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Labour’s Emma Dent Coad says devastating poverty is sparking return of preventable Victorian illnesses in UK’s richest area

Residents in the Grenfell Tower borough are suffering from tuberculosis and rickets, Kensington’s MP has warned in a shocking report on inequality affecting the UK’s richest local authority.

Labour’s Emma Dent Coad warned Victorian illnesses were returning due to devastating poverty levels affecting some of Kensington’s roughly 160,000 residents.

The damning report, titled “After Grenfell: Housing and Inequality in Kensington and Chelsea”, found multiple instances of children being admitted to hospital with hypocalceamic shock that caused them to collapse due to a lack of calcium.

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With the DWP and their co-assassins Atos and Capita continuing to reassess claimants with regressive conditions just promotes how stupid and ignorant these assassinators are in their understanding of health conditions from which no one will recover only get progressively worse.

A reassessment would only be relevant should it be undertaken to assess needs for more support and help and not as it appears to be to reduce the extensive care packages already in existence.

If these death producing organisations are truly looking to reduce the whole financial outlay for welfare benefits, then the only sensible way forward would be to not reassess, unless a more extensive care package is being considered.

As they are not doing, then the only conclusion that can be put forward is that they are attempting to save money by creating conditions for these claimants to die more quickly than their health conditions would suggest.

In other words it is Governmental Assassination.

Govt Newspeak

The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise Parkinson's UK's figures

Millions of pounds is being wasted on reassessing people with Parkinson’s for benefits even though their condition will never improve, campaigners have warned.

Analysis by Parkinson’s UK suggests it will cost £3 million to reassess everyone with Parkinson’s as they switch over from disability living allowance (DLA) to its replacement personal independence payment (PIP).

Parkinson’s disability allowance reassessments ‘wasting £3m’ – BBC News

The charity says £1.3 million of this will be spent reassessing those who were already judged to have the highest level of need.

The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise the figures and there are a higher proportion of people with Parkinson’s on the highest rate of PIP than there are on DLA.

Phil Reynolds, senior policy and campaigns adviser at Parkinson’s UK, said: “Under PIP, people with Parkinson’s are being forced through a broken assessment process that fails to understand that they…

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My own views on religions are contained in my post from 2012, Religions, what are they for? and in many ways my thoughts have not changed.

So I do not wish to remove any religions from today’s world, but they all do need to reflect how their supposed original teachings or basic concepts relate to the world as it is now. None should debase the others and their followers need to act accordingly as tolerance and understanding of others points of view should be, always, the way forward.


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The three Abrahamic religions started up way back in the dawn of time – in a time of medieval ignorance.

Judaism has its roots 3000 years ago.

Christianity 2000 years ago.

Islam 1500 years ago.

They originated in nomadic tribes of Arabs in a small area of the Middle East renowned for its many sects and religious fanatics.

They all claim that ‘God’ spoke to their originator when they were alone in a cave, up a mountain or in the wilderness – with no witnesses.

None of the originators wrote anything down.

The writings in the holy books were either accumulated from the prevailing genesis stories or myths or written down generations later from accounts passed down by word of mouth. Yet the adherents claim they are the exact word of God (despite the inconsistencies, obvious social context pertaining to that Arab culture, ambiguities and contradictions).

These holy words have…

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“This would be putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department.”



President Trump is expected to nominate Penny Nance, an anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion, and anti-feminist activist, to be the “Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues,” a position created under President Obama.

Since 2010, Nance has led the Concerned Women for America (CWA), a Christian social policy organization that has been listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. She doesn’t believe that efforts to restrict health coverage for women are part of a “war on women,” but she used that term to describe the Violence Against Women Act. And she claims that legal abortion is worse than the Holocaust.

Planned Parenthood slammed the choice this weekend, with executive vice president Dawn Laguens saying the nomination “would be [like] putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department.” According to Laguens, CWA called the Office of Global Women’s Issues, which Nance would oversee, a “wasteful and unnecessary idea.”

Indeed, Nance seems more concerned about men. In 2015, she infamously took to Fox News to attack the Disney film Frozen (which had already been available on DVD for nearly a year) for framing men only as villains and fools. “We want to raise heroes,” she said. “We want to raise real men who will stick in their families and be great dads and great providers and great husbands” — as if there were no films portraying men as virtuous. She said it was great that films like Frozen empower women, but it shouldn’t come “at the cost of tearing down men.” Nance ended the interview insisting, “We want to encourage masculinity and not villainize masculinity. We’re Concerned Women for America and we’re the women’s group who love men — real men.”

The litany of of CWA’s toxic legacy is long. For example, CWA was an ardent defender of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “Her predicament is the direct result of the lawlessness promoted by the Supreme Court of the United States itself with its unconstitutional Obergefell decision,” Nance said at the time.

CWA has also opposed transgender equality, regularly reinforcing the trope that allowing transgender people to access spaces that match their gender identity somehow endangers other people. And like other social conservative organizations, the group promotes abstinence-only education and condemns premarital sex.

Nance is also a member of the Council for National Policy, the secretive right-wing network that urged Trump to sign a sweeping executive order protecting “religious liberty,” a draft of which leaked back in February. It would have explicitly allowed for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, and premarital sex.

In September, Nance bragged in an interview that social conservative groups like hers had “unprecedented” access to the Trump White House. That access would only increase if, as expected, she is selected for the women’s ambassador position. But Nance’s history shows she’d only be speaking on behalf of a very narrow slice of the female population — straight, cisgender women who oppose abortion, reject feminism and never have sex outside of marriage.

Source: Trump to nominate notorious anti-feminist to be ‘Ambassador for Women’ : Think Progress

David Hencke

liz truss Liz Truss former Lord Chancellor Pic credit:BBC


Michael Gove and Liz Truss, two former Lord Chancellors,  the former lord chief justice, Lord Thomas, six High Court judges and  heads of the tribunal services are facing lthe prospect of legal action for victimisation and racial discrimination by three fellow black and Asian  judges and a black former tribunal member following a ground breaking ruling by the Supreme Court. An article appears in this week’s Tribune magazine.

The virtually unreported Supreme Court judgement last week, which involved interpreting an EU equality treatment directive, is seen by campaigners as removing immunity claimed by the Ministry of Justice, the Metropolitan Police, magistrates and tribunal bodies, barristers, solicitors, doctors and dentists disciplinary bodies, from the Equality Act when handling misconduct inquiries.

It will also apply to disciplinary hearings involving sexual and gender discrimination and disabled people.

The original case was brought…

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The planet earth is doggedly designed to withstand forces of different kind, but they’re limit to everything. Man had been unkind to our mother earth; pushing her to react in protest to negative effects resulting from activities melted against her. The reaction that originated from our actions and inactions had caused us uncountable losses of lives and valuables.  All efforts to restrict natures anger is been resisted in vengeance by different forces like tsunami, hurricane, earthquakes, wild fire and many more.

We might be late but starting to retrace our steps is the best we can do to safe the remains of this earth. We have but this world and protecting it wouldn’t be an option but the only option. What is left of us? And What is it we can do to safeguard our world? Safety is a lifeline towards protecting our world.

The most beautiful things of life deserves…

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The minister for disabled people has dismissed a damning UN report on her government’s disability rights record, arguing that the rest of the world should instead be learning from the UK’s policies. Penny Mordaunt was speaking weeks after the UN’s committee on the rights of persons with disabilities said the government’s social protection policies had caused a “human catastrophe” for disabled people. The short debate was secured by the SNP’s Deidre Brock, but took place towards the end of the parliamentary week, when most MPs had returned to their constituencies, so only a handful of MPs were in the Commons chamber to hear the debate. Brock said the government’s austerity policies were responsible for causing disabled people “a river of human misery”. And she said the UN committee had criticised the government’s “austerity fetish” and had called on the government to “backtrack” on its cuts to independent living support. Brock called on Mordaunt to promise to include disabled people and

Source: UK wants to promote its disability policies to rest of the world, says Mordaunt | DisabledGo News and Blog

The theory of Occupational Therapy and it application in practice. In effect re-educating a person on how to adapt from changing or changed circumstances to proceed with a reasonable approach to life and living.

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Description of Subject

The activity entails watching a 52-year-old woman named Mary who is cooking in a kitchen. She is wearing a black skirt, a white blouse and black sandals with red stripes. In addition, she has a brown skin, brown eyes and a grey spiky hair. Moreover, she is about 5 feet tall.

Apparently, the woman belongs to a Christian family; thus she is domiciled in Montgomery, Alabama. On the other side, Mary is the only surviving daughter of her siblings. She is the mother of two daughters and one son. When she was a little girl, her mother inculcated values of independence, respect, cooperation and tolerance. She has maintained these values even in her old age. Again, she cooks everyday both lunch and supper for her children. Lately, Mary informed on her involved in a tragic road accident where she managed to survive. It was from that time…

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This twice a year farce should never occur and should be stopped immediately.

This whole explanation of children going to school in the dark and the farmers problems with the milking of cows only adds to the farcical situation.

If there is really a problem with children going to school in the dark, why is it not a problem with them coming home in the dark, especially when, in many cases there are now breakfast clubs at schools and also many extra activities at school after schools officially close for the day.

Instead of causing the whole of the UK to go to the expense in time and money to alter the clocks twice a year, why not change the times of school and may be have schools at weekends to cut down on the time at school during the day. What should be considered with schooling is not just the children and the school staff, but also their parents. These days many parents both the father and mother have to work and how many employments will be geared around school times. The whole picture needs to be considered not just a certain portion.

Then we come to farmers, can cows tell the time or do they just rely on is it dark or light. Also with many dairy herds now in closed quarters do they even see the light of day or dark of night. It will be another burden on farmers, but surely they could milk cows at different times of the day, especially as most milking, now is not by hand, but by machinery.

But, no we have done this ridiculous system of changing the time twice a year, surely now, with a modern thought process it is time for a change for the better for the UK as a whole.

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Today the Clocks went back!!

What an absolute farce. I now don’t quite know what the hell the time is. Every time I look at a clock I have to ask myself if it has automatically updated itself or not. Some do and some don’t. I have to go around in the same muddled state that the country was in when we went decimal. Some measurements are in old and some new – some in pounds and ounces and some in kilos, some in old pounds shillings and pence and some in newfangled pence. So what is the time in real time? Did we go forward or back? Do I take an hour off or do I add it on? And how does that now line up with other countries?

Supposedly I got an hour extra sleep. Not that I noticed. I woke up and checked the clock and my…

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A very sad state of affairs and yes, it could and possibly will be imported from the US to the Uk, as many undesirable actions are.

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More from a growing pile of already abundant evidence that Betsy DeVos should not be in charge of education in America. Actually, I wouldn’t trust her to run a pre-school or kindergarten. In this piece from The Young Turks, Jeff Waldorf reports and comments on the move by DeVos to rescind the 72 official documents, which explain to students and their parents, what the rights of disabled people are when they go to Uni. American universities are granted money by the federal government to support the needs of disabled students. DeVos hasn’t revoked these. She’s just making sure that disabled students, their carers and relatives, don’t know what they are.

One of these documents translates the official jargon of the legislation into ordinary plain English, so that regular peeps don’t need a lawyer to interpret it for them. Now it’s gone, things are going to be made difficult so that…

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