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Again one more, how far do we have to go as the assessments are ‘not fit for purpose’ and neither are the persons making these ridiculous decisions.

The rollout of Universal Credit needs to be stopped until sensible decisions are being made, which at this rate will be never.

As I have said before this Government and the DWP will not rest until every claimant is dead, due to the stresses being caused by these ridiculous decisions.

Govt Newspeak

Disabled man born with 17 holes in his heart who had five operations denied benefits for months and told to get a job after moving on to Universal Credit

Samuel Moore, 24, who even tried his hand at a job but had to quit after just a few days, was rejected for Personal Independence Payments after doctors said he should stay on it for life

A DISABLED man born with 17 holes in his heart has been denied benefits and told to start looking for a job. Samuel Moore, 24, who has undergone five operations for his condition and wasn’t expected to live longer than three weeks, was repeatedly rejected for Personal Independence Payments. But Sam – who had his first operation to try and repair parts of his heart at just six months old, says he’s a 24-year-old trapped in an 80-year-old’s body.

He desperately doesn’t want to rely on…

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Unfortunately there is logic, that is it is the DWP’s intention to push claimants to the brink and beyond to create the ultimate aim (Death), Government Euthanasia and thereby reduce those claiming benefits.

I can see no other reason for this Government policy.

Govt Newspeak

The DWP left one man so ‘destitute’ that the police had to step in to help him

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) reportedly left one man so “destitute” that police were called out because of people’s concerns for his “welfare”.

The DWP: leaving people “destitute”

Police Community Support Officer Chris Hamer works in the Irwell area of Lancashire Constabulary. He took to Twitter to expose a disturbing incident:

Nothing else is known about the man’s case. It appears that he was trying to do what the DWP asked of him, and yet the department sanctioned him anyway. Evidence given to the Work and Pensions Select Committee shows the DWP sanctioning people…

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As part of its role as a partner in practice, improvement partner and independent consultancy, Achieving for Children (AfC) has spent a lot of time working with struggling authorities.

A common problem is that by the time improvement partners come into these councils, many social workers have left, to be replaced by agency staff, if they are replaced at all.

AfC are developing ‘AfC Prime’, an initiative which will see permanently employed social workers seconded out to these authorities, so improvement partners and the councils themselves know they have a full workforce they can rely on. The project is supported by additional funding from the government’s Partners in Practice scheme.

Director of AfC Prime Andrew Thorne says the intention is that you can be based anywhere and still be employed by AfC.

“Where it came from originally was the idea that it’s ok to go in with improvement plans, talk to directors and assistant directors about recruitment plans, but if you haven’t got the social workers on the ground to implement the improvement plan you’re a bit stuck.

“The intention is to go in with an improvement plan and the social workers and managers to help implement that plan.”

Guaranteed workforce


Source: Permanent contract, agency work: the plan to shake up social work recruitment : Community Care

WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) – The move of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, coupled with the killings of dozens of Palestinian protesters on Monday, makes the odds of a U.S.-brokered peace even more remote, analysts said.

“Somewhere between zero and none,” Martin Indyk, a former U.S. special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the Obama administration, said of the chances President Donald Trump might bring the two sides together and broker what he has called the “ultimate deal.”

Israeli troops fatally shot dozens of Palestinian demonstrators on the Gaza border on Monday as the U.S. Embassy formally moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. The embassy move fulfilled a Trump campaign promise but infuriated Palestinians and drew criticism that Washington had undercut its own peace efforts.

Palestinian Health Ministry officials said 58 protesters were killed and 2,700 injured by live gunfire, tear gas or other means. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was acting in self-defense against the coastal enclave’s ruling Hamas group.

“It’s hard to see how any Palestinian leader could go back to an American-sponsored peace process” given the embassy move and the Gaza killings, said Khaled Elgindy, a former adviser to the Palestinian leadership now at Washington’s Brookings Institution think tank.


Source: Israeli Forces Kill Dozens Of Palestinians As Protests Intensify Over U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem | HuffPost

HOOPERS ISLAND, Md. — This community voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. But now his immigration restrictions are killing its livelihood — legendary crabs that are a mainstay of the local economy and a regional delicacy.

For decades, Hoopers Island, known for its crabbing industry, has relied on a federal seasonal work program — known as H-2B visas — to keep its businesses humming. This has allowed employers to hire foreigners, mostly Mexican women, to come temporarily to pick crab meat.

But this year, the Trump administration’s cap on H-2B visas — and a shift from the first-come, first-served based model to a lottery system that has disadvantaged Hoopers Island seasonal workers — has left the island without 40 percent of the visas they have needed in the past.


Source: Trump-voting crab town left shell-shocked by his visa changes

Most people in their eighties and nineties have experienced a life most young people of today could barely comprehend.

They endured a World War, rationing, National Service, outside toilets, tin baths and much more.

So how do we reward this incredible generation? Fact is we don’t when you consider care provision.

When they get to a point in their lives that they need assistance performing the most basic tasks they are forced to endure a means tested system that is only normally triggered when a crisis point is reached – a fall resulting in a fracture or a stroke.

Source: COLUMNIST: We have totally failed the elderly generation – The Star

A national network of mental health service-users, survivors and activists is facing closure next month if it cannot secure new funding, after becoming the latest victim of competition from large, non-user-led charities and private sector organisations.

The threat to the future of the National Survivor User Network (NSUN), which was established in 2009, comes only a year after it warned that more than a quarter of its member organisations had been forced to close in just two years.

NSUN research reported last March that 221 of its 822 members – most of them user-led groups and all of them smaller, voluntary sector mental health groups in England – had closed since January 2015.

It warned that many of the groups had lost out to large mental health charities and private sector organisations that had been “sweeping up” their contracts to promote user-involvement or provide advocacy or peer support.

Now NSUN is facing the threat of closure itself at the end of June, after funding problems had already led to it closing its office and becoming a “virtual” organisation in December.


Source: User-led network could close as latest victim of competition from big charities | DisabledGo News and Blog

A report by the Care and Support Alliance has revealed many thousands of vulnerable people stuck in a care system that has left them neglected and living in fear.

Lorraine Hammond, 47, from Lincoln, looked after her mum Margaret who recently passed away.

She said: “The carers hadn’t been feeding her lunch, they had just been leaving cold soup by her bed. Mum had been battling with MS for over 40 years and used to live at home and get care from people coming round twice a day to help her. They just didn’t understand her care needs and the issues that people with MS have.

“One day, dad found out the carers hadn’t been feeding her lunch, they had just been leaving cold soup by her bed but hadn’t been helping her to eat it – they just left. So he had to complain to social services, who stopped the carers from coming over. We found there were no other carers willing to help mum who has complex needs – we had no choice but to put her in a care home.

Source: ‘Mum was just left with cold soup by her bed. It was disgraceful’ : i News

The UK Government’s flagship Universal Credit reform is “designed with little regard for the reality of self-employed work” and risks damaging aspiration and entrepreneurship, according to a damning new report from the Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee.

The cross-party group of MPs say the current design of Universal Credit (UC), which replaces a number of existing social security benefits and tax credits, poses a “very real risk” to the self-employed and could dampen the enthusiasm of anyone thinking about setting up their own business.

In order to qualify for UC self-employed workers must demonstrate that their business is financially viable within a year of claiming, which the Committee says fails to recognise the difficulties and complexities of setting up a business and the time it often takes to turn a healthy profit.

Failure to meet this requirement within the one year time limit wold mean the claimant ceases to qualify as “gainfully employed”, resulting in a sometimes dramatic drop in how much UC they receive.

This is known as the “Minimum Income Floor” or MIF and is currently set at around £1,000 per month. If a person fails to meet this strict eligibility requirement within a year of becoming self-employed, or first claiming UC, then they are no longer deemed to be “employed” and face losing some or all of the difference through lower UC payments, depending on other circumstances such as childcare costs.

The Committee states: “The way the MIF is applied, based on monthly reported income, also penalises the self-employed with their fluctuating income. This can mean they miss out on important support potentially to the tune of over £2500 a year.


Source: Universal Credit ‘designed with little regard for the reality of self-employment’, say MPs : Welfare Weekly


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