A tiger has been shot in a Florida zoo after biting a man’s arm – The Khaama Press News Agency

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The rare tiger was the innocent party, but was killed due to the stupidity of a person, surely if anyone had to be killed it should have been the stupid person of which there are plenty already.

But then it is America and the rights of those being killed are generally ignored, so nothing new there.


Source: A tiger has been shot in a Florida zoo after biting a man’s arm – The Khaama Press News Agency

Anti-apartheid hero Archbishop Desmond Tutu hero Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies aged 90 | Desmond Tutu | The Guardian

The Nobel laureate, often described as South Africa’s moral conscience, died on Boxing Day in Cape Town



Another guardian of Freedom as now gone, but he will be remembered in our memories, for Desmond Tutu will be forever in our thoughts and never forgotten.


Source: Anti-apartheid hero Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies aged 90 | Desmond Tutu | The Guardian

Long foodbank queues on Christmas Eve. – The poor side of life

A friend of mine that volunteers at a foodbank has just sent me the below images. They asked if their anonymity is kept and of course I’m respecting this. The photos were taken as they were a…


Christmas Eve, the birth celebration of Christ, so we should all be equal, but here people are having to queue for food. This is not right and our Government has a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure we all have the ability to obtain food without having to beg for it.

It is all our Duty to ensure that this Government ensures that we all can obtain food without having to beg, so make this Government be responsible and accountable to ensure that food is there for all by providing the means to make it possible.

This Government is not respecting the Human Rights of a proportion of the UK population and it needs to be made to do so, not only for Christmas, but throughout the lives of everyone.


Source: Long foodbank queues on Christmas Eve. – The poor side of life

UK police chiefs consider public admission of institutional racism | Police | The Guardian

Unfortunately, Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, does not think and that is the problem for while she is Metropolitain Police Commissioner, I can’t see any progress being made on institutional racism within the met force.

Her continued refusal to accept there is any racism means , the problem is not being recognised within the force leadership and therefore no improvements will be made.

She needs to go without delay.

Source: UK police chiefs consider public admission of institutional racism | Police | The Guardian

London Bus Driver Refused To Take My Disabled Daughter

Persons with disabilities and their families have already so much to contend with, that discrimination by bus drivers is adding to their problems.

Not only should the transport authority, TfL in this instance be fined, but also actions should be taken against the respected bus drivers, then and only then will they take their responsibilities on-board.

Training is one aspect, but if the drivers think they will get away with it then some will, it should also go on their employment record.

There is already insufficient space on many forms of transport, as some only have one wheelchair space, when there should be at least 2 or more.

Same Difference

A woman says she was left feeling “ridiculed and belittled” by a bus driver who refused to let her young disabled daughter board.

Mother-of-five Tameika Pieternella often travels by bus in Abbey Wood, south-east London, with two-year-old D’Naiyah, who has brain damage.

She says the driver would not get out a ramp for her daughter’s buggy-style wheelchair, while another simply drove off, leaving them at the bus stop.

Transport for London has apologised.

Louise Cheeseman, TfL’s director of bus operations, said: “We are very sorry that Ms Pieternella and her daughter have experienced this.

“We would like to reassure her that making travel easier for Londoners with reduced mobility is one of our top priorities. We have one of the most accessible bus networks in the world and all bus routes are served by low-floor vehicles with an access ramp and dedicated space for wheelchair users.

“Bus drivers have received…

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Councils wasted £253 million fighting parents at the SEND Tribunal since 2014 reforms – Special Needs Jungle

The 2021 SEND Tribunal figures reveal the wasted £253 million cost of councils defending their poor EHCP decision-making against parents



When Councils are saying that funding is short, then some will be thinking that defending at Tribunals is right to do so, but in all these instances the child in question should be the main priority, but when it is clear that a poor EHCP decision is the question then no challenge should be made. As this challenge is going against the interests of the child concerned, which is what all should be considering. So the challenge is more than likely futile, for not only is it a loss of vital money, but also against the interests of the child.

All it shows is that the respected councils have more interest in finance than the interests of the child and this should be made clear in the Tribunals decision process and those Council officers who took the decision to challenge should be made accountable. and suffer the consequences.


Source: Councils wasted £253 million fighting parents at the SEND Tribunal since 2014 reforms – Special Needs Jungle

If further Covid restrictions are needed, the debate could get uglier this time | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

From Austria to Latvia, the current wave of Covid is seeing a backlash against unvaccinated people, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff


This all rests with why people get vaccinated and to some extent why wearing face covering, previously this was down to people just safeguarding themselves, but with COVID there is now the question of safeguarding others.

As, by being vaccinated and with face coverings there is an element of not only reducing the catching of COVID, but, if you do, by being vaccinated and also wearing a face covering you will also be mitigating the risk of passing onto others.

Thereby, being looking to safeguard the community as well as oneself. We are not alone and the reason why excess vaccines should be sent to other nations to reduce the risk in those other countries and by doing so reducing the extent of mutations of COVID.

We all have Human Rights and by adhering to some others are affected, so consideration is of prime importance.

We all need to be considerate of others.
If further Covid restrictions are needed, the debate could get uglier this time | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

The Mail On Sunday has lost its Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of the letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle

A legal judgement has been made and you may or may not agree with the outcome for numerous reasons. But, I feel a major one will be on your views of Meghan Markle, for you either like Meghan or not, but in reality none of this is our business. However, it is showing how the law is on Grandparents rights and press freedoms.

Re Grandparents they have no legal rights to see or have any other controls on their Grandchildren, as this is solely down to the parents and in many instances mainly with the mother, unless it can be proved that the mother is not legally capable.

So all this blustering by Thomas Markle is down to either a misguided understanding of his Rights or more than likely his overblown insistence of his own importance. If he really wishes to see his Grandchildren he is by his own actions making it even less possible that he will. For he needs to show understanding of both Meghan’s and Harrys points of view and not throw a tantrum when his wishes are not granted.

By releasing the letter from his daughter to the Press, he has again shown misjudgement and it is now, if it was ever to be, that he will see his grandchildren.

As to the Press again they are guilty of showing their own importance and, as there are many instances, where the actions of the Press are seen to far exceed their assumed Rights, they have been brought down, but perhaps they have money to waste on legal matters.


Source: Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

All in the name of assumed democracy and free speech, but if it wasn’t for the gun, Rittenhouse would not have been there.

The gun laws of America and the assumed rights to carry have a lot to answer for.

The other major problem is the question of racial tensions in America, for many in the Southern states wish for slavery to be brought back and the Confederacy by the way Confederate flags are used. But that should be all in the past, but Trump and his associates and supporters are re-raising these and for some Brexit in the UK has brought racists out of the undergrowth. They have always been there but did not have the full confidence to show themselves.

Human rights are there for everyone not just persons of white origins. No one is wanting more rights, just the means to exercise theirs and not be condemned for doing so.

Equal Rights for All.


Source: US teenager acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shootings | Euronews

Wheelchair User ‘Pushed From Brighton’s Legends Club Dancefloor’

This is not a ‘one-off’ as many venues are inaccessible and of those that are not all areas will be. You maybe able to get in the building, but not access the dance floor, or even toilets. Then if toilets are accessible will they be disability aware, with required adaptations.

I fear they will not be many nightclubs that conduct a full disability assessment and this should be a requirement. Then the results of the assessment should then be published in all media regarding the nightclubs.

We have had numerous Disability Acts, being Disability Discrimination Act 1995, then as amended in 2005 and the Equality Act 2010 .But none of them went far enough and gave too much time in which to comply. But many didn’t well not fully as there were too many areas, which could be avoided for many reasons. One of which was cost, and many others.

This is not how persons with disabilities should be treated, for all they are asking for is for them to lead a reasonable life with the same rights as others.
But to do so there needs to be adaptations and it is these that not all businesses and organisations adhere to. They may go part of the way, but not fully, but if they are not fully complying then they are not complying at all.

There should be no half measures.

Same Difference

A wheelchair user has expressed anger after claiming his chair was pushed off a dancefloor by nightclub staff.

Tyler Paul, 29, was on a basement dancefloor at Legends in Brighton when he said he was asked to leave.

A video on social media appears to show a bouncer grabbing his wheelchair to escort him off the dancefloor.

Legends apologised, but said the video only showed a “snapshot”. It also said its basement was not wheelchair-accessible due to fire regulations.

Mr Paul, from Worthing, has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair, but can walk with support.


He visited the nightclub on Saturday, and walked downstairs to the basement dancefloor with the help of friends during the evening.

He said he was initially asked to sign a document saying he was happy to be downstairs.

But ten minutes later, Mr Paul said another bouncer asked him to leave.

He said when…

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