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The Special Olympics National Games brought in more than a million pounds to Sheffield, council bosses have revealed.

Source: ‘Incredible’ Special Olympics brings in £1.4 million to Sheffield – The Star

Three of six councils involved in the government’s named social worker pilot will not bid to take part in the second phase of the scheme

Source: Councils split over value of named social worker pilot

The state of adult social care services 2014 to 2017 presents findings from our comprehensive programme of adult social care inspections.

The report looks at what we’ve found about the quality of care across the full range of adult social care services that we regulate.

What we did

In October 2014, we formally rolled out our new inspection framework for adult social care. It includes overall ratings for each service as well as ratings in each of five key questions – whether they’re safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Between then and February 2017, we’ve completed over 33,000 inspections of around 24,000 adult social care locations.

We recognise there is fragility in the adult social care sector influenced by funding and resource pressures. But as the quality regulator, our focus in this report is on the quality of adult social care services and the impact that this has on people who use services.

What we found

Source: The state of adult social care services 2014 to 2017 | Care Quality Commission

In May 2012, the Department of Transport expected the tram-train scheme to be completed by Dec 2015. It is now expected to be completed in May 2018.

Source: The Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train project: investigation into the modification of the national rail network – National Audit Office (NAO)

“You help someone blossom as a Shared Lives carer, and they help you blossom too. They just become part of the family…”


That’s the view of carer Sue Cashmore, 59 years old from Shiregreen, who has been caring for adults in her own home for around 20 years. She’s part of the Shared Lives scheme, a community-based approach to supporting adults, where ordinary people open up their home and lives to support people through respite or live-in care.


Three adults with learning disabilities live with Sue, along with her husband and teenage daughter, and Sue says the experience has been good for all of them:


“You develop relationships with people. And if they are comfortable coming to you and you enjoy having someone in your home, you just feel good.


“The people who we support are all independent in their own way. They don’t all need 24/7 care and they’ve got their own thoughts and feelings. They do what they want to do, and you’ve got to encourage that.


“You’re not just helping them though – it brings out your own personality a bit more. They bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them. And I think my daughters are better people for having people with learning disabilities live with us – they get a better understanding of things.”


Sue joins Sheffield City Council in calling for more people to become a Shared Lives carer. People are given


Source: Call for more Shared Lives carers to help people ‘blossom’ in Sheffield | Care Industry News

Sheffield Council was ‘complicit’ in allowing sex attacker Roger Dodds to groom teenagers and young men, according to a damning report into his abuse.

Dodds, who was jailed in February after admitting a series of sex attacks on five people dating back to the 1980s, created an environment ‘within which he could exploit his position of authority to pursue his sexual satisfaction’.

His actions caused ‘enormous distress’ to his victims according to the findings of Operation Klosters, a review the council commissioned after police began investigating Dodds in 2008 – and released to The Star yesterday.

Dodds was a sex tourist, ‘well known’ for his use of sexual language at the education department building in Leopold Street, and was part of a club that shared hardcore pornography on the internal mail system.

Source: Sheffield Council was ‘complicit’ in historic Roger Dodds sex abuse scandal, report reveals – The Star

From the article I assume that the parking was on-street and not the Western Park car park, as the appeal was turned down by Sheffield City Council, which does not surprise me.

Charging at the hospital car park was introduced in October 2016, previously it was free, but the policing of the parking would be by hospital attendants, who I feel would have been more understanding.

Parking around this area is extremely difficult and it would have been difficult to find a further vacant parking place should Mr Pickersgill tried to find one.

A cancer patient who was handed a £25 parking fine after her chemotherapy session over-ran has lost her appeal.

Charlotte Barber’s partner Mick Pickersgill drove her for treatment on November 15 but was fined for leaving his car with a blue badge for more than four hours.

Ms Barber attends Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield for cancer treatment every four weeks but the couple were left dismayed when their appeal was rejected.

Mr Pickersgill said: ‘It’s not like we had been to the cinema or a show. It isn’t the money, it’s the principle.

‘I take Charlotte to Weston Park every four weeks for cancer treatment.

‘There has never been a problem before with the treatment running over and I was unaware the time I could park at that location was four hours.

‘I explained Charlotte has been going through a traumatic time.’

Source: Cancer patient fined despite having blue badge because she was getting chemotherapy  | Daily Mail Online



I am from Sheffield and this was a deplorable act by Sheffield City Councilors, but that is not unusal in their dealings within Sheffield for in many respects they feel they are a law to themselves and have no respect to the populas of Sheffield.

Amery should never have been awarded the contract, especially on a PFI basis, for now they can do as they please in the name of profit, whether this be for the good of Sheffield or not.

PFI contracted should be made ilegal, as they were an ill thought out idea which Labour introduced,as while, they may have been a good way to initially introduce new introstructure,however, the penalty clauses that are contained within them should future changes be required creare enormous costs for those who have to live with the resultant situation.

Profit to the few and no benefit for the many.


Source: Sheffield tree fiasco highlights everything that is bad about contracted-out services | Vox Political

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Sustainability Plan (STP) is published below. It sets out the vision, ambitions and priorities for the future of health and care in the region and is the result of many months of discussions across the STP partnership, including with patient representative groups and the voluntary sector.

Source: SMYBNDCCGS :: Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The Forth Reich, Sheffield City Council for their attack on trees and residents of Ruslings Road, Sheffield.


A dozen officers made the arrests which follow a bitter legal battle between council chiefs and beleaguered residents in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, over the felling of trees in the city.

Source: Protesting pensioners are arrested as ‘underhand’ council workers move in | Daily Mail Online

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