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Original Source: UNNECESSARY NEWS FROM EARTH with Migo

  • Turkey:

Hulya Sen; she was working as a family doctor in Istanbul before April 16, presidental referendum of Turkey, but after April 16, she resigned from her office and began a march to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey for the annulment of the referendum.

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-April 17 is the start day of Dr. Hulya Sen march; in Kadıkoy square while she is greeting the other “No” activists when they are sitting.-

Dr. Hulya Sen has said about the start of the march from Istanbul to Ankara:

“The results of the referendum were announced at same night in April 16, I was in Kadıkoy square. There were tens of thousands of people at there, and none of them was seemed in a state to go back homes already. There was a rejection, there was nonacceptance; because, the referendum was…

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Some possible precipitating factors are already in place. How the West reacts to them will determine the world’s future.

Source: BBC – Future – How Western civilisation could collapse

Broadchurch stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman have posted selfies of themselves to show their support for a BBC mental health initiative. Tom Hardy and Russell Brand have also pulled their fingers out – four to be precise – for the #1in4 campaign. Alison Kirkham, the BBC’s controller of factual commissioning, said one in four were affected by mental health issues. “I’m delighted so many high-profile people have come together to raise awareness of this important cause.” Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and Frozen voice star Kristen Bell have also snapped their digits to show solidarity. “I wanted to get involved with the #1in4 campaign to help people realise they’re not alone,” said Grimshaw. “Having mental health issues is nothing to be ashamed about.” The initiative accompanies the BBC’s Minds Matter season, a range of programmes across TV and radio about mental health. They include Mind Over Marathon, a documentary featuring the Duke of Cambridge that will air later on BBC One.   To

Source: Tennant and Colman support selfie mental health campaign | DisabledGo News and Blog

America never learn, but do believe they are the sole masters of the universe and what they do must be right. Trump said he was different, but as we see he is just the same.

Oil is the paymaster and oil has to be obeyed.

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Here’s another brilliant little video from the Jimmy Dore Show, which casts further light on the US’ role in spreading the carnage and chaos in Syria. In this clip, the comedian, with his co-hosts Steffi Zamora and Ron Placone, talk about a story which appeared in March, 2016, in the Los Angeles Times. The Pentagon and the CIA are backing different rebel factions in Syria. The Pentagon is backing one bunch as part of their campaign against ISIS, while the CIA is arming another group in order, the paper claimed, to bring Assad to the negotiating table. As Dore points out, this isn’t what the CIA and its government paymasters want. They want to oust Assad altogether. He reminds his viewers how the United States was approached by Saudi Arabia and Qatar several years ago. The two Arab nations offered to pay if America invaded Syria and overthrew Assad…

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Just who is telling the truth, is it propaganda on both sides.

In any conflict it is not just the innocent that suffer, but also the truth.

The innocents should be the prime consideration on all sides of any conflict, not the last, as is shown and proven many times.

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As well as appearing on Counterpunch’s website, Theodore A. Postol also appeared on RT, and his analysis of the Sarin gas attack in Syria was also covered by Jimmy Dore. Postol is the emeritus professor of Science, Technology and National Security at MIT. He concluded that, contrary to what the American government and Syrian rebels were saying, the poison gas that killed the people of Khan Shaykhun was not dropped as a bomb from a plane, but was released from an improved ground-based weapon, about 12 cm long. Trump and the American media have claimed that the attack was the responsibility of Assad, and launched an attack by Tomohawk missiles on the air force base, from which the attack was supposedly launched, in reprisal.

In this video, Dore savagely critiques the statements of Trump, Sean Spicer and other members of the White House. He makes the point that the American…

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And the internet went wild, of course

Source: Melania Trump appears to nudge President Trump during national anthem at Easter Egg Roll – CBS News

This is from Elizabeth Warren’s FB page.  I know there are plenty of us here who don’t have FB for various reasons but this screen capture (enlarged to make it easier to read) tells the story — and the screen capture is what’s going viral.  93,000+ likes on her FB page for this!

I read about it here (and it’s also worth your time): Elizabeth Warren’s Takedown of Donald Trump Going Viral

Source: Elizabeth Warren’s Takedown Of Donald Trump Is Going Viral

Waging endless wars abroad isn’t making America, or the rest of the world any safer, it’s certainly not making America great again, and it’s undeniably

Source: Beware the Dogs of War: Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse? – TruePublica

the Heads Together campaign.

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will cheer on runners at the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon as part of Heads Together, which is Charity of the Year Prince Harry has recorded a video messages for all 39,000 runners encouraging them to wear the Heads Together headband they will be given to help make it the ‘mental health marathon’ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend this year’s London Marathon together for the first time to support runners taking part for their mental health campaign Heads Together, which is this year’s Charity of the Year for the Marathon. Heads Together wants to make this year’s marathon the ‘mental health marathon’ that gets the country talking about mental health and Their Royal Highnesses will cheer on all runners at points along the route. Prince Harry has recorded message a video message for all 39,000 Virgin Money London Marathon runners letting them know that they will be given a special Heads Together headband


Writer and actor Stephen Fry and radio DJ Mim Shaikh have released films today showing them talking with the person they opened up to about pressures to their mental health. The films are the latest in a series created by Heads Together, which has also released a new YouGov poll showing that four out of ten (42%) men have had a conversation recently about mental health compared to six out of ten (58%) women. The figures also show that men (29%) are less likely than women (37%) to expect to talk about their mental health in the next six months although men and women find these conversations equally helpful (83%). The film series released by Heads Together, the campaign spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, features people from all walks of life talking about the life changing conversations that helped them cope with their mental health problems. Stephen Fry talks with his psychiatrist Bill on a bench in St James’s Park about his mental health breaking down



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