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I have just watched The Big Questions – The NHS is it still fit for purpose, in which I was in the audience. This was a debate which was presented by Nicky Campbell from the Manor CE Academy, York.

Many aspects of the NHS were debated, such as, funding from Central Government, should it still be free at point of delivery, privatisation, structure, treatments which should still be provided, end of life care, assisted suicide, etc.

I did respond to the comments made about assisting to end life as this is not straightforward. There are those, due to their conditions who do choose to end their life and there are those that do not. Suicide is not illegal but assisting those to die is (Assisted suicide is prohibited by section 2(1) of the Suicide Act 1961 and voluntary euthanasia is considered murder under UK law.). Many wish a change in the Law to allow, for those that wish it, to end their life with help from another person, which would mean that when this occurs the person helping would not be subject to arrest for providing this help, assuming all the checks and balances created by the Law were adhered to. There are many, especially some with long term disabilities and other life-long health condition who do not wish for this change in the law as they fear their life my be taken when it is against their choice and this choice also needs respecting.

This was just one aspect of the debate there was charging for treatments and visits to the GPs (General Practice Doctors), again an aspect that I disagree with, as we should continue with the original concept of being free from the point of delivery. For just a small charge would be a charge too many and what about the cost of the administration, as was mentioned in the debate. But another reason for this not to occur is, when would this small charge be increased by successive Governments and what about those who could not even afford a small charge.

Here are some of my other views

  • the lack of funding  on Social Care and its impact then on the NHS, which, while not being deprived of funding on the scale of Social Care, the two services run in tandem with each other. Problems with one are bound to affect the other, especially on bed blocking through insufficient access to social care being either home care or residential. The beds are blocked or patients are discharged before a sufficient care package is  effectively put in place and many more. This not only means the patient is not sufficiently supported to carry on with their life, but could mean a re-admission due to the lack of required care. This could cause a safeguarding alert, which could have been easily avoided, with sufficient funding for both the NHS and social care.
  • social care is suffering due to lack of suitable trained staff as is the NHS. None of these services can effectively operate on a ‘shoe-string budget.
  • do the Government have an agenda on the NHS, which their lack of funding of social care is adding to the problem, which could be political to show the status quo is not working and that privatisation could be the answer, hence the requirement for services being required to tender, with the service being allocated to the cheapest bidder, without any sufficient checks being made as to whether the tender is covering all aspects to the specification of the required service. So the privatised services become non-effective and non-efficient, leading to the call for more tendering and creating more privatisation.
  • there is no transparency or accountability, only profit taking from the private sector and it is the population as a whole who suffer both short and long term. Those within the decision process do not care as they have sufficient resources to bypass the NHS and use private health facilities. This creates a growth in private health who then further deplete the staffing resources of the NHS,  Then the cycle goes around again and again and so on.
  • funding is not the only problem, which is a major factor, but the root cause is not being addressed. To me the route cause is too many changes being brought in year on year without thought of the resultant outcomes to improve the facilities
  • also with no accountability and transparency of both the NHS and social care, they can effectively do as they please. The powers that be are always wishing to cover their own backs and therefore whistleblowing is not encouraged and is effectively not at the starting gate. By looking at mistakes and problems, including complaints these should be used as a learning tool to improve for the future.
  • the pay gaps of the frontline to the CEOs and other senior management are too vast and when there is a problem in one authority, the senior staff, if there is any investigation are allowed to resign and then gain similar employment in adjoining  authorities, maybe doing similar roles. Where problems occur there needs to be accountability to stop bad practice being ignored and transferred from one authority to another and then another and so on.

I have a, somewhat, controversial consideration, as we now have a Secretary of Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt, whether you agree with his suitability or not, is it not time to have one organisation covering both Health and Social Care. Currently, around the UK, do Health and Social Care really work together and if they do is this sufficient. With one organisation would it not be easier to work as one team for the betterment for all concerned, including the population of the UK. Yes I am well aware that the many areas within the NHS do, now, not work together, but is that down to the various structures, individual management and many other areas. I can well believe that when the frontline personal are involved there is much more team working, if they are allowed to by their respective managements.

In doing this there will be cost savings, especially within senior management as there would be one management structure, instead of the two or possibly more currently in place.

However, funding would still be a major obstacle and each area of the UK would need to expressly calculate their funding requirements and the Government would have to listen

Also I have come across an article from digital health which I have made into a blog post  NHS digital programme to benefit from £760m government funding : digital health, perhaps this is part of the answer to improve what is there.
There is also another article I have come across from Denmark see my blog post Healthcare DENMARK – New inspiring White Paper: Denmark – A Telehealth Nation, could this be a solution
 The NHS is a wonderful concept and should be held as a great asset to the UK, if only the problems could be sorted by persons who care for what they are doing, which in the main is the frontline, whereas the management are only looking after number 1, themselves.

To view the debate Is the NHS still fit for purpose?


The government has announced it is releasing £760 million into the NHS, which includes money to improve the use of its digital programme as part of the national health body’s 70th birthday.

The Department of Health and Social Care announced the money is part of a £760 million investment to modernise and transform NHS hospitals and community services over the next 10 years.

Part of the funding includes £150 million set aside to support the NHS’s work to become more efficient.

This includes “improve the use of a digital programme that helps the NHS use its workforce better” and “improve pharmacy IT and administration systems to reduce medication errors and improve patient safety”.

The Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) will also receive £300 million to transform local hospital services. It proposes to use the funding to develop an emergency care site and a separate planned care site, with 24-hour urgent care centres at both sites.


Source: NHS digital programme to benefit from £760m government funding : digital health

As President Donald Trump arrived at Joint Base Andrews to depart for another weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the White House press corps noticed two fascinating details. First Lady Melania Trump was not traveling with the president as was listed on the official schedule. And that Trump used the bellow-belly airstairs instead of the ceremonial staircase.

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported that Trump walked from the Oval Office to Marine One alone.

“The official schedule said Mrs. Trump would be leaving with him, but she wasn’t seen,” he noted.

David Nakamura of The Washington Post noticed the unusual use of airstairs.

“Looks like Trump used the non-ceremonial, below-belly stairs to board AF1 again. He did that a week or two ago. I almost never saw Obama do it. Wonder what that’s about…”

On Twitter, speculation was largely grouped by speculation over the president’s marriage, hair, and known fear of stairs.

Here are some of the top entries in each category:

Marriage Difficulties:


Source: Here are the top 3 theories for why Trump used back-door stairs to board Air Force One : Raw Story

Yeah, there’s the whole millions of toddlers having no insurance, along with millions of innocent kids getting deported—not to mention the fact that McConnell is steadfastly refusing to pay the military.

But the big question you should be asking is this: How will this affect Donald Trump’s golf game?

No? Really? Because that’s the only damn thing he cares about.  (  Even though he’s just set the record for playing golf with over 90 trips his first year at a 50 million price tag to taxpayers, he was REALLY looking forward to a well-earned vacation this weekend at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate his one year disaster as president.

The plan was for him to go to his party, eat chocolate cake, take photo-ops, have people fawn all over him, and then spend the rest of the weekend golfing.  (Apparently, golfing all day on MLK day instead of volunteering was not enough this week.)

Now he can’t go.  His temper tantrum and deal sabotage came at a terrible price:


Source: Trump Reportedly LIVID about Shutdown’s Impact–On HIM!! (But Not As Much As His Donors 🙂 : Daily Kos

Fashion Show Thursday 8 March 2017 at Sheffield Mencap & Gateway

Source: Fashion Show

Please join WRAD in this


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Earlier this week Mr Barnier announced he was not open to a free trade agreement including financial services.

However, senior Brussels figures, including President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker, are said to be “not happy” with the announcement which was unauthorised.

A senior Government source said: “Nobody pays any attention to what Barnier says in Brussels, yet in Britain, it is oddly taken as EU gospel when it is not.


Source: Michel Barnier to be SACKED? EU Brexit chief sidelined by ‘furious’ Jean-Claude Junker

A good question for in the Tories austerity campaign there appears to be no room for manoeuvre to allow any reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

Will any existing European Union legislation be maintained into UK law and furthermore will EU legislation coming through be also included. Without these current and forthcoming EU legislations the outlook for disabled people will be even more depressing and unequal as it is already.

All of the UK needs to unify behind ensuring that disabled people now and after Brexit are not abandoned by this Tory Government, as you may also become disabled within your lifetime. Think of others like you would for yourself and your own family, otherwise the life for disabled will be far worse than it is now and now is not as good as it should be.

Britain Isn't Eating

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Until everyone accepts that abuse is never acceptable then abusive situations will continue to occur. In a physical action of abuse then any associated injuries are more likely to be noticed, but with verbal, written and on-live abusive situations then injuries could well be invisible, but injuries there will be and in some instances some injuries which there may never be a recovery from.

The actions taken against all abusers should be effective and fit the crime to ensure all prospective abusers know what to expect if they start or continue to be abusive.

But many conduct themselves in accordance with the Children’s Nursery Rhyme ‘Sticks and Stones’ ( ending as ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.’, but in reality this is far from the truth as words can and in many instances are worse than ‘sticks and stones’ , for broken bones can be mended in time, but not necessarily the invisible ‘hurt from ‘words’.

Verbal and on-line abuse needs to be taken more seriously and all areas where this can occur need to deal with it more effectively, be they employers, retail venues, schools, churches and all other areas.

Govt Newspeak

If Poundland cared about what happened in their stores, they wouldn’t be abusing the jobless by making them work for nothing – Govt Newspeak

Finsbury Park Poundland attack: ‘Staff did nothing to help abused disabled woman’

Image result for images of poundland

A BARGAIN chain store has come under fire after one shopper witnessed a disabled woman get attacked while staff did nothing to help.

Journalist Katharine Quarmby was in Poundland in Finsbury Park last Friday when she saw a mother with a pushchair shouting abuse at a disabled woman.

“I think there was an argument about who was first in the queue for the till,” said Ms Quarmby. “The mum started abusing the woman and told her to lose weight and saying stuff which was unacceptable. It culminated in the woman having to say ‘please stop I’m disabled’. She had a catheter attached to the shopping trolley.”

Ms Quarmby, who works pro bono at the…

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Rachel Maddow shares new reports that Donald Trump is using money donated to the Republican National Committee to pay for lawyers for himself, family and staffers in the Trump Russia investigatio

Source: Trump paying Russia scandal legal bills with RNC donor money | MSNBC


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