Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent

This series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ has seen its only two Black female contestants booted from the show first – keeping alive an odd tradition that’s affected everyone from Alison Hammond to Adele Roberts. Nicole Vassell asks how long the show can choose to ignore it


I must say I am no fan of ‘I’m a Celebrity and this, apparent racist connection only makes me more so and it’s applied connotations to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ again not a favourate programme of mine, as I an no fan of any reality programme, so the apparent coming back of ‘Big Brother’ is filling me with dread.

But, apparent racism in the reality voting is even more of a dread.

The UK is and always will be a multicultural country and in my opinion far better for it. But, racism in any form needs countered for it is an unhealthy experience, especially for persons who are non-white.

Without a strong multiculturalism the UK will fail to exist and many professions are totally reliant on non-white inclusion. The NHS for one the care profession for another and many more.

But there are many professions where racism appears to be rife and not only racism, but, also accounts of gender discrimination. One only has to look at the Police and especially the MET Police and now apparently the Fire Brigade, or is it only the London Fire Brigade, we will have to wait and see.

We import a lot from America, but their concentration on racism is one that we should not.

Unfortunately, racism will never go away, as there will always be, I hope a very small number of racists and not only in the white communities for all communities have some degree of racism in them, but the attitudes of the white population go a long way to breed racism in other cultures.

We all should be viewed and treated as equals, with race, gender, disability, sexuality and others not being countered in the way we react to each other for there are good and not so good in all areas of life and we should all embrace each other.

It makes life for everyone so much easier, especially in these dark days of ecconomic disparity for we all need each other.

Lets make the UK a great place to be for everyone and use that as an example to other countries where their way of life may not be as good.

Source: Charlene White and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’s other Black female contestants never stood a chance | The Independent

Abortion rights: history offers a blueprint for how pro-choice campaigners might usefully respond | The BMJ

In October 1971, the New York Times reported a decline in maternal death rate.1 Just 15 months earlier, the state had liberalised its abortion law. David Harris, New York’s deputy commissioner of health, speaking to the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, attributed the decline—by more than half—to the replacement of criminal abortions with safe, legal ones. Previously, abortion had been the single leading cause of maternity related deaths, accounting for around a third. A doctor in the audience who said he was from a state “where the abortion law is still archaic,” thanked New York for its “remarkable job” and expressed his gratitude that there was a place he could send his patients and know they would receive “safe, excellent care.” Harris urged other states to follow the example set by New York and liberalise their abortion laws.

Just two years later, in 1973, the US Supreme Court intervened. In the landmark decision, Roe v. Wade, the Court …


Abortion, an emotive subject whether you agree with abortion or not.

I honestly feel, that if it was males who gave birth, rather than women, then all these anti-abortion actions would be greatly reduced. Males don’t understand or don’t wish to understand the feelings of women and only look at everything from a male perspective. For far too long women have been and in some cultures still are controlled by males, when, really males and females should be equal. While in ma and in many instances this should be so, but as history shows many areas where women have gained more independence and control of their lives. However, hard fought for rights are always there to be taken away, as is seen in America by the overflow of Roe v Wade.

The American Constitution is held in high esteem in America and so it should, but it was written in 1787 and in force by 1789, but that is many years ago and time has moved on and in some ways so as The Constitution, but not as much as the Bill of Rights 1689, which is a somewhat equivalent in England and was in some way an extension of Magna Carta.

But these were written very many years ago and mainly by middle aged white men, based on hard Christian principles of that time. But, as we know time has moved on and so has the cultures both in racial, disability, gender and many others, including religion.

Women, these days have a much greater degree of input into all areas and rightly so, but in America, women, in some respects are still disregarded and certainly are some persons whose ethnicity is non-white. Unlike in 1789 we are now all equal and the Constitutional Rights should encompass that.

Overthrowing Roe v Wade is a retrograde step and the rights of women have been seriously undermined and not only that, as in the States that have now banned abortions, this is effecting the poor rather than the not so poor. As some of the not so poor could travel to other states who still allow abortions, but the poor can’t afford to do so. But banning abortions will not stop then, but it may reduce then, as the poor will more than likely still wish to have an abortion and will therefore find a ‘back street’ abortion, which is more than likely to mean the women and her to be born baby will be at more serious harm. Yes, the baby will still die, but in circumstances which are far from good and there is a very strong likelihood that the women could receive great serious harm and in some instances death.

The anti-abortionist are now elated that they have gotten their way, but at great cost to women and in doing so have returned women’s rights to medieval times, instead of the 21st century.

In reversing Roe v Wade it is not a great achievement, but forcing all to live their lives by strict, outdated Christian principles, which even in the 1600s were viewed to be extreme, hence the Pilgrim Fathers left England to the Netherlands before embarking on their voyage to the New America. In doing so they also seriously infringed the rights and lives of the Native Americans, who they treated abominably, pushing them off their own lands and killing them when they resisted, is that any different to Russia in Ukraine.

If the Pilgrim Father were doing this today, it could be viewed as a form of terrorism.



Source: Abortion rights: history offers a blueprint for how pro-choice campaigners might usefully respond | The BMJ

What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you

Faith can inform opinions about abortion on both sides of the political debate, but the Bible itself says nothing directly about the topic, a biblical scholar explains.


To use the Bible to prove anything is greatly debatable for it is a  book of thoughts and beliefs of some of the people of that time. However,, the bible was not written at that time, as it was written many years later and there have been many translations.

So, it could be said that what is in the Bible is the thoughts, opinions, beliefs and interpretations of persons after that time quoting and stating how they believed the original persons beliefs, who the texts are deemed to be from, were.

Many alterations and interpretations could have taken place and even more following the translations. So, to say the Bible is true, is only as true as their own beliefs now and is and very often open to many more interpretations.

Beliefs are what they are and only to each individual and beliefs should never be forced upon others, as we are all entitled to our own beliefs and live our lives as we individually wish to.

Religious fanatics always hold extreme beliefs and unfortunately religious fanatism and its political interpretations is what is currently being used to determine the Law and Justice of America, when justice should be for all the people and religion and politics should have no power on justice.

So, abortion should be an individual decision and religion and political beliefs should never overpower an individuals decision.

This is also for same sex marriage and other similar issues.

It amazes me, that many of these religious fanatics are also showing racial discrimination, when to follow their Christian beliefs they should be viewing all people as being equal and not some being more equal than others, just because they are not in their own image.

Also they believe Christ was a blond white man, when this would have been far from the truth, as he would have been some shade of brown/black. However, Christianity was overtook by Western followers who would never contend that Christ was anything but white, as white was seen as purity, which throughout history as been proved, many times, not to be so. For that is a form of abuse and abuse should never be tolerated.

White is purely a colour and should never be used as means of superiority, for to do so, is a mis-reputation of Christianity, for we all are to be equal.

Do not abuse Christianity for your own means.


Source: What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you

Windrush scandal caused by ‘30 years of racist immigration laws’ – report | Windrush scandal | The Guardian

Exclusive: legislation has been designed to reduce the UK’s non-white population, according to leaked government paper


Unfortunately this report does not surprise me as we have had reports after reports that there is institutional racism in many of our UK organisations, some of these organisations are masquerading as police forces, but the higher echelons in those forces did not fully agree.

But ‘Windrush’, even after all the atrocities their descendants went through under ‘Slavery’, they were still prepared to come to the UK in the 50s when they were asked to help us in our ‘hour of need’ to find that many in the UK resented them coming. But, even after that they did what they promised to do and worked exceedingly well to help the UK and when they could afford to they brought their families to the UK and they to did all they can to help the UK while having to undergo extreme and very ugly racism attacks.

When they came they were British citizens and did not need official papers to travel to the UK, just as we didn’t need papers to travel for where they came from, many from the West Indies were an extension of the UK throughout the UK, they were British citizens as anyone was and still is in the UK.

They were fairly content in the UK and so didn’t apply for formal recognition as many others who were actually born in the 4 countries of the UK did not. Only those who wished to travel outside the UK applied for passports and these were the lucky ones for they did have then formal documents to show they were UK citizens.

But due to immigration laws passed while they were residing in the UK, and the attitudes of some in the Home Office and certain Government Ministers it came that officially they couldn’t easily prove that they were British citizens, even though if these Home Office officials and Government Ministers were bothered to check employment records the proof was there.

So, many were illegally classed as being here illegally, which was so wrong. They trusted the UK and that trust was severely broken.

Many were even illegally deported to a land they left many years ago to help the UK, where what roots they had there were no more, they were deported to be on their own as their friends were near them in the UK.

It makes me so ashamed to say I am British,  and those who allowed this to occur should be made accountable, perhaps even shipped off to lands they don’t know and don’t know anyone.

It was and still is a scandal which should not have occurred or been allowed to occur.

The UK owes everyone who was caught up in this scandal and everyone should be recompensed immediately not in weeks, months or even years, but immediately.

The various UK Governments concerned and the Home Office Officials need to pay for causing this scandal, but ‘lessons are not learnt’, no they never are, for to learn there needs to be a willingness to learn and that is not there, so other scandals occur, evacuation from Afghanistan to name but one and more are still to occur. It is abuse of power and no caring.


Source: Windrush scandal caused by ‘30 years of racist immigration laws’ – report | Windrush scandal | The Guardian

Guests walk out of Scottish Football awards ceremony over ‘sexist, racist and homophobic jokes’  | Daily Mail Online

BBC presenter Eilidh Barbour led a walkout at the Scottish Football Writers’ Association (SFWA) awards in Glasgow over ‘sexist and racist’ jokes made by a keynote speaker.


Good on Eilidh on her action and all the others who walked out for the time is long gone when ‘sexist, racist and homophobic’ jokes should be made anywhere and the time should never have existed.

Infact, I feel the keynote speaker should be prosecuted for making such jokes, as until the authorities take this seriously people will continue to do as they please and ‘lessons will never be learnt’.

More prosecutions need to be made to ensure abusive jokes are being curtailed and thereby make life better for all concerned, perhaps, even the venue and the organisers of the event should also be prosecuted.

If, these so called ‘jokers’ can only raise laughs by creating abuse then they should not be around.

Everyone has the Right to lead a life free from abuse.

Eilidh’s action is a far better way to deal with these abusive people than follow the example of Will Smith at the Oscars, a walkout rather than a slap, much better result. But a prosecutive would be even better.

Source: Guests walk out of Scottish Football awards ceremony over ‘sexist, racist and homophobic jokes’  | Daily Mail Online

Boris Johnson faces THREE more Covid fines as PM is warned ‘worst is to come’ – Mirror Online

Sources have claimed Boris Johnson as bracing himself for up to three more fixed penalty notices over Partygate. He was alleged to have been at six of the dozen gatherings being probed by police


You either believe Boris or you do not and by his actions over the years I don’t trust him, but should he resign, I feel he should.

You could claim attending one party was a mistake, but it is said he attended 6, which is 5 too many.

Then he is on record as saying there were no parties, which clearly there were many parties, so does he not really understand what a party is or not is, which implies a lack of judgement and understanding.

Yes, he has apologised, in fact many times and in his latest, apologised over 30 times, but what is he apologising for, is it for going to parties he didn’t know were parties, for his lack of judgement or could it be he is only apologising as he has been found out.

Now they are saying with all that is happening now is not the time to change the Prime Minister, but is there ever a right time.

Boris has lost the little bit of trust that he had with the UK population and the Tories could well be annihilated in the coming Council elections.

But it should not be down to how the Council elections go, but is Boris fit to be a Prime Minister, some will say he was never fit to be, many were undecided and some thought he was, but there are now many more who say he needs to go.

When you consider the facts, if he was or is failing to understand, then should he still be Prime Minister, for he was in charge or should have been and whatever he was advised, he should know the difference between right and wrong and in many past instances he has not been and did wrong but was forgiven, but now it is past forgiveness and he needs to resign and if he will not then the Tory MPs need to vote for him to go.


Source: Boris Johnson faces THREE more Covid fines as PM is warned ‘worst is to come’ – Mirror Online

The days of British supremacy and ‘native’ obsequiousness are well and truly over

Not only are the ‘days of British supremacy and ‘native’ obsequiousness are well and truly over’, they should never have been there.

What right had Britain and other Western Nations have to subjugate persons of any  other nations or countries, so why should the natives of those countries have any gratefulness. Britain took what it wanted without any request to do so, even enslaving the peoples and took them from their country of origin and placed them in another many 1000s of miles away and not only that, but took their freedoms away, so be grateful for what.

It is Britain and the other Western nations who should be grateful that these persons, whose ancestors were treated so disgracefully, are still wishing to be associated with us to any degree.

Slavery was as wrong then as it is wrong now. These, so called, Christian countries should be so ashamed of themselves, and apologise  so profusely, but an apology was not forthcoming from William and he should be so ashamed that he did not.


Source: The days of British supremacy and ‘native’ obsequiousness are well and truly over

Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Lapid, ministries working to ensure country not used to bypass West; Jerusalem says it has no legal ability to declare sanctions — which it doesn’t want to do now in any case


Israel is offering tentative support for Ukraine, but not full support as they are not imposing sanctions on Russia. yes, currently there is no legislation in  Israel in which sanctions could be imposed, but this could be remedied by changing the legislation. Instead, they are claiming that they will act as negotiators between Russia and Ukraine and only time will tell if this is the right approach.

However, Israel was created after the end of World War 2 in which Jews went through Hell at the hands of Hitler and the German armed forces in Germany and all the countries which were invaded by Germany. So, if any nation understood the destruction and death in Ukraine at the hands of Russia, then Israel would be able to do so.

We all hope that there will be a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine, then so allowing Ukraine to do all they can to recover from the death and destruction already seen in Ukraine by Putin and the invading Russiam armed forces and be allowed to continue as an independent country under their own elected government and not one imposed by Putin.


Source: Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Alexander Somto Orah, a 25-year-old Nigerian student, says he faced discrimination when trying to flee the war in Ukraine.


As if trying to escape from death and destruction was not enough, here the ugly face of racism rears its ugly head. Now should those to whom racism was subjected to just ignore that they are not deemed equal to others trying to escape death and destruction, so much for helping and empathy, as in these instances the saviours to some are not to others, just because of a skin colour, how wrong is that.

They are all equal for they are all human beings, but then the Russian invaders and certainly Putin do not think so, unless they are supporters of the tyrant Putin.

Source: Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Labour press ‘in hiding’ – no confirmation whether Coyle’s membership suspended or just whip – SKWAWKBOX

Party press office not answering phones as awareness of right-winger’s suspension after racism allegations.  Labour’s press office has battened down the hatches and is ignoring its phones


Seems hiding is not the prerogative of only one party, so much for honesty and transparency, UK politics at its worst.

But, perhaps one party is worst than the others or is there more to come


Source: Labour press ‘in hiding’ – no confirmation whether Coyle’s membership suspended or just whip – SKWAWKBOX