Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

Exclusive: Alarm over quality of Home Office age assessments as hundreds placed in adult hotels and only moved to children’s services when charities intervene


As many refugees or asylum seekers have little or no Identity documents, as they may have lost them on route, had them stolen, were unable to bring them for some reason or they deliberately discarded then so that their identity, age and country of origin are unknown. It is, therefore very difficult for the authorities in the preferred country in which the persons wish to reside to correctly identify the correct information of the persons.

Some could be assumed younger that they say, older than say or actually believed, so the 2 former could cause many problems, children being classified as adults causing a problem for the children or adults classified as children causing problems for any children with whom they are placed. Let alone any problems they may come across on their treks over many lands. These are the risks that refugees and asylum seekers put themselves in, but there would more likely be risks if they stayed were they were.

So great care has to be taken by all concerned.

Many are undertaking these journey due to circumstances outside their control, so being incorrectly age assessed increases their problems, as does the length of the process and in many instances the quality of the accommodation they are placed in, especially having to share rooms and even more so beds.

The process needs to be conducted quicker, and there certainly needs to be more monitoring while the process is being conducted.

In reality it would be more beneficial if the need to seek asylum or be refugees were not necessary in the first place, but the reasons they do are also numerous, including famine, climate change, influence of wars and other conflicts, etc.

So great care needs to be undertaking by all concerned, so that successful outcomes are realised.

Source: Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

Novak Djokovic admits attending children’s tennis event while infected with Covid | Daily Mail Online

Novak Djokovic has admitted attending an event with children while he was Covid positive – but says he didn’t know he was infected until shortly after the event.



Well Boris Djokovic, sorry Novak Djokovic, so confused between Novak Djokovic and Boris Jognson as both appear guilty of lying re events during COVID and both deserve all of what should be coming to them.

With Boris he should now resign and Novak should, at least, be deported immediately as not only did he mislead on his Visa application to be allow entry to Australia, but also lied in Court proceedings.

Both need to go so that we can all see that being untruthful has consequences. So resign Boris and Australia needs to deport Novak without any more delay.

Both are disgraceful and disgusting persons who care more for themselves than others and need to be made an example of.


Source: Novak Djokovic admits attending children’s tennis event while infected with Covid | Daily Mail Online

Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

The US president said economic measures would be taken if Russia were to invade Ukraine, but the Russian leader said that would trigger a complete rupture in their relations



What a sorry state this world has become or more to the point Russia. I thought that Putin was only the President of Russia and not all the independent states around Russia.


It is Putin amassing the troops on the Russian/Ukraine border as a threat, not only to Ukraine but the whole of Europe. Being independent Ukraine should be free to join what organisations they wish to, as long as they do not encroach into Russia. If Ukraine wishes for NATO troops then that is up to Ukraine not Russia. Nato, itself as no wish to invade Russia, unless the Russian troops invade Ukraine first.


If any Western country wishes to react to Russian aggressive actions with sanctions then that is up to the Western countries, and all Putin needs to do is stop all the aggressive actions and then he and Russia will be left alone.


So Putin desist in threatening anyone and then no actions will be taken against you.


Just because your ‘Puppet’ Trump is no longer in office in the US, is no reason to make aggressive gestures, as Putin should show respect for those countries around Russia.

Source: Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

Putin to ponder options if West refuses guarantees on Ukraine | Euronews

In comments aired on Russian state TV Sunday, president Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will undertake “adequate military-technical measures” if NATO and other Western allies do not pull back from Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general.



Putin is acting as if he is Lord and Master of the Universe while he is just President of Russia not the whole Eastern block. The Eastern Block countries exercised their rights to gain their independence from Russia and if they wish to entertain relations with Western Countries and NATO then that should be their choice not his. Nato and the Western Countries do not wish to invade Russia, but Putin is looking for any excuse to invade Ukraine and other former Russian Stae territories against their wishes.

He should not forget that his ally or should I say Puppet Trump is no longer in charge of America, although Trump believes he his.

For if Putin does invade the former Russian State territories who is to say he will not stop there, for in his haste he could well invade Western territories.

Does he really want WW3 for if he does it could be the extermination of Russia and a good part of the whole World.

His thirst for power holds no bounds.


Source: Putin to ponder options if West refuses guarantees on Ukraine | Euronews

US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

All in the name of assumed democracy and free speech, but if it wasn’t for the gun, Rittenhouse would not have been there.

The gun laws of America and the assumed rights to carry have a lot to answer for.

The other major problem is the question of racial tensions in America, for many in the Southern states wish for slavery to be brought back and the Confederacy by the way Confederate flags are used. But that should be all in the past, but Trump and his associates and supporters are re-raising these and for some Brexit in the UK has brought racists out of the undergrowth. They have always been there but did not have the full confidence to show themselves.

Human rights are there for everyone not just persons of white origins. No one is wanting more rights, just the means to exercise theirs and not be condemned for doing so.

Equal Rights for All.


Source: US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

Tories vote to tear up sleaze rules after MP found guilty of paid lobbying | The Independent

Result shows Tories ‘rotten to the core’, says Labour’s Angela Rayner



Over the years there have been a number of MPs suspended from Parliament for numerous reasons, but was there a request for appeal for those MPs.

I say this because there being no appeals system is supposed to be the reason the Tories have taken this action, rather than trying to stop a suspension. But this is casting doubt on their actions for to most people it looks as though they are supporting sleaze whether they are or not.

This reason would have been more believed if they had acted so when the person in question was not a Conservative MP, so I can see why people are convinced it is not the real reason. So, which view is correct, well can it ever be proved, but by doing so, it again gives rise to query a Conservative action, when there have been so many recently.

It is commendable to show support to your colleagues, but it is even more commendable to show support to those who are not your colleagues.

So, if the body who looks at misconduct is changed and changed immediately, as there has to been somebody looking at conduct, and the same result occurs will Boris and some of his MPs then accept the results, I some how do not believe so, especially when the new body is being mooted to have a majority of Conservative MPs. This does not look as being ideal, but as we can see not all Conservative MPs agree with the Governments decision and this has to be looked at as being encouraging.

Sleaze is never acceptable as it give more support to the public to believe all MPs are guilty of sleaze and therefore considerable mistrust of the UK ruling body.

In some ways this can be seen in the actions of Prince Andrew and his actions of not being open to contact the US Judicial authorities and this is showing a great disrespect for his Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in her age, her position and gives an impression that he only carers about himself and that he feels he has privilege above all others, just in the same way as this ruling Government.

All in this respect are certainly guilty of arrogance and abuse of power, assumed or not.


Source: Tories vote to tear up sleaze rules after MP found guilty of paid lobbying | The Independent

Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

Brussels needs to make clear that ‘leaving union is more damaging than remaining’, says French PM in call for sanctions over fishing war


Over the years the UK has come to the assistance of many countries, especially in Europe, take WW1 and WW2 for instance, but there have been many others since.

Yes, if we had not done so at the, the UK could have suffered the indignity of being invaded and occupied, as we ourselves have been on many occasions in the past many years ago.

But the UK has always been very keen to follow its own lead, which is why, I believe General Charles De Gaulle in 1963 vetoed the UK application to join the then European Economic Community (EEC).

It is also why, the UK decided in around 1957 not to join the EE, but they also wished to stay in the European Free Trade Area, (EFTA).

When the EEC was formed it was a Free Trade area, which was ideal, but when it changed to the European Union, (EU) in 1993 it was clear that it was to become a political union, which was not ideal to the UK, but the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair MP took the UK into the EU without an official mandate from the population of the UK.

So in 2016 the UK, by a very small margin decided to withdraw from the EU, so 2016 was the official vote and not when Tony Blair took the UK in. So, if anyone should be punished it should be Tony Blair and not the UK. But he is not being, especially by France or should I say President Emmanuel Macron, perhaps because Tony Blair is an out and out supporter of the EU. or is it because there is a coming election in France.

The UK still wishes to have a free trade agreement with the EU, but this must be more in-line with terms beneficial to the UK. France has on many occasions caused harm to the UK, by setting up blockades and even burning of UK trucks, in 2015 , being only one, which in any regards must be illegal and certainly against the principles of free trade.

But it appears, France is not interested in the rule of law, well certainly when it is not in their favour.


Source: Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

MEPs could launch legal action if the European Commission refuses to withhold tens of billions of euros from Poland


So MEPs are wanting Poland to be punished for doing what Poland feels is in their own best interests, is this anyway to maintain good relationships. Then again is Poland acting in good faith to her EU partners. This is always going to be the case when you are in partnership. The EU went out of their way to punish Greece some years ago, so this is not the first time the power of the EU is being used against one of her member states.

It is one of the reasons why the UK decided to withdraw from the EU, although by doing so, it appears the EU were and are determined to punish the UK. Unfortunately in these days of globalisation, it is virtually impossible for one country to go alone, unless they have the resources to do so and these days that is not so for many countries, except perhaps America, China and maybe a few others.

So who is right and who is wrong, well perhaps all are wrong and right on how you view the situations.

No one person yet alone one country wishes to suffer, so why can’t we all give a little without some wanting all their own way, surely this is how good relationships are made. But what is good for one may not be for another, for these days life is so complicated and in some instances leads to major problems, even leads to violent conflicts and may result in wars.

This is not in the best interests of anyone, but, deep down the human race is very selfish and extremely violent, not good traits to have and will lead to World resources to be depleted. That in turn is very bad for everyone.

Currently being seen in climate change, which will make life unliveable on earth for us all in time. Time which is forever decreasing and soon there will be the point of no return, but world leaders are not listening, as many, if not all are being selfish.

When the time comes EU MEPs will have no power at all, for none of us will, for the earths resources will be extremely depleted and life on earth will be no more so the eventual extinction of the human race is at stake.

So EU MEPS reign in your actions and continue to talk with Poland and both EU MEPs and Poland be prepared to all give a little until full agreements are reached and continue until it is.

Source: European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

‘If it were the UK, police would have opened fire’: the explosive film about Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters | Television | The Guardian

It was the day rampaging Trump supporters stormed the Capitol – and almost derailed democracy. Now, using footage from rioters’ cameras, an unsettling film takes you into the thick of the mayhem


This is very hard to say because it would be very unusual for this to occur in the UK and armed police may not have been there.

Even if they were their nu, supporters of the then, current President, albeit a President to be removed, mbers would not have been great, so it would have been more than likely that they would have been riot police who would have been unarmed.

But, that been said it would not have been long before armed police would have arrived, but they would not have opened fire unless they were going to enter the building.

What does need to be said is, if this had been BLM instead of white supremacists, then the police would have opened fire and on a ‘shoot to kill’ basis, it is how it is in America. I am not saying the American police is racist, but all is done on profiling, so where black lives are involved it is shoot first and ask questions later, but these were White Supremacists and also supporters of a US current President, albeit a President very soon to be removed.

Which he was but not far enough, for Law and Order is moving very slowly in America, in fact, so slowly that before any action is taken the former President could again be standing for Office. He was guilty of inciting violence from his very first President Campaign, but was allowed to get away with it by the American Establishment.  Perhaps because the thought was a White American would not go as far as Trump did and is still doing.


Source: ‘If it were the UK, police would have opened fire’: the explosive film about Trump’s Capitol Hill rioters | Television | The Guardian

Priti Patel’s revenge on climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rights

Priti Patel’s revenge on Insulate Britain climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rightsThe ‘criminal disruption prevention orders’ announced by the Home Secretary would mean banning people from protests based on nothing more than suspicion



Yes, it is, but should by allowing one persons rights, should that curb another’s, especially if they are innocent bystanders, surely not.

So by allowing Criminal disruption prevention orders Priti Patel is safeguarding the rights of innocent bystanders. By all means disrupt the Government and any others who are involved, but not innocent bystanders.

Source: Priti Patel’s revenge on climate protesters is a dramatic curb on our democratic rights