Dementia patients in England facing ‘national crisis’ in care safety | Social care | The Guardian

Regretably this is the state of social care in the UK and not just for dementia, but every aspect of social care, be it for children or adults, care homes, home care, supported living, etc.

Staffing is a major problem both the quantity and in many instances the quality for due to the lack of quantity, some providers are accepting anyone who applies, irrespective if they are totally suitable.

There are some very good providers who do employ good quality workers, but it is becoming so hard to find the quality in the UK and due to immigration policies not that easy to recruit from outside the UK.

Funding is a major proble, which this Government is totally bignoring, like all previous Government before them.

Why, well it is because social care is not held in the great esteem that is the NHS and even there funding is very restricted, thus, leading to severe staff shortages throughout the NHS and not just for nurses and junior doctors.

So, the crisis is so severe in the NHS and even more so in social care, but we have an uncaring Government, just as we have had since the start of social care. For social care has never been look at and given the recognition it really deserves and so much needs.

By many, it is viewed that anyone can work in social care and deliver all that is required, but that is so far from the truth that it can be. For working in social care is not just turning up and doing what you wish too. For to care with good quality a care worker needs to fully understand the responsibilities that are there,

  1. understanding the rights and choices of the person being cared for
  2. showing the cared for person respect and the dignity needed
  3. respecting the cared for persons property and belongings, especially when the care is being provided in the cared for persons own home, but also in their room in a care home.
  4. not only providing care but when needed, deal with areas of finance, safeguarding and many others
  5. to follow the individulised Care Plan

The above are only some of the areas for there are many others.

Many persons being cared for will have some equipment to help with their care, hoists, stand aids, specialised baths, specific food requirements and how they are feed, maybe ‘peg feeding‘ or others and many more.

So, much training is required, which needs to be understood and followed correctly.

But the remunerations they receive fail completely to take these responsibilities into account and then there is expenses, such as for travel and others which are not completely taken into account

Then there are the working conditions and others, such as not fully entitled to all holiday pay and no sick pay other than the totally insufficient Statutory Sick Pay

Social care as been the forgotten care service for way too long and there remuneration is one area where great improvements can be made, for many care workers are only on the National Living Wage to be £10.42 from 1 April 2023 and currently £9.50 per hour, when £14/15 would be so much more realistic, but this Government does not wish to know, so Social Care will get so much worse, which will have a very severe impact on the NHS, which it is already doing, but the impact will get so much worseand so will severely impact on the NHS to recover from their own crisis. For the NHS can’t exist without Social Care as Social Care can’t without without the NHS.

So, Government, for once just listen and then act as is required, breaking the actions or more correctly the inactions that have gone before.

Human Rights need respecting, even by Governments




Source: Dementia patients in England facing ‘national crisis’ in care safety | Social care | The Guardian

Strike chaos in 2023 if Sunak refuses to negotiate, says new TUC boss | The Independent

Exclusive: Voters will ‘punish’ Tories over low pay at general election in 2024, says Paul Nowak


No matter what Sunak does, the Tories are finished at the next election, but those waiting in the Wings are not much better.

What is needed is a completely new Party for the average British worker, one who is not influenced by the Rich, which all our major political Parties are.

This will require a major change to the funding of UK politics, where currently donators are giving for their own ends and not for the benefit ofeveryone.

When it comes to employees being remunerated be it public or private organisation they should be remunerated on the basis of what is a deserved remuneration, where all factors are taken into account, the ability of the employer to pay, the positivity of the employees to work, the productivity that is generated by both employers and employees, with the cost of living being a factor, but not over all the others.

Where any agreements to a remuneration package can’t be agreed there should be a true and independent arbitrator organisation whose decision will have to be totally binding on all parties.

In this I would include MPs whose remuneration should be based on what they deliver, so this could be them giving back rather than receiving, but in reality if they have appeared lacking then no increase awarded.

All this been said, the remunerations in the UK have, for many, been far to low for many in the UK, and some much more than others.

Care workers being just one for care workers have always been poorly paidwhich is why Social Care is in such a bad way currently, but it has been for many years, perhaps always has been, but the present is making it so much worse. This is one of the major reasons for the current failings in the NHS for without a strong and efficient Social Care the NHS is being set up to fail, no matter how much investment is brought into it.

But there are other, agriculture and hospitality to name just 2 more.

The governing bodies within the UK have been failing the majority of workers in the UK for way too long and if this is to improve the Rights of all UK employees to receive a decent remuneration have to be abided by. Perhaps to legally state that the persons at the top of every organisation can only receive a remuneration which is a certain percentage above that of the lowest paid employees of the organisation.

This and every future UK Government needs to ensure that there is true equality in the UK and not the rich and powerful being able to reduce equality for those not as rich and powerful as they are.

But the UK is not just an island for external events do have a bearing on how the UK can survive, so existing will not be easy so we all need to ‘pull’ together and not, which is occurring, only out for ourselves.



Source: Strike chaos in 2023 if Sunak refuses to negotiate, says new TUC boss | The Independent

50,000 middle-class families to be caught in 96pc tax trap

Frozen tax thresholds will see ‘large increase in people suffering’


Tax affects everyone of us and some much more than others, especially those on or just above the tax thresholds, so, the act of freezing tax thresholds is perhaps an unseen method of causing people to pay more tax, especially in these days of high inflation.

So, in reality no tax thresholds should be frozen, but increased  by the same percentages as applied to tax rates.

Equality is nowhere evident, when it should be as the extra burden should be borne by those who can more afford it, those on much higher income, say £250,000, perhaps at a rate of 50%.

Also, the National Living Wage, a wage calculated to be sufficient to live on, which it is not, especially that the starting tax threshold, the Employee Personal allowance is only £12570, when it should be based on a 35 hour week, on a rate of £10.42 per hour, of £18970 as at 1 April 2023. For it makes sense not to tax, at all, an income based on the ability to live on.



Source: 50,000 middle-class families to be caught in 96pc tax trap

Sandhurst urged to tackle ‘toxic culture’ of sexual assault

Senior officials must take action over ‘epidemic’ of harassment at academy, says charity boss


This form of behaviour has been occurring for many years and little or more likely nothing has been done to really challenge this because in many respects it is male dominant as are all the other professions, such as Police, Fire Brigade, even Parliament, yes, in many there is much female inclusion, even in some power prositions, but male power is still really dominant.

Change has to occur from within and here the dominant males have to be dealt with, by effective legistlation, if necessary, but it is plain to see that existing legistlation is not working. Perhaps a reluctance to fully implement or the legistlation is nowhere near sufficient.

Legistlation should be there for everyone, not just a stated few, but in reality muich legistlation is not fully in-line with equality, when equality should be a main component.

But, then equality is not fully evident in the very needed Equality legistlation, as many persons with disabilities know only too well.

Human Rights are very important and should be respected at all costs, but are not in many instances.

Unfortunately injustice is truely evident in the UK, perhaps better than some countries but could be so much better.


Source: Sandhurst urged to tackle ‘toxic culture’ of sexual assault

Rishi Sunak told care system at risk of collapse if workers not paid as much as nurses

Well, I am astounded, as I have been saying care workers should be paid equally to nurses for quite some years and now we have Damian Green, the former First Secretary of State saying so also. But, most care workers only earn the National Living Wage of 9.50 per hour, and to earn £23000 per year the rate for a 37.50-hour week would need to be around £11.80. Even that would not be enough for has been said they should be earning around £14/15 per hour, equivalent to some supermarket workers for much fewer responsibilities and less technical abilities.But, care workers are said to be unskilled, which is so far from the truth as to be effective and efficient they need much skill for it is not just giving personal care, they need empathy, understanding ability to work on their own without supervision while respecting the choices of the person receiving care. In many instances, the care visit could be just 15-30mins leaving very little time to toilet, wash and dress and prepare meals, and many other activities, including shopping, washing and ironing clothing and bed linen, and much more. To do caring properly it is a very skilled occupation and care workers need to be respected more not only by the government but the media and the population of the UK. While most care workers are employed by the private sector some are directly employed by the person receiving care and funded by Direct Payments which come from Local Authorities, (LAs) who also provide the funding to the care providers employing the care workers. These are the same LAs who have been subjected to austerity cuts by the Tory Governments over, at least the last 10 years or more.But, really no Government has looked favorably on Social Care ever. This lack of Government attention is causing much of the current problems within the NHS due to insufficient Social Care being available to discharge hospital patients when nursing care is not required but some form of care is still required, maybe for a short time. Many more care workers are required many more than can be available from the current UK workforce, so non-UK workers are desperately required, but the immigration policies are not fully allowing them.Yes, little amounts of funding for social care has been announced but it is so too little for any significant help to solve all the problems, therefore Social care will continue to disintegrate and the NHS will also continue to stay in a major crisis.

Source: Rishi Sunak told care system at risk of collapse if workers not paid as much as nurses

NHS strikes: ‘Exhausted’ ambulance crews dealing with 50% rise in life-threatening 999 calls

Unfortunately this is nothing new, but over the years it has become ever more serious, especially after the great demands on the NHS and Social Care due to COVID-19. But, more should have been done well before COVID and the longer nothing is done the more expensive and urgent actions are required.

So, it is not just the fault of this Government but all previous Governments, but this Government as a lot to answer for and the current Government inactions for the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak MP and the Health and Social Care Secretary, Steve Barclay MP are not only not welcome, but they should be doing much more to accomodate all the Workers grievences and not just, as they appear to be ‘washing their hands’ completely.

Yes, it is much more than workers remunerations, for working conditions are also important, so both Unions and Government just be together to discuss all points and not just pick and chose which ones they wish to deal with.

But, while everything that is wishoing to be discussed, there is the big, ‘elephant’ in the room and that is Social Care, which no one appears to be discussing or even considering. For Social Care is so greating inter-connected with the NHS and one should not be considered without the other for they are both as equal, for without one the other will not exist. But, Social Care has been ignored by as many Governments as I can remember and many, if not all before. If, Social Care is not sorted then the NHS will never be. But, in Social Care the remunerations and working conditions are so much more worse than the NHS and so are the staff shortages.

In COVID we were clapping for the NHS, but for most people this was just for nurses and maybe doctors, when it should have been for all of the NHS work forces and all in Social Care. Also, did anyone think of ambulance crews when they were clapping, every part of care is essential and ever so important.

If, we all wish for a successful NHS, then we also have to have a successful Social Care, care is care whether it be in Social Care or the NHS.


Source: NHS strikes: ‘Exhausted’ ambulance crews dealing with 50% rise in life-threatening 999 calls

Train strikes resume despite hopes of breakthrough | Rail strikes | The Guardian

Second strike of week begins after TSSA union accepts pay deal with Network Rail


So many strikes currently and virtually every one of them is affecting the public who have no influence in any of them.

Yes, in the UK remunerations for work done are not good in virtually every area of employment, unless you are MPs or captains of industry. The austerity cuts imposed since 2010 only made matters so much worse. Also, there are any so much more worse off, those in care, agriculture, and hospitality and many more.

With the Railways many unions have settled but not the RMT so why are they different they say because it is not all about money but safety. However, technology is forever improving and so some parts of jobs will be lost, that is inevitable. Network Rail have apparently said there will be no compulsory redundancies, but there will need to be changes to some working practices. Travellers are already moving away from rail travel and will most likely never return, so even less jobs eventually.

As to nurses no one would begrudge them a good remuneration for the work they do and there are tremendous shortages but so are in other employments causing many problems some which are interrelated; shortages of care workers which seriously affects the NHS and in turn nurses.

Also, the NHS is not only reliant on nurses for there are Doctors, support workers, porters, catering, administration and others all of whom will be wishing remuneration increases, so whatever the nurses receive will be required by them also.

When remunerations have been agreed it will not be fully funded by the Government for it never is and a good part of any increase will need to be funded from current NHS budgets which means less money available for NHS treatments.

Why not bring in compulsory independent arbitration which is legally binding on all parties.

Source: Train strikes resume despite hopes of breakthrough | Rail strikes | The Guardian

Disabled Airport Travellers Given ‘Unacceptable’ Support

In the UK we are supposed to champion equality for we had the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Disabilty Discrimination Act 2005 aand the Euality Act 2010 but there is still too much in-equality as these Acts didn’t go far enough and there were too many ways included in the Acts to ensure that compliance was not totally required.

Here we have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) agreeing that there is discrimination but then considering whether or not to  about it. What more needs to be said.

The CAA should be doing something about it, otherwise why have the legistlation.

In-equalities should be countered in all instances for no one should be feeling they are not being considered, for we should all be equal, but to achieve equality some people will need more help than others, to not provide it and in good time is no way good enough and any organisation who fails equality should be ashamed and thereby possiblely prosecuted to the full extent available.

This inequality is far more than unacceptible, it is a total disgrace and there should be many more prosecutions on a criminal basis and not leave it to civil actions.

This is in no way respecting the Human Rights of persons with disabilities.

Same Difference

    Disabled passengers are suffering from “unacceptable” levels of support at many UK airports.

    The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that many disabled and less mobile passengers missed summer flights at London Heathrow due to poor accessibility performance.

    Bristol, Leeds Bradford and Luton Airports also had an “unacceptable level of service to disabled people”.

    The CAA said Heathrow’s Terminal 5 had “particularly poor performance”.

    Its report said that “many passengers” did not make connecting departures in the terminal.

    Some disabled and less mobile passengers at its Terminal 3 were also forced to wait for more than an hour to be transferred from one piece of equipment to another, it said.

    This contravened the CAA’s own guidance.

    Aberdeen, Belfast International, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London City Airports were rated as “very good” for their accessibility performance during the whole period analysed, which was between the start of April and the end…

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    Train strikes: What are the RMT’s demands compared with Network Rail’s current offer? | The Independent

    What are the RMT demands compared with Network Rail’s pay current offer? Here’s what’s on the table at the moment


    Lets face it strikes benefit no one, the employers, the employees and in many respects the public, so no strike should be started until all avenues have been exhausted.

    In fact, it could be argued whether strikes should be allowed at all, surely independent arbitration should be a consideration on which the outcome is binding on all parties.

    Then at least the public would not suffer from actions that are totally outwith their control or influene what the public will do, which could be to take their custom elsewhere or do without the service completely.

    If customers stop using a service then the income to the employers reduces and so there is less finance to fund remunnerations to employees so in these circumstances striking is benefiting no one.

    Reunerations in many employments in the UK are poor in comparisons to similar employments in other countries and some employments are much worse than others. Some of these employments include care, hospitality and agriculture but there are many others, in these vacancies are excessive causing many problems, but due to the low remunerations not enough persons in the UK are taking these employments and the UK immigration rules are not allowing sufficient persons to enter the UK to fill these vacancies.

    We are experiencing crisis after crisis and no one is willing to act, which is mainly the Government, who do need to do what is required for all concerned and not just sit back and do nothing for it is their duty to act for all concerned.

    Source: Train strikes: What are the RMT’s demands compared with Network Rail’s current offer? | The Independent

    Decade of neglect means NHS unable to tackle care backlog, report says | NHS | The Guardian

    Exclusive: Government-commissioned paper pinpoints budget squeeze as key reason for service’s loss of capacity


    Yes, austerity cuts are the blame for many problems in the UK and not just the NHS.

    However, all governments since 1948 are to blame for the crisis in Social Care, but austerity cuts just made the crisis much worse.

    Until the crisis in Social Care has been solved, the NHS will always be worse off, but no Government sees this problem.

    So solve Social Care and part of the NHS problem will be overcome, provided no more Governments restrict finance to both Social Care and the NHS.


    Source: Decade of neglect means NHS unable to tackle care backlog, report says | NHS | The Guardian