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If the vice president understood his own personal statement, he would have stayed at Sunday’s game

Source: Why Mike Pence should take a knee, not walk out –


A rally was planned, the FBI was alerted, police showed up. Here’s how Islamophobia in Texas was stoked from an office in Russia.

Source: Stoking Islamophobia and Secession in Texas — from an office in Russia – CNNPolitics

Las Vegas is the rule, not the exception.

Source: When we talk about mass shootings, we are talking about white men – ThinkProgress

Is this really how we should expect a, to an all intended purpose, civilised democratic country to act to an, on the whole, a peaceful gathering of persons. The governing and legal authorisations did not wish for this referendum to take place, but the elected assembly of Catalonia did.

Who is right and who’s wrong, or are all both right and wrong? Would it have been detrimental to allow this referendum to take place, for with Scotland the UK did allow, a few years ago, for one to take place.

Catalonia, has for some many years been wishing for its independence from Spain and does have some independence as it does have its elected assembly.

Unity creates strength and a break up could have disastrous consequences for all of Spain, even Catalonia, but should not the will of the people not be sought. Now, what will be the resulting outcome of what appears to be a high handed approach from the Spanish authorities. Could this not have the reverse effect and strengthen the independence cause.

Then there is the Basque question, will there be a strong resurrection re their own conflicts about Basque independence, which, in the past has been very violent and terrorist acts have been committed. This could then extend into France who also have their own Basque question of independence.

This is all occurring while the UK Brexit is proceeding, the resurgence of the far right in Germany and who knows where else in Europe.

Could this be the end of European unity, while the disunity within Europe had some bad consequences in the first half of the Twentieth Century.

Could be troubling times within Europe and then there is the Trump effect in America, which in itself could cause major conflicts especially with North Korea.

We say that for the past some 70 years there has been a fair amount of peace, but has there, There was the breakup of Yugoslavia, which created so many conflicts, the Americans and their allies in Vietnam, Israel and the Palestinians, the Middle East with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, also Afghanistan, Russia and Ukraine, the UK with Ireland and Northern Ireland and more. Well, if that is peace, then what is War.

We may soon find out with Trump and North Korea, or will it be a conflict yet to occur.

Let’s hope and pray that for once again we all, or most of us, come through the storm.

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Oct.01: Spanish police fire rubber bullets near Catalan voting site: Spanish riot police smashed their way into polling stations to try to halt a disputed independence referendum on Sunday and fired rubber bullets at protesters outside a Barcelona polling station #AceNewsDesk reports

Published on October 01, 2017 at 01:09AM: Several people were injured. The officers fired the rubber bullets while trying to clear protesters who were trying to prevent National Police cars from leaving after police confiscated ballot boxes from the voting centre………..The Spanish government has ordered police to stop the voting process, saying it’s illegal………..Catalan officials said 38 people were treated for mostly minor injuries #AceNewsDesk reports are provided by Sterling Publishing & Media News

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Puerto Rico is dying.Let those words sink in.Three and a half million people are without power, water, fuel, food, and support. This isn’t some uninhabited atoll. This is where I grew up. This is where my family lives. This is my home.And my home is dying. More

Source: Memento Mori: a Requiem for Puerto Rico

Has the Spanish Government scored an own goal, for no matter about the rights and wrongs, the legitimacy or not and the support for the Catalonia Independence referendum by the Spanish actions this could solidify support for the referendum which may or may not have been there originally.

To make matters even worse they instructed or the Spanish courts did to use excessive force to stop the referendum.

Courts do not usually create actions by themselves, but others have to make applications to them, was this the Spanish Government or one or more of their supporters. In bringing these many actions this may be increasing support for the Catalonian independence movement and be bringing it even closer to an affirmative conclusion.

Josep Goded

The detention of 15 high-ranking officials and the suspension of the Catalan government, last week by the Spanish government, in order to halt the referendum on independence set for tomorrow appears to have united separatists, federalists, and a significant number of unionists in defense of the vote.

“I have always been opposed to this referendum, because I am a federalist. However, the latest Spanish aggressions against Catalonia in order to humiliate our people is intolerable. That’s the main reason why I have decided to vote, and I will vote “YES” because I do not want to belong to a dictatorship like Turkey any longer. I think that the creation of a new state would give us the chance to build a more fair country and society” said David, a Barcelona citizen.

My family and I have always voted for unionist parties. We like Spain and most of our…

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The mayor pleaded with the Trump administration, saying, “We are dying.” The president claims she’s playing politics and attacked her leadership.

Source: Trump doesn’t get it on Puerto Rico. He just proved it by lashing out at San Juan’s mayor. – The Washington Post

President Donald Trump last weekend shared his thoughts on NFL football players who take a knee during the national anthem as a way of drawing attention to the problems of racism and police brutality. Trump said the protests were unpatriotic and the players should be fired.

We’ve been fact-checking Trump’s remarks and reactions to them this week.


Source: Fact-checks about the NFL, Donald Trump and the national anthem

The White House on Monday defended President Trump’s war of words with the National Football League (NFL) over player protests during the national

Source: White House defends Trump on NFL: ‘This isn’t about being against anyone’ | TheHill

Thank you for your honest thoughts and I can understand your point of view and in deed your flag should be respected as the flag and all who have fought and lived for it.

However, I do not believe these current actions are meant to disrespect the Flag, but is to disrespect the Holder of the Highest Office in America, your President.

The Flag has earned respect, but your President has not and respect needs to be earnt. Unfortunately your President does not appear to respect anyone and will lambast  anyone who does not agree with him. This may be OK, but I believe not, in business, but not in the political areana.

In politics one needs to understand other people, situations and negotiate accordingly.

While discrimination and prejudice have been around for many years, even centuries, now is like never before. Now people are required to use methods which would never have been used before, especially to make a peaceful protest and in that context the Flag has been the means and will continue while Trump affronts himself in the way that he does.

He brings out the worst in people by his whole demeanour and if he continues in that way only more worst will come, not only within America but the World over.

Peace in, not only, our life time is what we all want, but also in the life time of our children. So by some disrespecting the President, they are endeavouring to maintain respect for all our children and hopefully peace will be obtained and be ever lasting.

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You know, this wasn’t my plan for my first real blog post here in the new home, but as I read through various sources, it’s time to give my feelings a voice. So here goes!

I grew up in a family where my great-grandfather served in the military, 2 of my grandfathers did as well, several cousins have (or currently do), and my brother just retired out of the service. In my life I’ve met various veterans and had to opportunity to speak with them. I understand the sacrifices that they made in various situations. They put their lives on the line for not just their families, but for all of the United States – stranger or not, born here or came here, no matter what race, creed, or religion. They spent nights and days for months and even years away from their family to keep us safe. They missed…

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