White outrage about Will Smith’s slap is rooted in anti-Blackness. It’s inequality in plain sight | Tayo Bero | The Guardian

So much ‘White’ indignation about a slap, but more than likely more to do with who did it and where.

The Oscars are still run, by and large by oldish white men who are unable or don’t wish to understand the ‘black’ point of view. Then there is the black indignation of a black man showing his emotions on a World stage, defending his wife and thereby, giving the ‘whites’ fodder to support their inclinations that black men and violence go together, rather than they supporting Will’s intention of supporting his wife from abuse from another black man, a black man insulting another black person, just for a ‘cheap laugh’.

Yes, Will, maybe did over react, but emotions and the love for his wife is strong and why should he condone an insult to his wife.

In this day and age, lavatorial humour should be outlawed and those who still perform it should be punished.

Source: White outrage about Will Smith’s slap is rooted in anti-Blackness. It’s inequality in plain sight | Tayo Bero | The Guardian

Comedians and abuse

This is very tropical currently, but should have been for many years.

The actions of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars to the verbal abuse from Chris Rock to Will Smith’s wife is the current point. For while Chris Rock was attempting humour at the expense of Will Smith’s wife, this verbal abuse from Rock led to physical abuse from Will Smith to Chris Rock.

Was this an over reaction by Will as many will say it was only humour, but verbal abuse it was from Rock.

Years ago Comedians used to use race, disability, Gender, and others, but in the UK this was tempered by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, amended by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and then the Equality Act 2010 , but comments such as from Rock are not affected by discrimination legislation, when they should be for it is still abuse and the intention of humour should not be used as an excuse.

Rock’s comment certainly upset Wiil’s wife and more and while not immediately noticed by Will he did eventually and may be he felt guilty of not initially supporting his wife, hence the slap on Rock, but Rock was the initiator and so was the primary cause of the abuse.

Will has apologised for his actions, even to Rock, albeit sometime later, but no apparent apology from Rock to Will’s wife, which he should have done and still should.

Unfortunately Will is being castigated as the sole aggressor, while Rock is getting off Scot free, except for the slap.

Comedians and comedy should be brought into line for the abuse they cause, especially in America where the gun laws are so relaxed, for in different circumstances Rock could have paid with his life or more injury than from a slap.

Everyone should show more consideration to others and not endeavour to obtain cheap laughs at the expense of others for entertainment it is not, it is abuse.

Sport loves athletes with mental health issues – if they just shut up and play | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

The grand slams say Naomi Osaka’s decisions about press are ‘injurious’ to tennis. Perhaps they should look closer to home, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde




This all shows that the powers that be in sport, especially in Tennis do not care about people in sport, but are only there for their own interests and those of the media.

If these persons in power do not change then there could well be no participants in sport for tournaments to take place and they will only have themselves to blame.

Money and power are the root of all evil and will spoil the enjoyment of all concerned, the sport participants and the spectators of sports.

This will be the next area of abuse to be inspected, for we have already seen how participants have been treated by some trainers and managers in gymnastics

Money has taken over most sports and lead to great abuses of power or assumed power, the proposed Super league of top football clubs in Europe is another prime example



Source: Sport loves athletes with mental health issues – if they just shut up and play | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

Tokyo doctors association calls for Olympics cancelation – Japan Today

A Japanese doctors’ group has urged the cancelation of the Olympics, even as Games organizers reported a surplus of applications from medics to volunteer at the virus-postponed event. With less than 10 weeks until the Tokyo Games begin and as Japan battles a surge in infections, public opinion remains strongly…

So mamy views and opinions, but how many of these views and opinions are from people who have the facts, well I am not sure.


But what I do see  is that there appears to be more against holding the Olympics than theree are for, so It would appear that the Games should be cancelled. For to hold the event and the pandemic really takes off it will be well too late for measures to alleviate it.

Suffering and even more deaths will occur, but will those that decide to hold the event be held to account. Even if there are, that is not sufficient for those who will have died or are suffering and their families who will have to pick up the pieces, for nothing could be sufficient compensation to cover all that.


Source: Tokyo doctors association calls for Olympics cancelation – Japan Today

National Adult Social Care Strategic Partners: our response to the 2021 Queen’s Speech

I agree with all you say and I am supporting the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Please could you support it also, and then share.

More information can been here, https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aq2MsYduiazgoEy6ROxeV0abd2mT?e=PICUib

It is essential that the social care funding is sorted for that is a main area, but also are

Care workers pay and conditions
quality of care
quantity of care
social care not being free at point of delivery, as is health
And others

We are united in our view that the Government’s proposals for the future of social care – promised again in the Queen’s Speech for later this year – must be brought forward urgently along with a clear timeline for action.

As senior members of organisations representing people who draw on, work in, commission, provide and regulate adult social care and support, we are united in our view that the Government’s proposals for the future of social care – promised again in the Queen’s Speech for later this year – must be brought forward urgently along with a clear timeline for action.

This was an important opportunity for the Government to make good on its promise to ‘fix social care’ and move the reform debate further forward, building on the many lessons that have been learned during the course of the pandemic.

One of those lessons is the clear and important…

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Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

Another own goal by the BBC, funded by UK TV licence payers, is this how they respect the UK, surely enough is enough and the TV licence should be scrapped.


Source: Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

The Stand: Anger Over Actor Cast In Deaf Role For Stephen King TV Series

I support the Members of Hollywood’s deaf community in their cause, however, it will be difficult to achieve, unless this support is universal.

For a total boycott of the mini-series The Stand and others is required, this would mean that no one watches the The Strand. In addition the support of the able-bodied actors is required, whereby actors, such as, Henry Zaga should have refused to play the deaf character Nick Andros, as did The Good Place star Jameela Jamil, as stated in the post.

To assume networks, such as, CBS, will never achieve the required result. But to hit, such as CBS directly will for they will not be able to process if abled-bodied actors refuse to play these part and, if they do decide to play them, then the public should refuse to watch the series or films for if viewing figures are low or non-existent then it will not be financially viable to make them.

All of this will be difficult to achieve for acting parts are difficult to find, so will actors feel they need to put themselves first and as to the viewing public, will they agree to boycott the films, etc, or will they even know there is a problem.

The former has been found in many instances, where a few employers will ignore legislation, if there is any and the legal system will be the arbiters, assuming it even gets that far.

Same Difference

Members of Hollywood’s deaf community are boycotting CBS’s new mini-series The Stand, based on Stephen King’s novel, after a hearing actor was selected to play a deaf character.

More than 70 people signed a letter saying it was “not acceptable” that the CBS All Access series cast Henry Zaga as deaf character Nick Andros.

“We will not endorse, watch or support your mini-series… We will share our displeasure,” they said.

The BBC has asked CBS for comment.

The show is about a flu epidemic that wipes out 99% of the population, with the remaining few immune to the disease.

In June, CBS signed a commitment to audition actors with disabilities, according to Deadline, which said it was the first entertainment company to sign the Ruderman Family Foundation’s pledge for this cause.

But the protest letter said “not one deaf professional actor was called in to audition for the role”…

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News by Netflix? Warning streaming sites could provide public service broadcasting | Daily Mail Online

People should be free to watch digital media how they wish to and have the freedom to pay how and when they wish.

Most programmes are repeats, with many of them repeated within the same week.

The concept of TV within the UK is outdated and no one should be forced to have a TV Licence for watching programmes via a television.

Currently people in the UK have to have a TV licence, even if they never watch the BBC and this is completely wrong and smacks of ‘Big Brother’.

The TV licence needs to be scrapped and stations funded differently.

For if people are watching paid for TV, such as Sky, they are effectively paying twice for the privilege and that must be wrong.

The concept of the BBC is outdated and you can not state they are impartial, for they are not, as all TV media is biased in one way or another.


Source: News by Netflix? Warning streaming sites could provide public service broadcasting | Daily Mail Online

Alton Towers Makes Changes After Woman Taken Off Ride

It would appear that Alton Towers have listened and made the required changes, however, only time will tell.

Therefore, I suggest that Alton Towers and other similar venues need to be checked regularly on how persons with disabilities are looked after, as well as checks on the safety of rides.

Same Difference

A woman with cerebral palsy is to be involved in Alton Towers’ updated disability training after she was left in tears over treatment by staff.

The venue said it had made changes after Hannah Cheetham was publicly removed from a thrill ride when visiting with sister Becky last month.

Alton Towers apologised for that and other behaviour, and has since invited the pair back to discuss practices.

The sisters have agreed to return to the theme park.

They say they want to give disabled people a “better experience” by helping those in public-facing roles.

Becky Cheetham said she had been told her youtube video about the ordeal would form part of staff training.

Sister Hannah, who uses a wheelchair, visits the park annually as an “adrenaline junkie”, and has previously gone on every ride she wished.

But on 28 September, the pair from Greater Manchester were left upset, angered and…

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Woman With Cerebral Palsy Removed From Alton Towers Ride

This is extremely disgraceful and shows training is sadly lacking at Alton Towers, for it was not only one member of Alton Towers staff who displayed the disgusting and disgraceful actions to Hannah and her sister, but a number of them.

Not only should they receive a full apology from Alton Towers, but they should also be given unlimited free admission and entry to all rides for life.

Same Difference

A woman with cerebral palsy was left in tears after being publicly removed from a ride at Alton Towers.
“Adrenaline junkie” Hannah and her sister Becky Cheetham visited the resort on Monday to celebrate a birthday.
In a Facebook post addressed to the park, the sisters wrote they had an unforgettable day “for all the wrong reasons.”
Alton Towers said it was “deeply sorry” for the incident.
Ms Cheetham, who is in a wheelchair, has visited the park every year and has previously gone on every ride she wanted.
When the sisters, from Greater Manchester, went to go on the Smiler ride, a park worker shouted “she can’t walk” to another co-worker, “embarrassing” them by shouting “insecurities across the ride for a crowd of people to hear”.
They arrived at another ride, Rita, where workers watched as Ms Cheetham carried her sister to the ride.
Once strapped in, they were…

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