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Insurers have been accused of depriving access to life insurance and other kinds of cover to people with depression and anxiety, even for physical conditions unrelated to their mental health.

People who have suffered even mild mental health conditions or one-off episodes say they have been refused life insurance altogether, aggravating their financial insecurity.

Dozens of complainants have been in touch with the Guardian about the alleged discrimination. Charities and campaigners described the findings as “extremely worrying” and showed that insurers were operating based on an outdated understanding of mental illness.

In some cases, insurers appear to base their refusal on long-distant episodes of depression or anxiety, or when customers admit to having had suicidal thoughts or self-harming noted on their medical records. These customers are then allegedly deemed unsuitable to insure even for circumstances where death is not linked to a mental condition.


Source: People with mental illnesses refused access to insurance cover : The Guardian


PIP atrocity again and when it is not PIP it is ESA and in many instances it is PIP and ESA. The only good thing about UC is that it will be one appeal for all combined benefits.

But , what the DWP fail to or unwilling to understand that if the assessments were done correctly in the first place then, appeals would be unnecessary.

We all know that these assessments are primary to remove people from benefits and in doing so save on the welfare budget, another aspect of austerity. But what they are in fact bring forth, is appeals which have a cost and effectively there is not a saving but an increased cost. Get it right first time and then there may be a cost saving as the costs of appeals would not be incurred.

Everywhere you go there is austerity bring severe reductions in life quality for the disabled, sick and elderly.

Why is austerity placed upon those who can least afford it, because they are the most vulnerable and the power Gods in Government feel they are the easiest to make suffer.

Powerful Multi-nationals, who the Government are afraid to upset, are not vulnerable and have an assumed level of power. Should the Government make these pay what they should then the returns would far outstrip the meager returns the Government receive from attacking the most vulnerable in Society.

The UK is so unequal the the gap is forever increasing.

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Julie Potter unnecessarily gave up her vehicle in December, after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) failed to notify her that they had overturned a Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessment to take it away.

Julie Potter on her empty driveway at North Walsham after having her mobility car taken away, pictured with husband Chris. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY Julie Potter after having her mobility car taken away

Despite the original PIP assessment being rescinded, Mrs Potter has still not been told when she will be given her vehicle back.

The 43-year-old said: “It’s basically left me house bound. I’ve lost what little bit of independence I did have.”

Mrs Potter was left with crippling back pain following a work accident in 2006, and cannot walk further than six metres without crutches. “It’s affected my daughter quite badly, she’s very worried. I had been going into her school to help children with their reading on two afternoons a week, which I can no longer do.”

Tory cuts are seizing 800 vital Motability cars a WEEK…

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The Government will not be appealing a High Court ruling that deemed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) regulations to be ‘blatantly discriminatory’.

This is a huge victory for people with mental health problems.

In a case brought by Public Law Project and their client RF, the Judge ruled the regulations were unlawful.

We are delighted that the Government has decided not to appeal the High Court’s ruling. This is the right decision.

More than 160,000 people will now be able to access support they should have been entitled to all along.

Thanks to all of you who have campaigned with us since February, by sharing your story or emailing your MP. This c

Source: PIP PIP HOORAY 🎉 : Mind

Confusion over new rules for disabled taxi passenger fares has led to “discriminatory” price differences, a charity claims.

A test in Nottingham saw a wheelchair user quoted up to five times more than an able-bodied caller.

Muscular Dystrophy UK said the practice was unacceptable.

For an existing ban on charging more to come into force councils must compile a formal list of accessible taxis but many have not done this.

Nirav Shah, who was born with muscular dystrophy, rang four companies in Nottingham and was quoted higher prices by every one.

In one case, a journey from his home to the local hospital, a distance of 2.5 miles (4km), an able-bodied caller was quoted £3-4 while Mr Shah was quoted £15.

Mr Shah said he was “disheartened and disappointed”.


Source: Disabled taxi price premium condemned by charity | DisabledGo News and Blog

This is indeed grotesque, however council tax is related to rateable values and these values are based on the housing values in 1991.

Should the rateable values be recalculated this would lead to an increase for all properties and this grotesque situation would still be present.

Current rateable values in Kensington & Chelsea

What would mitigate this grotesque situation is to increase the number of rating bands to accommodate that the properties worth millions are subjected to a higher rateable value, in effect to account for the higher ratios of property values now.

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The simple comparison that highlights the grotesque inequality in Two Nation Britain

In London’s wealthiest borough, the Sultan of Brunei pays just a tenner more a week in council tax for his 16-bed mansion than Mrs Braithwaite – who lives in a three-bed terrace

In London’s wealthiest borough where 71 died in the Grenfell Tower fire , combative MP Emma Dent Coad quotes a simple comparison that highlights grotesque inequality in Two Nation Britain.

The Labour battler’s example involves the Sultan of Brunei , an obscenely rich multi-billionaire dictator who profits personally from the oil and gas fiefdom he rules with an iron fist, and Mrs Braithwaite, a working class retired mother and grandmother. The Sultan owns a 16-bedroom mansion with golden chandeliers, worth upwards of perhaps £100m, in Kensington Palace Gardens – known for good reason as Billionaires’ Row.

In the borough’s northern end, in what is practically another world…

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Warrington Disability Partnership chief executive Dave Thompson says disabled people are being treated as ‘inhuman’ over personal independence payments

 Disability Partnership chief  has spoken out over personal independence payments.

Warrington Disability Partnership chief executive Dave Thompson has spoken out over personal independence payments. Disability Partnership chief  has spoken out over personal independence payments.

 A CHARITY boss says that disabled people are being treated as ‘inhuman’ by assessors when claiming benefits. The Department for Work and Pensions is currently in the process of transitioning from its previous disability living allowance system to the new personal independence payments. But a number of severely disabled people have seen their benefits cut following mobility and independence assessments as part of the switch to PIP.

Warrington Disability Partnership co-founder and chief executive Dave Thompson has spoken out over the issue after a young volunteer with the charity, who has cerebral palsy, was told that the money she received would be cut following her assessment.

In an impassioned plea on…

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Disabled campaigners have criticised the decision to award an OBE to the senior Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servant responsible for delivering the much-criticised Access to Work (AtW) scheme.

Rilesh Jadeja, AtW’s national delivery manager, was recognised in the latest new year’s honours“for services to people with disabilities”, just two months after new research found the future of the scheme was in jeopardy because of “bureaucratic incompetence” and a cost-cutting drive to reduce people’s support packages.

The research, commissioned by Inclusion London, said that “shocking levels of delay, error, and the de-skilling of staff” within AtW were putting Deaf and disabled people’s jobs at risk.

AtW provides disabled people with funding to pay for some of the extra disability-related expenses they face at work – including travel, personal assistants or the use of BSL interpreters – reducing the costs organisations meet when taking on disabled employees.

The Inclusion London report said the scheme was “a cornerstone of the movement for equality and civil rights for Deaf and disabled people in the UK” but had been “beset with so much bureaucratic incompetence and obstructionism in recent ye


Source: OBE for Access to Work boss is ‘further slap in the face’ for disabled people | DisabledGo News and Blog

This is a question I get fairly often in relation to all the various autism related tags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  – “Why is the autistic community so upset?”

Because almost all of the media representation of autism comes from people who aren’t even autistic. Autistics ARE speaking. Are YOU listening?


Source: Autistic Outrage – Why is the Autistic Community so upset? : Neurodivergent Rebel

Five years after launching the first Baby Changing Room Awards and sponsoring the National Childbirth Trust Baby Change App, Britain’s leading nappy cream brand Sudocrem is once again pioneering the way with a new category to recognise the importance of Changing Places toilets for disabled children.

There are 800,000 disabled children in the UK but only 1058 Changing Places toilets to meet their needs. This means that parents like Laura Rutherford, whose son Brody, 5, suffers from GDD, epilepsy, hypermobility and hypotonia, is forced to change her son on a toilet floor. “Life beyond a baby changing table when your child is doubly incontinent means constant exclusions when you go out as a family. It’s heart breaking for us as parents and this is an issue that will sadly become harder and harder as he grows up. He is different not less. Time for change.”

Since 2012, Sudocrem has campaigned for change with an award scheme to recognise the importance of good nappy changing facilities. Past winners have included Mothercare, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and the National Museums of Scotland.


Source: Changing Rooms For Everyone  | DisabledGo News and Blog

A disabled Tory peer has accused his own government of insulting disabled people by rejecting the chance to improve access to pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Lord [Kevin] Shinkwin said his party was in danger of “disowning” the laws it introduced through the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) more than 22 years ago.

He was speaking during a Lords debate – a few days before Christmas – on the recommendations made by a committee of peers that had scrutinised the impact of the Licensing Act 2003.

One of the committee’s recommendations was a call for the UK government to follow the Scottish government in adopting a measure* that would force all licensed premises to produce a “disabled access and facilities statement” when applying for a licence to serve alcohol.

The statement would include details on access provisions, and any facilities the business had for use by disabled people.

The committee said in its report: “The provision by licensees of disabled access facilities does not impose on them a new obligation or financial burden, since this is no more than what they are already required to do by law.


Source: Disabled Tory peer says government rejection of pub access plan is an ‘insult’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

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