Alberta family struggles to find resources for autistic grandson | CTV News

Rita Fahlman loves being a grandma but says it hasn’t been easy as she fights for help to support her autistic grandson who has complex needs.

Here we have Canada, but it is also just as bad in the UK, perhaps even more so for some.

Is there anywhere in this world where persons with disabilities, expressly learning (Intellectual) disability and autism are looked after sufficiently, I fear not and in some countries not only is there no services, but persons with these disabilities are even seriously discriminated against to the point of even causing deaths.

Why is this for no one asks to be born this way, but they should expect to be able to live life, at least, reasonably without fear. It is the responsibility of everyone to do all they can to ensure discrimination is countered wherever it occurs and every ruling body should legislate to ensure full equality is available for everyone.

Abuse of any nature should never be tolerated and those who do abuse should be always dealt with accordingly. Remember there are many forms of abuse and not having sufficient required and appropriate legislation should be included as a form of abuse. Abuse is done to anyone be they be a child or an adult and anyone can be an abuser, be it a family member, friend, stranger, professional, etc.

By not having sufficient, appropriate  and required legislation is restricting their Human Rights and could be, in effect allowing abuse to occur.

Source: Alberta family struggles to find resources for autistic grandson | CTV News

Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Charity calls for people who arrived on seasonal work visas and are now undocumented to be offered protection



This is completely unacceptable for anyone coming to the UK should have the full protection of the law and employment regulations.

Each farm needs to be fully inspected urgently and any areas of non-compliance corrected, but to say they can contact the police just shows that these authorities have no understanding of the circumstances these workers are in.

The regulations need to be simplified and persons coming to the UK to be made fully aware of their rights.

Modern slavery is just as unacceptable as the slavery from years ago and it is not just within the agricultural areas, but in many others.

Coming to the UK should be a good experience and these workers should have the same employment rights as any worker in the UK.

In these days of computerisation, the systems should be robust enough to ensure people rights are respected and adhered to and any employers who over-ride these rights should be dealt with accordingly and be not allowed to employ and supervise workers again.

The UK needs to be a haven for workers and legislation should be brought in to ensure it is.

Areas in which modern slavery can take place need to be policed more, so that instances of modern slavery and any other forms of abuse can’t flourish.



Source: Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Taxi Wheelchair Refusals Leave Users Vulnerable | Same Difference

A wheelchair user has urged officials to take licences off taxi drivers who refuse to transport disabled people. Prof Duncan Cameron, of Sheffield University’s School of Biosciences, said he …


It is a legal requirement for hackney carriages (normally Black cab taxis) to not refuse to transport a person in a wheelchair and if they do they could be liable to a fine of £1000 under the Equality Act 2010.

However, Local Authorities do have authority to take further actions if they feel the taxi driver is not a ‘fit and proper‘ person. This could mean the losing of their licence.

Local Authorities need to take charge to ensure the Equality Act is abided by and thereby eliminate discrimination.

Source: Taxi Wheelchair Refusals Leave Users Vulnerable | Same Difference

Budget 2022: Canadians with disabilities feeling left behind by federal budget | CTV News

Canadians living with disabilities say they’re being left behind by the Liberal government, after a promised disability benefit was not included in last week’s budget.


It appears that no matter where you live politicians can’t be trusted and the persons with disabilities will not be treated equally, what have we all done that these politicians are put into our vicinities and that persons with disabilities are universally treated disgustingly and not with respect and dignity.

Well power can and does corrupt and that means those who wish power and have a low level of decency will do all they can to gain power be it in democracies or in dictatorships.

Are we all gullible, well some may be but many of us do still trust what we are told, unfortunately, in many instances very mistakenly.

As to disability, many see this as a situation of weakness and therefore not to be granted the equality which we all should have.

Even worse, in many instances, the very people who try and do come into power are the very same people who don’t respect equality.

What can be done, well we all need to respect each other more and be there for each other more and do all we can to ensure the values of respect, dignity, honesty are maintained and where not endeavour to ensure those who don’t respect these value don’t get into power and if and when they do we all band together to ensure they lose the power at every opportunity.

We all have human rights and it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that these rights are not eroded and also temper any abuses of power.

Source: Budget 2022: Canadians with disabilities feeling left behind by federal budget | CTV News

Non-domiciliary residency and paying UK tax

It is now in the news that the wife, Akshata Murty of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, being of India origin is unable to obtain Dual Nationality and decided to retain her Indian Nationality rather than applying for UK Nationality. This means she does pay UK taxes on her income earned within the UK, which has been stated that she does, but not with regards to any income earned in India and this has been so for the last 7 years as this is paid un der India’s system

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng also stated that this was not possible after 15 years, but didn’t take time to expand on this’

I would stress this is all perfectly legal as is the situation such as Amazon and paying UK tax, but is it ethical and only open to persons or companies of wealth.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng also states that the tax affairs of Akshata Murty should be treated as being private and this |I would normally agree with, but she is married to Rishi, the Chancellor you by them being a couple could well be enjoying the benefits of his wife’s earnings, so with this questioning should be done.

Many in the UK are suffering considerably due to the measures introduced by Rishi to gain more revenue, while revenue is being avoided by his wife as she chooses to retain Indian Nationality rather than obtain UK Nationality as she could do having been in the UK for 3 years.

A Tory prime minister, one David Cameron, once said ‘we are in it together‘, which reflected his comment when in Opposition.

Talk is easy, but actions are what are noticed and rightly so.

We are never all in this together for it is down to wealth, the less you have the less equal you are, when the true equality should be, in that for all to be equal, more needs to be done to bring people up to being more equal for it will never be that the wealthy give to make those less wealthy more so. Even, if the miracle does happen, the wealthy have the means to leave the UK, which the less wealthy have not.

Will a millionaire, ever need to attend a food bank, for if they do it will be because only millionaires and billionaires exist as all below have creased to exist and the millionaires will then be the new poor. No wealth redistribution only the extermination of those who have no means to exist, which in many instances are quickly approaching and for some already have.

It is said that there is a facility to voluntarily pay the tax you would have paid if you were eligible to pay, so as a gesture of goodwill she could pay voluntarily, for she can afford to do so, but feel she is unlikely to do so.

Disability advocate Janet Curtain left stranded on train platform after V/Line failed to provide accessible carriage – ABC News

Despite booking ahead for an accessible train carriage home to Melbourne, Janet Curtain was forced to wait three hours for a taxi in a situation she says is happening to others as well.


Transport as should all services, be there for everyone, but in many instances it is not for at least one section of the community, not just in one country, but virtually every country, and that community is the community of persons with disabilities. They too are part of the country in which they reside and should not be seen as second class, and in fact in many instances no class. They are and should be treated as equal partners in every aspect, but in many instances they are not and they feel as tough they do not belong and with certain peoples attitudes it goes even further, that is that they should not belong.

It is not their disability that is a barrier, but attitudes of Governments and certain people within those countries. This has to change and should have changed many years ago.


Source: Disability advocate Janet Curtain left stranded on train platform after V/Line failed to provide accessible carriage – ABC News

Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

Writing for The Telegraph, former foreign secretary says peace comes from strength, not luck, as Russian invaders close in on Kyiv


Defence spending will always be controversial as when does defense spending become offence spending. It is true that the UK does need to live within its means, but defense is one of many areas that need spending increases. With those others having a much bigger concept of saving lives rather than deaths.

No matter how you look at it defense spending will always involve the loss of lives, especially when armaments, be they for defense or offense will cause deaths. Yes, defense spending will, hopefully save lives, but eventually the armaments will be used causing deaths and if not deaths, very extensive injuries.

But, as I said other Government spending will save lives and if not spent or there is insufficient to spend, then deaths will occur.

One of these areas is Social Care and the other is Health and while there has been increased spending in health, but never enough, the extensive shortfall in Social Care spending is scandalous and has been for many years due to inactions of all previous Governments. Now there is supposed action, but again not anywhere near enough and what there is, is more than likely to go on health and very little on Social Care.

This major shortfall in Social Care spending, is and has , in fact has been for many years, more than likely since 1948 and well before. But in the last 12/13 years has been considerably more.

But it looks like spending will be increased in defense, possibly at the expense  of social care and social care should never have been kept short, no matter what other callings there have been on Government spending.

What should be done is not starting at what money is seen to be available, but what is really needed and then all has to be done to get that spending, not just today, but for every day. There  should never, not ever be a shortfall in social care spending.

Yes, defense is important, but so is social care and that should never be forgotten and never ignored, which it has been for as long as there has been social care.



Source: Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

First Bus Apology After Driver Refuses Disabled Woman’s Walking Bike

While it was good to receive an apology that does not go anyway to really negate the bus drivers action for they are there to provide a service and in this instance a service was not given, ignorance is and should never be an excuse. Until people are fully trained and correctly follow the training these instances will continue to occur.

More actions need to be taken against persons who discriminate otherwise discrimination will continue and more than likely increase. People have to be made aware that there are consequences for their actions, even, if criminal punishments are given.

For people who suffer discrimination, the discrimination is only part of their suffering, as there will be, more than likely, health problems to arise, certainly mental and may be others. There are also equality and Human Rights issues which need to be addressed.

Same Difference

A disabled student left in tears when a bus driver refused let her bring a mobility aid on board has won an apology.

Sam Cleasby, 40, from Sheffield, was attempting to get to university when she was told she could not bring her walking bike on the bus.

Ms Cleasby, who has ulcerative colitis, said she was “devastated”.

First Bus Midlands managing director Nigel Eggleton apologised and said what happened “was quite wrong”.

Ms Cleasby said she was told her walking bike was too big for the bus, and claimed the driver said space at the front was reserved for “real disabled people”.

“It was a bit of a shock. I was in tears, I was angry, I was telling him that it was illegal discrimination of a disabled person,” she said.

“Not every person is going to know about every single mobility aid, but what you don’t do is…

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Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Alexander Somto Orah, a 25-year-old Nigerian student, says he faced discrimination when trying to flee the war in Ukraine.


As if trying to escape from death and destruction was not enough, here the ugly face of racism rears its ugly head. Now should those to whom racism was subjected to just ignore that they are not deemed equal to others trying to escape death and destruction, so much for helping and empathy, as in these instances the saviours to some are not to others, just because of a skin colour, how wrong is that.

They are all equal for they are all human beings, but then the Russian invaders and certainly Putin do not think so, unless they are supporters of the tyrant Putin.

Source: Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

DWP admits wrongly rejecting disabled people for benefits at record rate | The Independent

Exclusive: Warnings that ‘flaws in the system’ have led to almost 80,000 Personal Independence Payment decisions being overturned at initial review


Why is this news, especially to the DWP and the Government as from the introduction of PIP in November 2017 they were warned that there were problems with assessments, but they appeared to be blind and deaf to the comments made.

The UN also have advised this Government about their discrimination to persons with disabilities, but the Government refuted this.

Now they have promised £5.4 billion spread over 3 years for health and social care, but this is an insult to social care as it is way insufficient as it should be at least £12 billion, just for social care alone and not spread over 3 years but given immediately.

This Government has not got a clue or just doesn’t care , especially the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Thérèse Coffey MP.

So, it is not just the Welfare benefits that are not sufficient and the assessment processes, but the whole Government attitude to persons with disabilities. Coping with their disabilities and life is more than enough and also for their families, but until you are there you will never comprehend what they have to take onboard and contend with, as if drains the life from you, causing more stress on stress until it becomes, but you have to continue, for there is no alternative, as social care is too a large extent not there and won’t be until it is sufficiently funded.

Many mistakes were made in 1948 with the creation of the NHS and the Welfare State, not that it should not have been created for the creation was great and much thought was put in, but events over years as meant changes should have been made, especially the creation of one body to encompass both the NHS and Social Care. As to have it split means there are many duplications of processes and lack of communications between the organisations on many levels.

Source: DWP admits wrongly rejecting disabled people for benefits at record rate | The Independent