Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

Exclusive: Alarm over quality of Home Office age assessments as hundreds placed in adult hotels and only moved to children’s services when charities intervene


As many refugees or asylum seekers have little or no Identity documents, as they may have lost them on route, had them stolen, were unable to bring them for some reason or they deliberately discarded then so that their identity, age and country of origin are unknown. It is, therefore very difficult for the authorities in the preferred country in which the persons wish to reside to correctly identify the correct information of the persons.

Some could be assumed younger that they say, older than say or actually believed, so the 2 former could cause many problems, children being classified as adults causing a problem for the children or adults classified as children causing problems for any children with whom they are placed. Let alone any problems they may come across on their treks over many lands. These are the risks that refugees and asylum seekers put themselves in, but there would more likely be risks if they stayed were they were.

So great care has to be taken by all concerned.

Many are undertaking these journey due to circumstances outside their control, so being incorrectly age assessed increases their problems, as does the length of the process and in many instances the quality of the accommodation they are placed in, especially having to share rooms and even more so beds.

The process needs to be conducted quicker, and there certainly needs to be more monitoring while the process is being conducted.

In reality it would be more beneficial if the need to seek asylum or be refugees were not necessary in the first place, but the reasons they do are also numerous, including famine, climate change, influence of wars and other conflicts, etc.

So great care needs to be undertaking by all concerned, so that successful outcomes are realised.

Source: Child refugees forced to share rooms with adults after being wrongly deemed over 18 | The Independent

BBC licence fee set to be axed, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries indicates as she imposes freeze

Supporters have rallied around the BBC, as the Culture Secretary made clear that the mandatory charge will be no more from 2027


While the BBC as its supporters there are many who do not in many ways.

I myself, now, never watch BBC or listen to any BBC radio programmes. This licence fee is an out dated way of funding making it for many having to pay for viewing TV programmes in numerous ways.

Immediately it should be made that people have a choice of how they pay to watch TV programmes and not have to pay for a TV licence on top of other charges. The TV Licencing Authority should be removed and people, if they wanted to watch the BBC pay them direct.

2027 is far to late to wait for the charge to be withdrawn.

Source: BBC licence fee set to be axed, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries indicates as she imposes freeze

Boris Johnson losing Tory support as storm grows over Downing Street garden party

Prime Minister will not resign, says minister asked to face Commons, despite polls showing up to 66pc of the public think he should go


Well Nonak Johnson, sorry Boris Johnson, as I got Boris Johnson and

Novak Djokovic mixed up, well they are both trying to ‘pull the wool’ over us.

As to Boris, I feel it is too late to apologise and he needs to go, for he is doing a dis-service to politics and Novak is similarly doing a dis-service to tennis.

Both need to go and be summarily dealt with by the respective authorities in the UK and Australia, for if not it brings all COVID requirements into disrepute and no one will abide by them.



Source: Boris Johnson losing Tory support as storm grows over Downing Street garden party

End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Dr Clive Dix says we should treat the virus like flu


To some extent I do agree with Dr Clive Dix, but to do this all factors need to be equal to those of flu.

With flu other countries are not barring people from going there or requiring flu vaccinations to be taken.

As to the administering of COVID and flu vaccinations all are not equal, as with COVID there is only the injection process while with flu there are both injections and nasal sprays. While for the flu the nasal sprays are usually only given to children as they do not have the injections offered to them. But, there is an exception for some adults and these are for adults with learning disabilities and/or Autism who are averse to needles. For these persons the children’s nasal sprays are available and while not as fully effected as the injections they do offer some protection, which is better than none. However, currently for COVID-19 there are no nasal sprays, although I believe some are in the process of being research as are tablets and patches.

There are some nasal sprays which are said to be effective to COVID, but on investigation there generally offer no more protection than for the common cold, which is a very, very mild form of COVID, no way as virulent as the COVID-19 and the various variants.

To help some persons with learning disabilities who are needle averse there is some needle aversion therapies, but these are generally only to combat the actual needle injection and not any other reactions. For with some people the needle aversion is from past experiences where they did have needle injections for say, operations and the resultant outcomes of the operations are what is really the cause of the needle aversion. So, it is very unlikely that the needle aversion therapies will be effective in these instances, so until nasal sprays, tablets or patches will be available, these persons with needle aversions will remain unvaccinated.

So, currently all is not equal and will never be until the researches are complete and nasal sprays, tablets and patches are made available.

In fact if they were available they would be easier to administer than injections, as they would not normally require a suitably qualified person to do the administering which needle injections require. This would be of great advantage in many developing counties for not only would they be easier to administer, could well be self-administering, thereby no need to purchase to vaccine, but there would be no additional costs for a qualified person for the administering and more than likely no temperature storing requirements or not as extensive.

So to make all equal, patches, tablets and nasal sprays have to be universally available for everyone and this should be well before mass jabbing is stopped.

Source: End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Long foodbank queues on Christmas Eve. – The poor side of life

A friend of mine that volunteers at a foodbank has just sent me the below images. They asked if their anonymity is kept and of course I’m respecting this. The photos were taken as they were a…


Christmas Eve, the birth celebration of Christ, so we should all be equal, but here people are having to queue for food. This is not right and our Government has a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure we all have the ability to obtain food without having to beg for it.

It is all our Duty to ensure that this Government ensures that we all can obtain food without having to beg, so make this Government be responsible and accountable to ensure that food is there for all by providing the means to make it possible.

This Government is not respecting the Human Rights of a proportion of the UK population and it needs to be made to do so, not only for Christmas, but throughout the lives of everyone.


Source: Long foodbank queues on Christmas Eve. – The poor side of life

Boris Johnson Criticises Media For Focus On Party Rule-Breaking In Tense Interview | HuffPost UK Politics

PM accuses Sam Coates of Sky News of a question “that breaks the golden rule”.



Boris is still blaming others for what is occurring rather than himself, for he has used this ploy forms part of his image and is a favour of what a large number of people feel is endearing. Whether it was or not is now not relevant for he his losing his popularity and he is now well, so out of touch and so his days are very numbered.

So it is not the media, but Boris himself, but his self belief is so strong, so he is not open to see it.

For him to survive now will need a major miracle.

Source: Boris Johnson Criticises Media For Focus On Party Rule-Breaking In Tense Interview | HuffPost UK Politics

Labour suspends Bootle branch that demanded Starmer resign over S*n column – SKWAWKBOX

Bootle Labour party unanimously called for Starmer to resign for cosying up with hated rag. Now branch that proposed motion has been suspended by Labour in what members regard as revenge attack Lab…

Politics can be and is very ‘dirty’ on all sides of the ‘House’ and at times the House appeasers to be a children’s playground and in doing so annoys the electorate and bring  politics disrepute, when it should be respected. The booing, shouting and many other actions causing the Speaker to request silence so persons talking can be heard, to me shows that none of the persons doing so are suitable to be MPs and certainly not deserved of respect.

I agree politics at elections need to but followed, but when MPs are elected the sole purpose should be to do what is required for their constituents no matter how they voted and also the best for the country, party politics should have no bearing, but many just voted down Party lines whether they be good for the country or not, the Party comes first when it should be constituents and country.

But this is the same the World over, but needs to be changed for all of our continued existence.

As to the current situation, I want honesty, which is in very short supply within the whole of Parliament, but expressly so with Boris and even Keir. Boris because he appears incapable to be honest, but that was clear well before he became Prime Minister, so why should we be surprised now, we got what we voted for, so in much respect the electorate is to blame.

But as to Keir I would never trust him, as he believes he is still in court supporting who is paying him, whether they be guilty or not, as that is his preferred profession.

Labour started as being the voice of working people, but over the years the defined ‘working people’ is not the people for whom the party was created for. It was for people who had no one speaking for them and did not have the resources themselves to pay out for someone. Now, many in Parliament have funds which the original Members could only dream about and have lost the ideals of why the Party was formed. It needs to go back to its roots, not just at the top but at every levels.


Source: Labour suspends Bootle branch that demanded Starmer resign over S*n column – SKWAWKBOX

Government imposes new restrictions to fight Omicron as first cases found in UK | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Masks made mandatory in shops and on buses and trains, while new arrivals must take PCR tests


The wearing of masks in shops and on buses and trains was never officially withdrawn, but the mandatory aspect was. However, some transport operatives made their own rules, such as, Transport for London, where they stated it was a requirement to travel on their buses and the Tube, but was it ever legally enforceable. Perhaps it was not, but the public should have respected the wishes of the operators.

In other parts of the UK, except England, Scotland and others did retain the mandatory aspect. I feel it was a grave mistake from Boris Johnson, one of many, when the mandatory aspect was withdrawn. For those not wearing masks are not acting with respect to their fellow travellers.

In fact, in many aspects social distancing should also have been retained.

The coming of Omicron is a great worry, as should be the coninuance of COVID in England, but this appears to nhave been ignored by many in England, so please do not ignore Omicron, for if you do Lockdowns will have to be reimposed. In fact, the reimposition has never gone away and would always be brought in, but perhaps, too late, as other measurers have been.

At least, the mandatory reintroduction was not delayed and the travel restrictions also.

Yes, we have to learn to live with COVID, but not at the expense of lives lost. Lives are much more important than refusing to live with a few restrictions. So accept the restrictions and in doing so save lives.

The same is also relevant in having the COVID vaccinations and where eligible the COVID booster and any others which will come along.


Source: Government imposes new restrictions to fight Omicron as first cases found in UK | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

I implore both the UK and France, being Johnson and Macron to stop their ‘childish’ behaviours, and behave as they should be doing in a respectable manner for the Migrant crisis and even more so Channel crossings is not only urgent, but innocent lives are being lost.

This is so much more important than the squabbles between 2 countries as there is a ‘Duty of Care’ on both parties and even the EU. For if the EU wishes to be viewed as a responsible organisation it should be them who bring France and the UK together.

The migrant crisis needs to be sorted NOW as it has gone on for far too long.

Nothing can be decided until all parties are together, so Macron and Johnson act as the adults both of you should be.


Source: Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian