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Oscar and Irma Sanchez, both of whom are undocumented immigrants living in Texas, were arrested while awaiting a serious surgery for their two-month-old son, highlighting the excruciating human cost of President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade.

Source: Undocumented Parents Arrested at Children’s Hospital While Awaiting Their Infant Son’s Surgery


Nadia Clarke writes about the damaging impact that cuts to her personal budget will have on her life.

Source: My Rights | Publications by date | Library | The Centre for Welfare Reform

EUROPEAN UNION countries have no “attitude” to punish the United Kingdom for Brexit, the first vice-president of the European Commission Frans Timmermans claimed.

Source: Brexit latest: EU Commissioner trashes payback rumours against UK | UK | News |

Just two junior doctors were left responsible for the care of 436 patients overnight at a hospital in Plymouth, a report has revealed.

Source: Just TWO junior doctors left to care for 436 patients – NHS whistleblower exposes shocking effect of Tory cuts | Evolve Politics

Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies explored life with police officers in the United Kingdom so he could watch their arrest tactics, which almost never involve a firearm or result in a fatal shooting, unlike policing in the U.S., and the important role gun laws have played.

“The Jim Jefferies Show” skit opened with the late-night comedian talking about a Georgia Tech student who wielded a pocketknife and was shot and killed by police.

“On social media, people once again said ‘did the cops really have to shoot, where was the Taser? There must be a better way,'” Jefferies said. “Maybe there isn’t.”

Jefferies then showed a video of his time with Birmingham Police in the U.K., a location dubbed “one of the most murderous places in the country.”

Source: Here’s what Britain’s tough gun laws have done to cops –

Research has found that, despite having complex needs, most of the healthcare received by people in the later stages of dementia is provided by GPs or emergency

Source: People with dementia receive little specialist support at end of life, despite high levels of need | Care Industry News

Why aren’t people entitled to benefits claiming them?

Source: Britain’s unclaimed benefits: four million families miss out on £12.4 billion

From Vox Political: I agree with Theresa May!

Modern slavery does exist – not least in work schemes for benefit claimants operated by the Conservative government.

Long-term readers will know that This Writer is a firm believer in leadership by example. If Mrs May wants people to believe she wants to fight modern slavery, then let her start with the schemes run by the Department for Work and Pensions.

If the DWP sends a benefit claimant to work for a company, then they should receive at least the minimum wage from that company while they are doing the work. Otherwise, they are being forced to work for the benefit of others rather than themselves, which is slavery.

Until she addresses her own government’s behaviour, Mrs May can never be taken seriously on the wider issues.


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As far as I can see this appears to be escaping from a conflict to find refuge in the UK, while then re-engaging the conflict they were escaping from to cause the same within the UK.

It may make sense to someone, but not me. Then I am not aware of any circumstantial circumstances, that is if there are any. But then that should not excuse the actions.

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#AceNewsReport – Sept.19: This is another #Brittius News & Views this time on #ParsonsGreen terror attack and subsequent arrests by police: The teenage suspect being questioned over the failed bucket bomb attack on a London Underground train fled the hell of war in his homeland after his parents were killed, a community leader said today reports the orphan was just 15 when he arrived in Britain and was given sanctuary by devoted foster parents #ParsonsGreenAttack Yesterday police searched another property in Sunbury on Thames where they also found out the two suspects had lived with same foster parents since coming to Britain one is from Syria & the other Iraq a cache of weapons were found according to neighbours, but it’s being denied the foster patters knew anything

#Brittius says this is a classic example of biting the hand that fed him………Second arrest was secured…….No list of weapons…

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