Feminists criticise prison sentence for woman who murdered her rapist

Roxana Ruiz was jailed for six years for ‘excessive use of self-defence’ but campaigners said the unfair verdict lacked gender perspective


Roxana Ruiz was given a life sentence by her rapist attacker, but she eventually did kill him, a pity for Roxana did not kill him before he raped her.

Killing a rapist should be legal not a crime. Where are her Human Rights.


Source: Feminists criticise prison sentence for woman who murdered her rapist

Defence Minister refuses to grant Afghan pilot who helped UK right to stay in UK and is being threatened with deportation to Rwanda, no way to treat an Afghan veteran

Defense Minister James Heappey MP is wrong and no matter how the Afghan war hero pilot got to the UK he should be allowed to stay in the UK.

Not his fault there was no legal way for him to enter the UK that is the fault of this Tory government of which the Defence Minister James Heappey MP is a member of.

More legal ways are needed and this should be a priority for the Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP and this would go a long way to reduce the illegal ways and the number of small boats arriving. The other is to target the persons arranging these passages for it is them that need punishing not the boat people who are at the mercy of these criminals. The media seem to find out who they are, so why can’t the authorities in charge of policing and security.

Why not use some of the money being given to France to reduce the boats coming to the UK, to set UK immigration centres in France. Now that would be good use of the money and would further reduce the use of small boats.

Suella Braverman retoric about people in the UK should be trained to do the jobs beingt done by some immigrants, is not the way, yes, they should be employed, but in ways beter with the skills they have. To force someone to do jobs they are not qualified for, even with some training could well means the jobs are not done well and that could be much worse. Suella Braverman ploy is to ready herself for any future areas for promotions, such as a future prime Minister, so that will be her task not reducing any immigration. Before she could qualify as a future Prime Minister she has to not just talk, but show results in her current job as Home Secretary, otherwise she will not be qualified for any other jobs, perhaps she needs retraining or perhaps training.

Immigration has to be used as a means to cover employment areas where there are deficiencies and also help people who have aided the UK in many ways, as well as keeping to our international obligations.

This is what is expected of the UK as a country of freedom, sanctuary and tolerance.

Yes, we do need to control our borders but with decency, trust and respecting human rights.

The UK is based on various forms of immigration and conquests over centuries and in the main the UK is better for it all.

We embrace and accept many cultures which is for the good of everyone within the UK, even the few racists among us.

I did vote for Brexit, but immigration was not part of my agenda, I just didn’t want to be ruled by the EU. We have enough problems with the UK government in London, so I didn’t want more control from a Europen government.

I was happy being in the old European Economic Community, (EEC), while it was supposed to be just a trade agreement, but when it became clear political union was to come, then I wanted out.

So this Tory government do your duty and respect those who have put their own safety at risk to help the UK where and when it needed. Please resect Human Rights.

Please, Defense Minister James Heappey MP show this Afghan pilot the respect he has earned and allow him to stay in the UK and all others who have similarly done so. If you don’t then you are guilty of having no respect for anyone.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/afghan-pilot-rwanda-defence-james-heappey-b2339262.html?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=IND_Morning_Headlines%202023-05-16&utm_term=IND_Headlines_Masterlist_CDP

‘This is a Turkish Republic; go back to your own country’ – Middle East Monitor

Racism rears its ugly head everywhere and not just in the West.

Racism is very bad in America, but appears just as much in Turkey.

While in America racism appears to be against any person who is deemed to be not Caucasian, while in Turkey it appears to be anyone who is assumed to be Arabic.

With the current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he appears to favour more to Russia, than those in the West, but Turkey is part of NATO and wishes to join the EU, surely some major conflicts there.

But, the main opposition to Erdogan appears to be a coalition of six opposition parties, including İyi, and headed by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, where Kemal and his Iyi Party being the lead in the colation and is in effect the main opposition Party. But Kemal with the Iyi still have major racist tendencies and wish to remove all Syrian refugees from Turkey, but wants much better relationships with the West and maybe not Russia and against everything Arabic.

Again politics and relationships showing much confusion, so no matter who wins the election in Turkey there will still be major problems.

Oh, what a world we live in, why can’t we have peace instead of major conflicts, surely peace would be more beneficial for everyone, but Humans appear to not want to live together with each other, what a major shame for peace in this world.


‘I could die for him’: In Erdogan’s old Istanbul neighbourhood, loyalties run deep

In the Kasimpasa neighbourhood of Istanbul where he grew up, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s former neighbours describe a generous young man who was already destined for a bright future. With…


Well, if Erdogan does become President of Turkey again then many may do so, for many have already died due to Erdogan or lost their Liberty.

It could be said that voting for Erdogan is like voting for ‘Christmas’, as like at Christmas, Turkey’s are killed and that could well be the outcome for Turkey, if Erdogan becomes President again.


Source: ‘I could die for him’: In Erdogan’s old Istanbul neighbourhood, loyalties run deep

Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Rolf Harris is reportedly in a poor state after his health has deteriorated it has been claimed after it emerged the disgraced star was secretly battling neck cancer


While I would never wish anyone any ill will did Harris ever have any respect for any of his victims.

‘Harris was released from jail in May 2017 after serving three years of his five years and nine-month sentence after being found guilty of 12 counts of sexual assault, one of which was later overturned.’. Irrespective on whether the sentence was sufficient for his crimes and should have been longer, he came out and then continued to live his life, but his victims will have had a life sentence and the memories will never go away, even after the eventual demise of Harris.

Some could say that him succumbing to neck cancer is some justification, in that he is now suffering, but not as equivalent to his victims suffering and not only them, but their families as well.


Source: Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused columnist E Jean Carroll | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Verdict for first time legally brands a former US president as a sexual predator but clears Trump of rape


But still Trump refuses to admit and he still says the Biden election was false and it was a corrupt result. According to Trump everything is corrupt except himself, when really Trump is corrupt and most other situations and people are not.

Trump is no respecter of anyone’s rights, except his own, but his rights are far from legal.

Source: Jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused columnist E Jean Carroll | Donald Trump | The Guardian

The mystery of King Charles’ missing diamond – POLITICO

What a historic gem reveals about Britain’s place in the modern world.


There are many missing diamonds in the life of King Charles III, Princess Diana for one, for while she did her Duty and produced a heir and another she is not around to savour what is and has now been occurring. I won’t go over old ground, but in reality, although she was promised to be Queen Consort, she was never likely to be for she was there to provide a heir to replace Charles when his demise comes. For Charles, his only one true love was and is Camilla, but originally he was not allowed to marry her, I believe, maybe because she was brought up in her father’s religion of Roman Catholicism, but there are many theories.

But as to the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is said to have been gifted, but gifted in the 1800s to gifted now could have many differing meanings, none of which make the UK look too good.

It should be returned to India, but, then, that would open the ‘floodgates’ and many more of the Crown Jewels and also many artifacts in UK Museums could also need to be returned. Should this mean that none of them be returned, well the answer should be No, but it would deplete the treasures in the UK, but then they are not really ours.

There are many curses from colonialism this being but one, for they were extremely unpleasant times for the inhabitants of the countries the Western powers invaded, on the premise of archaeological advancements and enlightenment of Western freedoms and religion. The freedoms were a very long time coming, but slavery was not and religious enlightenment was more take it on board or die.

The Western powers were supposed to be Christians, but little Christian principles were evident at that time, just enslavement, profiteering and in many instances deaths.

The UK and the Western powers have much to be ashamed of, but in reality the sense of power still reigns supreme and certainly so within the Royal Family and The Establishment.

Charles said he wished to bring more diversity to his Coronation, which he did a little, but could have done so much more, for it was to a very large extent still overburdened in Christianity and Power.

Lets hope when William become King William V diversity will be very much more, well that is assuming the Monarchy will still be around for its popularity still continues to descend, especially within the youth of the UK.

However, will the alternative be worse or better, for that would most likely mean the UK becoming a Republic and the examples of those leave a lot to be desired.

If we were already a Republic, we could have had a President Tony Blair, President Boris Johnson, President Liz Truss and to come maybe President Keir Starmer.

On that note I say long live the Monarchy, but perhaps only a short reign from Charles and a much longer one for William.


Source: The mystery of King Charles’ missing diamond – POLITICO

Alarm after lawyer who aided Trump’s 2020 election lie attacks campus voting | US voting rights | The Guardian

Rightwing lawyer Cleta Mitchell faces criticism after comments to GOP donors urging new rules to make voting harder for students


Unbelievable, well not really, for with far Right Republicans nothing is out of the question, for under a Republican establishment America will not be far off Russia.

It just needs another term of Trump and Putin will be fully in control.

For a country which says it detests so much communist principles it is going the full way to have them.

For a start they don’t need a Putin to kill anyone they disagree with they just do it themsleves due to their insane gun culture.

Next they will say everyone is free to vote as long as they vote Republican.

They say they are against abortion, when will they next say they will have everyone contolled so they only have far right wing views, would they try to do this from before birth by medical interventions.

Anything will be possible if Republicans get elected for democracy will be dead, as will anyone who doesn’t support them.

All Human Rights are being discarded.


Source: Alarm after lawyer who aided Trump’s 2020 election lie attacks campus voting | US voting rights | The Guardian

Russia ‘likely staged’ Kremlin drone attack, claims ISW | Euronews

The US-based think-tank suggested the attack was possibly intended to pave the way for drafting more conscripts.


Of course Russia staged this for the Kremlin is supposed to be the most heavily protected building in Russia, so how could a Ukrainian Drone get so close.

Putin is treating us all as idiots, when the only idiot is Putin for starting this war against Ukraine.

He wanted to before his Presidency ends to show how great and brave he is, but all he has done is show how little and cowardly he is.

He sends his Russian forces to be slaughtered, while he keeps safe, won’t even let his own Generals get close to him.

He is Russia’s biggest disaster ever and it is all the fault of Putin.

Also he is a War Criminal of sizeable proportions and needs to be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

He has no respect for peoples Human Rights and he causes terrorism everywhere.


Source: Russia ‘likely staged’ Kremlin drone attack, claims ISW | Euronews

Wheelchair User Left To Crawl Off Ryanair Plane In Sweden

This is a total disgrace and it should be illegal, no matter what country it happens in and no excuses should ever be acceptable. Landvetter Airport and the 3rd party company who have been allocted this responsibility have shown no ‘duty of care ‘ and caused much distress to Adrian Keogh and caused him great loss of dignity.

Because these actions of total disregard for passengers who have disabilities are occurring in many airports in various countries the law needs to be under International Law so it is effective in any country. If that coutry does not react accordingly then all air traffic to that country should be suspended until they are prepared to act accordingly.

Extreme actions are required to combat these very disgraceful and disrespective actions occurring ever again.

Same Difference

    A wheelchair user who crawled down metal steps from a plane when no-one could help him disembark has described the incident as “unacceptable”.

    Adrian Keogh, from Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland, was told assistance would take an hour to arrive after his flight landed at Landvetter Airport in Sweden on Saturday.

    Mr Keogh said cabin crew on the Ryanair flight told him he could crawl from the aircraft instead of waiting.

    He has used a wheelchair since 2015.

    The airport has apologised and Ryanair said it was looking into the incident.

    Mr Keogh, who has a spinal injury following a construction accident, told BBC News NI he was not able to wait for an hour for assistance disembarking the plane as he was in pain after the flight and needed to use the bathroom.

    He was travelling with his brother who offered to carry him down the stairs but…

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