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Social care in Sheffield is in the middle of a ‘growing financial crisis’ as council bosses forecast a massive £20 million overspend.

Social care in Sheffield is in the middle of a ‘growing financial crisis’ as council bosses forecast a massive £20 million overspend.


PEOPLE with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions in Bradford and Sheffield are to benefit from one-to-one support as part of a Government trial.

Source: Bradford and Sheffield to benefit from £400,000 social worker pilot – Yorkshire Post

Sheffield Council has apologised for failing a child with special needs who was left without the right support for over a year.

Source: Sheffield Council failed boy with special needs for 18 months, investigation finds – The Star


How much do you love your city? And what could be done to improve it as a place in which you work, rest and play?

Source: What do you really think about Sheffield? Fill in our survey – The Star


I am Chris Sterry a family carer and one of the Carer reps on both Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) and Learning Disability Service Improvement Forum (LDSIF).
Some of you may know me and some not, as some will be aware of LDPB and may be LDSIF.
The reason for this communication is that there has been for some months comments or discussions on the continuation of the LDPB both in its current form, some revision of its form or to even abolish the concept of LDPB altogether.
A meeting for the Reps of LDPB and LDSIF has been arranged on 4 October 2017 at St Mary’s Church in Sheffield, UK.
 Before I continue with this, please see below some information of the inclusion within LDPB and LDSIF.
Within the term LD this does include and/or Autism, although there are discussions on going in forming a separate Autism Partnership Board.
LDPB currently meets every two months, it is a Public meeting and therefore anyone can attend. It was formed under ‘Valuing People‘, which was ‘A vision for the 21st Century’, a White Paper presented in March 2001 and in Chapter Nine it laid down the provision of Partnership working by Partnership Boards which were to be established by October 2001.
There are a number of reps who are down to attend and these come to represent the following
Sheffield City Council
Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
Sheffield Healthwatch
LD Service Providers
Persons with LD
Carers of persons with LD
Sheffield Carers Centre
This Board used to meet every month, but approximately 2 years ago a recommendation, by Sheffield City Council, was put before the Board that the monthly meetings become 2 monthly and in the other months SIFS would be created, so in effect month by month there would either be a SIF or PB meeting. While there was no real objection to SIFs being formed there was to make the LDPB to 2 monthly from 1 monthly and it was the majority view of the LDPB members at that meeting to continue to meet monthly. Remember this was a partnership and all partners should be equal, but 1 partner, namely, Sheffield City Council (SCC) decided against the majority decision, so much for the partnership principle and democracy.
The various SIFs were created and for the LDSIF as well as the reps from SCC, reps from persons with LD and Carers of persons with LD could apply to be reps and if agreed by SCC then they could attend. This was not fully within the partnership principle and the meetings would not be Public meetings, so only the reps could attend or others as invited. The SIFs have not been created by Statute as was LDPB and is purely a decision by SCC.
Now SIFs are supposed to deal with operational issues while LDPB to deal with strategic issues.
There are a number of SIFs, in addition to LDSIF and these include
Carers, where I am also a Carers Rep
Mental Health
and possibly a couple more.
As I stated above regarding the discussions on the future of LDPB and in effect LDSIF a joint meeting has been arranged for the reps of both LDPB and LDSIF to attend and a copy of the invite is attached. For information this joint meeting is on Wednesday 4th October 2017 at St Mary’s Church from 11am to 2pm.
I will be attending as well as other carer reps and I do wish to know the views of others within Sheffield, whether they be LD Carers or not, but especially LD Carers and others within the LD community, be they persons with LD, LD Service Providers or any other connection with LD.
I have scanned the internet for information regarding Sheffield LD Partnership Board and although there appeared to be links they did not connect with any relevent information except for this from 2007 and this Help for People with Learning Disabilities. The first link is now 10 years old and the person who appears as the originator for the Foreword, Josie Bennett, who is no longer with Sheffield City Council and there goes another tale which I may proceed to mention some other time. Looking at the second link this appears to be more promising until you progress on the link and the get the message ‘Sheffield has a Learning Disabilities Partnership Board to help us make sure that we meet the needs of people with a learning disability in Sheffield. The Partnership Board meets every two months and is attended by family carer representatives, people with a learning disability, and representatives from agencies in the city who work with people with a learning disability.’ if you then follow that link you get Search Results (0). Now I would say that is not a very encouraging sign for the future of LDPB within Sheffield.
Please do advise your comments, do you agree with me or have your conclusions. LD Boards in other areas do appear to be active being Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire,York and current minutes are readily available, while for Sheffield no current information appears to be readily available.
I also facilitate a LD Carers Support Group at Sheffield Carers centre for which there is an email address being, please could you direct replies, comments, etc to that email or to the FLASH (Families Lobbying and Advising Sheffield), of which I am also a member, email being
I do look forward to hearing from, as do my fellow reps, especially in these times of change, uncertainty and austerity, not on just the uncertainty regarding LDPB and LDSIF, but any aspect of relating to care. I repeat the 2 emails where comments are encouraged to be made being flashld575@gmail.comor or you could come to the LD Support group which is held every 4th Tuesday of each month at the Carers Centre from 12 noon to 2pm, please bring a Butty (Sandwich) drinks tea, coffee, water are providing.
The website of the support group is ldcarersbuttygroup
Thank you
Chris Sterry

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Council leaders today effectively scrapped the Sheffield City Region devolution deal. The decision led to acrimony as today’s meeting broke up with leaders of Barnsley and Sheffield councils in what appeared to be a heated exchange. Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore also clashed with Doncaster Council chief executive Jo Miller. Moments earlier, Barnsley and Doncaster had defied last-minute pressure from the Government and voted against plans to press ahead with the next stage of the deal in readiness for the election of a Sheffield City Region mayor in May. The ‘One Yorkshire’ view

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Source: Sheffield devolution deal collapses as Barnsley and Doncaster rebel – The i newspaper online iNews


We know the way adult mental health services are currently provided does not always offer quick or fair access. We want to make sure that people can get the help they need, when they need it.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve told us about your experiences and speaking to GPs about what hey think needs to change. We’ve also had conversations other organisations in the city, e.g. Healthwatch Sheffield.

We are making changes so that:

  • it is easier for people to access services
  • everyone accessing a service has the same waiting time, regardless of where they live
  • it is clear what you can expect from our services
  • our services are able to respond flexibly as your needs change.

We also need to make sure that we balance our books and spend our money wisely so that our staff can focus on supporting you.

What are the changes? 

Where will services be located? 


Source: SHSC | » Changes to Adult Community Mental Health Services


IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! – A RESPONSE FROM SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL ABOUT OUR MARCH!!On Monday, 11 September 2017, 10:11, Walton Dawn wrote:
EMAIL SENT ON BEHALF OF DAWN WALTON Dear Chrissy I am writing to you as a matter of urgency following on from the serious concerns you have raised with Council Officers in my service, with me directly and in recent media interviews. Please accept our apologies this email was not sent on Friday. I am concerned about the cases which have been discussed and the issues which they potentially raise. With this in mind I would like to request from you details of all the cases which cause you concern. Once received, we will review all these cases individually. I would be very grateful to you when you send this information to us if you could let me know where these issues were previously raised, for example, with a Headteacher or a Governing Body so that we can also look into the robustness of these processes. We take allegations of this severity very seriously. Therefore I would be grateful for the information as soon as you are able to provide it to enable us to review these cases as a priority. I would be grateful if you could contact Zanib Mushtaq, telephone: 0114 2052597 to agree the logistics of how this personal and potentially sensitive information can be shared. Finally, I would like to let you know that representatives from the Council will not be attending your planned events on Saturday. However, we are very keen to meet with parents to discuss their concerns face to face and we will be organising a series of opportunities to enable this. These sessions will provide an opportunity for parents to meet with senior Council Officers and Elected Members they will take place in September and October of this year. We will ensure that information about these opportunities is shared with all SEND parents representative groups including Sparkle Sheffield. Yours sincerelyDawn Walton Dawn Walton, Director – Commissioning, Inclusion & LearningPeople Services Portfolio
Level 7, West Wing 
S1 4PLOUR RESPONSE!!!!!ToWalton DawnCCDrayton Jackie (LAB-CLLR) Ludlam Jayne L (CYP) Speechley Carly Liesje Dusauzay Dore Julie (LAB-CLLR)Today at 13:46Dear Dawn, Thank you for your communication below. The content of which is noted, including the fact that your communication is a belated one that declines, after the ‘Saturdays event,’ my invitation, issued to the Council on behalf of and at the behest of Parents and Carers for the Council to field a representative/representatives at the said Saturday Protest March of 9th September 2017. This invitation to the Council come along and listen to, and take face to face questions, answer questions, take comments, complaints and suggestions, in the transparent public eye, was proffered to the Council, in response to the Council expressing that they wanted to hear from Parents and Carers directly and they and I saw the Protest March Speeches Section to be an ideal opportunity for the Council to walk the talk in this regard ab indeed to see and hear also from a very important group, if not these most important group so adversely affected- namely- the Disabled children themselves also. In reference to your identifying the Council’s plans to hold a suite of ‘consultations’ in September and October coming, this is noted but please know that this intent and planning had been already shared with me and others, with the focus of the ‘consultation’ as present as being upon already taken place and behind closed doors discussions upon proposed changes and diminutions in Special Educational Needs Schools and IR Units and Behaviour Support Units to in the City of Sheffield and the Council’s drive to mainstream the vast number of children with SEND Requirements, along with further reducing the number of children being allowed to have their statutory EHC Plans.It should be noted that well ahead of being obliged to go public with these concerns, I and Sparkle Sheffield and individual families sought desperately to bring these concerns and complaints to the Sheffield City Council and to be heard and to have redress ensue. All to no real avail.I note to, the reframing of what were already in-situ ‘consultations’ as being initiated as now ones to ‘listen to Parents/Carers concerns ‘ with SEND representative groups ‘including Sparkle Sheffield’ being notified of these ‘opportunities’.It is hoped that Sheffield City Council are not replicating old ways of deploying ‘consultation’ as means of mere spin or means of discarding concerns and complaints already shared over longevity with the Council, or indeed bypassing the hundreds of Parent Carers who have identified themselves and their experiences of concern and complaints against Sheffield City Council through Social Media, Petition commentary and through demonstrations and in the media. Sheffield Star Live on Saturday 9th September 2017 alone has had 24,496 views, the Sparkle Sheffield AutiTalk Channel to

Source: Petition update · A Response From Sheffield City Council After Our Protest March ·


The Special Olympics National Games brought in more than a million pounds to Sheffield, council bosses have revealed.

Source: ‘Incredible’ Special Olympics brings in £1.4 million to Sheffield – The Star


Three of six councils involved in the government’s named social worker pilot will not bid to take part in the second phase of the scheme

Source: Councils split over value of named social worker pilot

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