Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

Russian foreign minister says western weapons are a ‘legitimate target’; about 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since start of invasion, UK defence secretary says


Russia needs to understand war, for they do not, they assume all they do is allowed, but what others do is not.

They believe only them are allowed to invade countries whenever they wish and cause destruction, but the countries they invade should not retaliate in similar measures .

They can obtain armaments from whom is prepared to provide armaments to them, but the country they invaded should not and countries should not provide armaments to the invaded country.

Russia also believes that everything and everybody in the invaded country can be destroyed and people killed and injured whereas civilians and their property should be safeguarded as much as possible.

But Russia is way misguided for they believe everyone is afraid of them, but by invading Ukraine they have shown their armed forces are not as strong or as fearful as they believed, but they are extremely undisciplined, as they feel they are allowed to rape, torture and then kill as many women  as they wish to.

Putin continues to threaten that he will use his nuclear weapons, but does he realise that if he does others will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons thereby causing wide spread nuclear contamination all over.

Is Putin so stupid, perhaps he is. and why are many in Russia so gullible, as families in Ukraine with relatives in Russia are finding the that their Russian relatives are believing Putin rather than their Ukrainian relatives. Perhaps Putin’s propaganda is so much more effective than its armed forces.

Many Ukrainian civilians, including children have been forcibly taken from Ukraine and took to Russia in the guise that they are being liberated, will they ever be found again.

Every country needs to work as one and supply Ukraine will all they wish for and stop purchasing any goods from Russia, for any payment, especially in Roubles is effectively working against Ukrainians. Buy paying Russia just one Rouble is one Rouble too many and any country doing so, is as guilty as Russia.

Putin and the Russian armed forces are already committing many War Crimes, with many more being committed every day. Both Putin and those Russian armed forces need to be held accountable and brought before the Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Source: Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

Create a new permanent bank holiday | 38 Degrees

I have signed this petition as the UK is low on the number of Bank Holidays, but unfortunately these are not recognised as such by some professions such as care.
Care is a 365 day profession and due to the complete lack of required finance and lack of persons in the profession, carers are expected to work these Bank Holidays as though they are normal working days. While working them does not affect their holiday entitlement, they are not paid any extra for doing so, with the possible exception of Christmas and New Years Day. So not only are the salaries they receive way too low, many not even on the Real Living Wage of £9.90 per hour, as most will be on the National Living Wage of £9.50 per hour.
This is far from encouraging people to enter the profession for such an essential workforce, when they could easily earn £14 per hour in supermarkets for much less responsibilities.
So while this holiday will benefit most of the population it will not benefit care workers, who will still only get the bare minimum holiday entitlement.
Everyone should receive the same basic holiday entitlement with Bank Holidays in addition.
This Government could do much more for Social Care, but they are very reluctant to provide funding.
Yes, there is the promise of a proportion of the £12 billion being raised from the from 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 National Insurance contributions increase by 1.25 percentage points. They say this will be spent on the NHS, health and social care in the UK, but initially the NHS will get the bulk of it to reduce the waiting lists, so, I feel little will be available for Social Care if any. The response of this Government during the COVID pandemic is a true refection on their view of Social Care, where they let down Care Homes. They promised there was a ‘ring fence’ around care homes , but, if there was it was full of holes as they instructed hospitals to discharge elderly patients into care homes without any COVID tests being done, hence COVID came into the care homes and this resulted in many deaths of residents and some care workers in the region of 20000.

But care homes are just one area of social care as care covers both children and adults for home care, respite, supported living, hospices, etc.

In fact, Social Care needs , at least, £12 billion itself and that would only bring funding back to the 2010 level, which was wholly insufficient then. For Social Care has never been sufficiently funded and every delay in funding brings greater pressures on the NHS.

Source: Create a new permanent bank holiday | 38 Degrees

Trump: Millions Of Americans Getting COVID-19 Is ‘Terrific’ And A ‘Powerful Vaccine’ | HuffPost UK

Trump at his worst, it is a pity there is no stop button on his mouth and Tweets, for this comment shows a complete indifference to those who have contracted COVID-19 and especially to those families who have had relatives who have died from COVID-19.

Even though he appeared to have had COVID-19 some months ago, or was this FAKE news to gain sympathy and a boost during the election period, his view of COVID-19 looks to be unchanged, in that he feels COVID-19 is not as bad as the medical experts are saying, even though the facts and figures show that it is a very serious condition causing many serious problems.

It is not just the short-term of COVID-19, but for many who have contracted COVID-19, it is the long-term conditions, which in some are extremely serious.

America and the World will not have much longer with a Trump Presidency, but the outcomes of his Presidency could have very serious effects, certainly on Americans but also all parts of the World.

For when he is the former President of America, what other mischief will he be involved with and what will the consequences be, for not only America, but all of us.



Source: Trump: Millions Of Americans Getting COVID-19 Is ‘Terrific’ And A ‘Powerful Vaccine’ | HuffPost UK

Trump’s halt to WHO funding prompts condemnation as coronavirus cases near two million – Reuters

WASHINGTON/SYDNEY (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to halt funding to the World Health Organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic prompted condemnation on Wednesday from world leaders as recorded global infections approached the 2 million mark.


Source: Trump’s halt to WHO funding prompts condemnation as coronavirus cases near two million – Reuters

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Doesn’t Come Close To Protecting Workers’ Rights | HuffPost UK

For the past two years trade unions have been clear that any Brexit deal would have to safeguard rights at work, otherwise we couldn’t support it. Theresa May brushed off our concerns, insisting that her deal would “protect and enhance” rights at work. Well as of last week, we know for sure that it doesn’t.

And we’re not talking about abstract regulations here, the kind no one really understands. We’re talking about everyday protections that really matter to working people. Like paid holidays, rights for part-time workers, time off for working mums and dads, equal pay for women and limits on working hours.

These rights were won by trade unionists through the EU, and we’ve been clear that leaving the EU must not put them at risk. And building on that, working people need a long-term, binding guarantee that rights in the UK will keep pace with those across Europe.

But the government’s deal doesn’t come close to meeting this test.

In both the proposals for the transition period and for our future relationship with the EU – and whether we end up with the backstop or a free trade agreement – our rights are under real threat.

First, while the Tory right is up in arms about a transition where they say everything will stay the same, the reality is that on employment rights UK workers will lose out. Under the government’s plans, new EU rights that come into force after the transition won’t apply to UK workers.

Second, after the transition, the rights of British workers look set to fall far behind those of workers across Europe. And it’s not clear how any agreement on rights between the EU and UK will be enforced.

Third, and worst of all, the only employment rights commitments that cover our future relationship with the EU are in the draft Political Declaration. Unfortunately, this section of the agreement is non-binding: it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

A future government of Tory Brexiteers could easily ignore its intention and try to negotiate a free trade agreement that undermines our hard-won workplace protections.


Source: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Doesn’t Come Close To Protecting Workers’ Rights | HuffPost UK

Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

These rules and regulation do not make sense.

It is acknowledged that to gain more from an employee holidays need to be taken as no one can really work 52 weeks per year, otherwise they will be forced to take sick leave for stress.

However, UC is ignoring this right of holiday entitlement.

The DWP is effectively grinding people on benefit into the ground and then they will have no energy to do any work.

These sanction rules need to be seriously look at before they cause death or is that the ideology of the DWP approach for if people are dead then they will not be claiming benefits.

If this is so then the DWP are in effect murdering large areas of the UK population and as such the whole department should be placed on a murder charge.

The police are supposedly outwith the political arena, so therefore when will the police act.

Telling it as it is

Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person.

A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing.

This is Helen’s Story!

 Helens storyShe also says: I had a phone call last week saying that there is a new rule coming in and that even though I am working 30hours a week I have to start going to the job centre weekly again to “help” me find a second job to get me off credits altogether  if I don’t attend these meetings I will be sanctioned and penalised again! I have lost around £300 per month since I got swapped over to UC already and just feel like the government just don’t care about the stress they are putting on working families

Figures published in Nov 2105 show that 144000 claimants are now signed onto Universal Credit. 32.5 % are in work, that’s some 45827 people who are at…

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#Trump just defined the nature of a UK-US trade deal | New Economics Foundation

Trade and business expansion is a priority but not at the risk of safety and employee protection. We all need to watch this space very carefully, do not be side tracked and keep focused.


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Disabled father ‘is carried like CORPSE’ down the aisle of a busy Ryanair plane | Daily Mail Online

Neil Boffey (pictured) requested special boarding assistance on the flight from Barcelona to Manchester – but was not allowed on to the plane until after everyone else had taken their seats.

Source: Disabled father ‘is carried like CORPSE’ down the aisle of a busy Ryanair plane | Daily Mail Online