Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Trump has resorted to ‘incendiary rhetoric’ to deter investigations and to rile up his base, experts say, and shows no sign of letting up


Trump is fighting for his political life and it can be assumed he is far from sure he will obtain it through the US democratic voting process, so he is appealing to his supporters to rise and obtain it through mob violence.

If there is any justice left in America then Trump should not succeed in any approach he uses, but have we have seen in some instances America is predictable, hence the ‘gun lobby and others it is not.

Unfortunately some of the Trump supporters have nothing left to believe in, except the retoric of Trump.

If Trump does eventually succeed receiving the Repblican canditure for the Presidency and then become the President for another, then ‘God’ help us all, not just America but the whole World.

We all saw how he left America after his previous term as President and while there as been some recovery, the damage he caused will take some time to reverse. With another term any damage caused may not be possible to reverse for there maybe no World left.

These are very dangerous times for us all and certainly in America all Human Rights will be removed.


Source: Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

The 4-metre-wide board detailing the entire Russian military chain of command in Ukraine | Ukraine | The Guardian

Chart used by Ukrainian prosecutors maps hundreds of Russian soldiers all the way up to Vladimir Putin


The Criminal Russian Command tree showing who is responsible for the War Crimes committed in Ukraine, hopefully, all will be prosecuted very soon.


Source: The 4-metre-wide board detailing the entire Russian military chain of command in Ukraine | Ukraine | The Guardian

Russia claims drone crashed in Moscow region was targeting civilian infrastructure | Euronews

Russia claims a drone crashed in its Moscow region amid fears of Ukrainian attacks in the country


If there are Drones these are more than likely these be Russian drones, which Russia is using as propaganda against Ukraine by claiming they are Ukrainian.

But, if they are Ukrainian, so what, Russia is destroying civilian properties in Ukraine, so who would blame Ukraine for trying the same on Russian civilian properties.

But, as it is with Russia, what is OK for them to do, they believe it is wrong if it is done to them.

Are they so deluded or is it just Putin?


Source: Russia claims drone crashed in Moscow region was targeting civilian infrastructure | Euronews

Ukraine transformed – a Ukrainian American scholar’s view

Many years previously a countries leader, in those days, mainly, its Monarch, went to war with their armed forces in many instances leading from the front, but if not certainly within sight of the confrontation taking place and many leaders were lost as they were killed in the resulting battles.

Just look at the leaders of countries today how many would be there to view the confrontation let alone to lead from the front, for many keep in the secure confines of their quarters in the country they are the leaders of. One exception, could be President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who while not at the front as come very close and does wear combat fatigues and not the usual suits, such as President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps, if leaders had to lead from the front there would be many less wars, perhaps even none.


Source: Ukraine transformed – a Ukrainian American scholar’s view

Why is the Russian economy holding up against Western sanctions?

Despite nine sets of sanctions imposed by the European Union, the Russian economy only experienced a small contraction of its GDP in 2022. The “resilience” of the Russian economy was hailed on Tuesday…


Russia is good at propaganda and publishing its economic information based on certain statistics on which there are no given rules. Each country can include or not include what it wishes and from the information, it decides where it starts to include and finish to include, so statistics are what you wish to make them.

But that being said, as the article refers, some sanctions have not been fully effective yet, but soon they could be. Lost trade with the EU has to some extent been compensated by trading with others such as Turkey, China and India who will have their own agendas for doing so, whether they continue to do so has to be seen.

Some sanctions could be effective in the short term and others in the longer terms, such as the EU reliance on oil from Russia, yes, they could have completely cut off the supplies, but this would have made their economies much weaker, so by gradually reducing their dependence on Russian oil, while obtaining supplies from other sources could make sense to those countries. However, this means Russia will still obtain oil revenues from the EU until this has been achieved and also give Russia much more time to find other areas to make up the income loss.

But, sanctions are only one tool, for the rearmament of Ukraine is another and in some areas this is not as quick as is required, for the more technical of the armaments creates more training requirements, also the availability of such armaments is dependent on the reserves each country as, so the effectiveness of their armaments resources is also a factor.

Hopefully, all will come in time to enable Ukraine to defeat Russia and in doing so lead to Russians overthrowing Putin, but then who will replace him, will it be someone of the same, worse or hopefully better.

So much is to come and we all hope that whatever and whenever it does brings freedom and peace to Europe once again and that all countries will forever more learn the lessons, which we all thought would have been after WWII, but clear that in some countries has not been.

But, it is not just Europe, but the whole world currently the Middle East being Israel and Palestine, Far East with China and what will happen in America.

Source: Why is the Russian economy holding up against Western sanctions?

Putin aiming to divide US public opinion with nuclear treaty pullout, experts say | US foreign policy | The Guardian

Russian president accused of ‘playing to rifts in the United States’ by raising specter of nuclear war between Moscow and west


This is what Putin does for he is a manipulator, in both Russia and the rest of the World.

The majority of us are totally unaware of all the areas he and Russia have and are infiltrating every aspects of world affairs through covet agents and many others in all forms of media. He could well have covet agents fully inside the Republican Party, but they appear to be unaware or are unwilling to be aware.

While Putin is in power he and Russia can never be trusted. There is debate about his mental state and if his metal state is unstable then he could follow any paths of actions, but is that a reason to allow him to do has he pleases. Whatever actions or inactions are contemplated, Putin will do what he wishes to do and perhaps inactions are a greater risk to the World than actions against him.

For he will believe inactions are a weakness and thereby give him belief that he can do anything and he will be unchallenged, as we have seen by the mostly, inactions from the West in his previous invasions into other countries. But Russian actions against others is not new, but that could be said about many other countries in historical records.

Is Putin’s action to suspend Russian participation in New Start, the last remaining nuclear arms treaty with the US, really that substantive as he was not allowing access since COVID, so really just doing what is happening in reality.

The West needs to stand firm against the actions of Putin and fully support Ukraine in any ways required until all Russian forces have been removed from all Ukrainian  territory and in effect make it that Russia can’t have any prospects of invading any countries by any means be it military force, media and any others.

These are lessons to be learned and not only by Russia, as many Western foreign policies also need to be reconsidered.


Source: Putin aiming to divide US public opinion with nuclear treaty pullout, experts say | US foreign policy | The Guardian

A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

In this place where Russian troops held everyone in Yahidne—more than 350 people—captive, a list of the dead still remains etched on a wall


Russian forces in their invasion of Ukraine have committed many attrocities, this is just one and shows why all Russian Troops have to be driven from every part of Ukraine.

They have no thoughts for anyone, except themselves.

There so many untold War Crimes occurring, but, in time everyone committing them will be held to account.

Putin has to be defeated and then be prosecuted for all the War Crimes his illegal invasion of Ukraine has allowed to occur along with all the others.

Western Leaders provide all that Ukraine requires without any further delays, for delays only allow for more Russian war crimes to be committed.


Source: A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

Moldova president accuses Russia of plotting to oust pro-EU government | Moldova | The Guardian

Maia Sandu says plan revealed by Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been confirmed


Further proof that Russia, or is it just Putin can’t be trusted, they or him are ememies of the Free World.

Ukraine needs to be supported to the hilt or no country will be safe from the aggressions of Russia. The invasion of Ukraine is just the starting point of Putins intent, so he has to be defeated, which means a Ukrainian victory has to be guaranteed.


Source: Moldova president accuses Russia of plotting to oust pro-EU government | Moldova | The Guardian

‘He’s really dangerous’: fear as Wagner convict soldiers return from Ukraine | Russia | The Guardian

Murderers and other hardened criminals among those recruited by Russian mercenary group in exchange for freedom


Putin in his relentless invasion of Ukraine is causing so many problems, for while his invasion is causing much death, injury, and destruction in Ukraine for Ukrainians he is also creating many problems for Russians also.

Now you may say why should we be bothered, but many Russian civilians are innocents too, for with Putin’s hold on power the Russian population has no real power to overthrow him, especially while he has the military with him and the secret forces around him.

While this has been so for many years, his desire to win and considerable injuries and killing of Russian forces by Ukrainian forces are really decimating the strength and numbers of the Russian forces, so to supplement this Putin decided that Russian convicts could be pardoned if they volunteered for the Wagner forces, a private military company tied to the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Should these convicts survive six months in Ukraine, which many are not doing, they will be pardoned and allowed to go to where they wish to in Russia. These convicts are very hardened criminals who were sentenced to very long periods due to the serious crimes they committed. many will return to where they committed their crimes and so will be free to commit more crimes, but also to punish those who gave evidence to ensure they were found guilty. These people felt they would be safe for many years to come, but not now and many are fearing for their lives and for those of their families.

These families are just as innocent as the persons in Ukraine and while the persons in Ukraine are being protected as best as can be, the innocents in Russia will have no protections.

So for the innocents of Ukraine and Russia, Putin has to be defeated, and the sooner the better, therefore the Western countries which are supporting Ukraine with armaments need to urgently provide more armaments, and if this includes jet fighters and others then so be it. The sooner these armaments are provided the sooner Putin will be defeated.

For it is not just for Ukraine and Russia that Putin needs to be defeated, but for all the other countries which border Russia and others nearby. For if Putin wins in Ukraine no one will be safe and this includes Germany, UK, France, Belgium, in fact, any country in the World.

Source: ‘He’s really dangerous’: fear as Wagner convict soldiers return from Ukraine | Russia | The Guardian

Ukraine is locked in a war with corruption as well as Putin – it can’t afford to lose either | Orysia Lutsevych | The Guardian

High-profile resignations highlight the nation’s struggle to prove to the world it is not corrupt, says Orysia Lutsevych, head of Ukraine Forum at Chatham House


That is so true, and we all need Ukraine to win both, or at least the war with Russia.

As Putin has to be defeated, so that is the war, but if, corruption does continue will the peace last, perhaps not.


Source: Ukraine is locked in a war with corruption as well as Putin – it can’t afford to lose either | Orysia Lutsevych | The Guardian