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I agree with most of this post, however, in my 60 odd years of life on this earth I have found that there are not many politicians in who you can believe in, be they red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and others. However, there are some in which there is some form of belief and others practically none. They all promise the earth and unfound riches in their manifestos and only when they assume power can the truths be revealed.

You cast your vote and hope for the best.

Regarding Brexit nothing has come forth as we have not Brexited and will not be doing so until March 2019 or may be not, depending on whether there will be a transition deal or not.

Everything is so up in the air and no one on either side in the UK or Europe can be sure of the final outcome. We can all speculate on what the outcome or outcomes will or can be and who will be in power if and when we do or not do Brexit.

That length of string is getting longer or is it shorter, day by day.

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This is another fascinating little video from RT’s Going Underground. Host Afshin Rattansi talks to the former cabinet minister under Blair, Chris Smith, above his decision to oppose the Invasion of Iraq, his work in the Advertising Standards Authority, and Brexit.

Smith was Blair’s Culture Secretary, and the author of a book, Creative Britain. The cover showed him wielding a professional movie/TV camera. He states he opposed the Iraq invasion because it was ‘obviously the wrong the policy’. He also states that during his time with the Advertising Standards Authority, people wrote in asking them if they could possibly act against the misleading political advertising in elections. Smith states that this is sadly impossible. Their constitution limits them to commercial advertising only, and they have no power to prosecute or punishment politicians that lie.

On the subject of Brexit, he and Rattansi clearly hold different views. Smith appears…

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This is so true, however, I believe the main religion may go on for ever, depending how long ever is, for with the current climate of one upmanship in many areas of the World being, West, East, Middle East, Far East and any others the future as we know it may not last as long as we hope for. In that the relentless quest for power by a good few of the World’s leaders and some aspiring leaders could well mean that the future could be short lived. Then what will their quest for power bring them and their communities, but do they really care as the driven quest for their own power extinguishes all others.

Unfortunately all you state has little chance of happening, now or the long-term future, unless the populace achieve what is currently seeming impossible.

The last point ‘To prevent future atrocities you have to treat the cause of the disease not merely the symptoms!’ is particularly relevant, but all are as well, but if you could achieve all these others, they will not be able to continue until you concentrate on the disease as well as the symptoms.

Take radicalisation, why are the people who are radicalised open to this action, unfortunately there will not be a common theme.

They could not have the will to resist.

They could have problems which are leaving down and open to be corrupted

There will be others, but all need to be identified and then appropriate action to minimise these areas and ideally create situations where they cannot manifest.

Take the UK, people are marginalised either into ethnic communities and do not forget that a white community is just as good or bad as any other community. Just because it may be the majority, in not a reason to discount it. We need to accept that in many ways we are all equal, however, some are more equal than others and there could be a root of the problem. Again the area of power is brought to the fore for power comes in many guises wealth is one, position is another, and in many respects the creation of some communities could be another, perhaps the list could be endless.

Religion and politics are two main causes, but they are not there alone, for if they were not there others would be created.

It could be within the makeup of the Human Race to which we all belong. If we were all created in Gods own image, then there is then no hope, so could the evolution theory have a better way forward, as this would mean that change will come, but not in our lifetime, that is if there is to be another lifetime.

So we have to ask is there really time for change to come forth.

A very complicated subject, but is certainly there for scrutiny and research. But then could the scrutiny and research be slanted with the human frailties.

This could go on and on and then come full circle, Oh, what a complicated Society or Societies we are in.

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Terrorism has become the scourge of our age.

Too many people have hearts full of hatred and arrogant righteousness.

Too many are indoctrinated into stupid beliefs.

Too many are exploited and manipulated into hatred, self-sacrifice and intolerance.

It is too easy to manufacture bombs and get hold of weapons.

Too many people seek power through perverse religion and politics.

There is far too much ignorance and superstition.

The world is far to unequal.

There are too many people, too little work and so little hope.

Too many live in overcrowded poverty and hopelessness.

The terrorists want to divide, spread fear and destabilise so that they can sneak into the vacuum and inflict their religious or political aims.

The men behind it are never killing themselves.

It is all about power, not beliefs or doctrine – power. The people who organise, radicalise and induce the hatred and barbarity want to be…

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Jeremy Scahill writes for The Intercept:

CREECH AIR FORCE BASE, NV - AUGUST 08:  A pilot's heads up display in a ground control station shows a truck from the view of a camera on an MQ-9 Reaper during a training mission August 8, 2007 at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. The Reaper is the Air Force's first "hunter-killer" unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and is designed to engage time-sensitive targets on the battlefield as well as provide intelligence and surveillance. The jet-fighter sized Reapers are 36 feet long with 66-foot wingspans and can fly for as long as 14 hours fully loaded with laser-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. They can fly twice as fast and high as the smaller MQ-1 Predators reaching speeds of 300 mph at an altitude of up to 50,000 feet. The aircraft are flown by a pilot and a sensor operator from ground control stations. The Reapers are expected to be used in combat operations by the United States military in Afghanistan and Iraq within the next year.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan will briefly turn the media spotlight onto America’s longest war. Much of the media analysis will undoubtedly be about how the speech impacts Trump politically. Given the events of the past week, it seems unlikely that Democratic pundits will repeat their inane praise of the State of the Union address, in which Trump apparently became presidential for the first time. But this speech should serve as a moment to seriously examine the trajectory of the U.S. war machine from 9/11 to the present.

Amid the deluge of scandal, incompetence, and bigotry emanating from the Trump White House, the relative calm of the Obama era seems like a far-off galaxy. The reality that Trump may not even finish a full term as president, either due to removal or resignation, means that the palace intrigue must be reported on thoroughly by the press…

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It seems I have adopted a rather controversial view about Brexit: that, perhaps, all the partisans – leavers and remainers – should bury our differences and work together. That’s proving more difficult than it should be. No one in politics likes to concede defeat, particularly if they secretly dislike some of their opponents.

The EU referendum opened a chasm in our nation. Two different views: Britain versus Europe, migration versus integration; internationalism versus national identity, metropolitan versus small town, management versus the factory floor. The outcome was not just a shock, and for many it was hard to accept. The European Union, if not loved by many, was taken for granted as part of our political architecture. The “great repeal bill” is the latest staging ground of this fight. Really an adoption bill, it aims to transfer lots of EU legislation into UK law. Businesses, citizens and government agencies need a legal basis to conduct their activities – and this adoption process is essential to a smooth Brexit. But weak governments with complex bills are easy prey. When Theresa May went to the country in April, she claimed she needed a larger majority lest the opposition parties derail the process. Now it is her own benches to which she is casting worried glances.

I campaigned for remain. And I want the UK to retain close ties to Europe and keep many of the benefits of easy trade, workers’ rights and co-operation. But I also recognise that managing migration – understanding public concerns beyond the big cities – will have to be part of any deal. This will require a tailor-made solution for the UK. But to start with businesses, citizens and government agencies need a legal basis to conduct their activities. This great adoption of EU law is essential to a smooth Brexit.

Source: I know the ‘great repeal bill’ has its flaws. But we need cooperation to improve it | Caroline Flint | Opinion | The Guardian

It’s been more than a year since the UK voted to leave the EU after more than 40 years of membership.Parliament is set to vote on the EU withdrawal bill, which transfers EU law into UK legislation

Source: *What’s changed since the Brexit vote? | Visual.ONS


*Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! – A RESPONSE FROM SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL ABOUT OUR MARCH!!On Monday, 11 September 2017, 10:11, Walton Dawn wrote:
EMAIL SENT ON BEHALF OF DAWN WALTON Dear Chrissy I am writing to you as a matter of urgency following on from the serious concerns you have raised with Council Officers in my service, with me directly and in recent media interviews. Please accept our apologies this email was not sent on Friday. I am concerned about the cases which have been discussed and the issues which they potentially raise. With this in mind I would like to request from you details of all the cases which cause you concern. Once received, we will review all these cases individually. I would be very grateful to you when you send this information to us if you could let me know where these issues were previously raised, for example, with a Headteacher or a Governing Body so that we can also look into the robustness of these processes. We take allegations of this severity very seriously. Therefore I would be grateful for the information as soon as you are able to provide it to enable us to review these cases as a priority. I would be grateful if you could contact Zanib Mushtaq, telephone: 0114 2052597 to agree the logistics of how this personal and potentially sensitive information can be shared. Finally, I would like to let you know that representatives from the Council will not be attending your planned events on Saturday. However, we are very keen to meet with parents to discuss their concerns face to face and we will be organising a series of opportunities to enable this. These sessions will provide an opportunity for parents to meet with senior Council Officers and Elected Members they will take place in September and October of this year. We will ensure that information about these opportunities is shared with all SEND parents representative groups including Sparkle Sheffield. Yours sincerelyDawn Walton Dawn Walton, Director – Commissioning, Inclusion & LearningPeople Services Portfolio
Level 7, West Wing 
S1 4PLOUR RESPONSE!!!!!ToWalton DawnCCDrayton Jackie (LAB-CLLR) Ludlam Jayne L (CYP) Speechley Carly Liesje Dusauzay Dore Julie (LAB-CLLR)Today at 13:46Dear Dawn, Thank you for your communication below. The content of which is noted, including the fact that your communication is a belated one that declines, after the ‘Saturdays event,’ my invitation, issued to the Council on behalf of and at the behest of Parents and Carers for the Council to field a representative/representatives at the said Saturday Protest March of 9th September 2017. This invitation to the Council come along and listen to, and take face to face questions, answer questions, take comments, complaints and suggestions, in the transparent public eye, was proffered to the Council, in response to the Council expressing that they wanted to hear from Parents and Carers directly and they and I saw the Protest March Speeches Section to be an ideal opportunity for the Council to walk the talk in this regard ab indeed to see and hear also from a very important group, if not these most important group so adversely affected- namely- the Disabled children themselves also. In reference to your identifying the Council’s plans to hold a suite of ‘consultations’ in September and October coming, this is noted but please know that this intent and planning had been already shared with me and others, with the focus of the ‘consultation’ as present as being upon already taken place and behind closed doors discussions upon proposed changes and diminutions in Special Educational Needs Schools and IR Units and Behaviour Support Units to in the City of Sheffield and the Council’s drive to mainstream the vast number of children with SEND Requirements, along with further reducing the number of children being allowed to have their statutory EHC Plans.It should be noted that well ahead of being obliged to go public with these concerns, I and Sparkle Sheffield and individual families sought desperately to bring these concerns and complaints to the Sheffield City Council and to be heard and to have redress ensue. All to no real avail.I note to, the reframing of what were already in-situ ‘consultations’ as being initiated as now ones to ‘listen to Parents/Carers concerns ‘ with SEND representative groups ‘including Sparkle Sheffield’ being notified of these ‘opportunities’.It is hoped that Sheffield City Council are not replicating old ways of deploying ‘consultation’ as means of mere spin or means of discarding concerns and complaints already shared over longevity with the Council, or indeed bypassing the hundreds of Parent Carers who have identified themselves and their experiences of concern and complaints against Sheffield City Council through Social Media, Petition commentary and through demonstrations and in the media. Sheffield Star Live on Saturday 9th September 2017 alone has had 24,496 views, the Sparkle Sheffield AutiTalk Channel to

Source: Petition update · A Response From Sheffield City Council After Our Protest March ·

I knew there was something my child was struggling with, and all I had to do was understand what his behavior was telling me.

Source: When I Realized Why My Son Melts Down At Home But Not At School | HuffPost

I know what it’s like. And that makes it even harder, even scarier to envision your future. Right now, we worry about you sitting still during reading. We fret that you don’t hear us when we speak directly to you; we’re annoyed that you hyperfocus on movies and TV. You will not stop picking up your three-year-old brother, over and over, no matter how many times we tell you. You cannot remember. It does not sink in.

That frightens me. Because what else, I wonder, will fail to sink in? I’ve been where you are, my darling. I homeschool you — this year of all years, second grade, when my own ADHD began to disrupt my life. I couldn’t read social cues. I didn’t understand what I had to do to fit in; I interrupted everyone.

You fling pine cones on the playground for the sheer joy of it. So the other kids ostracize you. I hear them mutter, “Oh, great, here comes Blaise,” because they don’t want to play with you. You have the same trouble understanding things that I did, even if those things are chucking sticks instead of ridiculing the right people. I worry that these missteps, these whispered words, they’ll catch up and wrap their ugly arms around you. That you’ll internalize them like I did, that you’ll fail to see your own worth. That you will struggle for years. A study in the Archives of General Psychiatry says that children with ADHD have a fourfold risk of depression and suicide attempts. This was me. I pray it is

Source: Mother Son Relationships: Letter From ADHD Mom to Her Growing Son

Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank have started the new school year in improvised tents after Israeli authorities demolished their classrooms the day before term began.

Around 80 children aged five to 10 from the village of Jub-Ad-Dhib had to attend classes in cramped tarpaulin tents or under the hot sun on Wednesday. One day earlier, Israeli authorities had decided to confiscate and destroy steel terrapin cabins used as school buildings along with other educational equipment.

The area was sealed off, declared a military zone, and security forces used stun grenades to keep residents away, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said in a statement.

Israeli media said that locals had thrown stones at soldiers during the demolition.

Source: Israel destroys Palestinian classrooms ahead of first day of school | The Independent

Our new columnist, Catriona Moore asks how councils can get away with breaking the law when it comes to providing inclusive summer fun

Source: Fighting for my disabled child’s right to summer fun – Special Needs Jungle

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