Revealed: How Sheffield Council bosses tried to downplay being ‘heavily involved’ with controversial police operation – Yorkshire Post

Sheffield Council was “heavily involved” with a police operation that saw dozens of officers sent out to support the authority’s controversial tree-felling work and resulted in multiple arrests – but worked to publicly downplay its involvement over fears it would “politicise” the force’s actions, newly-published internal emails reveal.

Source: Revealed: How Sheffield Council bosses tried to downplay being ‘heavily involved’ with controversial police operation – Yorkshire Post

The Dangers of FLASH Flooding

A topical video for parts of the UK, especially for Sheffield yesterday.

My wish would be to have the ‘force field’ which is saving the video presenter.

But Flooding is no joke for it will certainly cause substantial damage and maybe deaths, so flooding is not to be taken lightly.

Some footage relating to the flooding in Sheffield UK on Thursday 7 November 2019

Video footage shows flooding on Sheffield roads as amber weather warning issued : The Star

Sheffield flooding: Torrential rain leaves city flooded : BBC News

UK flooding: Dozens spend night in Sheffield Meadowhall shopping centre : BBC News

Roads across Sheffield closed as floods continue to wreak havoc : The Star

However, we are living in the age of Global Warming and Climate Change, so, in reality, is flooding more likely to occur more often, I am afraid the answer will be yes.

Now Flash Flooding will occur at a moment in time and, in time the flooding will subside and then it is the ‘clear up stage’ followed by the reality to make good the damage, which is certainly to be costly.

If we view the expected rise in sea levels, then the low-lying coastal areas and maybe even more inland will be permanently flooded, causing excessive loss of habitable and serviceable land, and even of more concern of loss of life.

Now what can be done?

With FLASH flooding, then every authority in possible areas of flooding should immediately, if not even earlier, look at their flood defences. But also, the maintenance of existing drainage provision, ensuring they are free of clutter and debris. This includes any drainage gullies, sewers and other such structures. When it comes to rivers also ensure riverbanks are constantly maintained to ensure they do not collapse and certainly ensure the full length of all rivers are free of rubbish and other debris.

Also, no building of forms of accommodations, which should be seen as no do/go areas, on known ‘flood plains’. However, due to lack of suitable land on which to build, some authorities within the UK have allowed such building and then, surprise, surprise!! when the flooding occurs.

Who in their right mind would even consider purchasing property on a known flood plain?, but many do, but is it due to lack of information, which, if so, should be a instance on those who were in the knowledge of such information to be sued , on which there should be no limit on the time scale in which such proceedings could be taken. the liability to be placed on persons as well as organisations, this would cover Directors of companies who cease trading and close their companies, and in many instances, just create a new company in a different name.
Flooding and the changes in climate and environment have to be taken seriously and cannot be ignored, if it is then persons need to be held accountable, even if they are still not in Office.

HS2 could be axed for Leeds and Sheffield in bid to save £10billion | The Star

Today the Financial Times reported that the high-speed rail network, planned to connect London to Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds with a superfast train line, could be slashed in scope.


It would mean the trains would no longer serve north of the Midlands, while the trains themselves would be reduced in speed by 40mph in an effort to bring the project’s spiraling costs under control.


Source: HS2 could be axed for Leeds and Sheffield in bid to save £10billion | The Star


John Mothersole, Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, announces retirement | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Chief Executive, John Mothersole, has today announced that he is due to retire at the end of 2019.

John joined Sheffield City Council in 1998 to take up the role of Executive Director for Development, Environment and Leisure and then in 2008 became Chief Executive, where he has led the council through a decade of unprecedented change.

His retirement message is a reflection of how hard the decision to leave the council has been for him.

John said: “I have been in this role for over 11 years and it has been the best job of my life. However, nothing goes on forever and when you get to a certain stage in your career, and a certain age, the question of when to stop does become a matter of “when” not “if”. I have therefore decided that now is as good a time as any and so I plan to retire at the end of this calendar year. I know that the success of this council is the product of the efforts of everyone who works for it and with it and of the councillors who are elected to it. I will look back on my time working with the council with great fondness and affection.

“Over the next three months I will be working with my council colleagues to hand over my responsibilities and to ensure there is a smooth transition to whoever replaces me in this role.”

The journey to the position of Chief Executive was an interesting one for John having started out as a labourer in a Foundry in Blackburn in 1977. At 18, John took himself off to university. Now back in Blackburn in 1982, with a degree and unemployment at an all-time high, John was ‘rescued’ by the Manpower Services Commission, as it was called then, and offered funding to run a community centre on a council estate. John has been in continuous work ever since which included working in community arts and arts development roles in Camden and Newcastle.


Source: John Mothersole, Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, announces retirement | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Vandals hunted after wrecking spree at Sheffield football club | The Star

The culprits, who were captured on CCTV, spent around five hours wrecking facilities at Handsworth FC’s home ground on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

Photographs of the damage caused at the clubhouse at Olivers Mount, Handsworth, have been released by the football club and shared on Facebook.


Source: Vandals hunted after wrecking spree at Sheffield football club | The Star

Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership Annual Report for 2018/2019

Annual Reports do you find them boring, complicated and very uninteresting, what if you found an Annual Reort in a video format.

You say you have never seen a report in this format, for they are never produced, except in the written form.

Well now, this is not so, for the Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership have produced their Annual Report for 2018/2019 in a video format.

The full video is approximately is 60 minutes in length.

However, a short introduction has also been produced which is approximately 4 and a half minutes in length, which can be viewed below

Like what you see and wishing to hear and see more, then the full video can be viewed below

Unfortunately, we have currently, not been able to include the promised BSL format in the full length video, but this may be available by contacting

Practice Development DoLS & Safeguarding Team

Little West Wing

Floor 10

Moorfoot Building


S1 4PL

Tel No. : 0114 2957183

email :

We do hope that you enjoyed viewing the videos and that you may now have more interest in Annual Reports

Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara arrested on suspicion of fraud – Nye Bevan News

The independent MP Jared O’Mara has been arrested on suspicion of fraud, sources in Sheffield have said. He was arrested at the same time as his chief of staff, Gareth Arnold, the BBC reported.

Police arrested the pair a week ago and Arnold was held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud, according to the Daily Mirror.

Officers raided the MP’s constituency office, removing documents and computers for investigation on Friday last week, the newspaper reported. The two men were released on Saturday evening pending further investigation.

O’Mara, who was formerly with Labour before becoming an independent, has submitted paperwork for his resignation as an MP for Sheffield Hallam, dated for when parliament returns in September, it has previously been claimed.

In July, O’Mara said he was “taking time out for mental health treatment” and promised to resign at the end of summer recess after allegations of sexual misconduct towards staff.

Arnold quit his role in July in dramatic fashion, posting his resignation statement on O’Mara’s Twitter account, however earlier this month he claimed to be still working for the outgoing MP.

Arnold told the BBC two weeks ago that he had “extended his noti


Source: Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O’Mara arrested on suspicion of fraud – Nye Bevan News

Sheffield’s LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they’re thriving | Katharine Swindells | Education | The Guardian

A year ago, the University of Sheffield made headlines when we became the first UK university to launch LGBT-only flats in our accommodation. Much of the coverage was based on untruths and exaggeration, conjuring images of huge rainbow-clad buildings where all gay students were forced to stay.

The reality was far less dramatic: 32 students in seven flats scattered among the three student villages, with no way of being identified aside from by their tenants. It was hardly the “ghettoising” we were accused of.

The debate hit the news during my first week as the students’ union welfare officer. The project was a result of a partnership between the university and the students’ union LGBT committee. As an LGBT activist myself, I initially had concerns. But my worries were quickly assuaged when I did what lots of news outlets didn’t: actually talk to the students concerned.

They never saw themselves as part of a big political controversy. In fact, they were baffled by all the attention. For the LGBT students, it was about not having to feel like they look feminine or masculine enough to fit in. Or being able to talk about Tinder dates and seminar crushes without fearing judgment or intrusive questions. It’s about one of the most fundamental human needs: to feel safe and comfortable in your own home.

One resident I spoke to, Fran, acts as a mentor in several flats. She said she has heard lots of LGBT students voice fears that their new flatmates might share the views of their school bullies or unsupportive parents. For those students, being around even one other queer person can make life easier. “As a queer person, in an environment that still isn’t great, especially for trans students, your very existence and the fact that you’re living out is resistance in its own way,” she said.

Veronica, a first-year biology student, told me that she had worried about living with someone homophobic. LGBT halls gave her the assurance that her sexuality would be accepted. She had friends express concerns, saying that LGBT students should mix with others to teach them acceptance. But living in the halls made her mingle more by giving her the confidence to go out, meet new people and try new things.


Source: Sheffield’s LGBT-only halls were called a ghetto – but a year on, they’re thriving | Katharine Swindells | Education | The Guardian

Jared O’Mara: Sheffield MP branded ‘morally bankrupt’ in explosive online resignation by former chief of staff : i News

An MP’s aide has resigned in an explosive series of tweets labelling his former boss “morally bankrupt” and a “selfish, degenerate prick”.

The tweets were posted from the official account of Jared O’Mara, a former Labour MP who now sits as an independent.

Gareth Arnold, Mr O’Mara’s chief of staff, used his boss’s Twitter account to write that he “will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in.”

According to The Star, sister newspaper of i based in Sheffield, the account was not hacked by an outside source and the tweets are from the resigned staffer.

Mr Arnold told the paper that he posted the tweets as “he felt something big needed to happen” to encourage the 37-year-old to step down.

Mr O’Mara is autistic, has cerebral  palsy and has spoken in the past about how his mental health has affected his work.

‘Leaving constituents desperate’

In the seven Tweet thread, which has been retweeted and favourited tens of thousands of times, Mr Arnold writes that: “Sheffield Hallam deserves so much better than you. You have wasted opportunities which people dare not to even dream of.

Jared O’Mara, the MP for Sheffield Hallam (Image: PA)

“Leaving constituents desperate for representation again. No matter if they are having their homes taken away, their liberties disgraced or being deported because of your inaction.

“My fear is that now (as I quit) the rest of the staff will leave and once again you will close your office and stop helping anyone but still take your wages until you have the decency to call a by-election.

“I cannot and will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in. You selfish, degenerate prick.”

The MP’s aide used the thread to hand in his resignation.

“Jared, you are the morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself. Consider this my resignation. Thanks, Gareth Arnold.”

Controversial time as MP


Source: Jared O’Mara: Sheffield MP branded ‘morally bankrupt’ in explosive online resignation by former chief of staff : i News