US state legislators propose death penalty for women who have an abortion | The BMJ

Republican legislators in South Carolina have proposed a bill to change the state’s laws, making a fertilised egg or embryo a person and charging a woman who has an abortion with murder, which carries a 30 year prison sentence or the death penalty. Henry McMaster, the state’s Republican governor, has said that he would sign anti-abortion regulations.


If I had seen this in some other publications I would have assumed it was ‘Fake News’, but about a State in America where common sense and human rights are being totally ignored.

With  the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on 24 June 2022 it was a very retrograde step and now this action is leading to many more retrograde far reaching steps taking place.

The human rights of women which have been long fought for and are now being totally ignored as though women don’t have any rights at all. Much of this is down to the long held extreme religious views held in some states of America where women are being disregarded.

Where will it end, will it be that women will have no legal rights at all, lose the right to vote, a right to lead their own lives and be forced to be under the control of men as is the case in some countries in the Middle East, not allow girls to gain education and more.

These far right Christian religious views are in reality not much different to those of religious fanatics of other religions. Will these States be, in effect, no different to those of Iran and Afghanistan.

What will be the next could it be same sex marriage, LGBTQIA, racism and more.

In these States equality gains are being reversed just because of extreme Christian views, when really Christianity should be much more closer related to equality. These extreme Christians quote The bible, but only the texts which agree with their views and ignore any that don’t.

In the 21st century we are very much more enlightened than in the views and opinions in The Bible which it evidences, but the evidence was years dated when it occurred, if it did, to when it was inserted into The Bible. The Bible has been translated many times and some passages were passed down as folklore and is in some ways disproved in other areas of The Bible.

Times change and so do opinions, but not for religious fanatics of any religion.

Source: US state legislators propose death penalty for women who have an abortion | The BMJ

Are Texas’s abortion laws being used for state-sponsored spousal harassment? | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

A Texas man is suing his ex-wife’s friends for helping her get an abortion – whether he wins or not, the lawsuit is sending a terrifying message to women


Freedoms are hard fought for and when achieved those who wanted them feel they have achieved everything, but as can be seen in America those who oppose freedoms fight just has hard to overthrow those that have been granted.

Women in America are now losing some of their human rights and this is totally wrong. Will they ever get them back, well we all hope so.

A fight is never truly won, only some of the battles.


Source: Are Texas’s abortion laws being used for state-sponsored spousal harassment? | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

Inside the mysterious spate of ‘poisonings’ of Iran’s schoolgirls

Female students have recently been hospitalised en masse after reporting smelling gas – so what is really going on in Iran’s classrooms?


Whatever the problem is there is certainly a problem and this is down to the regime attitude to females, be they young girls or any age.

Lets look at the reverse, if this was occuring to young boys every avenue would be looked at, like yesterday not assumed to be looked at days after.


Source: Inside the mysterious spate of ‘poisonings’ of Iran’s schoolgirls

A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

In this place where Russian troops held everyone in Yahidne—more than 350 people—captive, a list of the dead still remains etched on a wall


Russian forces in their invasion of Ukraine have committed many attrocities, this is just one and shows why all Russian Troops have to be driven from every part of Ukraine.

They have no thoughts for anyone, except themselves.

There so many untold War Crimes occurring, but, in time everyone committing them will be held to account.

Putin has to be defeated and then be prosecuted for all the War Crimes his illegal invasion of Ukraine has allowed to occur along with all the others.

Western Leaders provide all that Ukraine requires without any further delays, for delays only allow for more Russian war crimes to be committed.


Source: A Ukrainian Village’s Month in Captivity in a Basement | Time

A ‘boob job’ for their baccalaureate: French teenagers turning to plastic surgery en masse

Increasing pressure to look good has led to more 18 to 34-year-olds getting plastic surgery than their elders, a new book claims


We are all born and, in that, we are who we are, but many of today’s youth and some others are so obsessed with social media, on which you can’t or shouldn’t believe all you see, but many do.

Cosmetic surgery is invasive surgery and as such there could always be instances where what is being requested may not be what results, as in any surgeries problems can and do arise. While our bodies do allow, at times, for some alterations to be performed there will always become a limit to what our bodies will allow. Now, initially the cosmetic surgery being done might be minimal, but trends in social media change and very frequently at times, so will the body always allow for the surgery to be done as wished, well until it is done it will be hard to say and then it will be too late.

I do see, to some extent, the will to achieve perfection, but what is perfection for surely this is a feeling at a moment in time, but time advances and what was believed to be perfection may not always be so.

It is easy for me to say, but ignore social media and live life as you are and not as you wish or hope to be.


Source: A ‘boob job’ for their baccalaureate: French teenagers turning to plastic surgery en masse

Biden Says We’ve Broken COVID-19’s Grip On Us. Is He Right? | Time

Soon, COVID-19 will no longer be declared an emergency in the U.S. Here’s how public health experts feel about that path forward


While this is being said in America it is true in many other countries too, so no one should be complacent, for although current COVID-19 variants are not that severe no one knows when one or more could be so.

So anyone who is anywhere near having a not-so-good immune system always needs to be aware of their own health and avail themselves of all vaccines available to ensure their immune system is always as good as it can be.

Source: Biden Says We’ve Broken COVID-19’s Grip On Us. Is He Right? | Time

Trussonomics is slowly winning the argument | The Spectator

Yes, I agree taxes do have to come down, investments up, less regulation, and more devolution, it can’t all be done at once and there also needs more ‘leveling up’, not just South to North, but rich to poor, in some respects more male to female, more equality for disability, ethnicity and much more. For there is too much inequality in the UK.

Pay levels in the UK are so bad and in some areas, so much more than others many where striking won’t be effective if it ever is for are all the lost income the strikers are experiencing will ever be gained back. But some of the argument is that strikers are not just trying to improve for themselves but for the UK in total. For the NHS is in dire need of improvement which has been covered for many years by NHS workers doing much more to cover some of the inadequacies in the NHS. But it may not be so well known the dire state of social care of which the NHS also needs to survive and the pay rates of social care workers are so much worse than many who are currently taking strike actions.

While this government is ignoring all of the problems in the NHS this government and all previous governments have totally ignored all of the problems in social care and not only social care but also hospitality, agriculture, and maybe others..

Does this government have a clue, no and perhaps Truss did, except she first gave tax reductions to those on higher rates of tax and not to the initial tax rates as the tax-free levels need to be greatly increased perhaps to the National Living Wage, so that it is much more of a Living Wage, for it currently is not?

Much needs to be done but it is the low-paid who are in the greatest need and perhaps paying them more could well improve their levels of life so then, their need to have NHS interventions could be reduced and thereby reduce some of the NHS pressures.

All life is so interrelated and no one area can be looked at in isolation as many governments still do.

Source: Trussonomics is slowly winning the argument | The Spectator

Sunak refuses to even utter the word crisis. But how else to describe his first 100 days? | Polly Toynbee | The Guardian

Inertia on the NHS and obstinacy on strikes have left the equivocating PM clinging to a life raft, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee


Perhaps Sunak has no understanding of what a crisis is for has he ever been in one of his own making, except the current ones or any others.

With his own and then that of his wife’s wealth what crisis as he had to understand?


Source: Sunak refuses to even utter the word crisis. But how else to describe his first 100 days? | Polly Toynbee | The Guardian

How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts — instead of watching epic atmospheric river rainfall drain into the Pacific

Urban infrastructure was designed to take stormwater out to the ocean quickly. Now, California needs that precious water.


This what is being considered in California, US, but water both too much at times and the insufficiency at many others. The effects in many countries could be different for many reasons.

What is evident is the excesses of water and the insufficiencies are both going to get worse as the years go by and in some countries the urgencies are more than others, but in every country urgent actions need to be taken.

Would what is being considered in California be possible in other countries, well that is for the countries concerned, but it is very clear that something new needs to be done in every country.

The costs would generally be a major consideration, but which is the major concern, the costs of lives or costs of actions, well what choice would yours be?



Source: How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts — instead of watching epic atmospheric river rainfall drain into the Pacific

Strike chaos in 2023 if Sunak refuses to negotiate, says new TUC boss | The Independent

Exclusive: Voters will ‘punish’ Tories over low pay at general election in 2024, says Paul Nowak


No matter what Sunak does, the Tories are finished at the next election, but those waiting in the Wings are not much better.

What is needed is a completely new Party for the average British worker, one who is not influenced by the Rich, which all our major political Parties are.

This will require a major change to the funding of UK politics, where currently donators are giving for their own ends and not for the benefit ofeveryone.

When it comes to employees being remunerated be it public or private organisation they should be remunerated on the basis of what is a deserved remuneration, where all factors are taken into account, the ability of the employer to pay, the positivity of the employees to work, the productivity that is generated by both employers and employees, with the cost of living being a factor, but not over all the others.

Where any agreements to a remuneration package can’t be agreed there should be a true and independent arbitrator organisation whose decision will have to be totally binding on all parties.

In this I would include MPs whose remuneration should be based on what they deliver, so this could be them giving back rather than receiving, but in reality if they have appeared lacking then no increase awarded.

All this been said, the remunerations in the UK have, for many, been far to low for many in the UK, and some much more than others.

Care workers being just one for care workers have always been poorly paidwhich is why Social Care is in such a bad way currently, but it has been for many years, perhaps always has been, but the present is making it so much worse. This is one of the major reasons for the current failings in the NHS for without a strong and efficient Social Care the NHS is being set up to fail, no matter how much investment is brought into it.

But there are other, agriculture and hospitality to name just 2 more.

The governing bodies within the UK have been failing the majority of workers in the UK for way too long and if this is to improve the Rights of all UK employees to receive a decent remuneration have to be abided by. Perhaps to legally state that the persons at the top of every organisation can only receive a remuneration which is a certain percentage above that of the lowest paid employees of the organisation.

This and every future UK Government needs to ensure that there is true equality in the UK and not the rich and powerful being able to reduce equality for those not as rich and powerful as they are.

But the UK is not just an island for external events do have a bearing on how the UK can survive, so existing will not be easy so we all need to ‘pull’ together and not, which is occurring, only out for ourselves.



Source: Strike chaos in 2023 if Sunak refuses to negotiate, says new TUC boss | The Independent