Johnny Depp’s firebrand attorney REFUSES to comment when asked IF she is dating the Hollywood actor | Daily Mail Online

The 37-year-old California litigator declined to answer as she giggled, brushed her hair aside and waved to the throngs of fans gathered outside the Fairfax County courthouse on Tuesday.


While Johnny Depps attorney is entitled to her own fame, I do hope that this does not overshadow and so influence the decision in this highly controversial case. The facts are what should be considered not the fame of his attorney, for if so there could be a great incidence of miscarriage of justice.

But, unfortunately the performance of an attorney can go a so long way in reaching verdicts. Facts should be the determining factor and not performances of side parties and also the influence of a persons standing in monetary and other aspects. For in this case and many others it is about one persons word against another’s without very little seen evidence.

Source: Johnny Depp’s firebrand attorney REFUSES to comment when asked IF she is dating the Hollywood actor | Daily Mail Online

Saudi Prince Alwaleed says Musk will be ‘excellent leader’ for Twitter | Reuters

Saudi Arabian investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said on Thursday billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk will be an “excellent leader” for Twitter, as he agreed to roll his $1.89 billion stake into the deal rather than cashing out.


That is debateable for Musk with all his $billions his decision making could be flawed, especially with his apparent desire to reinstate the Twitter account of Trump.


Source: Saudi Prince Alwaleed says Musk will be ‘excellent leader’ for Twitter | Reuters

CBD Gummies Online Scam Costs Disabled People Millions

Any scam is disgusting and much more needs to be done to safeguard the vulnerable people who are victims of these scams.

The platform on which these scam are on should also be made responsible and compensate the victims. Then these platforms would then be more careful on what they allow on their platforms, the old adage of ‘Buyer be aware’ is not sufficient these days. laws are in urgent need of uopdating.

For it is not just the financial loss which is a factor but also the mental situations which are created and have to be dealt with, so increasing health interrventions.

Same Difference

Online subscription scams, many using bogus celebrity endorsements, are costing victims tens of millions of pounds a year, a BBC Radio 4 File on 4 programme investigation has found.

Some 300,000 people a year are thought to have been tricked into the schemes, many seemingly backed by celebrities such as comedian Russell Brand.

But in reality, the celebrities have never even heard of the products.

Many of the scams lure victims in with fake adverts on Facebook.

File on 4 found more than 800 on the social-networking site.

Facebook says it has now taken down most of the pages – adding that using public figures to scam people out of money is against its policy.

Desperate to ease the fibromyalgia caused by a childhood accident – and feeling let down by doctors who dismissed her widespread pain as a symptom of depression rather than the other way round – Louisa…

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BBC’s Sarah Smith: Gun-toting US is less stressful than Scotland | Scotland | The Times

Sarah Smith, the former BBC Scotland editor, has told how she was relieved to walk away from the “bile, hatred and misogyny” of Scottish politics. Smith, who was


I feel Sarah Smith is not comparing like with like, for in Scotland she would have been commenting on Scottish affairs and there could well have been some Scots who would have disagreed with her views and wished to advise her, rather than respect her opinion.

Now she is in America is she concentrating on Scotland or now commenting on American affairs. If she is commenting on American affairs, then America is much larger than Scotland and not all America will hear her views, unlike in Scotland where many would have heard her views.

The escalation of violence in America would appear to be far greater than Scotland and gun ownership is, so while in Scotland and unpleasant as it was, vocal comments are not as serious as gun comments, as the former are unlikely to kill.

So, I feel she should hold judgement on America.


Source: BBC’s Sarah Smith: Gun-toting US is less stressful than Scotland | Scotland | The Times

BBC licence fee set to be axed, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries indicates as she imposes freeze

Supporters have rallied around the BBC, as the Culture Secretary made clear that the mandatory charge will be no more from 2027


While the BBC as its supporters there are many who do not in many ways.

I myself, now, never watch BBC or listen to any BBC radio programmes. This licence fee is an out dated way of funding making it for many having to pay for viewing TV programmes in numerous ways.

Immediately it should be made that people have a choice of how they pay to watch TV programmes and not have to pay for a TV licence on top of other charges. The TV Licencing Authority should be removed and people, if they wanted to watch the BBC pay them direct.

2027 is far to late to wait for the charge to be withdrawn.

Source: BBC licence fee set to be axed, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries indicates as she imposes freeze

Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

The Mail On Sunday has lost its Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of the letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle

A legal judgement has been made and you may or may not agree with the outcome for numerous reasons. But, I feel a major one will be on your views of Meghan Markle, for you either like Meghan or not, but in reality none of this is our business. However, it is showing how the law is on Grandparents rights and press freedoms.

Re Grandparents they have no legal rights to see or have any other controls on their Grandchildren, as this is solely down to the parents and in many instances mainly with the mother, unless it can be proved that the mother is not legally capable.

So all this blustering by Thomas Markle is down to either a misguided understanding of his Rights or more than likely his overblown insistence of his own importance. If he really wishes to see his Grandchildren he is by his own actions making it even less possible that he will. For he needs to show understanding of both Meghan’s and Harrys points of view and not throw a tantrum when his wishes are not granted.

By releasing the letter from his daughter to the Press, he has again shown misjudgement and it is now, if it was ever to be, that he will see his grandchildren.

As to the Press again they are guilty of showing their own importance and, as there are many instances, where the actions of the Press are seen to far exceed their assumed Rights, they have been brought down, but perhaps they have money to waste on legal matters.


Source: Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

Royals at war with BBC over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott corporation over show alleging ‘briefing wars between William and Harry’ | Daily Mail Online

Who Cares


Source: The Queen, Charles and Cambridges unite in threat to boycott BBC over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary | Daily Mail Online

Social Care will it survive, now that is the question?

Social care has been in decline for far too many years, due to successive governments lack of actions to do something to ensure that it will survive. Now we have a Prime Minister who has done something, but it is way too little and way, way too late. It would have been too late, if the necessary money was made available yesterday, but to say it will now not be available for 3 more years, is adding insult to injury. People ease in need of Social Care so deserve so much better, for their pain and suffering will continue and not just continue, but will get much worse and they could not well survive, especially 3 more years, but is that the outcome this Government is working to.

Many years of very serious underfunding has and is taking its toil, as it was in serious decline in 2010 when the Conservative Government decided to introduce austerity cuts and these went on for at least 10 years and then came COVID. The austerity cuts came to ensure Local Authorities (LAs) made savings in their budgets, when any fool could see there were no savings to be made, except Government fools. So to work to the reduced budgets services had to be cut, even essential services. and this eventually included Social Care, as many LAs tried to shield Social Services from cuts, but eventually they had to come and it was the persons in need of Social Care who were made to suffer and they still do, well those still alive do.

I applaud those who have decided to become employed in Social Care, however not all who came in were there for the benefit for whom they are caring for and some of the Care Provider when also in there to make profits from the services.

Those providers should not have been there but many still are and they are destroying the reputations of the Care Providers who do care, just as the care workers who don’t care are destroying the reputations of the care workers who do care and it is the persons in need of care who were left to suffer.

It is said that during the COVID Pandemic people were Clapping for carers, but were they for were they only clapping for certain carers, namely Nurses. Now, while those nurses did deserve the clapping they were not alone for there were many others in health who were as deserved as where the care workers in the care profession. Certainly those in Care and Nursing homes did, but they were not alone, for it is not just the elderly in care/nursing homes who are in receipt of care, as we are left to believe from those who should know better . such as , the Prime Minister and his fellow Ministers, all the MPs and those in the media. Can we blame many of the population for believing that Social care is just for the elderly, well I believe we can for children and any adults can, through no fault of their own find themselves in need of accessing Social acre, either on a temporary basis or on a more permanent basis. For the elderly will only be for some for a short period, when you look at the length of the ‘Cycle of Life’ as some are in need as soon as they are born and then until their dying day, but why are these persons not seen for they are there in full sight, well it is because the people are not seeing them, many because they do not want to, others because they can’t understand the whys and wherefores and some who couldn’t careless, for all they care about is themselves.

Then we have the unpaid carers who currently save the UK well over £132 Billion every year by them caring for their relatives, until they can care no more, by reason of their own death or they become ill and need support themselves.

There are many reasons why people do not enter the care profession, which include

  1. the derisory salary for the work undertaken, which is more likely to be around the National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour, rather than the Real Living Wage of £9.50 per hour. When this is compared that persons could earn well over £13 per hour working at Amazon, surely someone looking after your relatives lives should at least be earning £14 per hour
  2. insufficient persons in the UK who are willing to work in the Care Profession for any reason, when there are many outside the UK will but are unable to do so because of the UK’s Immigration policy. in the 1950s when there was a lack of works due to WWII the government of the day went to various countries to encourage workers to come to the UK, many from the Caribbean, while today there are many still in Europe and certainly in many of the African countries and others, if only they were given the opportunities.
  3. but there are also lack of travel expenses, suitable sick pay, unsocial hours payments and other terms and conditions

But firstly we need a Government who understands care and will do what is required, not the Paltry offer from Boris Johnson, who after COVID is insulting all care workers.

I am not saying the NHS is not deserving the money it has been offered, but both need to be the money required, for not to do so will see the complete demise of Social Care and this will then truly bring the eventual demise of the NHS, just because Boris and his Ministers in Crime are not prepared to take the required actions needed urgently.

So the actions need to be taken now for 3 years is much too long to wait.