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INDIANAPOLIS — It was raining in Indiana’s capital city on the day Renee Elliott and millions of other blue collar Americans stunned the world by helping to elect a Manhattan real estate mogul the 45th president of the United States.

But all Elliott saw that day was sunshine.

As she waited patiently in line to cast her vote, Elliott said she was buoyed by the belief that Donald Trump would make good on his campaign pledge and prevent her job at the Carrier plant — the job that she said allowed her to escape an abusive marriage and live a modest but comfortable life — from being sent to Mexico.

Now, very soon, Elliott will be standing in another line — the unemployment line.

Elliott, 44, was one of the 215 workers at the Indianapolis plant who were given pink slips on Thursday. And to say she is disappointed by Trump would be an understatement.

“We all voted for him,” she said of herself and her Carrier co-workers. “We just


Source: This Carrier worker thought Trump would save her job. She was wrong. : NBC News


Disabled campaigners have criticised the decision to award an OBE to the senior Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servant responsible for delivering the much-criticised Access to Work (AtW) scheme.

Rilesh Jadeja, AtW’s national delivery manager, was recognised in the latest new year’s honours“for services to people with disabilities”, just two months after new research found the future of the scheme was in jeopardy because of “bureaucratic incompetence” and a cost-cutting drive to reduce people’s support packages.

The research, commissioned by Inclusion London, said that “shocking levels of delay, error, and the de-skilling of staff” within AtW were putting Deaf and disabled people’s jobs at risk.

AtW provides disabled people with funding to pay for some of the extra disability-related expenses they face at work – including travel, personal assistants or the use of BSL interpreters – reducing the costs organisations meet when taking on disabled employees.

The Inclusion London report said the scheme was “a cornerstone of the movement for equality and civil rights for Deaf and disabled people in the UK” but had been “beset with so much bureaucratic incompetence and obstructionism in recent ye


Source: OBE for Access to Work boss is ‘further slap in the face’ for disabled people | DisabledGo News and Blog

Attorney general and racist Keebler elf Jefferson Sessions gave people with disabilities something worse than a lump of coal for Christmas—he rescinded 10 documents offering guidance on disability rights. One, from 2016, protected people with disabilities from exploitation on the job and ensured that they had the chance to move into integrated job settings if able to do so. There’s real money in taking away these rights, David Perry reports at Pacific Standard:

Segregated workshops are legally allowed to pay disabled workers pennies per hour. They are incredibly lucrative, and often their owners use their wealth to buy political access. But in 2015, a class action suit in Oregon (Lane v. Brown) and a consent decree in Rhode Island resulted in the new DOJ guidelines: Basically, everyone deserve


Source: Jeff Sessions rolls back disability rights at work … and guess what? Rich people benefit. : Daily Kos

A nurse with a staff parking permit has been given £5,500 in fines while she helps save patients’ lives because there aren’t enough spaces.

Victoria Slayford, 38, works 12 and a half hour shifts as paedeatric nurse at Croydon University Hospital in south London.

But while she’s inside working, she claims parking wardens have issued her with over 80 tickets for ‘being in the wrong space’ – despite having a staff permit.

The single mother, of south east London, says she lives in fear of the hospital’s private parking firm Empark taking her to court.

Source: Nurse hit with £5,500 in parking fines despite having staff permit

A Canadian woman who was attacked with her disabled husband outside a coffee shop in north London is facing deportation despite being his only carer.

Natasha Stevens, 27, and her husband Aidan James, 28, were drinking coffee outside Starbucks in Camden, north London, when they were set upon by a group of teenage girls.

After a row over a chair, the girls, believed to be aged between 12 and 14, hurled abuse at the couple, punching Ms Stevens in the back of the head and shoving her husband.

The teenagers continued by throwing their drinks at them, as well as a chair, ashtray and empty cups.

Recording the incident on her phone Ms Stevens, who works in marketing, uploaded the video to Facebook, where it has been widely condemned.

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Source: Canadian faces deportation despite being disabled husband’s carer

The Health Cares Exchange Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which teaches resiliency skills-building to persons at risk for stress and burnout.

Every day, millions of people responsible for caring about others find themselves at risk for stress and burnout. Since 1992 HCEI has helped thousands of persons internationally identify stress and respond in healthier ways.

Stress is damaging.  In America at least 75%  of all doctor’s visits are for stress-related issues, and stress is linked to cancer, arthritis,  Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, diabetes, and heart disease.  Each year employees with chronic health conditions cost US industry $84 billion in lost productivity, wages and service delivery and stress costs American industry more than $300 billion overall.

Stress is expensive.  While American workers leave 430 million paid vacation days unused each year,  employee turnover in the US costs at least $5 trillion.   The estimated cost of preventable medical errors in the US is at least $17.1 billion, and recent research estimates that at least 440,000 Americans die each year from preventable hospital errors.

Stress is everywhere.  The first-ever nationwide focus group with caring people was held by HCEI.  Our seminar “Celebrating Ourselves: Beating Burnout” was then developed and produced for thousands of persons and a variety of audiences.  In 2004 HCEI became the first organization to create international collaborations around burnout prevention for caring persons, building networks


Source: The Health Cares Exchange Initiative Home

Although based in Chicago the organisation has a facility to to deliver the Workshop on Carers and Burnout in the UK, please see the letter of support.

UK letter of support Usk Wales


Automation good or bad, a good question. We know automation is here and more is coming. Be it good or bad could depend on which areas automation is and will be affecting and with the individuals be they workers or profit takers.

The big expansion that appears to be coming is with transportation on roads and may be rail. To some extent this is already within aviation with autopilot, but more could be on the horizon as could be with oceanic transportation.

With roads this will lead to driverless cars, which if you follow this through could be the end of taxi drivers, but also expansion into trade transport so could affect lorry and van drivers. Then there will be public transport covering buses and trams and this would extend onto rail travel with driverless trains. How will the rail unions deal with that?

But automation could extend into other industries such as care to some extent and maybe even some aspects of nursing.

Should all or even some come to pass this will have a drastic effect on the various employment areas and more than likely effect greater proportions of the employed and self employed sectors.

Yes, all the affected persons could be retrained but retrained into what areas and will there be sufficient opportunities within any of the other areas and it will limit a person’s choice. But the firstly it will have to be the respected workers who need to be the priority areas, for the profit takers will always benefit to varying degrees. Who could say why bother with the profit takers, but we discount them completely who will provide the required investments.

Done correctly this should improve everyone’s quality of life, but would the quality be acceptable to everyone, especially then their choice of the aspects of life may not have been considered.

There is then the ages of the employment market to consider, will all be ready for change, could it be that some age ranges be more open to change then others.

Will the monetary reward (wages/salaries) be sufficient to maintain life.
Should this be the opening or the opportunity to bring in the universal guaranteed income, so that all persons will receive an income irrespective on what employments they are engaged in.
But this assumes all have the capacity to undertake a working position.

Where will sickness be in all this and also those who because of various disabilities will never be able to engage in engage in any forms of employment.

Here I am not relating to persons who should be able to work, but decide not to do. There are within the population some who wish to work but because of their disability this can never be a realisation. Yes, people can be trained some techniques to mitigate some disabilities. But there are some disabilities where this will never be a realisation because they will lack the capacity through no fault of their own.

So on paper automation can look good for us all, but in reality this will not be so for us all.

Any outcome or outcomes need to take all the various situations into account and not just discount various sectors of the community.

For some life is and will be not easy, but they still have a right to a life.

Opher's World

Automation – Good or Evil?

It seems to me that every innovation that comes along heralds in a new age of possibility and a new age of problems.

Just like the start of the industrial revolution, which spawned the Luddites of yore, these developments threaten existing jobs and ways of life. They are usually seen as a bad thing but gradually we adjust to them. The old ways never survive. Once the new age comes in the old is shunted out.

We saw this with the new machines of the industrial age that threw people out of work and ripped apart communities that had existed for centuries. No longer were masses of labour required to farm the land; machines could do the work more efficiently. The workers poured into the cities and ended up slaves to machines in the factories. Trains, trams, cars, diesel engine ships and planes replaced the…

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The way the ATOS Nurse assessor conducted the supposed interview/assessment is disgusting, abusive and totally unrespectful.

It is because of instances like this that all the assessments should not only be verbally recorded, but visual as well. There would then be verifiable proof that the assessment was not conducted correctly.

This nurse assessor and others like her should, immediately, not be allowed to undertake any more assessments and be reported to her and their professional bodies for Gross Misconduct.

She should also never be allowed to have any employment within a medical establishment ever again.

Govt Newspeak

Daniel Marshall, from Dorset, had only been able to answer a couple of questions from the Atos nurse before the stress of the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment caused the first of a series of seizures.

Shortly after they began, he started to experience a period of “grand mal” seizures, which caused violent convulsions and led the father-of-two to bite his tongue and begin to bleed from his mouth. Despite these seizures, the nurse failed to provide any advice or help, according to Daniel’s wife, Sinitta. After waiting for the grand mal seizures to finish and stepping outside to call her boss for instructions, the nurse came back inside and asked if she could continue with…

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Builders from other member states employed in Britain this year totalled 156,000, up from 145,000 at the end of 2016 – a rise of nearly eight per cent.

The previous year saw only a six per cent rise. The population survey shows the upward trend over the past six years carrying on despite the EU referendum result.

There had been warnings that Brexit threatened firms’ access to EU workers and could hit plans to tackle the housing crisis.

Under the divorce deal reached with Brussels this month, EU citizens who arrive by March 29, 2019 and have been continuously and lawfully living in the UK for five years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely.


Source: Brexodus, what Brexodus? Europeans flock into UK : Express

Social care could pass the point of no return in 2018 unless the Government orders emergency action to support the sector ahead of any reforms arising from its promised green paper.

Directors of adult social services are warning that tens of thousands more older and disabled people will go without the support they need next year – and many working adults will have to give up jobs to help care for their parents – if urgent steps are not taken to back the sector with special interim funding and a new national strategy to recruit and retain care workers and nurses for nursing homes.

So many organisations that provide care are quitting the sector because of low returns and severe recruitmentproblems that directors fear the damage will become irreversible in 2018.

Margaret Willcox, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), said: “We eagerly await the green paper on support of older people and the extensive reforms that are needed to place social care on a sustainable long-term footing. But we must have action in the short term to ensure that the system can survive.

“The crisis facing us is so acute that we fear social care could pass the point of no return in 2018 while we wait for decisions to be made.”


Source: Warning that tens of thousands will go without much needed care and support in 2018 | Care Industry News

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