Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Vulnerable people have encountered ‘shocking discrimination’ during pandemic, says Mencap charity


This is greatly worrying, especially as the NHS has been told not to ‘blasnket’ using ‘do not resusitate; without the knowdge of the person or their family. This is very blatent discrimination against persons with disabilities, which to all purpose is illegal, but has anyone been arrested, let alone sentenced. This is extremely wrong and is in no way respecting choice.

Where is the equality, as no one should be more equal tham others. A life is a life an d disabilities should not be a poart of the process, for surely, this is a human right as well as being illegal.


Source: Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities | Coronavirus | The Guardian

‘They just want parents to go away’: complaints soar as special needs schooling crisis spirals | Special educational needs | The Guardian

Chronic underfunding of the Send system in England blamed for failure to offer children adequate support


Yes, there is chronic underfunding for special needs in the Uk, but that is one of many for another is Social care and while the immediate funding rests with the respective Local Authorities, (LAs), who themsleves are short of finance also. So, who is directly to blame, well this is the Government, this current oned and many, if not all previous Governments, for LAs receive a bulk of their fun ding in grants from the Government but from 2020 the Governments subjected LAs to drastic cuts through the austerity programme, none of which has been repaid back to LAs.

So, lets put the blame where it really is and that is on the Government, who are not respecting human rights and totally lacking in ‘Duty of Care’.

Source: ‘They just want parents to go away’: complaints soar as special needs schooling crisis spirals | Special educational needs | The Guardian

‘My Daughter In Wheelchair Was Abandoned By School Taxis’

This all shows how pathetic the system is, with no one accepting accountability and leaving a very vulnerable person in, possible, great danger. All parties need to sort this out so it never happens again, ‘heads need to roll’.

Same Difference

    A mother has told the BBC her daughter has been left “abandoned” outside her high school in South Lanarkshire because of transport failures.

    The 11-year-old uses a wheelchair and is entitled to a taxi pick-up after each school day.

    But her mother Lisa Harland said she has only been picked up twice this term and staff have not waited with her.

    South Lanarkshire Council said pupils could wait inside the school if transport was unavailable.

    However, Ms Harland said she had to leave work to pick up her daughter and found the school office shutters down.

    Because the family live in Glasgow, the girl’s transport is organised by Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), and provided by Glasgow Taxis.

    Ms Harland said she had called the taxi company and SPT but had been unable to find out who is in charge.

    She said: “It doesn’t matter who…

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    Scotland’s New Disability Benefits System Comes Into Force

    One can only hope that this Scottish system will be better than the one for the whole of the UK, but, only time will tell.

    The currently system is so clumbersome and the assessments appear to be ‘not fit for purpose’.

    Where there is a willingness on Governments there are always opportunities for improvements, but with the UK Government this willingness appears to be not available. They appear to be more inclined to abuse disabled people rather than help them.

    Same Difference

    The Scottish government has begun taking over adult disability benefits from the UK government.

    Until now, personal independence payments (PIP) or disability living allowance (DLA) have been provided by the UK government.

    They are being replaced in Scotland by the new adult disability payment.

    The process of automatically transferring recipients over is now under way, and the Scottish system is open to new applicants.

    Scottish ministers have said that the process of applying for the new benefit will be “more compassionate”.

    The changes have been welcomed by disability groups, although opposition politicians described them as “a missed opportunity”.

    About 300,000 people in Scotland receive PIPs, while about 39,000 people are in receipt of DLA.

    PIPs help people aged 16 to 64 cope with the extra costs they face due to ill health or disability, and are gradually replacing the DLA.

    People already receiving either of those benefits will be automatically…

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    School Leaders With Disabilities: ‘It’s Important to Share That You’re Not Alone’

    My own experience of the education system was around 60 years ago and it was in the UK, but from what I hear, it is much the same now and maybe worse when it comes to performance and disabilities.

    In many instances the system is ‘one fits all’, whereas children, as are all of us, individual beings with our own distinct ways, so one fits all is not suitable.

    Teachers, and I am not blaming, for it is the system tend to assume we are all the same and plan their lessons structures accordingly. So, when a student appears to be underperforming it is assumed that it is not the fault of the system, but the student, when, in reality, it could well be the system. Another factor is finance for like most areas in the UK there are great degrees of underfunding.

    So, it is hardly ever, that other factors will be considered, is the current teaching appropriate, for some students will need more than others, and more importantly why do some need more input.

    If a disability is visible then, that maybe considered, but not always, but when it is invisible disabilities, it will not be, for it is more than likely unknown.

    But, whose responsibility is it to discover the invisible disabilities, well in effect it is everyone the student comes into contact with, but parents may not have the knowledge, especially if it is not already known to be there with other family members.

    There is the family GP, but as much of a diagnosis is by way of communication to the GP by the child and their parents, if they are not aware, then how can they mention it.

    So, the next area of regular contact is the school and especially the student’s teachers, but they are not necessarily looking for invisible disabilities, when it could be said that they should be, but is the possibility of invisible disabilities within the training of being a teacher, I fear not.

    So, it is more than likely that the system is mostly to blame, and therefore these students are receiving a disservice which should not be so.

    The system needs to change, and this has to be done in all areas, in the training of teachers, in teachers’ appraisals, more education of families and GPs. So, when a student is seeming to be failing, it may, most likely not be down to student attitude in not wishing to learn, but many other factors with invisible disabilities being one, but could well be that they are a young carer, family situation is not good for the student and many others.

    Students have rights and these should be adhered to and blaming them should be a last resort, if at all and not the first, which the system dictates to.


    Source: School Leaders With Disabilities: ‘It’s Important to Share That You’re Not Alone’

    Students with Disabilities Often Overlooked in Gifted Programming – The 74

    Gifted programming, already uneven across the country and prone to racial discrimination, has yet another blind spot: twice exceptional students.  These advanced learners, who may also receive special education services, can languish academically, their skills overlooked. The same holds true for low-income children, students of color and those learning to speak English.  Experts say most […]


    This is so true and not only in America, for it is, more than likely, the World all over.

    This is due, as is everything, administered in a system and these systems are too rigid and maybe created by persons with no ‘expert by experience; knowledge, plus in many instances lack of sufficient finance.

    Nobody, no matter who they are should have to ‘fit a system’ as systems should be created to ‘fit each individual’. However, it is believed it is easier to do the former, no matter how wrong it is, there being no equality and demeaning to those where are forced into the system.

    Person-centred should be the prime factor, but it is institutional centred which is commonplace. This needs to change and to be changed by listening to ‘experts by experience’ and not just one expert but a cross-section of ‘experts by experience, then it would be a system for the people, by the people and not, as at present, a system by administrators and bureaucrats and also, be fully, adequately financed, while being extremely flexible to accommodate every person how they wish to be accommodated.

    Then and only then will there be true equality for all.

    Source: Students with Disabilities Often Overlooked in Gifted Programming – The 74

    Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

    A council wrongly stopped funding family holidays for two disabled brothers by adopting a “restrictive and wrong” intepretation of the Care Act 2014. That was the verdict of the Court of Appeal in a judgment last week, in which it rejected an appeal brought by Suffolk County Council against a High Court ruling last year that […]



    Local Authorities (LAs) are so poorly funded after 10 years of austerity cuts and then substantial COVID costs that many do all they can to cut costs to spread the meagre funding for social care as far as they can.

    This requires that many needs are left unfunded and in doing so risk legal action, but it is far from easy to undertake legal actions against LAs, due to the Government changing Legal Aid eligibility, so many persons with unmet needs fail because of LAs underfunding and them trying to spread costs further and then the person with unmet needs not being able to bring legal remedies due to the limited eligibility criteria.

    This and previous Governments doing all it can to ensure vulnerable people will have many unmet needs outstanding.

    But do they care, well not for the vulnerable people.


    Source: Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

    ‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

    Using trains or planes can be fraught with difficulty and danger for disabled people, from being forgotten about at stations to being unable to use the toilet on long flights



    This all shows how ineffective and totally unsuitable the current equality legislation is and that it urgently needs to be made more effective, for nobody should have to undergo the indignities that disable people have to contend with when flying.

    They like all passengers are paying for a full service and not the diminished service they are currently receiving for they are undergoing indignities no one should have to and then being blamed for inconveniencing others, when it is the service being given which is at fault.

    The airline industry should be ashamed for the service being given to disabled people. They have rights which are being ignored.

    They are being told to wait for assistance, which should be there ready and waiting for them and in sufficient numbers so no one is left waiting. in doing so all passengers will be able to leave the planes at similar times.

    But, I see this everywhere; like persons in wheelchairs being refused travel on buses because the driver says there is no room, but there is for passengers not in wheelchairs. Then being asked to wait for the next, but who says the next will be any different or the next and so on.

    Transport should be made so that all passengers are to be treated equally. But it is the same with taxis, why should persons in wheelchairs have to order special taxis that accommodate wheelchairs, when legislation should be stating that all taxis should be made to accommodate all passengers, if not they can’t be used as  taxis.

    Equality should mean equality.

    Source: ‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

    I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

    A DAD-of-two claims he is banned from buying his council flat because it was adapted for his disability. Antony Carter, who has cerebral palsy, had the bathroom in his South London studio converted…


    This is so disgraceful and so discriminatory for why should an adapted property not be included, as it is more likely a person will stay much longer in an adapted property for themselves, as to a person who does not need any adaptations. so, I would like to be advised for the reasoning for this.

    It is not as though adaptions will not be made in owner occupied properties, as they will be, but in owner occupied properties adaptions will be made, but any servicing and repairs costs could have to be borne by the occupant, especially after the warranty period, which is more than likely 5 years. Again even that is discriminatory as for rented property these costs are borne by the local authority for the period they are in the property and being used.

    Why should an owner occupier have more costs than a renter and why should they not be allowed to apply to own the property after adaptions have been made,

    This is, yet again, more discrimination on persons with disabilities.

    Also, as there was this restriction at the time the adaptions were made, then it should have been that the Antony Carter was made aware of the restrictions before the decision to have the adaptations done.

    Here, I feel Antony Carter as a claim against Lewisham Council for their inability to fully advise him and keep him informed. Surely, Lewisham or any authority has a Duty to do so.

    Rights of persons with disabilities are no where as many as there should be and where there Rights many councils are failing to uphold these Rights, either through ignorance or in some instances deliberately hoping the person will not know their rights or if they do, not exercise them.

    Even when people are aware that their Rights have not been adhered to there is an inability to take action due to the restrictions on obtaining Legal Aid due to Government interventions, thereby restricting peoples rights even further on persons who don’t have the ability by finance to take actions.

    Thus increasing the gap between haves and have nots, making availability of legal assistance restrictive and not available to all persons, so restricting equality.



    Source: I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

    Ukraine Orphanages: Children Tied Up And Men In Cots | Same Difference

    Vasyl Velychko has been tied to a bench on a baking hot day for hours, but no-one hearing his screams will untie him. The 18-year-old is one of thousands of disabled people living in Ukraine’…


    Unfortunately many orphanages in Eastern Europe have been found to be very poor, especially those from former Russian states, with those with children with learning disabilities and autism being some of the worst.

    This is, in some respect, due to the lack of human rights in Russia and the Russian states and former Russian states.

    But, certainly, now, these states should know better, but while ignorance will be a reason there will be others including lack of human rights and certainly lack of finance.

    Now, of course, there is the war in Ukraine with Russia, but, even so, these unfit orphanages should be dealt with as a matter of urgency and it is causing unnecessary pain and suffering on innocent children, as well as the pain and suffering caused by the current war with Russia.

    Source: Ukraine Orphanages: Children Tied Up And Men In Cots | Same Difference