Six myths about learning disabilities and OKUs | Malay Mail

Dr Chua Sook Ning expressed concern about the stigmatisation of mental disorders and blanket statements that people with OKU cards shouldn’t drive. ― Picture courtesy of Dr Chua Sook Ning


While this is relating to Malaysia its content could relate to anywhere for myths are myths wherever they arise.

In the instances described the myths are mainly derived through ignorance  and in some instances to discriminate and not from known facts.

In days gone by it would have been difficult for information to be found to discount the myths, but in these days with the internet, as long as the information is from a very reliable source they can be discounted and so the discriminations should reduce. But some of these myths are very strongly supported by some, so great care is needed to differentiate what is myth and what is truth.


Source: Six myths about learning disabilities and OKUs | Malay Mail

‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Dee Howard’s husband Mike died in 2021 while suspended by Labour for supporting Palestinian rights, without even receiving an acknowledgment of his appeal The late Mike Howard protesting on b…


There is discrimination and anti this and that in every area, but why should anyone be so, surely we are all similar but with different view points.

There are grave injustices also in many areas and in these instances it is right that these are shown to be what they are.

Freedom needs to be respected and in doing so the views of all should also be respected.

But, where these views give rise to discrimination of those who don’t hold our own views this is totally wrong.

Yes, what was done to the Jews over centuries and especially by Hitler and his Henchmen in the 1930/40s and perhaps the creation of Israel was the best solution for the Jews, but, not for the Palestinians for to create Israel their lands had to be taken over. Although through history who was in control of these lands has been changed many times.

For peace to be achieved peace has to be established, but neither side trusts the other and each have their own militants and those who wish to be left alone.

But for lasting peace a trusted settlement for now and ever has to be achieved, but it is doubtful it will be, especially anytime now.

So, there is anti feelings in all quarters, but these views should be respected, especially by political parties not directly involved.

So, Dee Howard views should have been respected by the Labour Party and especially Sir Keir Starmer and he should not have been discriminated by both Labour and Starmer.

Labour, which was created as a party of inclusion of those who were being oppressed should be leading in the campaigns for inclusion of everyone and not just certain people with beliefs. It should not be a Party of the left or right, but of total inclusion.



Source: ‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Taliban bans contraception calling use a ‘western conspiracy’ | Global development | The Guardian

Reports that fighters have threatened those issuing birth control medicines come as Afghan midwives and activists warn of impact on women’s health and rights


Women in Afghanistan, since Trump negotiated with the Taliban so they could gain control of Afghanistan had their rights totally taken away, even though their degree of Rights was minimal to start with.

If Trump ever is allowed to be President of America again, then American women could well have all their Rights taken away also, it has started with the Right for abortions, but more would go if he becomes President again.

But back to Afghanistan, the best women can do there is to leave Afghanistan as soon as they can, but that will be far from easy, if at all possible. For their movements are already being severely restricted having to be with a close male relative to go any distance.

So, Women of America, be aware of Republicans, especially any revival of Trump, otherwise have more of their Rights be removed.

Afghan women need all the support that can be given, but another event to remove the Taliban will not be done, so unfortunately they are on their own.

My heart goes out to all Afghanistan women and I am so sorry that help is not there for you all.

Source: Taliban bans contraception calling use a ‘western conspiracy’ | Global development | The Guardian

Rose Ayling Ellis Shocked By Stage Show Rant

I thank Rose Ayling Ellis for posting this on Instagram and yourself for sharing.

We all have a right to object, but the way or ways it is done is so important, for this man to do as he did, is also so discriminating to others and could have well spoiled the performance for the others attending.

Always be respectful and in doing so respect the Rights of others.

Same Difference

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Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Stephen Kapos says he has a duty to teach others about his experience whether Starmer and co like it or not As Skwawkbox predicted last week, Holocaust survivor Stephen Kapos has been driven out of…


The Labour Party was created in 1900 due to the inadequacies of the other Parties at that time to deal with problems within the working population of the UK.

During that time it has undergone many changes, but is it still the Party of the working population, now that is the question.

Stephen Kapos was a member of the Party and also one of the Few Holocaust survivor still living today. The Holocaust, one would have expected to provide ‘lessons to be learnt’ but it is so clear that they have not as there are still extermations of many around the World so it is so clear that lessons have not been learnt. There have been and still are exterminations of many races, ethnicities, gender, religion, disabilities, sexuality and many others in many countries of the World.

Stephen Kapos is as said one of the few remaining persons alive of the Holocaust and is therefore a person of expert experience.

He is not just commenting on the Holocaust with his own experiences but how others are being dealt with today, even by Israel and Palestine, but just like the current Tory Government, it appears the Current Labour Party is not listening or does not wish to listen.

I am no expert on the Holocaust or even Palestine, but Stephen is and he should be listened to and the Labour Party needs to get back to its underlining former principles of listening to all of the working in the UK, which it appears not to be in some ways. But, I am not an expert in the Labour Party, or in fact any Party, but one that wishes the best for all in the UK and the stopping of discrimination in all its forms ceratinly in the UK and also wherever it occurs in the World at large.

Please lets us be a listening nation and that starts with everyone in the UK and for goodness sake lets all abide and mainain our Human Rights.

Source: Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

The grisly footage, released in four parts, indicates an ambulance did not arrive for more than 20mins after the vicious beating. This article contains description of physical violence


This is all so wrong and my heart goes out to the family of Tyre Nichols and all the other families of American Police brutality, whatever their racial origins, but especially so the so called, Minority Ethnic origins, which are not that so minor for they are a very sizeable part of the American population and being so should be entitled to all the Human Rights allowed in America.

But, even though many Americans don’t believe so, the Human Rights in America are not as extensive as they should be, in a So Call Democracy as Very Right wing politics and right wing religions are abusing their assumed power in all matters.

Americans need to extend their horizons and see for themselves the extent of Freedoms in other so called democratic countries.

Yes, there will always be some legislative restrictions, but not to the same degree as in America and these degrees change from State to State.

It would appear that some American Police forces have not progressed much, if at all and some are now even worse that in the days of the Wild West. For it is now the 21st century and not the 18th when America was formed, but others were there before with the  Indians, now referred to as Native Americans. Many of whom were assassinated by the incoming invaders, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers and many others afterwards.

Being Christians, or so we are told, but having far right views, hence their decision to leave England and find pastures new, but without any apparent thoughts about anyone already there.

Were they really bringing Christian principles to America and then in the southern areas of North America and the West Indies to allow slaves to be brought over from Africa. In doing so not extending these Christian principles to the slaves as they believed them to be not worth any vestiges of Christian thoughts. Some of which, in many ways, still exists today in how so termed minorities are treated in America, with many Americans Caucasians wishing that the return to the 18th century should be done today. perhaps, in some extent this is why the American police are how they are today, even those of non-Caucasian origins.

Every country still has a lot to learn, but some much more than others, for we are all humans and really we should all be able to live together and not let any differences get in the way, being it gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability and many others.

Let’s all live in peace and show each other the respect there should always have been and do away with all forms of discrimination and acknowledge the Human Rights of others.

Source: ‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

Government suspends NUS funding over antisemitism claims and replaces with alternative student representation

Jewish students need to have confidence this is a body that represents them, says Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi


Unfortunately racism is still around, but I had hoped not to the extent that it had been.

It is said that the young are not as racist as some of their elders, as no one is born a racist, it is of their own chosing, but racism is wrong from whatever quarter it comes from and any surfacing of any forms of racism have to be countered.

So, it is very disappointing that racism is still, apparently abound in the NUS and in a place of learning, for it seems that appropriate learning is not being practiced.

I so hope that the NUS and any other organisations wherever they are have a zero tolerence of racism as we are all supposed to be equal and colour, ethnity, age, gender, disability  and others should be be a target for anyone to cause abuse to.

Lets all of us, please, learn to live with each other for that is the right thing to do and is respecting all of our Human Rights.


Source: Government suspends NUS funding over antisemitism claims and replaces with alternative student representation

Elon Musk ‘orders Twitter to remove suicide prevention feature’ | Twitter | The Guardian

Sources say new owner sought removal of the #ThereIsHelp feature which appeared at the top of certain searches


This just goes to show that abuse of power is still extremely strong and needs to be countered at all times, if necessary, by legislation, but then that too could be open to abuse.

While I wish for ‘Freedom of Speech’ this freedom can be used to restrict the freedoms of others causing much harm and distress, so at times some forms of restriction are necessary to safeguard the Human Rights of those who could be harmed and distressed. This is why the views and opinions of Musk and others like him need to be tempered to safeguard those more vulnerable than others.

Musk uses his power of wealth to control others not as wealthy just to extend his own views and opinions when he should be respecting that there are many views and opinions, but, it appears he feels the views and opinions of persons wishing to hurt, bully, be disrespectful are more important than any others and in that he is championing the abuse of the vulnerable.


Source: Elon Musk ‘orders Twitter to remove suicide prevention feature’ | Twitter | The Guardian

Ukraine War: ‘We Long For Home – But Our Son Has Chances Here’ | Same Difference

When war broke out, millions of Ukrainians had to make a life-changing decision to flee their country – with many hoping to return as soon as possible. But for some disabled refugees, this di…


Out of conflict as come salvation, lets hope it is not too long for this to occur for all in Ukraine and for a so much more better outlook on and for life for everyone.


Source: Ukraine War: ‘We Long For Home – But Our Son Has Chances Here’ | Same Difference

Disabled Airport Travellers Given ‘Unacceptable’ Support

In the UK we are supposed to champion equality for we had the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Disabilty Discrimination Act 2005 aand the Euality Act 2010 but there is still too much in-equality as these Acts didn’t go far enough and there were too many ways included in the Acts to ensure that compliance was not totally required.

Here we have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) agreeing that there is discrimination but then considering whether or not to  about it. What more needs to be said.

The CAA should be doing something about it, otherwise why have the legistlation.

In-equalities should be countered in all instances for no one should be feeling they are not being considered, for we should all be equal, but to achieve equality some people will need more help than others, to not provide it and in good time is no way good enough and any organisation who fails equality should be ashamed and thereby possiblely prosecuted to the full extent available.

This inequality is far more than unacceptible, it is a total disgrace and there should be many more prosecutions on a criminal basis and not leave it to civil actions.

This is in no way respecting the Human Rights of persons with disabilities.

Same Difference

    Disabled passengers are suffering from “unacceptable” levels of support at many UK airports.

    The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that many disabled and less mobile passengers missed summer flights at London Heathrow due to poor accessibility performance.

    Bristol, Leeds Bradford and Luton Airports also had an “unacceptable level of service to disabled people”.

    The CAA said Heathrow’s Terminal 5 had “particularly poor performance”.

    Its report said that “many passengers” did not make connecting departures in the terminal.

    Some disabled and less mobile passengers at its Terminal 3 were also forced to wait for more than an hour to be transferred from one piece of equipment to another, it said.

    This contravened the CAA’s own guidance.

    Aberdeen, Belfast International, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London City Airports were rated as “very good” for their accessibility performance during the whole period analysed, which was between the start of April and the end…

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