Defence Minister refuses to grant Afghan pilot who helped UK right to stay in UK and is being threatened with deportation to Rwanda, no way to treat an Afghan veteran

Defense Minister James Heappey MP is wrong and no matter how the Afghan war hero pilot got to the UK he should be allowed to stay in the UK.

Not his fault there was no legal way for him to enter the UK that is the fault of this Tory government of which the Defence Minister James Heappey MP is a member of.

More legal ways are needed and this should be a priority for the Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP and this would go a long way to reduce the illegal ways and the number of small boats arriving. The other is to target the persons arranging these passages for it is them that need punishing not the boat people who are at the mercy of these criminals. The media seem to find out who they are, so why can’t the authorities in charge of policing and security.

Why not use some of the money being given to France to reduce the boats coming to the UK, to set UK immigration centres in France. Now that would be good use of the money and would further reduce the use of small boats.

Suella Braverman retoric about people in the UK should be trained to do the jobs beingt done by some immigrants, is not the way, yes, they should be employed, but in ways beter with the skills they have. To force someone to do jobs they are not qualified for, even with some training could well means the jobs are not done well and that could be much worse. Suella Braverman ploy is to ready herself for any future areas for promotions, such as a future prime Minister, so that will be her task not reducing any immigration. Before she could qualify as a future Prime Minister she has to not just talk, but show results in her current job as Home Secretary, otherwise she will not be qualified for any other jobs, perhaps she needs retraining or perhaps training.

Immigration has to be used as a means to cover employment areas where there are deficiencies and also help people who have aided the UK in many ways, as well as keeping to our international obligations.

This is what is expected of the UK as a country of freedom, sanctuary and tolerance.

Yes, we do need to control our borders but with decency, trust and respecting human rights.

The UK is based on various forms of immigration and conquests over centuries and in the main the UK is better for it all.

We embrace and accept many cultures which is for the good of everyone within the UK, even the few racists among us.

I did vote for Brexit, but immigration was not part of my agenda, I just didn’t want to be ruled by the EU. We have enough problems with the UK government in London, so I didn’t want more control from a Europen government.

I was happy being in the old European Economic Community, (EEC), while it was supposed to be just a trade agreement, but when it became clear political union was to come, then I wanted out.

So this Tory government do your duty and respect those who have put their own safety at risk to help the UK where and when it needed. Please resect Human Rights.

Please, Defense Minister James Heappey MP show this Afghan pilot the respect he has earned and allow him to stay in the UK and all others who have similarly done so. If you don’t then you are guilty of having no respect for anyone.


Mum’s fury after blue badge row in Morrisons supermarket leaves her ‘shaken’ – Mirror Online

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Hannah Campbell was confronted in the car park of a supermarket in Derbyshire by someone who inferred she should not have a blue disabled badge



Yes, there will be a minority abusing the Blue Badge system for there are always a few people who will abuse anything. Unfortunately UK governments and the media have taken this abuse and made it so much more than it is.

Take the welfare benefit system, which is geared to hinder people in need of welfare benefits than help them and, if those entitled to the benefits then get them they are totally insufficient to fully help them financially as the benefits are why too low and should always be linked to the rate of inflation.

Then the media there are only 2 occasions when the media gets involved, one is when it is proved the DWP are making mistakes and delaying or refusing a benefit to which a person is legally entitled to and this the DWP do more often than not. So then the media is bringing out an injustice, but these happen so rarely when injustices are occurring all the time.

The other occasions are when the media concentrates on possible scroungers, the media really go to town on this and the programmes make great big headlines, so much bigger than those when people are illegally refused or delayed benefits. For bad make great good press while good doesn’t.

So both the government and media are so pushing bad examples more than good, so the UK population is being influenced to believe the benefit fraud is far greater than it really is. Lets look at when there was MPs claiming expenses illegally well the percentage of the MPs doing so was far greater than the percentage of people claiming benefits illegally.

Just by looking at someone, no one can judge if they are disabled and to what degree, even if physical disabilities can be seen, by looking it can’t be seen the degree of pain and suffering that is being caused.

With fraud let the authorities deal with it.

Source: Mum’s fury after blue badge row in Morrisons supermarket leaves her ‘shaken’ – Mirror Online

Keir Starmer to give millions of EU nationals the vote

Labour leader accused of wanting to rig general elections by letting migrants who live in UK and pay tax have a say



If Starmer really wishes to reform the UK Election system, why does he not also bring in PR, (Proportional Representation), for this would really mean every vote counts.

However, neither Starmer for Labour Party  or even a Tory Party will do so for then the monopoly of both parties to reach Majority governments would be minimised, but could encourage more people to vote, that is if they have the appropriate voter ID.

With PR the UK would more likely to have coalition governments , than a single party in power.

If, was with me, I would not only do all of the above being, PR, lower voting age to 16/17 year olds and votes for all UK citizens but also

  1. have a full election for every Prime Minister, (PM), separate to that of electing MPs
  2. electing the Prime Minister would be on a Party basis so every candidate for PM would have to issue their own Manifesto
  3. the candidates for PM need not be elected MPs, so neither would the elected PM need to be a MP
  4. the winning PM be held accountable to follow all in their Manifesto
  5. to elect MPs, this would be done on a non-party basis, so on each ballot paper only the name of the candidate would appear and not the party they are from
  6. they too would have to issue their own Manifesto and on winning should be held accountable for following all in their own manifesto
  7. when voting in Parliament they would have to consider their own Manifesto and also the views of all of their constituents, so to do so each MP would need to find a method of obtaining these views, so much more regular contact than at present.
  8. Ministers need not be a MP
  9. If a PM or any MP who became a Minister could well have to relinquish their seat and another election for that seat be held

Now I believe that would be true democracy, which we currently don’t have for Parties have too much influence on sitting MPs, especially through the Whips, which wouldn’t be required. For MPs would need to be fully accountable to all their constituents and if not, actions by constituents could be taken to replace their MP.


Source: Keir Starmer to give millions of EU nationals the vote

India to demand treasures including Koh-i-Noor in colonial ‘reckoning’

Narendra Modi targets crown jewels and museum artefacts in repatriation campaign that dwarfs Greece’s attempt to reclaim Elgin marbles


Yes, the UK has much reckoning to do, but will it do it, well if not a trade deal may not be available.


Source: India to demand treasures including Koh-i-Noor in colonial ‘reckoning’

Is Keir Starmer the heir to Boris Johnson? – New Statesman

The Tories’ 2019 victory was due to the popularity of their policies, not their leader. Labour could use the same strategy.


A good question, and in some respects he may be, but on many others he is not, for I don’t believe he is the Party Animal that Boris was and may be still is. For no one partied like Boris, even Boris didn’t know when he was partying, but may be he was not telling the full truth on that, but then what politician does?


Source: Is Keir Starmer the heir to Boris Johnson? – New Statesman

Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Rolf Harris is reportedly in a poor state after his health has deteriorated it has been claimed after it emerged the disgraced star was secretly battling neck cancer


While I would never wish anyone any ill will did Harris ever have any respect for any of his victims.

‘Harris was released from jail in May 2017 after serving three years of his five years and nine-month sentence after being found guilty of 12 counts of sexual assault, one of which was later overturned.’. Irrespective on whether the sentence was sufficient for his crimes and should have been longer, he came out and then continued to live his life, but his victims will have had a life sentence and the memories will never go away, even after the eventual demise of Harris.

Some could say that him succumbing to neck cancer is some justification, in that he is now suffering, but not as equivalent to his victims suffering and not only them, but their families as well.


Source: Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Boris Johnson wanted to send Rishi Sunak message telling him ‘you’re a c**t’ – Mirror Online

The ex-PM found the explicit video to send to Mr Sunak after he quit as chancellor in what he saw as ‘the great betrayal of all time’, according to former No10 spin doctor Guto Harri


Well, the response could be ‘It takes one to know one’, but that would lower the tone to that of Johnson.

Really Boris had his time, but he then ‘partied’ the time away and has to suffer the result, for we are all having to and we didn’t even attend any party, well for one we weren’t aware there were any and another we were abiding by the COVID-19 restrictions brought in by Boris. We appeared to understand then, but apparently he didn’t or thought he was above them.

So, Boris you had more than your day, just go home and why not have your belated leaving party, because now you are allowed to.


Source: Boris Johnson wanted to send Rishi Sunak message telling him ‘you’re a c**t’ – Mirror Online

The mystery of King Charles’ missing diamond – POLITICO

What a historic gem reveals about Britain’s place in the modern world.


There are many missing diamonds in the life of King Charles III, Princess Diana for one, for while she did her Duty and produced a heir and another she is not around to savour what is and has now been occurring. I won’t go over old ground, but in reality, although she was promised to be Queen Consort, she was never likely to be for she was there to provide a heir to replace Charles when his demise comes. For Charles, his only one true love was and is Camilla, but originally he was not allowed to marry her, I believe, maybe because she was brought up in her father’s religion of Roman Catholicism, but there are many theories.

But as to the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is said to have been gifted, but gifted in the 1800s to gifted now could have many differing meanings, none of which make the UK look too good.

It should be returned to India, but, then, that would open the ‘floodgates’ and many more of the Crown Jewels and also many artifacts in UK Museums could also need to be returned. Should this mean that none of them be returned, well the answer should be No, but it would deplete the treasures in the UK, but then they are not really ours.

There are many curses from colonialism this being but one, for they were extremely unpleasant times for the inhabitants of the countries the Western powers invaded, on the premise of archaeological advancements and enlightenment of Western freedoms and religion. The freedoms were a very long time coming, but slavery was not and religious enlightenment was more take it on board or die.

The Western powers were supposed to be Christians, but little Christian principles were evident at that time, just enslavement, profiteering and in many instances deaths.

The UK and the Western powers have much to be ashamed of, but in reality the sense of power still reigns supreme and certainly so within the Royal Family and The Establishment.

Charles said he wished to bring more diversity to his Coronation, which he did a little, but could have done so much more, for it was to a very large extent still overburdened in Christianity and Power.

Lets hope when William become King William V diversity will be very much more, well that is assuming the Monarchy will still be around for its popularity still continues to descend, especially within the youth of the UK.

However, will the alternative be worse or better, for that would most likely mean the UK becoming a Republic and the examples of those leave a lot to be desired.

If we were already a Republic, we could have had a President Tony Blair, President Boris Johnson, President Liz Truss and to come maybe President Keir Starmer.

On that note I say long live the Monarchy, but perhaps only a short reign from Charles and a much longer one for William.


Source: The mystery of King Charles’ missing diamond – POLITICO

Trump found liable for sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll, ordered to pay $5M – The Washington Post

E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexually assaulting her during an encounter at a Manhattan department store. He has denied her allegations, calling her a liar.


Yes, Trump found liable for sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll, ordered to pay $5M, but will he pay, well not straight away for Trump will do what he always does, appeal and appeal and appeal, hoping by making all these appeals E Jean Carroll will give up, or even worse there is a miscarriage of justice and Trump wins an appeal.

Is this the start of the end for Trump, well there are very many who will wish so, but for the end the Republican Party needs to get some ‘Guts’ and prove they are really a Party of worth and kick Trump aside.

Trump could then stand as an Independentfor his loyal, although Stupid supporters would still support him. If Trump is so rich as he wishes us all to believe, except the IRS, to whom he pleads poverty, he could afford his own Candidacy, but won’t for he is too mean for that. Instead, he will plead to his supporters for funding to do so and with their ‘Blind’ faith in him will stupidly do so.

Whats happenened to the mentality of the Republican Party and those so poor Trump supporters, has it been shreaded into nonentity? I so, believe so!!


Source: Trump found liable for sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll, ordered to pay $5M – The Washington Post

Donald Trump found to have sexually abused E Jean Carroll

The former US president described the ruling as a ‘disgrace’ and called it ‘the greatest witch hunt of all time’


Justice, but will it be if Trump is allowed to appeal, for he appeals all the time just to wear down the people he has abused, so they give up and leave him alone and in doing so they allow Trump to escape justice.

Trump won’t know the truth if it came and hit him in the face, but then what would anything wish to dirty themselves to come into contact with Trump.

Trump is what he is, everything a decent man should not be, for decent and Trump can never be said together.

But is it really Trump’s fault, he is what he is, way he is, for his upbringing brought him to that, his father made a fortune from properties, and his grandfather pimped to make a fortune. Much of that fortune Trump squandered on his poor business investments and his 6 bankruptcies, but then became President of America to gain another fortune, while apparently not paying all his taxes.

Trump is despicable and should ‘ROT’ in Hell or jail, whichever is easier.

Source: Donald Trump found to have sexually abused E Jean Carroll