Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Liked Posts Calling For Killing Democratic Politicians: Reports | HuffPost UK

This is really disturbing and shows how FAKE facts can influence activists.
While I respect ‘Freedom of Speech’ there is some speech where it is debatable to allow, especially should this be to incite the breakdown of ‘Law and Order’.


Source: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Liked Posts Calling For Killing Democratic Politicians: Reports | HuffPost UK

Who’s Exempt From Wearing Masks?

While I agree that exemptions from wearing face-masks are necessary I also feel that some people who just objection to wearing face-masks and are not officially exempt will abuse the current exemption system and just download the exemption notice.

It may be that the people who would abuse the exemption system will be minimal, but that could be so, for people who abuse the Blue Disability badge.

Should that be so, then there should be a similar provision for exemption from wearing face-masks as there is for having a Blue disability badge.

When face-masks were made mandatory it was felt this would only be so for a short period as the COVID-19 would disappear eventually, especially when there are vaccines available.

But, as it may now be that there are many persons refusing to have the vaccines, then the expected full immunity within and outwith the UK may not occur and face-masks will need to be worn for much longer and this could be for the foreseeable future and may be forever. If there was to be a vaccine passport suitably dated and renewed on every vaccine a person has, then persons having a vaccine passport may then be exempt, but this will be dependent on whether persons vaccinated will not be able to then transmit the virus. But with mutations this may not be possible.

I, therefore, feel the Government have, not only, to issue vaccine passports, but have an official face-mask exemption system.

This will provide more support for the wearing of face-masks and diminish those who are prepared to abuse the exemption.

This will not only make everyone feel safer, but will eliminate the challenges to those persons who are officially exempt from wearing face-masks.

Same Difference

“My heart races, I get really hot and start sweating, I start shaking, all the noise in the shop seems to get louder and the lights seem to get brighter.”

That’s how it feels when Georgina Spray puts on a face covering.

The 21-year-old has autism and is exempt from wearing one. But she’s so worried about being confronted, she chooses to put one on anyway.

The problem for Georgina is there’s still no official way of proving you’re exempt.

Face coverings are compulsory in almost all public indoor areas across the UK.

And with many of the big supermarkets saying they’ll deny entry to people who don’t wear masks unless there’s a genuine reason, Georgina worries the chance of abuse rises.

So, who counts as ‘exempt’?

The list is long and fairly vague. Around the UK advice is slightly different but in general, if you can’t put one on…

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GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

It would now appear that some Republicans in the Senate and Congress have now come to their senses and see Trump for what he is, no matter how belatedly this is.

For Trump has done and still is causing serious damage to the Republican Party, who now appear to see to it that Trump can never be elected to Governing Office again.

I feel it is forgone that the Impeachment resolution will have no problems coming through the Congress, but the hurdle will be the Senate.


Source: GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

‘Vintage white rage’: Why the riots were about the perceived loss of white power

The actions of supposed Trump supporters in Washington DC and their invasion of the US Capitol building and wanton destruction of areas within the building are a blight on Society.

These rioters or more correctly terrorists, feel they have lost or losing the right of white supremacy, but, in reality this assumed right should never have been there. In fact, supremacy of any racial element should never be allowed, for we all have a right to life and be respected in any country in which we reside. Colour, gender, religion, ethnicity and any other areas should not have a right to have power over others.

People have to learn to live together and that no one should have any supremacy over others.

The white settlers who populated what is now known as America, used their superior power to overcome the Native Americans and this again was not right, for the white settlers invaded any other country and did not respect the original inhabitants.

But this was at a time of Colonial power, when the Western Colonial powers used the superior fire power to invade and suppress the native in habitants of many countries, which they believed were inferior. But they were not inferior, but different and that should never be an excuse to discriminate against others.

With the forthcoming President Elect Joe Biden this is an opportunity for all Americans to show they can respect each other and be able to live together for the good of each other and America. In doing this they will set a good example to others in other counties of this World and by doing so, will show that America is Great, but not Great Again, for they were never Great only assumed Great due to the abuse of power they exerted on others.

The isolationism shown by Trump is and never was Great for America, but by showing respect for each other Great can be said.

Lets all embrace togetherness and do not look on the bad examples of the past on the way to live now. The past can never be changed, now and the future can be.



Source: ‘Vintage white rage’: Why the riots were about the perceived loss of white power

Trump pledges ‘orderly’ transition after riot and Biden win certification – CNNPolitics

Trump pledges ‘orderly transition’, but does Trump understand what an ‘orderly transition’ means, for all his actions, currently, appear to show he does not.

For Trump does not understand ‘Law and Order’, unless it is law and order inline with Trump’s views. For as we saw yesterday he inspired his supporters to riot and invade the US Capitol and enter both the Senate and Congress and demean their authority.

This is not what should be expected from a President of America and shows even more so that he is unfit to hold such office, therefore the 25th Amendment needs to be enacted, immediately, to counter any other demeaning or even worse actions from Trump.

Everyone of his supporters who entered the US Capitol should be arrested and charged with criminal damage and actions to cause injury and even death of authorised persons who were in the US Capitol legally.

I would also query the actions of the Police and other forces who were supposed to stop this mob of Trump supporters from entering the US Capitol, but instated, appeared to stand back and allow them unofficial entry.

This action certainly does not correspond with the actions taken against ‘Black Lives Matter’, (BLM) and other such protests.

The actions of the Police and other security forces all over America  also need to be investigated, as there appears to be vast differences in how these forces deal with protests that are for Trump and those that are against him, is there some aspect of less engagement against the former and more intense engagement with the latter. This also appears to be the case in dealing with white and non-white persons, with the latter been dealt with more aggressively than the former.

Yesterday the Trump supporters and even Trump, acted as terrorists and they, all should be dealt with accordingly.

The lack of equality within America is there for all to see, for it appears to be the ‘Land of the Free’ depending on racial factors, instead for all.

The Human Rights for many in America appear to be in question.


Source: Trump pledges ‘orderly’ transition after riot and Biden win certification – CNNPolitics

Trump keeps admitting he lost – The Washington Post

Trump knows full well that he lost, for he is not an idiot, although he is very successful in portraying one, but his ego will not allow him.

He has gone all his life trying to go round authority, rules and laws, as his upbringing allowed him to think he could get away with everything, mainly using his wealth to destroy anyone he wishes to.

But the Law does eventually catch up and for Trump, hopefully this is the occasion and again, hopefully it will take his family with him.


Source: Trump keeps admitting he lost – The Washington Post

Trump’s call with Georgia’s Raffensperger could be illegal, but it would be hard to prosecute, experts say

I would say this situation is worthy of investigation as are many other aspects of Trump’s Presidency and irrespective of the the outcomes should render him incapable of standing for any election ever again.

He has by his many actions shown his incapacity to Govern and many of his actions should now be deemed void because of his incapacities.



Source: Trump’s call with Georgia’s Raffensperger could be illegal, but it would be hard to prosecute, experts say

Maskless crowd ‘chant ‘Covid is a hoax” outside St Thomas’s Hospital | Daily Mail Online

This is disgraceful and shows why the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing.

While I agree with ‘Freedom of Speech, it needs to be legally curtailed when it infringes the Freedom of others.

It is showing complete disrespect for our health service and all health service workers, while, not only putting themselves at risk, but more importantly the lives of others.


Source: Maskless crowd ‘chant ‘Covid is a hoax” outside St Thomas’s Hospital | Daily Mail Online

Trump vetoes massive defense bill despite overwhelming GOP support – CNNPolitics

This is Trump for he will do anything to get his  way, so he vetoes a Bill passed by both the House and Senate with very large majorities, a Bill that  includes pay raises for America’s soldiers, modernisations for equipment and provisions to require more scrutiny before troops are withdrawn from Germany or Afghanistan. He does not care, for he is no friend of America and Americans.

The sooner he is out of Office the better and then he and his family can be arrested for all the crimes they have committed.

It is said he will give himself and his family pardons, but surely pardons can’t be granted before charges are brought, for his pardons make a mockery of American justice.

I welcome the 20 January 2021, when Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of America and even more so the 21 January 2021 when Trump and his family can be arrested.




This is TrumpSource: Trump vetoes massive defense bill despite overwhelming GOP support – CNNPolitics

Brexit could cause break-up of UK, says ex-Chancellor George Osborne | Daily Mail Online

So, George Osbourne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, is saying Brexit could be the cause of the break up of the UK, well, if it is then so be it.

But, it is not Brexit, but the actions of previous Governments, with Brexit being the easiest reason to put forward, for previous Governments, be they Labour or Conservative, could not be the cause, could they!

George was never in favour of Brexit, but, then, I was never in favour of George.

Brexit will, eventually, be good for England and any other country within the UK who stays with England.

As to Brexit, I did vote to leave and my conviction to do so, is only strengthened more each day, when I see how the EU is prolonging the discussions on the terms of a Trade Deal between the UK and the EU, for they only wish to punish the UK for daring to leave the EU and to show others who are not happy being in the EU, how they would be treated, if they wished to leave,

What I would say, is if I had known in 1975 what I know now I would have voted to leave then, instead, I mistakenly voted to stay in 1975, my worst vote ever.

Goodbye EU, but hello Europe, for we wish to trade with Europe not the EU.


Source: Brexit could cause break-up of UK, says ex-Chancellor George Osborne | Daily Mail Online