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She has taken on a huge task for many are far from happy on the conduct of MPs. The MPs are elected by their constituents who hope they will act on their behalf and not use the position of being an MP to gain power and increase their finances and then use these in ways that only benefit themselves and not their electorate.


Chief Legal Ombudsman of England and Wales, Kathryn Stone, was unveiled as the new Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Kathryn Stone is to make sure MPs follow strict rules on outside jobs and other interests

Westminster ‘s latest sleaze buster was named today.

Chief Legal Ombudsman of England and Wales, Kathryn Stone, was unveiled as the new Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

She will be tasked with rooting out corruption and ensuring MPs follow strict rules on outside jobs and other interests.

Current Commissioner Kathryn Hudson steps down at the end of the year.

Ms Stone said: “I have very much enjoyed my work with the Legal Ombudsman with our staff and service providers and I am looking forward to my new role in the House of Commons .”

Her background is in the public sector – she started nearly 40 years ago looking after children with special needs before becoming a…

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Powerful and from this I feel worried for equality rights for persons in Scotland.

I am not sure how all this relates politically in Scotland, but I would like to know what the SNPs views are on this. So come forth Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon, MSP for Glasgow Govan and First Minister of Scotland.

David Hencke

john_wilkes credit thirdforcenews John Wilkes, now chief executive of the Scottish Equality and Human Rights Commission Pic credit:Third Force News


Meet John  Wilkes. He is now chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland. The ECHR’s top campaign at the moment is fighting against  the discrimination  of women who take maternity leave from their jobs.

As the ECHR’s own research says on its latest campaigns website says:

  • Around one in nine mothers (11%) reported that they were either dismissed; made compulsorily redundant, where others in their workplace were not; or treated so poorly they felt they had to leave their job; if scaled up to the general population this could mean as many as 54,000 mothers a year.”

Great words. But they didn’t seem to reach John Wilkes before he took up his highly paid post at the ECHR in Glasgow.

Then he held the job…

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It is great when we all hear stories such as these, especially in the current climate of many areas of negativity.

In general the Learning Disability community may not be a vast as some other forms of disability, although there are vast numbers of persons with LD with its many related conditions and each person may be different in many ways, but the numbers of related condition and their effects are may be more vast than other disability areas.

LD is an unknown for many within the UK and its press and Government perception is not generally good, thus progressing the negativity relating to LD to the public at large. But this negativity is certainly very misplaced and this negativity needs to be urgently reversed.

While the LD community is very progressive more collective activity needs to be generated and not only between the large national charities, as there are many local independent small and relatively large charities and a vast arrange of support groups, which in the very austere financial climate are not receiving sufficient funding and in many vases no funding at all.

Now is the time for all to come together and in doing so all other related medically based charities to provide wherever possible a joint solid front to the authorities especially on a local level and with these local authorities to central government, which will eventually achieve more for us all and enhance the lives of our loved ones.

Scope's Blog

Chris is taking part in RideLondon for Scope next weekend. When his son, Oliver, was born with an undiagnosed condition, Chris didn’t know who to turn to for support.

We had never thought about disability seriously until Oliver was born. Oliver has an undiagnosed genetic condition which has certain physical manifestations. He was born with fused fingers and he has a cleft palate. He has some other conditions and a severe learning disability but it’s quite hard to describe. If your child has Cerebral Palsy or something that has a name, then you know where to go because there are people who will support you for that.

Oliver, a young child wearing glasses, smiles

We’ve also found out that Oliver is very strongly on the autistic spectrum as well. This came as quite a surprise to us because he has a very good sense of humour. He is very naughty but not in a bad way. He…

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The president spoke about Russia, Comey, Sessions and more during the exclusive sit-down.

Source: 6 Wild Claims Trump Made In His Bizarre New York Times Interview | HuffPost

for a long time they must pay sleep-in staff at least the minimum wage.

Source: Pay row threatens overnight care for vulnerable | DisabledGo News and Blog

In this article, learn about adult ADHD and how it differs from childhood ADHD. We cover the symptoms of adult ADHD, and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Source: Adult ADHD: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Team managers have an important role to play in promoting the positive mental health and wellbeing of staff

Source: Top tips for managers on stress in staff

Team managers have an important role to play in promoting the positive mental health and wellbeing of staff

Source: Top tips for managers on stress in staff

New concerns have been raised about the government’s Disability Confident employment campaign, after a leading disabled social entrepreneur said that some businesses could be finding it easier than intended to secure the highest level of accreditation. Mike Adams, chief executive of the social enterprise Purple, said he was concerned that some organisations providing Disability Confident accreditation might not be as strict on potential “leaders” – the highest of the three Disability Confident levels – as they should be when carrying out the validation process. Disability Confident has previously been heavily-criticised, with critics arguing that it is easy for employers to sign up to the scheme, but still continue to discriminate against disabled people. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has itself been validated as a Disability Confident leader, despite being found guilty of “grave and systematic violations” of the UN disability convention, and a Civil Service survey showing

Source: Purple boss raises concerns over Disability Confident accreditation | DisabledGo News and Blog

The UK health service was praised for its safety, affordability and efficiency, but fared less well on outcomes such as preventing early death and cancer survival. The research by the Commonwealth Fund, a US think tank, looked at countries across the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. The US came bottom. It is the second time in a row that the UK has finished top. Three years ago, when the survey was last done, the UK was also number one. It comes despite the NHS being in the grip of the tightest financial squeeze in its history with lengthening waiting times. The good and the bad The NHS was praised for the safety of its care, the systems in place to prevent ill-health, such as vaccinations and screening, the speed at which people get help and that there was equitable access regardless of income. Only in one of the five themes looked at did the NHS perform poorly compared with the other nations – health outcomes. This covers general health of

Source: NHS ranked ‘number one’ health system | DisabledGo News and Blog

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