, perhaps, through a disability premium, as equipment for persons with disabilities always cost more than they should.

Then we come to Social Care, which has never been correctly funded, from 1970 and certainly before. I mention 1970, as this was the date that the Government of the day brought all social care under the control of Local Authorities (LAs) , but as normal not the funding to cover the costs.

Before 1970, Social Care was a mishmash of care from various organisations, some from Local Authorities, then some from Charities, health, the community and many others. It has been left underfunded right up to the present day, but made much worse from 10 years of austerity cuts and now COVID-19.

Then this Government brought in the Coronavirus Act 2020, which relieved LAs of many of the responsibilities which were granted through the Care Act 2014.

Yes, these were eased on a temporary basis until 1 October 2020, when they were supposed to be reviewed, but true to form this Government decided to extend the easements for another 6 months.

So, Social care is in a very serious crisis, which is indeed very serious, maybe to an extent from which Social Care may not recover from and should this be so, then the crisis in health will more than double or even treble.

So. I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Please support this petition and then share, for you do not known when you will be in dire need of Social Care or one of your relatives will.






Source: Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

Carers ‘on the brink’ as they face further Covid-19 restrictions

Family carers (unpaid carers) have been pushed to the limit for many years and now they are beyond the limit and there is only so much one can take, but this Government expects them to do more and more.

With the easements brought in under the Coronavirus Act 2020, local authorities do not have to abide with the requirements of the hard fought for Care Act 2014.

So people in need of carers and also their family carers have been seriously let down again by the Government who lie and lie again and again.

They say they care and perhaps they do, but not for persons in need of care and their family carers, for all they care about is themselves and their rich associates.

If they did care, then they would have done something constructive to solve the crisis in Social Care, but again they have done nothing and just see Social Care disintegrate further.

I have created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

This Government needs to act and act now.

Mother plans Supreme Court battle over care for disabled son

Many aspects of Social Care appear to be, in many cases, to be ‘not fit for purpose.

So, we will wait and see the outcome of the Supreme Court action.

Will persons with disabilities be, eventually ,to receive all that they are entitled to rather than what authorities deem to allow them to have.

Then and, only then, will persons with disabilities achieve real equality.

Do-Not-Resuscitate Order: Care Home Use Reviewed

Yes, a review of the use of DNARs in the Coronavirus pandemic earlier in the year is urgently required, for the pandemic is still with us and the use of DNARs could well surface again.

For DNARs to be applied there should be a discussion with each individual and also their family for this is the concept of ‘choice’.

To apply a ‘blanket’ order is completely wrong and brings us into the realm of ‘Big Brother’, the directive of authorities.

If this is not done, what could occur next, could it be the introduction of compulsory euthanasia by, the Government?

Same Difference

The use of do-not-attempt-resuscitate (DNAR) orders is to be reviewed after a number were wrongly applied in care homes at the start of the pandemic.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will investigate concerns that some care homes still have blanket orders in place covering groups of residents.

It became clear that blanket use was in place in some care homes in the early weeks of the pandemic.

But it was widely condemned by the CQC and medical bodies.

The decision about whether or not to attempt resuscitation if a very sick person falls dangerously ill is supposed to be discussed with the individual, or family members if they are too sick.

Doctors can make a decision on the spot without consultation in exceptional circumstances.

However, the decisions are always supposed to be made on an individual case-by-case basis.

The health minister Lord Bethell has asked the CQC to investigate the…

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