Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

A good question and maybe answered by the article, in that, properties are so cheap in Blackpool. But surely that should not be the only consideration, as the children in question will be much more vulnerable than children are in general and therefore their safety and safeguarding should be as equally important, if not, more so. That is expressly so, when so many of the children will be so far from their original home and their families.

It appears the children’s safety is not taking the concern it should be, as it seems that a building, any old building will do and, in many instances they will not be registered with Ofsted, which should at least one of the requirements, irrespective of the age of the children. This is so much necessary for homes for vulnerable adults have to be registered with the CQC, Care Quality Commission, surely children 16-17 are not falling through a gap in the system, in not being registered as children with Ofsted and adults with CQC.

To wait until when the revised Dols safeguarding criteria be altered to the LPS, Liberty Protection Service, is enacted is not acceptable as currently, I believe no date is set. It should have been already on 1 October 2020, but was delayed due to COVID, and pressures on Health and Social Care with other dates mentioned but not enforced as there was considerable delay to this Government issuing the Consultation documents, which while now issued and closed, is now being studied further.

This state of affairs with Blackpool being so much the centre needs urgent action, otherwise the vulnerable children will be even more vulnerable as they were initially.

This is no where what a caring society should be and shows a distinct lack of caring, accountability and transparency on all areas concerned and not for the first time, so ‘lessons are not being learned’. Not sure if this is because no wishes to are other forces are involved, but, lessons do need to be learned, otherwise vulnerable children will not only continue to have causes for concern, but these will be considerably increased, eventually leading to major safeguarding issues occurring, which they may be doing so currently. But, when they do, not if they do, all will so ignorance when it will not be ignorance, but completely lack of accountability and transparency, which we have already seen in so many areas, with apparent no degree of concern from this Government.


Source: Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Unfortunately this lack of police action is nothing news, as many years ago I caught on my CCTV camera a person breaking into my vehicle at the front of my property, even showing his full approach and he was clearly seen as the camera caught him full face.

One Police officer did attend, but no forensics and I did download the footage onto a disc which I gave to the office, but I heard no more.

This was well before the Tory Government cuts to police budgets so this is implying that these incidents are viewed as minor by our police and not worthy of their time and it appears even less so now. So it is a Police force for the few not everyone. No wonder, some people pay for their own security forces, but we are not all in that position financially and with the increases in costs and the stake of the UKs finances many more will not be able to, so it is even more essential that the Police is there for everyone.


Source: Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Gordon Brown says energy firms unable to offer lower bills should be temporarily re-nationalised | Gordon Brown | The Guardian

Former PM calls for energy price cap to be scrapped and new lower prices renegotiated by government


Much is being discussed, but not together and while many appear to be offering solutions, they are not necessarily part of the decision process.

Yes, a reasonable pay increase needs to be instigated, not just for rail workers, but for most workers in the UK.

In many of the industries there is a severe lack of investment, which is nothing new in the UK and was certainly true when many of the industries in question were nationalised industries. At that time strikes were also taking place for many of the same reasons as of today.

Granted in nationalised industries there are no recognised shareholders, but, in effect the real shareholder of any nationalised industry is the Government, supposedly on behalf of the population of the UK. But in a nationalised industry is all the supposed money created above the costs of running the industry, including workers’ salaries ploughed back to the industry to create more necessary investments. I fear not as I believe much of that money is given to the Government to use at it sees fit.

Nationalisation is not the great panacea it is made to be, as technically the NHS is a national industry, so, if, it is why is there so much crisis, well for one, it is said lack of required investment, poor wages, now where have I heard that before, yes, the industries where there are now strikes or probability of strikes.

So lets look at rail in the UK. When they were started to be formed in 1825, each area of the UK had their own rail system and these were private companies. It was not until 1948 that they were nationalised and during the 50, and 60s I used the rail system extensively for holidays as my father worked for British Railways so our train travel throughout the UK and France was free, even the shipping from Dover and Folkestone to Calais and Boulogne. I found the UK trains were extremely dirty, hardly ever on time and the rolling stock on, especially the old midland line to London and other places and the food was a joke, especially the British Railways ‘sandwich’

. With privatisation in 1994-1997 came, much needed, investments, not only in train rolling stock, but also Rail Stations, rail track and signaling. Individual companies were formed to run the trains and other areas was formed. Rail Track for the rail infrastructure, the signaling and track and also some rail stations. But with a number of rail crashes including Hatfield, and the company going into administration, in 2002 it was renationalised to form Network Rail, but the are still problems even though it is a supposed nationalised industry.

So, in reality whether an industry is privately owned or nationalised there will be problems, it just seems that nationalised is better than private  due to lack of seen shareholders, but, in effect, it is how it is run and that is not dependent it being nationalised or private, but the people running it and other factors, mainly Government interference.

Source: Gordon Brown says energy firms unable to offer lower bills should be temporarily re-nationalised | Gordon Brown | The Guardian

Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid  | Daily Mail Online

Donald Trump on Monday claimed his passports were ‘stolen’ in the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago last week, which would mean he could not leave the country.


Trump is doing what he always does which is inflaming a situation for his own political motives. On one hand he says he wishes to help the DOJ, while in reality he is doing the complete opposite.

If he has done no wrong then why not be compliant and not do all he can to inflame his own base into a resurrection, just as he did on the assault on the Capitol on 6 Jan.


Source: Trump now claims FBI agents seized three of his PASSPORTS during the Mar-a-Lago raid  | Daily Mail Online

Trump says ‘temperature has to be brought down’ after Mar-a-Lago search | The Hill

Former President Trump said on Monday that his aides reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to offer “whatever we can do to help,” saying the “temperature has to be brought down”…


Not often, I agree with Trump but on this occasion I do, but it is what needs and has to be done on what we differ.

Yes, his ‘ aides reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to offer “whatever we can do to help’, but his aides are looking in the wrong direction and wrong people, for Trump’s aides should be looking at Trump to reach out to help the Department of Justice (DOJ) and he, himself, Trump do all he can to help. In doing so he needs to stop ‘pleading the 5th‘ and provide all the DOJ wish him to do, even though it is something he has never done.

He needs to see himself for what he is a ‘failure’, and control his undesirable attributes of misogynistic, racist and many more.

His main successes in business is being made bankrupt 4-6 times, which should mean he is a business failure, but he appears to believe being made bankrupt a business success.

His major, forthcoming success could well be, being to be the only president to be convicted to be a criminal and serve at least one prison sentence.

Source: Trump says ‘temperature has to be brought down’ after Mar-a-Lago search | The Hill

The Essential: Afghan singer says his country ‘no longer means anything’ after the Taliban chased him out

News as it is and not as put forward by the Government and essentially, the Home Secretary Priti Patel MP in that she believes the evacuation from Afghanistan was a success, rather than a failure, especially for those who were not evacuated or refused evacuation. In her ‘Ivory Tower’, otherwise The Home Office, reality is not as it is.

The many 100s of thousands left behind to suffer at the hands of the Taliban shows how much of a failure it was. But, some of the blame has to be paced at the door of Trump, in his complete capitulation to the Taliban, surely, even he could not trust the Taliban, but it appears he did, or is it he didn’t really care for he would no longer be the ruling President when it took place. For he took the glory, when, in fact, there was no glory to take, but then, whenever did that bother Trump.

He was a complete disaster from the start and all are suffering from the consequences for some time to come, 4 years of utter disaster and more.

His crimes know no bounds.


Source: The Essential: Afghan singer says his country ‘no longer means anything’ after the Taliban chased him out | the i

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home searched by FBI, former president says | The Independent

Raid may have been carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into the ex-president’s alleged theft of classified materials and included a search of his safe


So what, Trump needs to abide by the Laws of America and not the Laws of Trump, for his laws have no legal standing. However, Trump is only not willing to abide, he is totally against doing so, for he has a very much misguided view of his own importance, for after all he is just another US resident.


Source: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home searched by FBI, former president says | The Independent

Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

By Dr Caroline Emberson Over the past 18 months, I have been collaborating with other researchers to investigate the vulnerability of paid, migrant, live-in care workers in London to modern slavery. Most live-in care workers in the UK are migrants, and a high proportion travel to and from their home countries between client placements. Understanding […]



Many believe that slavery was abolished in the late 18th and early 19th century,  and in effect that concept was, but slavery is still around. Now it is known a modern slavery,  and is more common than people would expect.

Modern slavery includes but are not limited to:

sexual exploitation
domestic servitude
forced labour
criminal exploitation
other forms of exploitation: organ removal; forced begging; forced benefit fraud; forced marriage and illegal adoption.

In the UK there is the Modern Slavery Act 2015, but persons affected by Modern Slavery are trafficked, so it is essential that everybody associated with areas where Modern Slavery could be need to ensure all aspects are monitored to minimise modern slavery being there.

Even when the legitimate employments are known there are no or very little employment rights and this needs addressing, with a register of every known employment and employee being included. But, even then more needs to be done, more inspections with a sufficiently resourced team of investigators. Each employee needs to be reassured that their rights will be respected and this means if there are terminations for any reasons, then other suitable employments need to be found and their immigration status will not be affected.

Local Authorities need to be fully finance to undertake these responsibilities and the Government and Ministers need to be made accountable and transparent in the dealings with these employments and combatting Modern Slavery.


Source: Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

Students with Disabilities Often Overlooked in Gifted Programming – The 74

Gifted programming, already uneven across the country and prone to racial discrimination, has yet another blind spot: twice exceptional students.  These advanced learners, who may also receive special education services, can languish academically, their skills overlooked. The same holds true for low-income children, students of color and those learning to speak English.  Experts say most […]


This is so true and not only in America, for it is, more than likely, the World all over.

This is due, as is everything, administered in a system and these systems are too rigid and maybe created by persons with no ‘expert by experience; knowledge, plus in many instances lack of sufficient finance.

Nobody, no matter who they are should have to ‘fit a system’ as systems should be created to ‘fit each individual’. However, it is believed it is easier to do the former, no matter how wrong it is, there being no equality and demeaning to those where are forced into the system.

Person-centred should be the prime factor, but it is institutional centred which is commonplace. This needs to change and to be changed by listening to ‘experts by experience’ and not just one expert but a cross-section of ‘experts by experience, then it would be a system for the people, by the people and not, as at present, a system by administrators and bureaucrats and also, be fully, adequately financed, while being extremely flexible to accommodate every person how they wish to be accommodated.

Then and only then will there be true equality for all.

Source: Students with Disabilities Often Overlooked in Gifted Programming – The 74

Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care

A council wrongly stopped funding family holidays for two disabled brothers by adopting a “restrictive and wrong” intepretation of the Care Act 2014. That was the verdict of the Court of Appeal in a judgment last week, in which it rejected an appeal brought by Suffolk County Council against a High Court ruling last year that […]



Local Authorities (LAs) are so poorly funded after 10 years of austerity cuts and then substantial COVID costs that many do all they can to cut costs to spread the meagre funding for social care as far as they can.

This requires that many needs are left unfunded and in doing so risk legal action, but it is far from easy to undertake legal actions against LAs, due to the Government changing Legal Aid eligibility, so many persons with unmet needs fail because of LAs underfunding and them trying to spread costs further and then the person with unmet needs not being able to bring legal remedies due to the limited eligibility criteria.

This and previous Governments doing all it can to ensure vulnerable people will have many unmet needs outstanding.

But do they care, well not for the vulnerable people.


Source: Council adopted ‘restrictive and wrong interpretation’ of Care Act in cutting brothers’ care, finds court – Community Care