Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

Full answers need to be given and appropriate action taken to ensure all are given PIP who qualify.

If McVey and the DWP can not do this then find who can.

People and Departments have to be made accountable.

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Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has had quite a week, lurching from one crisis to the next. And on Friday 15 June, the secretary of state for work and pensions, Esther McVey, topped it all off by dropping a crucial written statement on parliament. She then effectively ran off for the weekend.

Another day, another DWP scandal

As The Canary previously reported, judges forced the DWP to admit it had been incorrectly interpreting its own guidelines for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The department’s climb-down was in relation to two court cases where it had previously denied two disabled people PIP. This was on the basis they did not meet some of its criteria for the “daily living” component of the benefit.

After tribunals disagreed and told the DWP it must give the two claimants PIP, the department was going to appeal. But on 30…

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No surprise that the only MP to object to making upskirting a crime is a Tory

This MP is a blight on the human race, the people of Christchurch should remember his action as a action to degrade any females within their families. He should forfeit the opportunity to stand at the next election as anyone who votes for him will show they have no respect for any female.

Stop UK lies & corruption

A bill to make upskirting a specific criminal offence punishable by up to two years in prison has been blocked in the House of Commons after a single MP, Sir Christopher Chope, objected to it.

Echoes of ‘shame’ could be heard around parliament in reaction to his objection.

The same Tory MP objected to making it a criminal offence to attack police dogs, horses, and prison officer dogs.

Chope is no stranger to controversy.  In 2009 he was exposed in the expenses scandal for claiming £136,992 including £881 to repair a sofa.  The same year, he called for the minimum wage to be abolished.

He came under fire again in 2013 for referring to some of the staff in the House of Commons as “servants”.  Later that year he voted against the legislation for same-sex marriage.

He is known for blocking and filibustering of bills including raising an eleventh-hour objection to the Hillsborough debate…

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Atos assessor told gay man he was ‘defective’ and needed to be cured by God

One more mark against ATOS and their assessors, how many more will it take for the DWP to admit the assessments and assessors are ‘not fit for purpose’.

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Keith Morgan head and shouldersA doctor working for the government contractor Atos told a gay disabled man she was assessing for his entitlement to disability benefits that his sexuality meant he was “defective” and that God needed to fix him like a “broken” car.

Atos was forced to pay Keith Morgan compensation after he was subjected to an experience at the end of his work capability assessment (WCA) that the company later admitted was “wholly inappropriate”.

The GP told him that when a car had a problem it had to be returned to the dealer to be repaired, just as he needed to be returned to God to be cured of his homosexuality. She then told him of a television programme that featured a gay man who had been “cured” in this way and now had nine children, and she gave him the man’s name and handed him the address of a Christian website that…

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The DWP left a family so ‘desperate’ the father went on an armed robbery spree

One has to respect Law & Order, so it was wrong of Robinson to act illegally. However, it was also wrong for the DWP to reduce the family income to such a figure that it was impossible for them to live as a family.

Robinson has been convicted and sentenced by the UK Courts for his illegal acts, but the DWP are being allowed to continue as before.

Where is the Equality in Justice, the courts need to convict all or none.

There is no mention of Robinson’s family, do they now have some life security, for they were in financial hardship before Robinson was sentenced and now he is around no loger, until the completion of his sentence, but his family still have to live, where are they and in what state.

Where are family values in the DWP processes or is it ‘out of sight, out of mind’

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Whilst I’d never advocate committing a crime, is it not a greater crime to starve a family?

The DWP left a family so ‘desperate’ the father went on an armed robbery spree

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was ‘clawing back‘ so much money from a family of six that the disabled father committed a string of armed robberies to stop them losing their home. Now, he’s been jailed for five years. He stole a totalof around £230.

A “wrangle” with the DWP

As Chronicle Live reported, Andrew Robinson lives with osteoarthritis in his knees.

His educational attainment should be irrelevant. But the court heard he was a former boarding school pupil, “star” rugby player and graduate. Then, his “prospects crumbled” due to his illness. After what Chronicle Live called a “wrangle” with the DWP, it reduced his family’s benefits from £200 a week to just £93.

The Centre for Research in Social Policy has a questionnaire that…

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Atos and Capita win PIP contract extension ‘because DWP is chained to a corpse’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

The government’s decision to extend the contracts of two discredited companies that carry out disability benefit assessments has been branded “appalling”, “shocking” and “a complete con”.

The move has also been criticised by the Scottish government.

Sarah Newton, the minister for disabled people, told MPs in a written statement this week that she planned to extend the assessment contracts for the two companies that carry out the personal independence payment (PIP) assessments – Atos and Capita – by a further two years.

The contracts had been due to end in the middle of 2019.

Newton also announced that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was developing its own IT system that would allow it to “enable more providers to deliver PIP”.

Some commentators – including Frank Field, chair of the Commons work and pensions committee – took this to mean that Newton was threatening that DWP would carry out PIP assessments itself if Atos and Capita did not improve their performance over the next two years.

But one disabled people’s organisation, Buckinghamshire Disability Service (BuDS), said on its Facebook page that the reason for the two-year contract extension was that Atos “owns the IT system that DWP rely on for PIP claims, and they can’t sack them until DWP has developed its own IT system”.


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Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tells Israel: “We cannot turn a blind eye to these repeated and dangerous breaches of international law.” | Nye Bevan News

The US is at War With Itself : Counter Punch

The United States is at war with itself. It is actually a function of the nation’s heritage—the past contesting specific aspects of a modern present. This results in traditions in flux. Some examples of this are the racism, the pseudo-frontier mentality, and the religious fundamentalism that persist into the present moment. These are traditions that characterized the first half of the nation’s history, and while some of these may have retreated into latency over the past fifty years, they are back with us now. As a result, Americans are in the midst of an ongoing culture war that in many ways is as old as the nation itself.

Let’s take look at the issue of racism, the latest display of which is the infamous Roseanne Barr tweet. Roseanne’s racist opinions are nothing new. Nor, since the advent of Donald Trump, is their public display. Here is how I contextualize the nation’s growing racist revival based on an updated earlier analysis entitled Civil Rights Takes a Hit, posted 5 March 2013 on the occasion of the Supreme Court’s ill-advised weakening of the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

(1) A culture of racism shaped the American way of life since before the founding of the United States. This culture became particularly deep-rooted in the southern colonies/states, where slavery became not only a foundational economic institution but one that shaped the South’s self-image. In the North, a racist culture was also pervasive and society was segregated. The significant difference here was that the North’s labor system was not based on slavery.

(2) In the South, this deeply embedded culture of racism was briefly interrupted when, following the Civil War, a short period of


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Trump Team Admits President Dictated Trump Jr. Letter Despite Prior Denials

If all this is true, it beggars belief why Trump is still where he is.

The US legal process does appear to be very confusing.

Surely time can’t progress much more without some substantial arrests and prosecutions or the whole process withdrawn.


Dictation_using_cylinder_phonographIn yet another contradiction from the Trump legal team, the recent letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller included the notable admission that Trump “dictated” the statement that is at the center of the obstruction investigation.  Previously, Trump lawyers, particularly Jay Sekulow, categorically denied that Trump had drafted the letter.  Once again, these are continuing unforced errors produced by either a failure of attorney-client communications or a lack of due diligence. Either way, it is an example of how much of his investigation has been fueled by sheer blunders.

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Project DRILLs down into social isolation of young people with learning difficulties | DisabledGo News and Blog

Young people with learning difficulties are at risk of “significant social isolation”, with the risk increasing as they approach adulthood, according to a new report delivered through a ground-breaking research programme.

The young people interviewed for the report “unanimously” said they needed practical help, emotional support and communication skills to maintain friendships.

Eight young people with learning difficulties were employed and trained to take part as peer researchers for the Young People and Friendships report, which was due to be launched at the Welsh assembly today (Thursday).

The peer researchers worked with 85 other young people with learning difficulties who were aged between 14 and 28 and lived in the Gwent region of south-east Wales.

All the young people were at significant risk of social isolation and almost all did not see friends outside either structured activities or education settings, with friendships “dependent upon local segregated services”.

They faced a “complex web of barriers” to having a full social life, including discrimination within the education system; inaccessible public transport; and difficulties in using communication tools such as mobile phones, with some prevented from using social media by their parents.

In some cases, social media and online gaming increased isolation and disconnection with the local neighbourhood, particularly among boys and young men, but it also enabled some friendships to be maintained,

About two-thirds of the 85 participants in the research had experienced bullying during the transition years from childhood to adulthood (14 to 25), with most believing they were picked on because they were disabled.

One participant in the study said: “Sometimes bad friends upset me, they pull faces at me and I feel like they hate me. They sometimes used to pick on me in school, use bad language.”

Another said: “They abuse you, harass you and use you. They put pressure on you and put you in the middle. Boys will fight you and bully you and pretend that it is all a joke.”

Participants felt unable to do anything about bullying or hate crime in the local community, other than avoiding certain areas, not going out or only going out with their parents.

The report says: “None of the participants wanted to criminalise other young people, but they did want non disabled young people to be better informed about hate crime, respect and [to be] more knowledgeable about disability.”

They also wanted it to be easier to report disability hate crime.

The report also found that young people with learning difficulties did not have the same opportunities to undertake work experience at the same age as their non-disabled peers.

The peer researchers were clear that segregating young disabled people was “morally wrong and creates second class citizens”.

One of the peer researchers said: “I feel that being referred to [as] ‘special’… is a derogatory term. But people have got used to it.”


Source: Project DRILLs down into social isolation of young people with learning difficulties | DisabledGo News and Blog