SEND 2020: What’s the current state of Ofsted local area inspections? – Special Needs Jungle

SNJ’s Matt Keer assesses the current state of local area SEND inspections across England and finds some worrying trends

Source: SEND 2020: What’s the current state of Ofsted local area inspections? – Special Needs Jungle

Invisible unpaid carers going hungry in lockdown

Many organisations, including the Government relate to Carers Allowance as the means for survival, however, for this to be achieved the Allowance needs to be substantially increased.

Currently, Carers Allowance is £67.25 per week and to qualify 35 hours of care needs to be undertaken. So, assuming only 35 hours per week is worked, but it will, most likely, be more, then the hourly rate is £1.93. This could be the only income the family carer is receiving, surely a more reasonable rate for Carers Allowance should be based on the National Living Wage of £8.72, so, on 35 hours per week the Allowance should be £305.20. Then when you start to draw the State Pension the Carers Allowance will stop.

If a Family carer is able to do some paid when then they are not allowed to earn more than £128.00. So, family carers who are not able to work, they are being penalised by only getting the current £67.25. So, for then the £305.20 is more realistic.

Again people relying on Social Care and their families are being left behind financially.

This is when Family Carers save the UK well over £130 billion a year.

This is in addition to the way paid carers are treated by this Government.

This Government wants Social Care on the cheap and if this is not changed with more realistic Central Government funding to Local Authorities for Social Care, then social Care in any realistic form could well disappear before too long.

But this Government and many previous Government do not and have not cared, where is their Duty of Care. This does not start and finish with the NHS, for Social Care and health are and will for ever being interrelated.

My petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care covers much of the above and other related issues.

For further information see,

But will the Government listen and then take the required action, well from past experience I do doubt it, unless there is another, unexpected U-Turn.

Matt Hancock has failed to respond to report warning of social care ‘scandal’

This is just the latest scandal by a Government with regards to Social Care and this has been ongoing for many years with many previous UK Governments.

For Social Care is the forgotten health service where UK Governments are concerned.

Social Care has for many years been left with insufficient funding for well over 40 years, but the last 11 years with austerity cuts and COVID-19 have produced the worst in funding.

A substantial cash investment is required, like, yesterday, if Social Care as any chance of recovering and in doing so provide the most vulnerable within the UK with the social care they desperately need.

I have been aware of this for years and have produced 2 petitions. The first being ‘Pay all paid Carers the Living Wage, which closed last july 2019.

My current petition is, ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’,
Further information,

It is essential that Social Care is supported, for if it is not many vulnerable people will be left without essential social care and this will then have not only disastrous affects on these vulnerable people, but also the already creaking health service (NHS).

Many within the UK are not concerned about Social Care because they, currently have no need for it, but could well do so in thefuture when there may not be social care to speak of.

Most do support the NHS because virtually everybody needs the NHS at sometime, but with virtually no Social Care, then the NHS will have to take on more any maybe the NHS will not be able to do so, so eventually the effect of no social care will affect everyone of us, but by that time it will be too late for the most vulnerable within the UK and their families.

So Matt Hancock get your finger out of where it is and look after Social Care, for you are the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, not just the NHS.

‘They’ve forgotten disabled people’: Government urged to protect those with sight loss during outbreak.  

I agree the Government have not ‘forgotten’ about any disabled people because they do not care and disability is outside their perception.

The Government view disability as a problem that they do not wish to consider and decry disabled people for not fitting in with the Government ‘norm’.

The Government see disability as a drain the the UK resources and would really wish that disabled people did not exist and they are going out of their way to put barriers up to ensure disabled people do not exist, or exist with much difficulty.

This can be seen to their whole approach to ‘welfare benefits’ and Social Care, where both have seen reductions on the financial benefits to disabled people and others who are disabled.

The UK needs to get behind supporting disabled people, but with the attitude of this Government and some in the media of classing disabled people and others who are vulnerable as ‘scroungers’ and some members of the public use this to decry disabled people and others who are vulnerable and believe that if the Government and media put this forward then it must be true and reinforces their own views.

The Government needs to be there for everyone and not just certain sections of the UK.

Coronavirus has negatively impacted practice, social workers say : Community Care

I am a Family Carer and I agree COVID-19 has had serious consequences for social care, especially as more people are in need of care due to increased isolation and many not being able to work due to lockdown.

In Sheffield, where I reside, we have had a form of social workers being isolated since 2017, when the Adult Social Care department was changed from being specialised teams to more generic and most if not all working from home. The department was split into 7 Localities , supposedly based in 3 or maybe 4 locations, but the locations were not large enough to base the Social Workers at the locality base.

If you were lucky to have been allocated a social worker, you may have been given their mobile number for contact, but getting to speak was difficult and responses to message on voicemail was not time effective.

In many instances if you were aware of the Locality contact details, when you did contact the Locality they were unaware of if the social worker was working or not and where they are.

So, although COVID-19 has increased demand, the lack of contact is not much different to normal.

What is more important is the lack of revenue, due to at least 10 years of austerity cuts by the Government, which have decimated the effects of social care.

The crisi in Social Care was bad before COVID-19, but COVid-19 as increase the degree of crisis.

If this Government does not immediately provide sufficient funding for Social Care, then the degree of Social Care available will be virtually non-existent.

The Government needs to ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’ without delay, if not the resultant demands on health care will be devastating to health, irrespective of whether there is a second wave of COVID-19.

Please refer to my petition ‘Solve the crisis in Social Care’,

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Campaigners call for direct financial aid to struggling care providers : Care Home Professional

Campaigners have called for financial aid to be given directly to care providers to prevent many going out of business during the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Campaigners call for direct financial aid to struggling care providers : Care Home Professional

Councils are accused of hoarding MILLIONS of pounds of funding | Daily Mail Online

The chief executive of Care England, Professor Martin Green, said councils were given £3.2billion for social care but many had not seen the money.

Source: Councils are accused of hoarding MILLIONS of pounds of funding | Daily Mail Online

Campaign marks Whorlton Hall ‘abuse’ anniversary to protect vulnerable | The Northern Echo

A CAMPAIGN is being launched calling on the Government to honour its pledge of ending the use of hospitals to detain people with learning…

Source: Campaign marks Whorlton Hall ‘abuse’ anniversary to protect vulnerable | The Northern Echo