Hiding behind the loophole of a dead sex trafficker? Stay classy, Andrew | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

‘Potential defendants’ are sweating (if they can) over whether Virginia Giuffre’s settlement with Epstein will protect them, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde



Prince Andrew stooping to a new low, just how low can he get, perhaps he is the supreme ‘Limbo’ dancer or is he a skater on ‘thin’ ice.

He knows no bounds for he appears to be an expert at squirming and he appears lucky that ‘Mummy. is so well financed, but for how much longer with Andrews record.

He was also close to both Maxwell and Epstein so he may know more than he lets on, so could be at risk from others involved who also could have much finance, influence and much more, so he could be sweating more, assuming he really can and his claim he does not could be another untruth. For, if this does get to court, which it should, he will have many instances to sweat. But money, influence and power is at work, it did not save Maxwell and certainly not Epstein, whose fate was sealed by some means, but could Andrew’s.

But would it be a miscarriage of justice for the real victims if he was, justice should prevail.


Source: Hiding behind the loophole of a dead sex trafficker? Stay classy, Andrew | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

Here’s how we can make our MPs more accountable | Letters | The Guardian

Letter: Dr Andrew Bates suggests having professional appraisals and fact-checking exercises to keep our elected representatives doing what they should



Very good suggestions, but I feel there is one drawback at least.

Would anyone wish to stand to be a Member of Parliament on this basis. Not saying that MPs lie, but do they always tell the real truth.

Also with many of the facts that MPs and more so Ministers are given by the respective workers and Civil Servants who would check the information they are giving, could they not mislead MPs and Ministers if they so wished to or am I being to cynical.


Source: Here’s how we can make our MPs more accountable | Letters | The Guardian

Capitol panel to investigate Trump call to Willard hotel in hours before attack | US Capitol attack | The Guardian

Committee to request contents of the call seeking to stop Biden’s certification and may subpoena Rudy Giuliani



Is this the final end for former President Donald Trump and he will get what he just deserves, well we all hope so, but he slivers around in an area of slime, so we will need to wait and see.


Source: Capitol panel to investigate Trump call to Willard hotel in hours before attack | US Capitol attack | The Guardian

Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

The Mail On Sunday has lost its Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of the letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle

A legal judgement has been made and you may or may not agree with the outcome for numerous reasons. But, I feel a major one will be on your views of Meghan Markle, for you either like Meghan or not, but in reality none of this is our business. However, it is showing how the law is on Grandparents rights and press freedoms.

Re Grandparents they have no legal rights to see or have any other controls on their Grandchildren, as this is solely down to the parents and in many instances mainly with the mother, unless it can be proved that the mother is not legally capable.

So all this blustering by Thomas Markle is down to either a misguided understanding of his Rights or more than likely his overblown insistence of his own importance. If he really wishes to see his Grandchildren he is by his own actions making it even less possible that he will. For he needs to show understanding of both Meghan’s and Harrys points of view and not throw a tantrum when his wishes are not granted.

By releasing the letter from his daughter to the Press, he has again shown misjudgement and it is now, if it was ever to be, that he will see his grandchildren.

As to the Press again they are guilty of showing their own importance and, as there are many instances, where the actions of the Press are seen to far exceed their assumed Rights, they have been brought down, but perhaps they have money to waste on legal matters.


Source: Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

More than 5,000 homes in England approved to be built in flood zones | Housing | The Guardian

Insurers raise alarm but builders say housing crisis leaves them with no choice


No choice, of course there is always a choice for these homes could become uninsurable, unless builders build with sufficient flood defenses as the costs of dealing with floods should not be borne by householders and insurers.

Builders should have a ‘Duty of Care’ to their customers and if they are unwilling to abide by duty of care then legislate for them to do so.

Source: More than 5,000 homes in England approved to be built in flood zones | Housing | The Guardian

Royals at war with BBC over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott corporation over show alleging ‘briefing wars between William and Harry’ | Daily Mail Online

Who Cares


Source: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott BBC over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary | Daily Mail Online

Wheelchair User ‘Pushed From Brighton’s Legends Club Dancefloor’

This is not a ‘one-off’ as many venues are inaccessible and of those that are not all areas will be. You maybe able to get in the building, but not access the dance floor, or even toilets. Then if toilets are accessible will they be disability aware, with required adaptations.

I fear they will not be many nightclubs that conduct a full disability assessment and this should be a requirement. Then the results of the assessment should then be published in all media regarding the nightclubs.

We have had numerous Disability Acts, being Disability Discrimination Act 1995, then as amended in 2005 and the Equality Act 2010 .But none of them went far enough and gave too much time in which to comply. But many didn’t well not fully as there were too many areas, which could be avoided for many reasons. One of which was cost, and many others.

This is not how persons with disabilities should be treated, for all they are asking for is for them to lead a reasonable life with the same rights as others.
But to do so there needs to be adaptations and it is these that not all businesses and organisations adhere to. They may go part of the way, but not fully, but if they are not fully complying then they are not complying at all.

There should be no half measures.

Same Difference

A wheelchair user has expressed anger after claiming his chair was pushed off a dancefloor by nightclub staff.

Tyler Paul, 29, was on a basement dancefloor at Legends in Brighton when he said he was asked to leave.

A video on social media appears to show a bouncer grabbing his wheelchair to escort him off the dancefloor.

Legends apologised, but said the video only showed a “snapshot”. It also said its basement was not wheelchair-accessible due to fire regulations.

Mr Paul, from Worthing, has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair, but can walk with support.


He visited the nightclub on Saturday, and walked downstairs to the basement dancefloor with the help of friends during the evening.

He said he was initially asked to sign a document saying he was happy to be downstairs.

But ten minutes later, Mr Paul said another bouncer asked him to leave.

He said when…

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Furious northern leaders demand free vote on slashed rail plans | The Independent

‘Everybody in the north is getting a bargain-basement solution’ says South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis


Once again the North is getting less than promised and the East even more so than the West.

For the West is getting the full HS2 while the East is getting none and the Midlands is also getting everything. But neither the West or the East are getting HS3.

If this was London and the South both would have been proceeded with, for the South get while the North does not.

This is no where ‘levelling up’, the North have been the poor relations of the South for far too long and the West has always been better treated that the East. This is expressly so for the Old Midland line from Leeds through Sheffield down to London. For under British Rail it was always subjected to Third Hand rolling stock, no Electrification and much more while the West received. Only with the arrival of EMR was there new rolling stock, station improvements and others, etc

Network Rail the public arm of the railways are still not as ‘fit for purpose’ as they should be, which HS2 would have solved, but will the watered down version be.

From past experience I doubt it.


Source: Furious northern leaders demand free vote on slashed rail plans | The Independent

Real Living Wage rises to £9.90 an hour – BBC News

While this is good news for those on the Real living Wage, there are many more that are not, for they will be on the lower National Living Wage of £8. 91 per hour or the even lower National Minimum Wage of £8.36 per hour for those under 23 years. It will not be until 1 April 2022 that those on the National Living Wage will receive £9.50 per hour, with hopefully a corresponding increase for those on the National Minimum Wage.

Even though there is the National Living Wage is it in reality sufficient for persons to reasonably live on and are the persons on it really being paid what they are worth. You only have to compare care workers in the care profession to those employed in supermarkets and Amazon, where , I believe they can earn from £14 per hour and need less skills and undertake less responsibility than care workers.

Many in the Care Profession are on anything between the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage, with the majority nearer the National Minimum Wage than the National Living Wage.

This is mainly due to the Government policy in funding Local Authorities, (LAs) and as most of you will be aware LAs from 2010 were subjected to austerity cuts and to date these cuts have not been reversed and LAs are still having to find savings to accommodate this serious underfunding and many vital LA services are suffering as a result. You may wonder why this is affecting the care profession, well many care providers are funded by LAs so that the care providers can pay their care workers to provide the care needed by vulnerable people. There are what are called ‘self funders, but in reality they are only small percentage wise, for these are people who have been assessed as having sufficient income and capital to fund their own care, so they pay the care providers directly.

Care is in dire straits for many reasons, the lack of funding being one, but there is also a large deficit in the numbers of people wishing to come into care pay is one reason, but there is also working conditions, no sick pay, career progression and much more.

Conditions in care need to be considerably improved, but this requires much more funding which the Government could solve, if they wished to.

The Government could also relax the immigration regulations to allow more persons to come into the UK to go into the care profession, which they have done in other areas.

But then for this to occur you need a Government that really cares, which this Government have proved with their actions and also their inactions, that they do not. All they care about is themselves and their rich donors to the Conservative Party.

The Government say they wish to safeguard the NHs, but there abandonment of the care profession is also causing many strains on the NHS as lack of care is causing more to need NHS services and the lack of care available is then delaying hospital discharges.

So, in affect the Government don’t really care about the NHS only in ‘words, but not ‘actions’.



Source: Real Living Wage rises to £9.90 an hour – BBC News