More than 2m adults in UK cannot afford to eat every day, survey finds | Food poverty | The Guardian

One in seven adults estimated to be food-insecure, up 57% from January, owing to rising cost of living


The cost of living crisis in the UK has been bad for sometime, but with increasing costs, food, energy to name, but 2 more and more are having major problems feeding themselves and their families and very little is being done by this Government to help those in real need.

No increase in benefits, salaries if at all rising they are not inline with inflation, so more and more people are falling into poverty, even people who are employed.

Then we have the MP, Lee Anderson, criticising people who attend food banks, by saying they don’t know how to cook meals from scratch, but at food banks people are refusing food that needs to be cooked as they can’t afford the energy costs.

This Government could do more, but is currently refusing to do so. people health will continue to deteriorate, causing more pressures on the NHS and eventually many deaths will occur.

Could it be that this government is wishing for deaths as that will reduce the welfare costs.


Source: More than 2m adults in UK cannot afford to eat every day, survey finds | Food poverty | The Guardian

Alberta family struggles to find resources for autistic grandson | CTV News

Rita Fahlman loves being a grandma but says it hasn’t been easy as she fights for help to support her autistic grandson who has complex needs.

Here we have Canada, but it is also just as bad in the UK, perhaps even more so for some.

Is there anywhere in this world where persons with disabilities, expressly learning (Intellectual) disability and autism are looked after sufficiently, I fear not and in some countries not only is there no services, but persons with these disabilities are even seriously discriminated against to the point of even causing deaths.

Why is this for no one asks to be born this way, but they should expect to be able to live life, at least, reasonably without fear. It is the responsibility of everyone to do all they can to ensure discrimination is countered wherever it occurs and every ruling body should legislate to ensure full equality is available for everyone.

Abuse of any nature should never be tolerated and those who do abuse should be always dealt with accordingly. Remember there are many forms of abuse and not having sufficient required and appropriate legislation should be included as a form of abuse. Abuse is done to anyone be they be a child or an adult and anyone can be an abuser, be it a family member, friend, stranger, professional, etc.

By not having sufficient, appropriate  and required legislation is restricting their Human Rights and could be, in effect allowing abuse to occur.

Source: Alberta family struggles to find resources for autistic grandson | CTV News

Housing crisis cost us votes, says Michael Gove

The Housing Secretary says Tories have to learn lessons from local election results as anger at Boris Johnson grows


Maybe, but that will be only one of many reasons, some including, ‘Partygate’, Boris Johnson, inflation and others.



Source: Housing crisis cost us votes, says Michael Gove

Poor People Can’t Cook Says Lee Anderson MP – The poor side of life

Lee Anderson Tory MP for Ashfield claimed that households in Britain can make nutritious meals on a budget of about 30p a day. He made these crass remarks during the queens speech debate in parliam…


So true and well said.

In every generalisation there is a ring of truth, but also untruth, as everyone is different so no one person is the same as another,

Within life there are so many factors which need to be taken into account, but no one, especially in a so called, developed, civilised society should be made to live below the ‘poverty line’ and then be criticised for doing so.

Unfortunately MPs of any party fail to understand, some more than others that peoples lives are different.

Where possible people should be allowed to make choices so the use of ‘mandatory’ should not be something to use and be seen as a good action as it is restricting the freedoms many fought to achieve. We are supposedly not living under a dictatorship, but the likes of Lee Anderson Tory MP appears to believe it is right to do so and sees no wrong in putting people in mandatory situations.


Source: Poor People Can’t Cook Says Lee Anderson MP – The poor side of life

US supreme court poised to overturn abortion law: what the leaked opinion says and what happens next

What is the draft opinion about the landmark US abortion decision Roe v. Wade and how did we find out about it?


So this draft judgement is how the Supreme Court views the American Constitution in that they say ‘legal approach which holds that laws, including the constitution, should be applied as they were understood when first passed. Alito argues over several pages that abortion was not a right accepted or protected in the US for much of the nation’s history before 1973.’

However, this Constitution was implemented in the late 1700s and most of the World has progressed much since then, with a few exceptions, Afghanistan for one and it appears the US for another.

Medical processes since then are no way what they were in the late 1700s, but in general no one is wishing to proceed as they were in the late 1700s. So some, especially those with Republican views are picking and choosing which they still wish to abide by and those they don’t and other, which they tend to mistranslate.

Human Rights have progressed so, much in many countries, while in some have regressed, Afghanistan being a prime example, especially with regards to women. So, in effect, if Roe v Wade is overturned so some women’s rights will be as they were in the late 1700s rather than the 21st century, the US will, in some respects be similar to Afghanistan. Thereby, Republican law having some similar aspects to Taliban law, this really what Republicans wish for.

Abortion is not the only contentious issue for there is also the US Gun Laws. If we abide as in the possible overthrow of Roe v Wade that the ruling should follow the Constitution as it was in the late 1700s. It would mean the armaments should be similar to those of the late 1700s and not the supreme weapons of the 21st century, such as AK-47s.

In the late 1700s civilian militias were formed as it was not sure if the national forces could be trusted, especially in some areas of the US,  but, in reality can that be said today.

It would appear now that many have ‘arms’ without any involvement in any militias, surely that is against the Constitution, unless it is for hunting and home defense, but not while within any outside communities as surely that is why there are Police forces, which in many instances there were not in the late 1700s, except for perhaps an untrained Sheriff and some deputies.

Americans appear to pick and choose what they live by and in many instances infringe on many Human Rights of others.




Source: US supreme court poised to overturn abortion law: what the leaked opinion says and what happens next

As the US supreme court moves to end abortion, is America still a free country? | Moira Donegan | The Guardian

There is no condition more essential to democratic citizenship than a person’s control over her own body. We can’t call ourselves a free country without it


The supposed ‘land of the free,’ but if Roe v Wade is abolished it will be a mockery of being free, for free it will not be, that is, unless you abide with all the religious fanatics, many of whom go under the banner of being ‘Republicans’.
It is wrong that the US justice system is so geared around religion than the rights of people to live their own lives.
America is so not free and those saying it is are just fooling themselves.
Those who wish to abolish abortion have no regards for those who wish to have an abortion.
Why anyone wants to live in America is a mystery as the whole environment appears to revolve around death.
The gun laws, the police, the courts, the health system, there is no free in America.

Source: As the US supreme court moves to end abortion, is America still a free country? | Moira Donegan | The Guardian

Advocates call for increase to disability support payments | The Star

“I am constantly made to feel like a second-class citizen,” said Michael Iacovone, a 32-year-old university student with spina bifida.


No matter where in the world you are you should be entitled to human Rights, but the degree of entitlement will depend on which country the person resides and in some countries the standing of the person in those countries.

Where a person has disabilities, whether from birth or acquired  there may be some restrictions on Human Rights available when there should not be, but there is also the question of equality, which again will be dependent on the country of residence and maybe the standing of the person within those countries.

But equality could have a cost factor and whether this should be borne by each individual or via benefits provided by the respective countries.

If these costs are not fully made available or even at all, will have a great effect on the ability of the person with disabilities to live their lives, even to a reasonable capacity.

In many respects it was not a choice of the person to have a disability or disabilities and if the costs are not met this will have a great impact on their ability to live their lives with any degree of good or reasonable quality.

Is it right for anyone to be made to feel they are a ‘second class citizen’ or even worse. I feel not as it is not showing the respect that they deserve. and is actively showing disrespect, which is effectively denying them their Human Rights and could be seen as some form of abuse.


Source: Advocates call for increase to disability support payments | The Star

Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

Russian foreign minister says western weapons are a ‘legitimate target’; about 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since start of invasion, UK defence secretary says


Russia needs to understand war, for they do not, they assume all they do is allowed, but what others do is not.

They believe only them are allowed to invade countries whenever they wish and cause destruction, but the countries they invade should not retaliate in similar measures .

They can obtain armaments from whom is prepared to provide armaments to them, but the country they invaded should not and countries should not provide armaments to the invaded country.

Russia also believes that everything and everybody in the invaded country can be destroyed and people killed and injured whereas civilians and their property should be safeguarded as much as possible.

But Russia is way misguided for they believe everyone is afraid of them, but by invading Ukraine they have shown their armed forces are not as strong or as fearful as they believed, but they are extremely undisciplined, as they feel they are allowed to rape, torture and then kill as many women  as they wish to.

Putin continues to threaten that he will use his nuclear weapons, but does he realise that if he does others will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons thereby causing wide spread nuclear contamination all over.

Is Putin so stupid, perhaps he is. and why are many in Russia so gullible, as families in Ukraine with relatives in Russia are finding the that their Russian relatives are believing Putin rather than their Ukrainian relatives. Perhaps Putin’s propaganda is so much more effective than its armed forces.

Many Ukrainian civilians, including children have been forcibly taken from Ukraine and took to Russia in the guise that they are being liberated, will they ever be found again.

Every country needs to work as one and supply Ukraine will all they wish for and stop purchasing any goods from Russia, for any payment, especially in Roubles is effectively working against Ukrainians. Buy paying Russia just one Rouble is one Rouble too many and any country doing so, is as guilty as Russia.

Putin and the Russian armed forces are already committing many War Crimes, with many more being committed every day. Both Putin and those Russian armed forces need to be held accountable and brought before the Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Source: Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

ANDREW PIERCE: ‘Cover-up’ row hitting Keir Starmer on home turf | Daily Mail Online

ANDREW PIERCE: This month, two female former staffers called on Labour to end its use of confidentiality agreements to ‘cover up’ sexual harassment allegations. It’s a bad look for Starmer.


Be it Tory or Labour there are some very ‘bad smells’ in politics will or does this extend to other Parties, who knows.

All though Westminster is not the total ‘Gentlemens Club’ and I use that loosely, it still has a far way to go. As  for some male MPs gentlemen is not the correct terminology as for some misogynistic, pervert, slimeball, abuser and others could be more correct.

There may not be many, but the few cast for the many and one is too many and there appears to be many more than one.

For far too long the political, so called, elite have done what they wish, wherever and whenever they wish to. The Houses of Parliament need to correct their order and if they are unable or unwilling then this has to be done by outside forces. However, from events over the years the Met Police too need to correct their order, but somewhere there must be a force or forces which need to be allowed to correct  the behaviours of the few.

Source: ANDREW PIERCE: ‘Cover-up’ row hitting Keir Starmer on home turf | Daily Mail Online

Minority of men in Parliament behave like ‘animals’, claims minister in wake of pornography scandal

A “very small minority of men” in Parliament “behave like animals”, a Cabinet minister has claimed, amid growing calls for a Tory MP accused of watching pornography in the Commons to be stripped of the whip.


This is indeed very disgraceful and this MP needs to be stripped of not only the whip, but to compare to animals is very much unfair on animals.

For this MP and maybe others are far much worse.

Source: Minority of men in Parliament behave like ‘animals’, claims minister in wake of pornography scandal