Lisa Nandy promises 166,000 new SRS properties and 243,000 fewer PRS properties per year for a net 77,710 FEWER properties per year! – Speye Joe

In January 2023, the 2021 Census for England & Wales revealed housing tenure facts to be: Owned outright        8,136,784 and 34.6% of all housing Mortgage paying&…


So, who is correct, Labour Shadow Housing Minister Lisa Nandy MP or her Leader of the Labour Party and the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer MP, for both can’t be right can they?

Yes more housing is required and the other question is where for Labour have said they wish to open the ‘Green Belt’ so how much of the ‘Green and pleasant Lands’ of the UK will we lose?

So many questions but who has the answers, well it appears not Labour for sure, but then nether do the Tories, so are we heading more more disasters?


Source: Lisa Nandy promises 166,000 new SRS properties and 243,000 fewer PRS properties per year for a net 77,710 FEWER properties per year! – Speye Joe

Donald Trump found to have sexually abused E Jean Carroll

The former US president described the ruling as a ‘disgrace’ and called it ‘the greatest witch hunt of all time’


Justice, but will it be if Trump is allowed to appeal, for he appeals all the time just to wear down the people he has abused, so they give up and leave him alone and in doing so they allow Trump to escape justice.

Trump won’t know the truth if it came and hit him in the face, but then what would anything wish to dirty themselves to come into contact with Trump.

Trump is what he is, everything a decent man should not be, for decent and Trump can never be said together.

But is it really Trump’s fault, he is what he is, way he is, for his upbringing brought him to that, his father made a fortune from properties, and his grandfather pimped to make a fortune. Much of that fortune Trump squandered on his poor business investments and his 6 bankruptcies, but then became President of America to gain another fortune, while apparently not paying all his taxes.

Trump is despicable and should ‘ROT’ in Hell or jail, whichever is easier.

Source: Donald Trump found to have sexually abused E Jean Carroll

I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

A DAD-of-two claims he is banned from buying his council flat because it was adapted for his disability. Antony Carter, who has cerebral palsy, had the bathroom in his South London studio converted…


This is so disgraceful and so discriminatory for why should an adapted property not be included, as it is more likely a person will stay much longer in an adapted property for themselves, as to a person who does not need any adaptations. so, I would like to be advised for the reasoning for this.

It is not as though adaptions will not be made in owner occupied properties, as they will be, but in owner occupied properties adaptions will be made, but any servicing and repairs costs could have to be borne by the occupant, especially after the warranty period, which is more than likely 5 years. Again even that is discriminatory as for rented property these costs are borne by the local authority for the period they are in the property and being used.

Why should an owner occupier have more costs than a renter and why should they not be allowed to apply to own the property after adaptions have been made,

This is, yet again, more discrimination on persons with disabilities.

Also, as there was this restriction at the time the adaptions were made, then it should have been that the Antony Carter was made aware of the restrictions before the decision to have the adaptations done.

Here, I feel Antony Carter as a claim against Lewisham Council for their inability to fully advise him and keep him informed. Surely, Lewisham or any authority has a Duty to do so.

Rights of persons with disabilities are no where as many as there should be and where there Rights many councils are failing to uphold these Rights, either through ignorance or in some instances deliberately hoping the person will not know their rights or if they do, not exercise them.

Even when people are aware that their Rights have not been adhered to there is an inability to take action due to the restrictions on obtaining Legal Aid due to Government interventions, thereby restricting peoples rights even further on persons who don’t have the ability by finance to take actions.

Thus increasing the gap between haves and have nots, making availability of legal assistance restrictive and not available to all persons, so restricting equality.



Source: I’m BANNED from buying my council flat because it was adapted for my disability – no one told me it’d be a problem | The Sun

Disabled Woman Fined More Than £1,000 For Parking In Disabled Spot | Same Difference

A disabled woman faces fines of more than £1,000 for using a disabled car parking space outside her flat. Cerys Gemma, who lives in Cardiff Bay, said the space allocated to her flat is inaccessible…


Here we have equality legislation being used in a way to discriminate against a disabled person maybe due to a misunderstanding, but also by the required persons or organisations not listening and maybe not wishing to listen.

We have the County Court, New Generation Parking Management and the Board of Directors of Ringley Group. With the County Court they should be looking at all the relevant legislation, including the Equality Act and also whether the Disabled Parking Bays do follow any legal requirements.

New Generation Parking Management need to look at the Equality Act and fully understand it, especially around reasonable adjustments, which they appear to not have considered. Also, why after some 2 years has the problem not been already brought to the Board of Directors of the Ringley Group, so why has New Generation Parking Management been negligent on this, but going for what they feel is the easy option of imposing fines on Cerys Gemma.

It should be the responsibility of, initially, the Board of Directors of the Ringley Group and then as the agents New Generation Parking Management to ensure the rights of all their residents are respected and this means understanding all relevant legislation and not to cause their residents, especially Cerys Gemma unreasonable distress and that is against the Disability Discrimination Rights of Cerys Gemma. Cerys appears to have a great case of being discriminated against by both New Generation Parking Management and the Board of Directors of the Ringley Group and misunderstanding of and not knowing of their obligations as to equality is no legal excuse.

Source: Disabled Woman Fined More Than £1,000 For Parking In Disabled Spot | Same Difference

Government says it’s too costly to give disabled people in fire risk blocks evacuation plans – The Big Issue

Campaigners say they are “devastated” after ministers rejected recommendations made following inquiry into the Grenfell fire


Everyone should be equal, but some are more equal than others as finance is a prime factor in creating equality when it shouldn’t be, as needs should be the main factor within any legislation to combat discrimination.

Disability discrimination was supposed to be dealt with through the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, amended by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and then replaced by the Equality Act 2010,

but written into these acts was the proviso, that  if adjustments were to be seen to be unreasonable then the adjustments did not need to be proceeded with and exorbitant costs were one of those provisos.

This could well be the reason for the rejected recommendations in the case of the Grenfell fire. But should costs be, really a reason to make safety not equal.

In building regulations these should be there to protect and when, especially, these regulations were not abided by, then, irrespective of costs all actions and recommendations should be carried through and make those who were at fault accountable.


Source: Government says it’s too costly to give disabled people in fire risk blocks evacuation plans – The Big Issue

Housing crisis cost us votes, says Michael Gove

The Housing Secretary says Tories have to learn lessons from local election results as anger at Boris Johnson grows


Maybe, but that will be only one of many reasons, some including, ‘Partygate’, Boris Johnson, inflation and others.



Source: Housing crisis cost us votes, says Michael Gove

Disabled People Feel Priced Out Of Existence By Rising Cost Of Living

This Government and many previous Governments by their actions and even inactions, show that they do not care about disabled people, no matter what they say, as actions speak louder than words.

There are many problems which disabled people have to encounter and many are not covered by current legislation being the Equality Act 2010,

It was not sufficient in 2010, but it was hoped it was a start, but now is even way more not sufficient.

Welfare benefits go some way to cover the costs to be equal and should not be judged as extra cash which is not used, as disability does increase the costs in endeavouring to live a reasonable life and certainly not a luxury life, which some people and organisation believe.

As when accessing social care persons are expected to contribute, but although there are Financial assessments these assessments don’t take into every account of costs involved in living a life. It is always you need to contribute, without any real investigation whether you can really afford to do so, as the system is there without any concpet of individual circumstances. There is much talk of ‘person-centred care, but in practice it is not really the centre, which it should be as the system is invariably the centre and systems don’t take individuals into account, just being a number in the system.

But, in effect this Government does not wish to recognise disablity let alone persons with disabilities. In fact, I tend to belo=ieve that this Government goes out of its way to ignore persons with disabilities to the extent that they would rather they not be there and then money will not need to be spent on them.

Same Difference

Sitting in her specially adapted bedroom, 15-year-old Ruby Walsh breathes slowly through a nebuliser, which covers her nose and mouth.

The teenager, who is deaf and blind, has cerebral palsy, and this is just one of the pieces of medical equipment needed to keep her alive.

But her need for a nebuliser, along with a ventilator and an oxygen concentrator, is pushing up her family’s energy bills at a time when money is already tight.

The cost of living squeeze means the family, who live in Basildon, Essex, have already seen their energy bills rise from £175 to £225 a month. They are reimbursed for the oxygen concentrator, but everything else comes out of the household budget.

Energy bills are set to rise even further after the energy cap rises on 1 April.

‘We just want a simple life’

Ruby is terminally ill and her mum, Charlotte Huzzey, wants…

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Tory MP who said Marcus Rashford should stick to the day job… has second job

In a private message to colleagues following England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final, Ms Elphicke said: ‘Would it be ungenerous to say Rashford should have spent more time perfecting his game and less time playing politics’


Well someone has to play politics, which is more than can be said for some MPs, especially this particular MP, Natalie Elphicke, the Conservative MP for Dover. She also has a second job, surprised she has the time to do this as well as her work as a MP.

Marcus is doing his best to right wrongs which this Government is causing, which should be what MPs should be doing but not, is it because of their second jobs or do they not care, or should I say both.

Marcus not only cares but is doing good work to try to effect change to make peoples lives better in the UK and not worse, which is what this Government is doing and being allowed to do by their MPs and to some extent by the Opposition MPs.

Marcus should be applauded and not castigated, he is supporting people with their Human Rights, not taking them away which this Government is doing by their actions and sometimes by their inactions.

Source: Tory MP who said Marcus Rashford should stick to the day job… has second job

Huge explosions rock Gaza as Israeli warplanes launch first airstrikes since ceasefire | Daily Mail Online

Israel’s military said the explosions were a response to the launching of incendiary balloons that caused fires in fields in southern Israel.



Here we have the classic no trust on both sides, similar to what we had in Northern Ireland, which is still not fully sorted, but peace has been kept to a major degree.

Israel are still allowing israeli settlemen ts on what the Palestians believe to be their land, so there needs to be some show of faith from Israel, otherwise nothing will ever be sorted. One side has to show contrition to show they can be trusted.

If there was one on whom I would expect this to be so, would be the Jewish faith for over the years they have and are still being subjected to acts against them, but they need to take the lead and to not be so distracted by act against them. To bomb Gaza as they are doing is way above the acts from Hamas. Surely a toned down response could be put in place.

It is easy for me to say, for I am not involved in either side, but in some instances eyes of others can be an advantage. This is so because the acts so far are not easing the situation just maintaining it and could well be making it much worse.

Source: Huge explosions rock Gaza as Israeli warplanes launch first airstrikes since ceasefire | Daily Mail Online

Shielders Need The Support Of A Mayor

This Government appears to ignore the problems experienced by vulnerable and at risk people in all that they do and have done for years, even prior to COVID-19.

Is this a deliberate action or do they just not understand the problems people are experiencing, however, no matter what it is extremely worrying that this Government have this abandonment policy.

Now which is it?

Initially, I believe it was, more likely a case of not understanding the problem, but since then much has been said to bring these problems to the attention of the Government.

But, in many aspects there has been an ‘air of indifference’ by this Government. For they may say the required words, but the lack of appropriate actions, speaks so loudly.

So, effectively it is a mixture of both, resulting in the abandonment policy.

It is, more than likely, that the people being abandoned by this Government will not be Conservative voters, so the Government thought could be, so what, if we abandon these people, to the eventual result of their death, for they will not increase the the support for Conservatives, but will reduce the support for the opposition parties.

But there is a major flaw in this. likely Government reasoning and that is new voters appearing due to the progression of age of new voters.

These new voters will have been following all these Government actions and are therefore, more than likely, to be offended and disgusted by the Governments actions and thereby, when they do attain the age of voting, they will be more inclined to support one of the opposition parties, than support the, current ruling, Conservative Party.

Or am I assuming too much insight thinking by the current Government and that they really are just ignorant dumbasses.

Same Difference

As coronavirus cases rise, headlines are dominated by northern leaders being forced by central government to accept inadequate financial aid packages. This is a shameful dereliction of duty by the Tories and is rightly attracting ire, both from regional mayors and the press. And yet it is striking that a similar thing is being done to another group – shielders – but with even less attention. New guidance for shielding for people at high risk because of underlying health conditions was released by the government last week, but without even a small offer of financial support. The new guidance advises “vulnerable people” in high alert areas to stay at home as much as possible, but offers no support to help them cope with paying the bills or accessing food and medicine. Even in the highest alert areas, if shielders are unable to do their jobs at home, the guidance only…

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