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On Friday, Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address anti-abortion protesters in town for the annual March For Life event.

During a Rose Garden ceremony, the president attempted to make a point about late-term abortions. But Trump—who once declared himself “very pro-choice”—bungled his prepared remarks and ended up condemning a normal, benign pregnancy instead.

Source: Donald Trump Accidentally Condemns States for Letting Women Give Birth : Splinter


Insurers have been accused of depriving access to life insurance and other kinds of cover to people with depression and anxiety, even for physical conditions unrelated to their mental health.

People who have suffered even mild mental health conditions or one-off episodes say they have been refused life insurance altogether, aggravating their financial insecurity.

Dozens of complainants have been in touch with the Guardian about the alleged discrimination. Charities and campaigners described the findings as “extremely worrying” and showed that insurers were operating based on an outdated understanding of mental illness.

In some cases, insurers appear to base their refusal on long-distant episodes of depression or anxiety, or when customers admit to having had suicidal thoughts or self-harming noted on their medical records. These customers are then allegedly deemed unsuitable to insure even for circumstances where death is not linked to a mental condition.


Source: People with mental illnesses refused access to insurance cover : The Guardian

PIP atrocity again and when it is not PIP it is ESA and in many instances it is PIP and ESA. The only good thing about UC is that it will be one appeal for all combined benefits.

But , what the DWP fail to or unwilling to understand that if the assessments were done correctly in the first place then, appeals would be unnecessary.

We all know that these assessments are primary to remove people from benefits and in doing so save on the welfare budget, another aspect of austerity. But what they are in fact bring forth, is appeals which have a cost and effectively there is not a saving but an increased cost. Get it right first time and then there may be a cost saving as the costs of appeals would not be incurred.

Everywhere you go there is austerity bring severe reductions in life quality for the disabled, sick and elderly.

Why is austerity placed upon those who can least afford it, because they are the most vulnerable and the power Gods in Government feel they are the easiest to make suffer.

Powerful Multi-nationals, who the Government are afraid to upset, are not vulnerable and have an assumed level of power. Should the Government make these pay what they should then the returns would far outstrip the meager returns the Government receive from attacking the most vulnerable in Society.

The UK is so unequal the the gap is forever increasing.

Govt Newspeak

Julie Potter unnecessarily gave up her vehicle in December, after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) failed to notify her that they had overturned a Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessment to take it away.

Julie Potter on her empty driveway at North Walsham after having her mobility car taken away, pictured with husband Chris. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY Julie Potter after having her mobility car taken away

Despite the original PIP assessment being rescinded, Mrs Potter has still not been told when she will be given her vehicle back.

The 43-year-old said: “It’s basically left me house bound. I’ve lost what little bit of independence I did have.”

Mrs Potter was left with crippling back pain following a work accident in 2006, and cannot walk further than six metres without crutches. “It’s affected my daughter quite badly, she’s very worried. I had been going into her school to help children with their reading on two afternoons a week, which I can no longer do.”

Tory cuts are seizing 800 vital Motability cars a WEEK…

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The Government will not be appealing a High Court ruling that deemed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) regulations to be ‘blatantly discriminatory’.

This is a huge victory for people with mental health problems.

In a case brought by Public Law Project and their client RF, the Judge ruled the regulations were unlawful.

We are delighted that the Government has decided not to appeal the High Court’s ruling. This is the right decision.

More than 160,000 people will now be able to access support they should have been entitled to all along.

Thanks to all of you who have campaigned with us since February, by sharing your story or emailing your MP. This c

Source: PIP PIP HOORAY 🎉 : Mind

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Margo Laird

In November the Evening Times reported how Margo Laird, from Tollcross, was totally dependent on her son and her sister for food and electricity after being repeatedly sanctioned. She believed as she was sending in sick lines she was not required to attend at Jobcentre interviews but the DWP issued her with sanctions and stopped her cash.

Ms Laird appealed the decision and won with the tribunal deciding the DWP evidence provided for sanction was “inadequate.

She was also at risk of homelessness as her rent was not being paid and her landlord had begun legal proceedings. She was unaware she was running up arrears as she thought her rent was still being paid with housing benefit. Meanwhile arrears of £900 had been accumulated over months when nothing was paid to the housing association on her behalf.

David Linden, Glasgow East SNP MP, took up her case last year and raised…

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Social care in Sheffield is in the middle of a ‘growing financial crisis’ as council bosses forecast a massive £20 million overspend.

Social care in Sheffield is in the middle of a ‘growing financial crisis’ as council bosses forecast a massive £20 million overspend.

Western vegans are the new custodians of the earth, the Adams and Eves before the Fall, each one of them a saviour who sees and lives the truth. I know many and can vouch that they are good people. But as with all the rest of humans, not nearly as good as they think. The Vegan Society is ecstatic that this is “the fastest growing lifestyle movement” in Britain today – up 360 per cent and rising. You can be thin! Glow! And feel superior to feeble veggies – who still consume dairy – and grubby meat eaters, the worst of the lot. But these faddists are clueless about the actual impact of their diet.

They can be aggressive too, as chef Laura Goodman found out. She had served a large party of vegans in her restaurant and then posted on Facebook that she “spiked” one meal with cheese. Her partner later clarified that the vegans had ordered a meal containing cheese, leading to her joke. Even so – death threats because someone had a milk product added without being informed? Insane. Who pays the price? Yes, vegans care deeply about animal welfare and the environment, but not about the farmers and their families who are now paying the price for this “lifestyle movement”. Underneath the most popular vegan crops lie buried scandals and tragedies. The exceptionally knowledgeable food writer Joanna Blythman warned about this five years ago: “There is an unpalatable truth to face for those of us with a bag of quinoa in the larder. The appetite of countries such as ours has pushed up prices to such an extent that poorer people in Peru and Bolivia, for whom it was once a nourishing staple food, can no longer afford to eat it.”

Source: Sanctimonious vegans would do well to think about their diet’s global impact

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Warrington Disability Partnership chief executive Dave Thompson says disabled people are being treated as ‘inhuman’ over personal independence payments

 Disability Partnership chief  has spoken out over personal independence payments.

Warrington Disability Partnership chief executive Dave Thompson has spoken out over personal independence payments. Disability Partnership chief  has spoken out over personal independence payments.

 A CHARITY boss says that disabled people are being treated as ‘inhuman’ by assessors when claiming benefits. The Department for Work and Pensions is currently in the process of transitioning from its previous disability living allowance system to the new personal independence payments. But a number of severely disabled people have seen their benefits cut following mobility and independence assessments as part of the switch to PIP.

Warrington Disability Partnership co-founder and chief executive Dave Thompson has spoken out over the issue after a young volunteer with the charity, who has cerebral palsy, was told that the money she received would be cut following her assessment.

In an impassioned plea on…

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Younger adults with difficult-to-treat epilepsy may have early signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in their brain tissue, but it appears to be uncommon, according to a small, preliminary study published in the January 10, 2018, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a rare, degenerative brain disease most likely caused by repeated head trauma. People with CTE may develop symptoms like dementia, personality disorders or behavior problems. People with epilepsy can experience head trauma when they have full body seizures, also called tonic-clonic seizures, or partial or focal seizures where they lose some or all awareness of their surroundings.

For this small pilot study, researchers looked at microscopic sections of brain tissue from 10 people living with epilepsy who had resective surgery to control seizures that could not be fully controlled by medication. The surgery removes the area of the brain shown in testing to be where the seizures begin.

“Previous studies have found signs of CTE in up to a quarter or even a third of older people with epilepsy, so our aim was to determine if such signs could be found in the brains of younger people with epilepsy,” said study author Gregory D. Cascino, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., Associate Editor for Neurology, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. “Only one of our 10 study participants had signs of CTE, but


Source: Are there signs of CTE in the brain tissue of younger people with epilepsy? : Science Daily

INDIANAPOLIS — It was raining in Indiana’s capital city on the day Renee Elliott and millions of other blue collar Americans stunned the world by helping to elect a Manhattan real estate mogul the 45th president of the United States.

But all Elliott saw that day was sunshine.

As she waited patiently in line to cast her vote, Elliott said she was buoyed by the belief that Donald Trump would make good on his campaign pledge and prevent her job at the Carrier plant — the job that she said allowed her to escape an abusive marriage and live a modest but comfortable life — from being sent to Mexico.

Now, very soon, Elliott will be standing in another line — the unemployment line.

Elliott, 44, was one of the 215 workers at the Indianapolis plant who were given pink slips on Thursday. And to say she is disappointed by Trump would be an understatement.

“We all voted for him,” she said of herself and her Carrier co-workers. “We just


Source: This Carrier worker thought Trump would save her job. She was wrong. : NBC News

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