Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine severed its ties to the pro-Kremlin Moscow Patriarchate earlier in the war.


Religion has led to many conflicts, many in the name of Christianity, which in every way goes against the teachings of Christianity.

In fact, Chrisianity has been the cause of many invasions and not all military over many years, too many years and has led to much cruelty. You only have to look at the Missionaries invasion of Africa to see this, all in the name of spreading the ‘Word’, but it led to the plunder of many riches, gold, diamonds and human trafficing to the Americas, thereby extending ‘slavery’ and the deaths of many Africian slaves in the transporting to the Americas and on the plantations of the West Indies and Southern States of America.

After all some in the Southern States of America would welcome slavery to return.

But really, we are all human beings and there should be no reason why we all can’t live in peace together, but there is major coruption and  too much power in certain areas and with individuals.

Much more equality is what is needed and the respect of human rights.

Source: Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

World Cup: Outrage amid claims Qatar to ban kosher food and Jewish public prayer – The Jewish Chronicle

Why is anyone surprised for Qatar no promises can be expected to be kept, there fooled FIFA to allocate the games to them and now the true Qatar is surfacing, perhaps not the population, but certainly the views of the ruling family.

Go there at your own risk, but as countries go they are not alone, when any events are planned on any country many factors should be taken into consideration, their, laws, Human Rights record, their tolerance or intolerance and many others, not just their ability to fund the event or perhaps funding the allocating organisation.

The allocation should be open to inspection.


Source: World Cup: Outrage amid claims Qatar to ban kosher food and Jewish public prayer – The Jewish Chronicle

Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

State laws are causing confusion and problems for US patients trying to access drugs, even when they are not for abortions, following the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade,1 with some doctors seeking legal advice before treating patients.Since the reversal of the constitutional right to abortion on 24 June 2022, about half of the 50 US states are now severely restricting the right to abortion or plan to do so soon, including medication abortions.In a joint statement2 made on 8 September, the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the National Community Pharmacists Association warned …



This is what occurs when people meddle in politics and the Law and the Law follows political leanings instead of looking after all human rights and the due process of medcial procedures.

For Methetrexate and maybe other medications are now in short supply or medicals are not prescribing them due to fears of creating actions for which legal actions could be taken aginst them, even though the said medications are not being used in these instances, but in other instances they could be.

Methetrexate is a well known medication for treating some forms of arthritis, but as it can also be used in abortions, now it is not readily available for suffers of arthritis. This is causing so much harm and needs to be addressed urgeently.

Americans, especially Republicans desist venturing into areas that you have no comprehension of.



Source: Roe v Wade: patients struggle to access drugs as doctors forced to take legal advice | The BMJ

Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ

Yes, the US Supreme Court decision to overturn roe v Wade is a great reduction on the rights of women in the US and could for many women in other countries. It shows how politics and religion should not have as much say in the Law that it does in America. America is now so less ‘Free’ for women in America especially those who are poor and of a non-white ethnicity. The health of these women is now at serious risk and even there lives, but is it a surprise that many Republicans are in favour of the ending of abortion rights, while many who wish for abortions are less likely to be Republicans, perhaps this is another way to reduce the Democrat vote.

Lets do hope that many states in America do not go and restrict or stop abortion totally and that this is not repeated in other countries, women’s rights need to be maintained and now, even, more so.

Source: Roe v Wade: How its scrapping will affect women worldwide | The BMJ

Abortion rights: history offers a blueprint for how pro-choice campaigners might usefully respond | The BMJ

In October 1971, the New York Times reported a decline in maternal death rate.1 Just 15 months earlier, the state had liberalised its abortion law. David Harris, New York’s deputy commissioner of health, speaking to the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, attributed the decline—by more than half—to the replacement of criminal abortions with safe, legal ones. Previously, abortion had been the single leading cause of maternity related deaths, accounting for around a third. A doctor in the audience who said he was from a state “where the abortion law is still archaic,” thanked New York for its “remarkable job” and expressed his gratitude that there was a place he could send his patients and know they would receive “safe, excellent care.” Harris urged other states to follow the example set by New York and liberalise their abortion laws.

Just two years later, in 1973, the US Supreme Court intervened. In the landmark decision, Roe v. Wade, the Court …


Abortion, an emotive subject whether you agree with abortion or not.

I honestly feel, that if it was males who gave birth, rather than women, then all these anti-abortion actions would be greatly reduced. Males don’t understand or don’t wish to understand the feelings of women and only look at everything from a male perspective. For far too long women have been and in some cultures still are controlled by males, when, really males and females should be equal. While in ma and in many instances this should be so, but as history shows many areas where women have gained more independence and control of their lives. However, hard fought for rights are always there to be taken away, as is seen in America by the overflow of Roe v Wade.

The American Constitution is held in high esteem in America and so it should, but it was written in 1787 and in force by 1789, but that is many years ago and time has moved on and in some ways so as The Constitution, but not as much as the Bill of Rights 1689, which is a somewhat equivalent in England and was in some way an extension of Magna Carta.

But these were written very many years ago and mainly by middle aged white men, based on hard Christian principles of that time. But, as we know time has moved on and so has the cultures both in racial, disability, gender and many others, including religion.

Women, these days have a much greater degree of input into all areas and rightly so, but in America, women, in some respects are still disregarded and certainly are some persons whose ethnicity is non-white. Unlike in 1789 we are now all equal and the Constitutional Rights should encompass that.

Overthrowing Roe v Wade is a retrograde step and the rights of women have been seriously undermined and not only that, as in the States that have now banned abortions, this is effecting the poor rather than the not so poor. As some of the not so poor could travel to other states who still allow abortions, but the poor can’t afford to do so. But banning abortions will not stop then, but it may reduce then, as the poor will more than likely still wish to have an abortion and will therefore find a ‘back street’ abortion, which is more than likely to mean the women and her to be born baby will be at more serious harm. Yes, the baby will still die, but in circumstances which are far from good and there is a very strong likelihood that the women could receive great serious harm and in some instances death.

The anti-abortionist are now elated that they have gotten their way, but at great cost to women and in doing so have returned women’s rights to medieval times, instead of the 21st century.

In reversing Roe v Wade it is not a great achievement, but forcing all to live their lives by strict, outdated Christian principles, which even in the 1600s were viewed to be extreme, hence the Pilgrim Fathers left England to the Netherlands before embarking on their voyage to the New America. In doing so they also seriously infringed the rights and lives of the Native Americans, who they treated abominably, pushing them off their own lands and killing them when they resisted, is that any different to Russia in Ukraine.

If the Pilgrim Father were doing this today, it could be viewed as a form of terrorism.



Source: Abortion rights: history offers a blueprint for how pro-choice campaigners might usefully respond | The BMJ

What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you

Faith can inform opinions about abortion on both sides of the political debate, but the Bible itself says nothing directly about the topic, a biblical scholar explains.


To use the Bible to prove anything is greatly debatable for it is a  book of thoughts and beliefs of some of the people of that time. However,, the bible was not written at that time, as it was written many years later and there have been many translations.

So, it could be said that what is in the Bible is the thoughts, opinions, beliefs and interpretations of persons after that time quoting and stating how they believed the original persons beliefs, who the texts are deemed to be from, were.

Many alterations and interpretations could have taken place and even more following the translations. So, to say the Bible is true, is only as true as their own beliefs now and is and very often open to many more interpretations.

Beliefs are what they are and only to each individual and beliefs should never be forced upon others, as we are all entitled to our own beliefs and live our lives as we individually wish to.

Religious fanatics always hold extreme beliefs and unfortunately religious fanatism and its political interpretations is what is currently being used to determine the Law and Justice of America, when justice should be for all the people and religion and politics should have no power on justice.

So, abortion should be an individual decision and religion and political beliefs should never overpower an individuals decision.

This is also for same sex marriage and other similar issues.

It amazes me, that many of these religious fanatics are also showing racial discrimination, when to follow their Christian beliefs they should be viewing all people as being equal and not some being more equal than others, just because they are not in their own image.

Also they believe Christ was a blond white man, when this would have been far from the truth, as he would have been some shade of brown/black. However, Christianity was overtook by Western followers who would never contend that Christ was anything but white, as white was seen as purity, which throughout history as been proved, many times, not to be so. For that is a form of abuse and abuse should never be tolerated.

White is purely a colour and should never be used as means of superiority, for to do so, is a mis-reputation of Christianity, for we all are to be equal.

Do not abuse Christianity for your own means.


Source: What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you

US abortion restrictions are unlikely to influence international trends, which are largely becoming more liberal

Only 24 countries today totally ban abortion. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision in the US is unlikely to lead other countries to join that list.


Hopefully, the US influence on restricting women’s rights is diminishing, as if not it will be a great disservice to women after campaigning for so many years to gain long sought after rights.

Even with Roe v Wade the rights to free access were not as great as they should have been, for even though Roe v Wade did liberalise abortion, it did not restrict the rights of anti-abortionists to challenge women on their trying to enter abortion clinics as the had to counter an excessive wall of abuse to do so, thus creating a great more stress for women at an extremely stressful time. What should have been the case was for a free zone around the clinics so women attending for abortions did not have to contend with abuse virtually at the clinic doors.

Unfortunately, in America, the rights of religious zealots are looked at more favourably than the rights of women. The World at large is showing much more liberalisation than has ever been afforded in America. This is, supposedly the ‘Land of the Free’, what a joke, for it is only free if you agree with the principles of extreme religion, with America being in respects of, supposed extreme Christianity, while the likes of Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc being extreme Muslim. The 2 vast extremes of religion, but with freedoms so restrictive.

So, lets do hope that the liberalisation of women’s rights is here to stay and be further extended in the majority of other countries.


Source: US abortion restrictions are unlikely to influence international trends, which are largely becoming more liberal

US anti-abortion laws “may restrict access to vital drug for autoimmune diseases”, patient groups warn | The BMJ

Patients are reporting trouble accessing drugs for autoimmune diseases in light of some US states banning abortion inducing drugs, charities have warned.

The problem has arisen in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s ruling on 24 June to overturn Roe v Wade, which had given women the right to abortion.

1 Since then, 15 states have banned abortion, or severely limited the circumstances under which it can happen.

2 These bans have already begun causing problems for …


This is the consequences of allowing religious fanatical judges to make judgements relating to peoples health, just another down to the irresponsible actions of the  45th President of America, one Donald J Trump. Thus causing untold pain and suffering. It is a major restriction on Human Rights.

He needs to be put away so he can’t meddle in the lives of Americans ever again. This also is the case for any other irresponsible Republicans for their action may not only effect America, but many other parts of the World.

Source: US anti-abortion laws may restrict access to vital drug for autoimmune diseases, patient groups warn | The BMJ

Mum ‘ordered’ out of a swimming pool during parent and toddler session for breastfeeding her baby – Wales Online

Sarah Lappin said she felt humiliated by the incident


Good on, Sarah for ‘jobs worth’s’ need to be challenged on every occasion.

It is not up to employees to make up rules, so when anyone is challenged, just ask to see the written rule and stand your ground.

Sarah knew her rights, but as she stated not everyone does, and these jobs worth’s could do untold harm to those that they wrongly challenge.

Breastfeeding is a natural and essential act and unlike years ago, today’s Society is much more enlightened.

Unfortunately there are a number, hopefully small who wish to restrict human rights for numerous reasons, outdated religious beliefs, a personal dislike, that it is legally offensive and others, when none is correct.

Not only should retraining be given, but some form of corrective actions be taken against the offending employees, for until these occur these jobs worth’s will continue to be using an abuse of their assumed power and untold harm to their victims, who could well take legal actions against the offending employees.



Source: Mum ‘ordered’ out of a swimming pool during parent and toddler session for breastfeeding her baby – Wales Online

Roe v Wade: the religious right has long influenced law in the US – here’s how abortion rights could be challenged elsewhere

Reproductive rights are threatened around the world.


So the right to have an abortion within the US has been withdrawn and in some respects reference is made to the US Constitution and Christianity, as the Constitution was constructed in 1789 by persons who invaded America in 1620 and were known as ‘The Pilgrim Fathers’ a religious sect based on strict religious principles.

In some respects The Fathers based some of The Constitution on Christian principles with the 10  Commandments having some basis.

However, abortion is not mentioned specifically in either The Constitution or the 10 Commandments, and neither is same sex marriage, LGBT or contraception, so it is down to interpretations.

Murder is mentioned in the 10 Commandments, but, abortion is not within that context as abortion is the ‘termination of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus and murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse’ by another human being and a fetus is not classed as a human being.

But, it appears that some forms of murder are authorised in The Constitution otherwise why have the 2nd Amendment, which authorises the right to bear arms ‘supporting the natural rights of self-defense and resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state’. However, in reality it is being used by many to justify individual use, but not in self-defence but the murder of other human beings who are causing no harm to anyone. It was also at a time when there wasn’t a reliable State force, which now there is. So, it appears Americans use what they wish to favour themselves and not America as a whole. That is the basis of anarchy.

So, abortion is not being withdrawn using The Constitution or Christian principles, so it could be down to political fervour which should not have any basis in legal standing. Judges should be impartial in legal situations, but this does not appear to be so in America. Unfortunately, Politics and religion have much to be wary of and to withdraw rights to abortion on these bases is completely wrong and shows no respect for the rights of women.


Source: Roe v Wade: the religious right has long influenced law in the US – here’s how abortion rights could be challenged elsewhere