Terminally ill woman wins landmark case 

This is yet another example of something, which is under control of this Government being ‘unfit for purpose’.

How many more ‘unfit for purpose’ ruling have there to be before change can be brought in.

Is the real problem that the Government is ‘unfit for purpose’ other than that the Government is purposely targeting the most vulnerable within the UK, which any reasonable Government should not do and should not be allowed to do.

EU executive says ‘significant’ differences in Brexit talks – Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union’s executive said on Thursday that “significant divergences” persisted in its talks with Britain on their new relationship from 2021.

Britain left the EU in January and is in a standstill transition period with the bloc to give the two sides time to forge a new relationship on everything from trade to security.


Source: EU executive says ‘significant’ differences in Brexit talks – Reuters

Covid-19 crisis has exposed inequalities for mental health and learning disabilities | Nursing Times

Nursing Times has explored its impact on people with mental health issues and learning disabilities and the staff who care for them.

According to Royal College of Nursing mental health professional lead Catherine Gamble, there was already a lack of understanding about the “fragility” of people with mental health illnesses, which was highlighted by a shortfall of support for the sector during the Covid-19 crisis.

Although efforts had been made to protect people physically from the virus, the same attention was not given to those needing mental health care, Ms Gamble said.

Likewise, she said the needs of mental health nurses were not considered in the same way as colleagues in physical health services, with visits from high-profile leaders mostly focused on general hospitals, for example.

One of the biggest challenges for the sector was the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the lack of specific guidance tailored to mental health services.

The wearing PPE by staff was not only “extremely frightening” for some patients, it also posed safety risks during restraints.

“You expect to see it in intensive care, but you don’t expect to see it if you’re at a psychiatric hospital,” said Ms Gamble.

Source: Covid-19 crisis has exposed inequalities for mental health and learning disabilities | Nursing Times

MPs to debate petitions on ‘recognising and rewarding’ nurses | Nursing Times

A parliamentary debate is scheduled to take place tomorrow in response to calls for nurses and their colleagues to be given a pay rise for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

On Thursday MPs are set to debate a series of e-petitions submitted to the government on the topic of giving health and social care professionals appropriate recognition and reward for their work.

One of the petitions in question – titled Increase pay for NHS healthcare workers and recognise their work – has received more than 160,000 supporters, exceeding the 100,000 signatures needed to be considered for discussion in parliament.

The debate, organised by the Petitions Committee, will also consider three other petitions focused on the immigration health surcharge for overseas health staff, citizenship for non-British staff, and parity of esteem for social care:


Source: MPs to debate petitions on ‘recognising and rewarding’ nurses | Nursing Times

Grave risk of Windrush scandal repeat

Nothing like this has to happen again and the means to ensure this is urgently required as is the payment of the compensation to the victims of this ‘Windrush’ scandal.

When the ‘Windrush’ people came to the UK they were British citizens and therefore no documents were needed.

The subsequent independence of their counties of origin and further UK legislation caused these problems and therefore all speed is required to correct these wrongs and pay everyone the required compensation and it should be extended to any from other former British colonies.

On top of this is the desecration of their ancestors countries and expressly the effects from slavery of these ancestors.

The UK has gained, many years ago, considerable wealth from the explorers of years ago and other invaders to their ancestors lands of origin.

The history relating to the UK needs to include all aspects of its history no matter whether it be good or bad, even, if this means that history records have to be rewritten and the revised history records then should be included in the UK education curriculum.

All of this needs to be done as a matter of extreme urgency.

Rather than creating problems the UK should be doing all they can to right all these many wrongs from the UK establishment.

Any racists should be given no quarter and be prosecuted to the full extent of UK Law.

Coronavirus Briefing: Remember Brexit? It’s back : euronews

Four years ago this month, the British public narrowly voted to leave the European Union. What followed – years of protracted debate and animosity – painted a picture of a country utterly divided. But a deal was finally reached and the United Kingdom did leave on January 31 this year.

While the UK has settled its divorce, it remains in a transition period until the end of this year. A year in which it must abide by the rules of membership, while enjoying the privileges. Ultimately though, the transition period is about achieving an orderly settlement on what the future relationship will be.


Source: Coronavirus Briefing: Remember Brexit? It’s back : euronews

What the impeachment report really said

From the evidence I have heard and viewing how Trump and what he has already said, I have no doubt that Trump has done all he is accused of.

However, as the Jury is made up of a majority of Republican Senators then it is more than likely these Senators will no convict him.

I believe this because the Republican Senators would rather have Trump as President,than Pence.

So we can only hope that the Democrats put forward a Candidate that can beat Trump in the next Presidential Election rather than have Trump for another Term.

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U.S. Senate holds impeachment trial

Michael Tracey of Real Clear Politics is probably one of the few people who read the House Judiciary Committee’s 658-page impeachment report.

The basis of the report is not just that President Trump abused the power of his office to harm his political rival, Joe Biden.  It is that his pause of military aid to Ukraine was actually a “betrayal of the nation” because it helped Russia.

The rhetoric reminds me of Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950s and his “twenty years of treason.”  McCarthy said U.S. foreign policy toward the Soviet Union was not only wrong, but a conscious betrayal by Communist sympathizers, up to and included General George C. Marshall.

The impeachment report contains the same rhetoric.  According to Tracey, the report uses the phrase “impeachable treason” and states, “At the very heart of ‘Treason’ is deliberate betrayal of the nation and its…

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Poison on our streets

Tell the Truth Sheffield

I met this guy on our street recently who I presume works for Amey. I asked him what he was spraying on the pavement and he replied: “It’s only Round-Up”.

Glyphosate sprayer

When I told him this was not just dangerous to his health but to the whole ecology of our planet, he said he knew, but he was only “spot spraying”. I asked him why he was not wearing protective clothing (he had no face mask or gloves) and he told me that he had these but had been advised not to wear them as this scared the general public. I told him the public was quite right to be scared as we don’t want poison sprayed on our pavements!  In the States, a court case against Monsanto was won by a man who developed cancer after using Roundup. He was awarded $289 million in damages.
Pesticides and herbicides…

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Scandal of Motability vehicles returned when reassessed for PIP

This is disgraceful and what is worse is when when the transfer from DLA to PIP is undertaken and the DWP refuse PIP or the higher Mobility component, then it is reversed on appeal, as the Motability vehicle will have already been lost.

A further application for a Motability vehicle will then need to be made, this is not only costly, but during that period to when a vehicle is obtained the claimant will have lost their independence.

The vehicle should only be taken back when an appeal process is not started, while ideally the whole PIP reassessments needs urgent review.

This Labour leadership candidate may have fuelled the ‘hostile environment’ faced by benefit claimants|WelfareWeekly

While criticising the few it is far to easy to bring this criticism down on the many, thus fueling the disdain for anyone on Welfare Benefits and once in the mind of the populous it is not easy to change. Especially when this is re-enforced with all the media speculation and programmes on benefit cheats. Why is there not the focus on how benefits help people to live a reasonable life either in the short or longer term.

Some people may need benefits to bring them through a certain crisis or on a more permanent basis when the situations are due to long-term disabilities and health issues.

It should not be, ever, that people on benefits are looked down on, for these benefits are not charity, as for many are an essential part of living.

The days of the Workhouses and poorhouses should have gone a long time passing, but the likes of Starmer, Thornberry and others just perpetuate this belief.


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