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Age UK report calls for urgent action, including cash injection in spring budget and development of long-term plan Social care in England is at risk of imminent collapse in the worst affected areas unless urgent steps are taken to address the crisis engulfing the sector, Age UK has warned. The charity’s latest report on the healthcare of older people calls for a cash injection into the adult social care system in the spring budget and the development of a long-term solution to a problem that will otherwise become more acute. Analysis previously published by Age UK suggests almost 1.2 million people aged 65 and over do not receive the care and support they need with essential daily activities such as eating, dressing and bathing. That figure has shot up by 17.9% in just a year and almost by 50% since 2010, with nearly one in eight now living with some level of unmet need, it says. Age UK’s charity director, Caroline Abrahams, said the report makes for “frightening reading”, adding:

Source: English social care system for elderly facing ‘complete collapse’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

Greater use of steroids in mothers-to-be and a focus on preventing infection are being credited.

Source: Outlook for extremely premature babies ‘improving’ – BBC News

The gap between rich and poor in Scotland is increasing as the wealthiest continue to prosper at a faster rate, official figures have revealed.

Source: Inequality report: Top 1% of Scots have more than bottom 50% – The Scotsman

We interview disability rights activist Simon Stevens, who has cerebral palsy, about campaigning to make disabled people heard.

Source: We talk to a disability rights activist who’s not afraid to make his voice heard

Trade and business expansion is a priority but not at the risk of safety and employee protection. We all need to watch this space very carefully, do not be side tracked and keep focused.


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In any society that prioritizes economic efficiency, productivity and order above life and all of life’s varieties, people experiencing altered and extreme emotional states will be seen as defectiv…

Source: Killing “Schizophrenics”: Contemporary U.S. Psychiatry Versus Nazi Psychiatry – Counter Punch

It was clear from the start that Donald Trump’s Muslim ban was vile and unconstitutional. And now, it has caused the death of a 75-year old woman:

Mike Hager said he was returning home with his family that included his sick mom. They were returning home to the United States where his mother has lived since 1995. As they were waiting in line at the airport in Iraq on Friday, he was told that he could pass through because he was a U.S. citizen. But his family members – including his mom – weren’t allowed, despite holding green cards.


Source: Donald Trump has blood on his hands: A 75-year old woman died because of his Muslim ban

Rich will gain while poor will suffer

Source: Tories Overseeing Biggest Rise In Inequality Since Days Of Margaret Thatcher | The Huffington Post

Unfortunately the DWP are not listening or more likely do not care, for they are solely interested in removing any persons from benefits without any valid justification.

Benefits are there for a reason and that is to ensure the persons receiving benefits have some contribution to lead a reasonable life, but who defines reasonable.

There may be and are some wicked people who do claim benefits, which they have no justification to receive, but in the total of the numbers receiving benefits these people represent a very small number. It is these people the DWP should be targeting and not persons who are correctly claiming these benefits.

It is a pity that the Government officials do not undertake the same strength of effort to sanction MPs and Lords in their claiming of expenses.

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