Cruel bullies chop off five-year-old disabled girl’s hair with classroom scissors for SIXTH time | Daily Mail Online

A mother is furious with a primary school after her disabled daughter had her hair cut by bullies for a sixth time.

Samantha Fleming’s daughter Melissa Booth, five, of Chaddesden, Derbyshire, is in reception at Cherry Tree Hill Primary School, but has been coming home with hair chopped off.

Melissa was born with microcephaly, a medical condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing.


Source: Cruel bullies chop off five-year-old disabled girl’s hair with classroom scissors for SIXTH time | Daily Mail Online


Scrap proposals to move disabled people onto Universal Credit

So people have had to undergo all the problems of coming off pre-ESA benefits to go onto ESA, where many could have had their old benefit stopped while in the ESA process only a few years ago.

They, come next year, will be expected to undergo a similar process for Universal Credit, these are not well people and can least afford, from a health perspective let alone re financial , to be put in this position again.

If it is deemed necessary to proceed to UC, which is debatable, the DWP will have all the relevant information and with the age of computerisation why can not the UC process commenced until it is ready to be paid and at that stage stop the ESA payment and commence the UC payment immediately, a seamless transaction.

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Scrap proposals to move disabled people onto Universal Credit, says MIND. They branded the proposals as “ill-advised” and “short-sighted”.Leading mental health charity Mind, has called on the Government to scrap plans to overhaul the disability benefits system, branding the proposals “ill-advised” and “short-sighted”.Draft proposals published last week set out plans to move more than two million disabled people from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to Universal Credit (UC). This will affect around one million people with mental health problems and will begin in 2019.People currently receiving ESA will be sent a letter informing them that their benefits will be stopped. They will be asked to make a brand new claim for Universal Credit.

Sophie Corlett, Director of External Relations at Mind, said: “We are hugely concerned about the ramifications of these proposals, which leave open the real possibility that many people with mental health problems could see their benefits stopped entirely…

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I’m Schrödinger’s Universal Credit claimant according to the DWP – Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

So today, 21st June, I finally received a letter from the DVLA outlining what exactly had been said by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Universal Credit Assessor about my fitness to drive.


Source: I’m Schrödinger’s Universal Credit claimant according to the DWP – Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

Disabled lawyers face widespread discrimination, say researchers | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disabled people in the legal profession are facing widespread discrimination, with outdated working practices and a failure to provide them with the support they need, according to early results from a ground-breaking piece of research.

The initial findings of the Legally Disabled? research project show that disabled people seeking jobs or working in the legal profession are “an untapped resource”.

They have often been attracted to a career in the law because of “a strong passion for human rights and fairness”, and their lived experience of disability has led to “strong ambition, tenacity, determination and excellent problem-solving skills”.

But positive experiences of “support, good attitudes and appropriate reasonable adjustments are a lottery”, say the researchers.

The early findings of the research have come from eight focus groups of disabled legal professionals, including judges, barristers and solicitors.

A “large proportion” of those who took part in the focus groups said they had faced disability discrimination.

The aims of the research, which is being conducted by Professor Debbie Foster, of Cardiff University Business School, and independent researcher Dr Natasha Hirst, are to explore the barriers to employment and career progression and examine ways in which they have been addressed successfully.

They then hope to identify ways in which the legal profession can become more inclusive and accessible for disabled people.


Source: Disabled lawyers face widespread discrimination, say researchers | DisabledGo News and Blog

Theresa May’s DWP minister just stood up in parliament and whitewashed a ‘human catastrophe’

The UK in this is doing exactly what Trump is doing in the US and as in the case of Trump, the UK Government needs to listen and act accordingly for eventually, if not now they will be held to account, not only by the population of the UK but by the World for the distress, injury and complete lack of safeguarding for extremely vulnerable people in the UK.

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In August 2017, the UN accused the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and successive Conservative-led governments of creating a “human catastrophe” in the UK. Nearly ten months on, in parliament, the government was still essentially denying it had done anything wrong – ignoring UN accusations of “grave” and “systematic” violations of people’s human rights.


The DWP and the government: creating a “human catastrophe”

As The Canary previously reported, last August the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) met to assess how well the UK government was sticking to its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, which the UK government ratified in 2009. The UNCRPD heard evidence from disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), charities, and NGOs. But it also heard counter-arguments from the UK government.

The committee’s assessment was damning. Its chair, Theresia Degener, said:

Evidence before us now and in…

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The DWP just caved in yet again over disabled people’s benefits

Whenever chahges are made it is down to saving money hence PIP and ESA were brought in and the idea was to remove people from the benefits system byany means.

However, there had to be rules and regulations. Not only should these rules and regulations be correctly administered they need to be lawful and equitable.

But in all of the above the new benefits systems did not comply, the rules and regualations were not correctly administered on every occasion, if ever. With the court cases coming forth it would also appear that the system was not always lawfull and equitable.

As every appeal and certainly court cases cost would it not have been reasonable for the system to have lawful and equitable rules and regulations which were abided by in every occasion, so then and only then money may have been saved.

But by ignorance or design the implementation of PIP and ESA have been set up to fail and cost more than they should, while showing disrespect and lack of dignity to the respective claimants.

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has once again had to change its policy surrounding disabled people’s benefits. This time, it involves the assessments carried out for people living with severe conditions or impairments.

The DWP: caving in?

On Monday 18 June, Sarah Newton – the minister for disabled people, health and work – said the government was changing the way people living with “severe or progressive conditions” got their Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Specifically, the DWP said that people with the “highest level” of PIP support:

and where their needs are expected to stay the same or increase – will receive an ongoing award of PIP with a light touch review every 10 years.

According to the website Benefits and Work, there are currently no set times when the DWP reviews people’s PIP. Claims last for fixed periods, and the department can review them at any time…

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A ‘senseless and unfounded’ DWP policy is causing harm to claimants and costing the NHS millions, says a charity | The Canary

A new campaign by the charity MS Society is calling on the DWP to scrap a “senseless and unfounded” policy that’s harming claimants and costing the NHS millions.

The 20 metre rule

MS Society represents people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a “condition which can affect the brain and/or spinal cord”. It causes a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, trouble walking, numbness, muscle stiffness / spasms, and problems with balance.

The charity’s campaign is focused on scrapping the ’20 metre rule’ which governs access to the mobility component of the PIP disability benefit. A press release for the campaign seen by The Canary states:

People with MS have been increasingly losing vital support since Personal Independence Payment (PIP) began in 2013. The biggest change has been the introduction of the 20 metre rule, used in PIP assessments to determine eligibility for the higher rate of mobility support. Under the previous benefit – Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – the measure was 50 metres. Now, if you can walk just one step over 20 metres, roughly the length of two double-decker buses, you won’t qualify for higher level of mobility support. Under DLA 94% of people with MS were receiving this higher rate but this has fallen to just 66% under PIP.

The charity has also released a campaign video highlighting the callousness of the 20 metre policy:


Source: A ‘senseless and unfounded’ DWP policy is causing harm to claimants and costing the NHS millions, says a charity | The Canary

“The Home Office have reversed their decision. Billy will be given access to his anti epileptic Cannabis oil today.” : Nye Bevan News

This is what happens when you deny epileptic children their medication – all so that you can adhere to the politics of Richard Nixon & Margaret Thatcher’s ‘War on Drugs’…

Anyone who thinks CBD medication, harnessed from the Cannabis plant, is morally wrong should watch this and sort their moral compass out.






Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

Full answers need to be given and appropriate action taken to ensure all are given PIP who qualify.

If McVey and the DWP can not do this then find who can.

People and Departments have to be made accountable.

Govt Newspeak

Esther McVey just dropped a DWP bomb on parliament then ran off for the weekend

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has had quite a week, lurching from one crisis to the next. And on Friday 15 June, the secretary of state for work and pensions, Esther McVey, topped it all off by dropping a crucial written statement on parliament. She then effectively ran off for the weekend.

Another day, another DWP scandal

As The Canary previously reported, judges forced the DWP to admit it had been incorrectly interpreting its own guidelines for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The department’s climb-down was in relation to two court cases where it had previously denied two disabled people PIP. This was on the basis they did not meet some of its criteria for the “daily living” component of the benefit.

After tribunals disagreed and told the DWP it must give the two claimants PIP, the department was going to appeal. But on 30…

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