UK faces ‘significant risks’ to quality of food imported post-Brexit, says report | Food & drink industry | The Guardian

Better controls on EU goods needed as impact of Covid and Russia-Ukraine war also put pressure on standards


This is very confusing, for the UK and the DUP is very concerned about border checks being imposed by the EU on goods coming from Mainland UK to Northern Ireland regarding quality, when this article is virtually stating that Border checks should be being imposed by the UK on goods coming to all of the UK from the EU as some could be sub-standard to UK regulations. This is very worrying for all the time the UK was in the EU and within the ‘Single Market’, so no real border checks, so, once again, we appear to have been badly let down by Tony Blair with his insistence of the UK becoming part of the EU through the Maastricht Treaty without any referendum..

But ‘Teflon’ Tony strikes again, so he gets away with it again.

Source: UK faces ‘significant risks’ to quality of food imported post-Brexit, says report | Food & drink industry | The Guardian

US oil refineries spewing cancer-causing benzene into communities, report finds | Pollution | The Guardian

Analysis shows alarming level of benzene at fence-line of facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana and US Virgin Islands


This is not only exceedingly alarming, but shows incompetence and should be seen to be a criminal liability. One instance is one too many, but one could be seen as a mistake, but another not so and a considerable fine should be imposed. Then, if there is a third then the establishment should be closed permanently.

Then to see that these are occurring in close proximality to residential areas means that the existing exposure levels need to be tightened and why should those being exposed be largely people of colour and of low-income.

I am sure if this was occurring in close proximality to the ‘White House’ not even one exposure would have been allowed. So, the safety levels do need to be examined and be revised so no exposures occur, and if not possible the establishments need to be permanently closed or moved to non-residential areas, for surely America is more than large enough to accommodate this.

Source: US oil refineries spewing cancer-causing benzene into communities, report finds | Pollution | The Guardian

Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

It comes as Western officials fear Moscow could deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine


So, NATO could intervene should Putin deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, but the word is ‘could’, not will, so will they are not. Well the destruction of a maternity hospital in Mariupol did not action any NATO intervention and neither did the deployment of chemical weapons in Syria.

If interventions had been taken against Russia in Syria, perhaps the Ukraine invasion may have not taken place, or Russia would have retaliated by nuclear strikes and no one would be left to intervene anywhere ever again.

Putin has been allowed to do as he pleases for far too long and feels he is untouchable. Sooner, rather than later actions need to be taken, other than sanctions so that the actions of Putin can be stopped for the benefit of human existence.

Then, hopefully this will be seen that nobody is beyond being held accountable.

We all thought that World War 2 would be the ‘war to end all wars’ how wrong could we all have been. For too many wars and conflicts have been created by both the West and East, therefore we should all take note that we are all entitled to exist and no one should be dictated on how we should be governed, be we be in America, Europe, Asia. No one country or leader of a country should have reasons to take actions against other countries, otherwise what is the point of any of us being here.

Human Rights have to be respected by everyone.

Source: Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

Winter Paralympics 2022: Russia And Belarus Athletes Unable To Compete At Games

The right decision eventually, but the worrying aspect is that the International Paralympic Committee, (IPC), did not make this initially. While politics should be kept out of sport, this horrendous action by Russia onto Ukraine is much more than politics. As this actions goes against the word of previous Russian Governments, as on December 5, 1994 the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Britain and the United States signed a memorandum to provide Ukraine with security assurances in connection with its accession to the NPT as a non-nuclear weapon state. The four parties signed the memorandum, containing a preamble and six paragraphs.

With the actions of Putin he has shown the World that Russian promises and signed agreements are not everlasting.

Putin has shown that the word of Russia should never be trusted and that in his Presidency Russia, or should we say Putin will bully anyone and will, most likely be guilty of committing ‘War Crimes’. He does not really want to take over, Ukraine, but to destroy it.

Same Difference

Athletes from Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to compete at the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing after the International Paralympic Committee reversed its original decision.

The IPC was heavily criticised when, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it initially said it would allow the athletes to compete as neutrals.

A statement said the “situation in the athlete villages” was “untenable”.

The Games’ opening ceremony takes place on Friday.

IPC president Andrew Parsons said an “overwhelming number of members” had spoken to the IPC and said they would not compete in the Winter Paralympics should athletes from Russia and Belarus be allowed to take part.

Parsons described the Russian and Belarusian athletes affected as “victims of your governments’ actions”.

“We are very firm believers that sport and politics should not mix,” Parsons added. made right decision in the end – Baroness Grey-Thompson

“However, by no fault of its own…

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War Crimes

Russian actions in Ukraine is not new, as they did similar in Syria and invading other countries is not new either, as they did so in Georgia, Chechnya, but the West did nothing, so Putin feels he is free to do as he pleases.

In many of the above, Russia was creating ‘War Crimes’, but no actions were taken, as it appears actions are only taken when countries assumed guilty of war crimes are defeated and so far Russia as not been defeated.

Surely, war crimes are war crimes be they done by defeated parties or the so called winners.

Going back in history, by using the situation of destroying civilian targets is assumed to be war crimes was the UK/America not guilty of this in World War II in the bombing of Dresden and also America in Japan with their Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this form of bombing in WW2 was started by Germany, called ‘The Blitz‘ and the bombing of Germany and then Japan did bring to an end of WW2.

Bombing of civilian targets is not right in any circumstances, but then the bombing of any targets should never be justified, in fact the creation of wars or any conflicts is not right, irrespective of the size.

The UN was created after WW2 to bring, so called peace to the World, but in this, many instances have occurred where the UN did not stop conflicts occurring ‘, but did bring in peace keeping forces, such as Bosnia.

But while broking peace is good should not the stopping of conflicts beginning be even better, but to do so this would require forces which are not available and the interventions of removing war like leaders of countries, but then there would not be many leaders left.

Ukraine is NOT the only terrible war being waged!!! Time we stopped ALL war!!

Yes, it is well time that all wars were stopped and even better that no wars were created, but as you say, it is part of the human make up, but may not be because of stupidity, but that, in some instances could be true.

No, I feel the major problem is envy, the wanting of something that is not yours, or in fact ego, so the human psyche is the main problem.

Also power corrupts, as many feel they have the power to overcome or ignore rulings.

Humans will not change, so what can be done, well be very careful who you elevate into positions of power and have a robust removal process available when it is clear that abuses of power are occurring.

But persons in these situation will be adept at fooling others by deceptions and there will always be persons who can easily be deceived.

Opher's World

There is something terribly wrong with human beings. We nearly always elect psychopaths!! We think we can solve things with violence! We enjoy pain and suffering! We have a horrible stupid streak!

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Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’ | The Independent

Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’


It is not and never will be a ‘moment of pride, but will be a ‘moment to escape parties’ especially if the name is Boris.

No, now is not the time to remove all COVID restrictions and to end free COVID testing, as all of this will escalate getting COVID, but as no one is testing there will be no record of persons having COVID, just hospital admissions and death rates will increase.

But, Boris and his cronies are no concerned as their prime concern is creating diversions from the parties scandal.

Even a war in Ukraine would be a diversion, sp COVID escalation and a Ukraine war would be what Boris and his cronies will wish for and then they hope No. 10 parties will be out of the media attention.

I do appreciate that we need to ‘learn to live’ with COVID, but to do so there has to be a willingness to learn, but currently that is no so, only to create a belief that COVID has gone, which it certainly as not.



Source: Boris Johnson says scrapping Covid isolation requirements is ‘moment of pride’ | The Independent

Under my leadership, Labour’s commitment to Nato is unshakable | Keir Starmer | The Guardian

Our party was foundational in forming the postwar alliance, which – as Ukraine shows – remains essential today, says Labour leader Keir Starmer


That is all well and good, but it goes deeper than that for NATO is not there as an attacking force, as muted by Putin, but at times the American influence does muddy the water. As it should be seen as a defence force and peacekeeper, in some respects as the UN forces, but, unfortunately, the UN is relatively inoperable not only due to the American influence, but also to that of Russia and China, so the UN Security Council is far from it.

But NATO can be misused due to American influence and the puppet attitude of some, at least former UK Governments. Unfortunately, Prime Ministers do not use their power as they should do, as was evident with Blair and his ‘weapons of mass destructions within 45 mins’, for which he didn’t really suffer any punishment for and went on to make more fortune in his life after his premiership. Let’s do hope that Boris does not follow this lead with his ‘No. 10 Parties.

In forming NATO it could have been better created and as the NHS is great, it could or should have been better funded as should Social Care, which should have been and still should be included as an integral part of the NHS.

Politics and world affairs are no way what they should be, so lets do hope that Putin’s actions are not the end of the World and he sees sense and does not invade Ukraine.

Source: Under my leadership, Labour’s commitment to Nato is unshakable | Keir Starmer | The Guardian

Met Police: How Cressida Dick’s poor leadership of inexperienced officers led to her resignation

As the search begins for a new Metropolitan Police Commissioner to replace Dame Cressida Dick after she quit, former high-ranking police officers explain what they think went wrong inside the service


Cressida has gone and not before time, as she was always too quick to dismiss reports and uphold that the Met was a good force and the problems were minimal. However, that appears to be totally incorrect and shows that Cressida was completely out of her depth, for to assume otherwise implies that she believed all that was happening  was acceptable.

The Met is in serious need to reorganisation, taking out the offending officers and not only at junior level but at virtually every level.

But, I fear this is not only at the Met, but at many other forces within the UK.

Yes, the actions of former Home Secretary Teresa May did not help, but the problems would have been there long before.

As a zero tolerance to crime in all areas needs to be the way forward, so does zero tolerance to any abuse in the Met and any Police Force.

I feel now is the time, well it should have been so well before, that policing of the Police should be done by an independent body, which includes members from all sections of Society and given enough powers to ensure failure is not part of the Agenda.

It will not be easy to find the right person to be Commissioner of the MET, but find them has to be done, otherwise the result will be complete anarchy.

Now the Cressida has gone the priority, as it as been for sometime, is for Boris to go to.



Source: Met Police: How Cressida Dick’s poor leadership of inexperienced officers led to her resignation

What will happen after Covid rules are scrapped in England? | Coronavirus | The Guardian

What changes will mean for isolation and travel, and why Boris Johnson may be lifting restrictions early


Lifting of restrictions is purely a ploy to detract attention from No. 10 Parties and as a means to gain favours with the Conservative Backbenchers, a means for Boris to stay in power.

The Government or really Boris is not giving a thought to the population of the UK and to try to combat COVID. It is giving many in the UK the impression that COVID has gone away, but it has not. It maybe that Boris believes that in withdrawing all COVID restrictions it will detract focus from the No. 10 Parties, but that is not so as trust in Boris has been ebbing for sometime and now none is left.

Boris, just go.




Source: What will happen after Covid rules are scrapped in England? | Coronavirus | The Guardian