Endometriosis: black women continue to receive poorer care for the condition

Black women are half as likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis compared to white women.


This is so wrong, especially that studies have concluded that most, if not all Humans originated in now known Africa.

Then there was the formation of medical science, and the mistaken view that the more white a person is means they are more superior, which in many instances led to the slavery from Africa to the Americas in the 16th century. However, there were many instances of slavery from well before then.

Slavery led to the view that some people were more superior to others or that slaves were a commodity without Human Rights.

Could this be a legacy to how black women are viewed in some areas of the medical profession and perhaps other areas. Certainly in some areas of America black persons are not viewed as being equal to white persons, even to this day and many would bring back slavery if they could. But with the abolition of some of the Rights of Women in some states of America and the reversal of Roe v Wade, anything could be possible.

Rights of women, especially Black women need to be greatly improved, so the medical profession take this seriously, but this needs to be seriously taken in very many areas,

Women are just as equal as men and anywhere that this is not so needs to be changed urgently.


Source: Endometriosis: black women continue to receive poorer care for the condition

Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Trump has resorted to ‘incendiary rhetoric’ to deter investigations and to rile up his base, experts say, and shows no sign of letting up


Trump is fighting for his political life and it can be assumed he is far from sure he will obtain it through the US democratic voting process, so he is appealing to his supporters to rise and obtain it through mob violence.

If there is any justice left in America then Trump should not succeed in any approach he uses, but have we have seen in some instances America is predictable, hence the ‘gun lobby and others it is not.

Unfortunately some of the Trump supporters have nothing left to believe in, except the retoric of Trump.

If Trump does eventually succeed receiving the Repblican canditure for the Presidency and then become the President for another, then ‘God’ help us all, not just America but the whole World.

We all saw how he left America after his previous term as President and while there as been some recovery, the damage he caused will take some time to reverse. With another term any damage caused may not be possible to reverse for there maybe no World left.

These are very dangerous times for us all and certainly in America all Human Rights will be removed.


Source: Trump’s verbal assaults pose risks to prosecutors and could fuel violence | Donald Trump | The Guardian

US state legislators propose death penalty for women who have an abortion | The BMJ

Republican legislators in South Carolina have proposed a bill to change the state’s laws, making a fertilised egg or embryo a person and charging a woman who has an abortion with murder, which carries a 30 year prison sentence or the death penalty. Henry McMaster, the state’s Republican governor, has said that he would sign anti-abortion regulations.


If I had seen this in some other publications I would have assumed it was ‘Fake News’, but about a State in America where common sense and human rights are being totally ignored.

With  the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on 24 June 2022 it was a very retrograde step and now this action is leading to many more retrograde far reaching steps taking place.

The human rights of women which have been long fought for and are now being totally ignored as though women don’t have any rights at all. Much of this is down to the long held extreme religious views held in some states of America where women are being disregarded.

Where will it end, will it be that women will have no legal rights at all, lose the right to vote, a right to lead their own lives and be forced to be under the control of men as is the case in some countries in the Middle East, not allow girls to gain education and more.

These far right Christian religious views are in reality not much different to those of religious fanatics of other religions. Will these States be, in effect, no different to those of Iran and Afghanistan.

What will be the next could it be same sex marriage, LGBTQIA, racism and more.

In these States equality gains are being reversed just because of extreme Christian views, when really Christianity should be much more closer related to equality. These extreme Christians quote The bible, but only the texts which agree with their views and ignore any that don’t.

In the 21st century we are very much more enlightened than in the views and opinions in The Bible which it evidences, but the evidence was years dated when it occurred, if it did, to when it was inserted into The Bible. The Bible has been translated many times and some passages were passed down as folklore and is in some ways disproved in other areas of The Bible.

Times change and so do opinions, but not for religious fanatics of any religion.

Source: US state legislators propose death penalty for women who have an abortion | The BMJ

‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

The grisly footage, released in four parts, indicates an ambulance did not arrive for more than 20mins after the vicious beating. This article contains description of physical violence


This is all so wrong and my heart goes out to the family of Tyre Nichols and all the other families of American Police brutality, whatever their racial origins, but especially so the so called, Minority Ethnic origins, which are not that so minor for they are a very sizeable part of the American population and being so should be entitled to all the Human Rights allowed in America.

But, even though many Americans don’t believe so, the Human Rights in America are not as extensive as they should be, in a So Call Democracy as Very Right wing politics and right wing religions are abusing their assumed power in all matters.

Americans need to extend their horizons and see for themselves the extent of Freedoms in other so called democratic countries.

Yes, there will always be some legislative restrictions, but not to the same degree as in America and these degrees change from State to State.

It would appear that some American Police forces have not progressed much, if at all and some are now even worse that in the days of the Wild West. For it is now the 21st century and not the 18th when America was formed, but others were there before with the  Indians, now referred to as Native Americans. Many of whom were assassinated by the incoming invaders, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers and many others afterwards.

Being Christians, or so we are told, but having far right views, hence their decision to leave England and find pastures new, but without any apparent thoughts about anyone already there.

Were they really bringing Christian principles to America and then in the southern areas of North America and the West Indies to allow slaves to be brought over from Africa. In doing so not extending these Christian principles to the slaves as they believed them to be not worth any vestiges of Christian thoughts. Some of which, in many ways, still exists today in how so termed minorities are treated in America, with many Americans Caucasians wishing that the return to the 18th century should be done today. perhaps, in some extent this is why the American police are how they are today, even those of non-Caucasian origins.

Every country still has a lot to learn, but some much more than others, for we are all humans and really we should all be able to live together and not let any differences get in the way, being it gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability and many others.

Let’s all live in peace and show each other the respect there should always have been and do away with all forms of discrimination and acknowledge the Human Rights of others.

Source: ‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

Met Police chief says its “crazy” he can’t sack “toxic” officers

Sir Mark Rowley was responding to figures that show 150 officers are currently under investigation over allegations of sexual assault and racism.


This is and needs to be extremely worrying and drastic actions need to be taken to change this not only for the safety of everyone but for the reputation of not only the Met police, but for every police force throughout the UK.

We were all for years brought up to trust and believe in the Police and for many of the UK population our Police could not do any wrong.

I was on Jury Service many years ago and I heard someone say why should the Police lie, well now we know that they do, hopefully only in a minority of occasions, but how are we to know.

Over the years it has been shown to be that it is not only the Police who endeavour to do cover ups, but in many other professions even in Parliament and the Government, but then who believes any politican.

But there has to be safeguards in any profession and they have to be seen to be effective, for to not leads to anarchy and very soon to the complete breakdown of Law and Order, with no trust anywhere.

We are supposed to be a democracy with the belief all are equal, but money and assumed power, talks and leads to forms of supremacy which are not good at all.

All aspects of the UK need to be accountable and it be easy to enact accountability to all.

Trust needs to be earned and so does respect, for in many instances what is seen as respect is, in reality, fear.

Human Rights also need to be respected.


Source: Met Police chief says its “crazy” he can’t sack “toxic” officers

Government suspends NUS funding over antisemitism claims and replaces with alternative student representation

Jewish students need to have confidence this is a body that represents them, says Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi


Unfortunately racism is still around, but I had hoped not to the extent that it had been.

It is said that the young are not as racist as some of their elders, as no one is born a racist, it is of their own chosing, but racism is wrong from whatever quarter it comes from and any surfacing of any forms of racism have to be countered.

So, it is very disappointing that racism is still, apparently abound in the NUS and in a place of learning, for it seems that appropriate learning is not being practiced.

I so hope that the NUS and any other organisations wherever they are have a zero tolerence of racism as we are all supposed to be equal and colour, ethnity, age, gender, disability  and others should be be a target for anyone to cause abuse to.

Lets all of us, please, learn to live with each other for that is the right thing to do and is respecting all of our Human Rights.


Source: Government suspends NUS funding over antisemitism claims and replaces with alternative student representation

As a Black American, I say the UK needs new thinking on race. The royals could lead that | Keith Magee | The Guardian

The monarchy’s link to slavery is glossed over in Britain. William and Harry have a chance to do better, says author and academic Keith Magee


Keith Magee is saying it as it is and it is well about time that the UK Monarchy took all their history into account and not only the parts they wish too for not to do so eans gthere is no real hope that the  Monarhy will continue.

Many of them are living in the past but only as they see it and not as it was or is. To a large extgent they are liing a lie or at least not the whole truth.

The past can’t be changed but how it is being dealt with can.


Source: As a Black American, I say the UK needs new thinking on race. The royals could lead that | Keith Magee | The Guardian

Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary – all the key moments and the 11 things we’ve learnt

Sussexes take swipes at Prince William, the King and the tabloid press in first three episodes of their new show


Yes, this is only one side of the story, but it is the truth as seen by both Harry and Meghan.

It is clear that Harry has and still is suffering from the life and death of his Mother, Princess of Wales. To exist in the Royal Family Institution one has, to a large extent, curb ones individual personality and the ability live their own lives without scrutiny from the Press, public opinion, and the rules and standing etiquete of the institution of the Royal Family. Not many of us would have the ability and will to do so. Those born into it have little choice other than to leave completely and with others who may join not really understanding what is required.

The Institution does need to change if it is to survive and over the years some change has been seen, but exceedingly slowly.

Harry has always been one who wished to go his own way which many second in-line have done, but not with the degrees of scrutiny of today with Social Media and many devices to record events, which previously would only have been done by the official news media.

Meghan also is one who wishes to live her life and really didn’t understand what was expected in joining the institution, similar to Diana, but more so. There are always difficulties in joining new families, but when in the ‘spotlight’ and restrictive practices of the Royal Family this was much harder and even more so under thed Lens of the Media. But the Royal Family also didn’t know how to deal with Meghan and in many respects was not willing to learn. Many in the Family have learnt what to do from a very early age and be compliant. Other Royal Families have learnt much more that the UK Royal Family and exist in a much watered down way or don;t exist at all.

These days changes happen quickly, but the UK Royal Family are much slower to change if they really wish to, but for them to really survive change will need to be achieved.

With Meghan there were real opporunities for change, but that could now have gone forever.

Racial issues were always going to be a problem, for there are issues, no matter what is being said there arn’t. The whole fabric of the Institution was created through racial discrimination, from, perhaps, well before the Colonial years. While some changes have occurred more needs to change. Also, no matter what has gone before does not mean it should continue, so even though members of the Family have been dealt with in some ways, there is no reason why these ways should continue, especially with the changes already occurring in the wider Society.

Even the Comonwealth is changing as although it is supposed to be an alliance, at times it is very unequal and a number of countries are looking to leave or be members on different terms.

Change is not one sided and all sides need to be open to change, which I fear the Royal Family are not.


Source: Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary – all the key moments and the 11 things we’ve learnt

Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine severed its ties to the pro-Kremlin Moscow Patriarchate earlier in the war.


Religion has led to many conflicts, many in the name of Christianity, which in every way goes against the teachings of Christianity.

In fact, Chrisianity has been the cause of many invasions and not all military over many years, too many years and has led to much cruelty. You only have to look at the Missionaries invasion of Africa to see this, all in the name of spreading the ‘Word’, but it led to the plunder of many riches, gold, diamonds and human trafficing to the Americas, thereby extending ‘slavery’ and the deaths of many Africian slaves in the transporting to the Americas and on the plantations of the West Indies and Southern States of America.

After all some in the Southern States of America would welcome slavery to return.

But really, we are all human beings and there should be no reason why we all can’t live in peace together, but there is major coruption and  too much power in certain areas and with individuals.

Much more equality is what is needed and the respect of human rights.

Source: Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent

This series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ has seen its only two Black female contestants booted from the show first – keeping alive an odd tradition that’s affected everyone from Alison Hammond to Adele Roberts. Nicole Vassell asks how long the show can choose to ignore it


I must say I am no fan of ‘I’m a Celebrity and this, apparent racist connection only makes me more so and it’s applied connotations to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ again not a favourate programme of mine, as I an no fan of any reality programme, so the apparent coming back of ‘Big Brother’ is filling me with dread.

But, apparent racism in the reality voting is even more of a dread.

The UK is and always will be a multicultural country and in my opinion far better for it. But, racism in any form needs countered for it is an unhealthy experience, especially for persons who are non-white.

Without a strong multiculturalism the UK will fail to exist and many professions are totally reliant on non-white inclusion. The NHS for one the care profession for another and many more.

But there are many professions where racism appears to be rife and not only racism, but, also accounts of gender discrimination. One only has to look at the Police and especially the MET Police and now apparently the Fire Brigade, or is it only the London Fire Brigade, we will have to wait and see.

We import a lot from America, but their concentration on racism is one that we should not.

Unfortunately, racism will never go away, as there will always be, I hope a very small number of racists and not only in the white communities for all communities have some degree of racism in them, but the attitudes of the white population go a long way to breed racism in other cultures.

We all should be viewed and treated as equals, with race, gender, disability, sexuality and others not being countered in the way we react to each other for there are good and not so good in all areas of life and we should all embrace each other.

It makes life for everyone so much easier, especially in these dark days of ecconomic disparity for we all need each other.

Lets make the UK a great place to be for everyone and use that as an example to other countries where their way of life may not be as good.

Source: Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent