Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online

An Australian-American conservative political commentator found herself ‘sandwiched’ between two supremely overweight passengers on a recent American Airlines flight.



What is exactly an Australian American, surely you are either Australian or American, as this women studied her DNA and she is only a percentage American and Australian, when people can be a varied mixture of ethnicities. Then she had the audacity to label 2 persons obese, could it be that she is so thin. If she is that particular then she should have paid the premium so she could select the size seat that works best for her.

Good on American Airlines to rebuke her and so publicly, for you pay for what you get. She paid the standard fare and therefore should not expect special privledges, so what if she is a conservative political commentator, as she should not and doesn’t deserve special treatment.

She is guilty of abusing her fellow passengers and not respecting their Human Rights, she is extremely lucky not to being served a litigation order.


Source: Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online

Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

State laws are causing confusion and problems for US patients trying to access drugs, even when they are not for abortions, following the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade,1 with some doctors seeking legal advice before treating patients.Since the reversal of the constitutional right to abortion on 24 June 2022, about half of the 50 US states are now severely restricting the right to abortion or plan to do so soon, including medication abortions.In a joint statement2 made on 8 September, the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the National Community Pharmacists Association warned …



This is what occurs when people meddle in politics and the Law and the Law follows political leanings instead of looking after all human rights and the due process of medcial procedures.

For Methetrexate and maybe other medications are now in short supply or medicals are not prescribing them due to fears of creating actions for which legal actions could be taken aginst them, even though the said medications are not being used in these instances, but in other instances they could be.

Methetrexate is a well known medication for treating some forms of arthritis, but as it can also be used in abortions, now it is not readily available for suffers of arthritis. This is causing so much harm and needs to be addressed urgeently.

Americans, especially Republicans desist venturing into areas that you have no comprehension of.



Source: Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

Trump asks judge to block DOJ from viewing classified records seized from Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s lawyers said that there “is no indication any purported ‘classified records’ were disclosed to anyone.”


So what, that is not the question for it is ‘no documents should have been removed’ from the White House. Also when he removed them he was no longer the President and, if he believed he had declassified the documents did he, in fact, know the proces, as he apparently had very little knowledge what he could and couldn’t as being the President, let alone when he was no longer President. It is my belief he thought the President was similar to a dictator, which he appears to admire, for he feels dictators bget their way all the time, whch is what Trump has done since he was born But even Presidents are not and should not be above the Law, which Trump appears to believe he is.

His knowledge of everything is non-existent, as his Presidency did show. All he is good at is conning those who wish to be conned, which his supporters are or appear to be. For they are, by their actions, following the rule of Law according to Trump, rather than the rule of Law according to the US Constituation. He also feels that the Pledge of Allegience is to the President, rather than the ‘Flag of America’.

I also fail to understand some Judges in America, who provide judgements based on Politics, rather than the Law.



Source: Trump asks judge to block DOJ from viewing classified records seized from Mar-a-Lago

Scotland’s New Disability Benefits System Comes Into Force

One can only hope that this Scottish system will be better than the one for the whole of the UK, but, only time will tell.

The currently system is so clumbersome and the assessments appear to be ‘not fit for purpose’.

Where there is a willingness on Governments there are always opportunities for improvements, but with the UK Government this willingness appears to be not available. They appear to be more inclined to abuse disabled people rather than help them.

Same Difference

The Scottish government has begun taking over adult disability benefits from the UK government.

Until now, personal independence payments (PIP) or disability living allowance (DLA) have been provided by the UK government.

They are being replaced in Scotland by the new adult disability payment.

The process of automatically transferring recipients over is now under way, and the Scottish system is open to new applicants.

Scottish ministers have said that the process of applying for the new benefit will be “more compassionate”.

The changes have been welcomed by disability groups, although opposition politicians described them as “a missed opportunity”.

About 300,000 people in Scotland receive PIPs, while about 39,000 people are in receipt of DLA.

PIPs help people aged 16 to 64 cope with the extra costs they face due to ill health or disability, and are gradually replacing the DLA.

People already receiving either of those benefits will be automatically…

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How flying could be improved for passengers who use wheelchairs – The Washington Post

The Transportation Department has announced several measures, but advocates say progress is too slow.




This is disgraceful and very discrimitary for a wheelchair is an intergrel part of a person, as it is realy the equivalent of the legs of a non-wheelcair user and no one would expect a person to become adrift of their legs.

But profit is deemed more important than the human rights of persons who use wheelchairs.

In planes there should be either specific places where people in wheelchairs could continue to sit in their wheelchairs as there are in all other forms of transport, or seats should be able to be removed in order that a wheelchair could be placed instead. Much of this would require isles on planes to be much wider, thereby reducing the seating capacity, hence a loss of revenue and profits.

Also the rights to damages and compensation should be more available and should be paid in days of a claim being made, if not immediately.

Un til then persons in wheelchairs are not being granted the same rights as other passengers which should be illegal.

The airlines are effectively guilty of a lack of Duty of Care.

Source: How flying could be improved for passengers who use wheelchairs – The Washington Post

Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ

Yes, the US Supreme Court decision to overturn roe v Wade is a great reduction on the rights of women in the US and could for many women in other countries. It shows how politics and religion should not have as much say in the Law that it does in America. America is now so less ‘Free’ for women in America especially those who are poor and of a non-white ethnicity. The health of these women is now at serious risk and even there lives, but is it a surprise that many Republicans are in favour of the ending of abortion rights, while many who wish for abortions are less likely to be Republicans, perhaps this is another way to reduce the Democrat vote.

Lets do hope that many states in America do not go and restrict or stop abortion totally and that this is not repeated in other countries, women’s rights need to be maintained and now, even, more so.

Source: Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ

Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid  | Daily Mail Online

Donald Trump on Monday claimed his passports were ‘stolen’ in the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago last week, which would mean he could not leave the country.


Trump is doing what he always does which is inflaming a situation for his own political motives. On one hand he says he wishes to help the DOJ, while in reality he is doing the complete opposite.

If he has done no wrong then why not be compliant and not do all he can to inflame his own base into a resurrection, just as he did on the assault on the Capitol on 6 Jan.


Source: Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid  | Daily Mail Online

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home searched by FBI, former president says | The Independent

Raid may have been carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into the ex-president’s alleged theft of classified materials and included a search of his safe


So what, Trump needs to abide by the Laws of America and not the Laws of Trump, for his laws have no legal standing. However, Trump is only not willing to abide, he is totally against doing so, for he has a very much misguided view of his own importance, for after all he is just another US resident.


Source: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home searched by FBI, former president says | The Independent

Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

By Dr Caroline Emberson Over the past 18 months, I have been collaborating with other researchers to investigate the vulnerability of paid, migrant, live-in care workers in London to modern slavery. Most live-in care workers in the UK are migrants, and a high proportion travel to and from their home countries between client placements. Understanding […]



Many believe that slavery was abolished in the late 18th and early 19th century,  and in effect that concept was, but slavery is still around. Now it is known a modern slavery,  and is more common than people would expect.

Modern slavery includes but are not limited to:

sexual exploitation
domestic servitude
forced labour
criminal exploitation
other forms of exploitation: organ removal; forced begging; forced benefit fraud; forced marriage and illegal adoption.

In the UK there is the Modern Slavery Act 2015, but persons affected by Modern Slavery are trafficked, so it is essential that everybody associated with areas where Modern Slavery could be need to ensure all aspects are monitored to minimise modern slavery being there.

Even when the legitimate employments are known there are no or very little employment rights and this needs addressing, with a register of every known employment and employee being included. But, even then more needs to be done, more inspections with a sufficiently resourced team of investigators. Each employee needs to be reassured that their rights will be respected and this means if there are terminations for any reasons, then other suitable employments need to be found and their immigration status will not be affected.

Local Authorities need to be fully finance to undertake these responsibilities and the Government and Ministers need to be made accountable and transparent in the dealings with these employments and combatting Modern Slavery.


Source: Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

A council wrongly stopped funding family holidays for two disabled brothers by adopting a “restrictive and wrong” intepretation of the Care Act 2014. That was the verdict of the Court of Appeal in a judgment last week, in which it rejected an appeal brought by Suffolk County Council against a High Court ruling last year that […]



Local Authorities (LAs) are so poorly funded after 10 years of austerity cuts and then substantial COVID costs that many do all they can to cut costs to spread the meagre funding for social care as far as they can.

This requires that many needs are left unfunded and in doing so risk legal action, but it is far from easy to undertake legal actions against LAs, due to the Government changing Legal Aid eligibility, so many persons with unmet needs fail because of LAs underfunding and them trying to spread costs further and then the person with unmet needs not being able to bring legal remedies due to the limited eligibility criteria.

This and previous Governments doing all it can to ensure vulnerable people will have many unmet needs outstanding.

But do they care, well not for the vulnerable people.


Source: Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care