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Just who is telling the truth, is it propaganda on both sides.

In any conflict it is not just the innocent that suffer, but also the truth.

The innocents should be the prime consideration on all sides of any conflict, not the last, as is shown and proven many times.

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As well as appearing on Counterpunch’s website, Theodore A. Postol also appeared on RT, and his analysis of the Sarin gas attack in Syria was also covered by Jimmy Dore. Postol is the emeritus professor of Science, Technology and National Security at MIT. He concluded that, contrary to what the American government and Syrian rebels were saying, the poison gas that killed the people of Khan Shaykhun was not dropped as a bomb from a plane, but was released from an improved ground-based weapon, about 12 cm long. Trump and the American media have claimed that the attack was the responsibility of Assad, and launched an attack by Tomohawk missiles on the air force base, from which the attack was supposedly launched, in reprisal.

In this video, Dore savagely critiques the statements of Trump, Sean Spicer and other members of the White House. He makes the point that the American…

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Waging endless wars abroad isn’t making America, or the rest of the world any safer, it’s certainly not making America great again, and it’s undeniably

Source: Beware the Dogs of War: Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse? – TruePublica

We are often quick to make judgements on what we perceive to be happening when children behave in a way that draws attention – but when a young person with autism is struggling to cope with the world, the last thing they need is our criticism.

These 10 tips reflect our combined experience of research and close engagement with children with autism. And as a proud parent of a boy with autism, I would like everyone to think more about how they respond to children.

Because if we take time to respect and understand people with autism our communities will become more enriching and inclusive for everyone.

1. See me for who I am

Source: The things every child with autism wishes you knew

With a clampdown on PIP and related benefits, students such as Lauren Hall are struggling to finish their degrees For three years, Lauren Hall, a final year undergraduate studying French and German at Jesus College, Oxford, has relied on disability benefits to help her through her degree. Hall, 23, is on the autistic spectrum and has coordination problems, anxiety, and fatigue from her medication. She struggles to work long hours, or cook and shop for herself. Her personal independence payment (PIPs), enabled her to buy pre-made food – but after she was reassessed last June, her benefits were stopped. When she asked the Department for Work and Pensions to reconsider, Hall says the fact she was at university was used as evidence she didn’t need the benefit. “They stated that I ‘evidently’ had no issues with socialising or independent living, despite me outlining that going outside entails physical exhaustion,” she says. Hall was already finding it hard to study with her disability –

Source: Disabled students fear for their future as independence payments cut | DisabledGo News and Blog

Your posting states how it should be and I welcome your post in that it may enlighten others, a welcome read, thank you


A little bit about myself first.  I am a 40 something mum, student and big fan of coffee.  I also work for a national learning disability charity as a support worker, and have  worked within health and social care for the past 7 years. I continually juggle all 3 of aspects, as I’m certain many other working student parents do. The aim of this blog is to add an individual and personal touch to one of the “partnership” units for the HNC Health and Social Care level 4 course I am studying, and of course to allow me to present my knowledge in a different way, rather than just on paper.  Whilst not completely informal, this blog will be less academic than a written essay as a way of appealing to readers.

Promoting Positive Partnership Working

The term “Partnership” is somewhat of a buzz word within the remit of health and social care currently.  This…

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In recent weeks children’s services directors have alluded to gaps in professional development support for social workers that have been felt since the closure of The College of Social Work.

This is certainly true of practice educators, with the Practice Education Professional Standards (PEPS) that were hosted by the College not having had a home or indeed a clear status since the organisation’s demise.

The PEPS set standards for the training of practice educators and their own continuing professional development. They were widely consulted on.and gained the backing of a wide range of stakeholders in the process. Yet now the framework is in limbo.

With no one championing the place of PEPS in social work training there will inevitably be a shift in how this is viewed as part of CPD. Social workers in the field will question its value and employers will wonder if they need to train staff to become practice educators.

Source: Professional standards for practice educators lie in limbo

Dinosaurs are fun

Source: Mum’s heartwarming letter to teachers explaining her autistic son’s behaviour – Mirror Online

Another funding crisis, what a surprise, but unfortunately it is not. These areas of crisis have not sprung up over night, but have been the consolidating effects of insufficient funding, changes in direction, political maneuverings and many other factors from successive Governments over many years. To plan for any future you need a long term plan and these plans need to be inter-related with all other plans in other areas of Government. That is not only an effective plan for Education, but how this plan reflects with other plans, say for health, Social Services to name but 2. No areas of Government, Local Government, Health, etc can and should be considered in isolation, but the impact of all areas within the country.

This is not rocket science, but common sense, which, unfortunately can be sadly lacking when such policies are being considered. Persons within a position of power and control, Ministers and MPs, to name but 2 may not have a full understanding of the implications of the policies when the ‘Big Picture’ is brought into the equation. This assumes that there is no political agenda or agendas in mind when these policies are being considered, for who would dream of this to occur.

For we place great trust in the persons in power and would we really consider that they do not have the countries interest at heart, over their own.

I will leave it there or is there some jest, but it is a serious subject on which to dwell.

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NAHT has released the results of a second survey of members on school funding. Over a thousand school leaders responded with information about their budgets for 2016/17.

School budgets are close to breaking point

Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders union NAHT, said: “School budgets are being pushed even closer to breaking point than before. The number of schools currently in deficit has more than doubled since our 2015 survey, with nearly three quarters of school leaders only able to balance their budgets by making cuts or dipping in to reserves.

“Schools are acutely feeling the impact of an estimated £3bn shortfall in the government’s education budget by 2020 – the first real terms cuts to education spending since the 1990s. 98 per cent of schools are losing funding, at a time when costs are rising and pupil numbers are growing. 72 per cent of school leaders say their budgets will be…

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‘Susan George, president of the Royal School for the Blind, told the BBC the charity was “saddened to hear of former pupils having such memories of their time at the school”.

She added: “Such behaviour [as the former pupils allege] would not be tolerated in any school today.”’

The point is that although it would not be tolerated in any school today, it should not have been tolerated then.

However, in the 50s there was a atmosphere of fear in many schools and pupils were not as enlightened as they are today.

No child should be scared to speak out, but in the 50s they would never have been listened to and some are still not listened to today.

There are still many aspects that are not right today, however, the enlightening of childrens understanding and the understanding of staff and other authorities is welcomed and needs to be encouraged.

Same Difference

A group of blind and vulnerable people have said they were physically and emotionally abused as children by their special primary school’s headmistress.

Six former pupils of The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool have told the BBC about abuse dating back to the 1950s when some of them were just five.

The headmistress at the time, Margaret McLenan, has since died.

The school said it was “saddened” to hear the allegations and said such behaviour would not be tolerated today.

The six former pupils have never before spoken publicly about their experiences at the boarding school in Wavertree, which accommodated pupils from across the north-west of England and the Isle of Man.

The alleged abuse has also never been reported to, or investigated by, police.

There is no suggestion any of it was of a sexual nature.

Victims described how being beaten and shamed deprived them of their…

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Cuts and more cuts, where will it end for there will come a time when there is nothing left to cut.

All that is being achieved is to increase the death rate, thereby cutting the population.

Death is the new vision.


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