Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay | The King’s Fund

Pay is a key reason for the social care workforce crisis, says Simon Bottery. Nearly 400,000 careworkers would be financially better off working in supermarkets.


This articles states the state of how it is for care workers, especially on pay compared to supermarkets a hospital support workers. Pay for care workers is one of the major reasons why there is a distinct shortage of care workers in the UK. This leads to lack of capacity in social care, so many persons in need of social care are unable to receive it, thereby causing many health inequalities, thus causing more impact on the NHS, with conscequences of increasing the crisis in the NHS. This is due to more persons needing access to the NHS due to insufficiencies of social care and so hospital admission are increasing. However, the lack of social care is also affecting discharges, as where a patient will need home care of temporary care home access, there is an insufficiency, hence the discharge is delayed, thereby causing ‘bed blocking’. This then means A&E can’t move patients to wards due to beds unavailable, which in turn means ambulances can’t move patients in ambulances into A&E due to no A&E being full. This then means there is a shortages of ambulances to take new patients to hospitals causing ambulance staff and patients at home great concern that the required help is being considerably delayed, causing not only the distress to patients, but further increasing deteriorations to their health and in a number of instances their deaths.

In all of this the blame is put on hospitals, A&E and ambulances, when the real blame on on non-listening and inactive Governments, being the current and all past Governments.

Put the accountability where it should be on the Government and the respective Government Ministers.

Duty of care is exceedingly important and hospitals, A&E and ambulances are doing all they can and maybe more, but this Government and all previous Governments have not taken on board their own Duty of Care, thus creating many safeguarding concerns which have to be dealt wit, even though there is the insufficiency of funding,, but safeguarding is a main priority and is first for funding. So, the lack of funding resources is being further depleated due to Government inaction and apparent non-concern.

Austerity cuts from 2010 are a major reason why Local authirities are not able to fund social care as it needs to be, which this and previous Government made the austerity cuts and will not reverse them, which is needed immediately and much more.

The deaths related to COVID were monitored, where is the monitoring of deaths from lack of social care, whic h will be far greater than from COVID.

This is abuse of Government power and a dereliction of human rights.

Source: Odds stacked against it: how social care struggles to compete with supermarkets on pay | The King’s Fund

Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

A good question and maybe answered by the article, in that, properties are so cheap in Blackpool. But surely that should not be the only consideration, as the children in question will be much more vulnerable than children are in general and therefore their safety and safeguarding should be as equally important, if not, more so. That is expressly so, when so many of the children will be so far from their original home and their families.

It appears the children’s safety is not taking the concern it should be, as it seems that a building, any old building will do and, in many instances they will not be registered with Ofsted, which should at least one of the requirements, irrespective of the age of the children. This is so much necessary for homes for vulnerable adults have to be registered with the CQC, Care Quality Commission, surely children 16-17 are not falling through a gap in the system, in not being registered as children with Ofsted and adults with CQC.

To wait until when the revised Dols safeguarding criteria be altered to the LPS, Liberty Protection Service, is enacted is not acceptable as currently, I believe no date is set. It should have been already on 1 October 2020, but was delayed due to COVID, and pressures on Health and Social Care with other dates mentioned but not enforced as there was considerable delay to this Government issuing the Consultation documents, which while now issued and closed, is now being studied further.

This state of affairs with Blackpool being so much the centre needs urgent action, otherwise the vulnerable children will be even more vulnerable as they were initially.

This is no where what a caring society should be and shows a distinct lack of caring, accountability and transparency on all areas concerned and not for the first time, so ‘lessons are not being learned’. Not sure if this is because no wishes to are other forces are involved, but, lessons do need to be learned, otherwise vulnerable children will not only continue to have causes for concern, but these will be considerably increased, eventually leading to major safeguarding issues occurring, which they may be doing so currently. But, when they do, not if they do, all will so ignorance when it will not be ignorance, but completely lack of accountability and transparency, which we have already seen in so many areas, with apparent no degree of concern from this Government.


Source: Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

Government says it’s too costly to give disabled people in fire risk blocks evacuation plans – The Big Issue

Campaigners say they are “devastated” after ministers rejected recommendations made following inquiry into the Grenfell fire


Everyone should be equal, but some are more equal than others as finance is a prime factor in creating equality when it shouldn’t be, as needs should be the main factor within any legislation to combat discrimination.

Disability discrimination was supposed to be dealt with through the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, amended by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and then replaced by the Equality Act 2010,

but written into these acts was the proviso, that  if adjustments were to be seen to be unreasonable then the adjustments did not need to be proceeded with and exorbitant costs were one of those provisos.

This could well be the reason for the rejected recommendations in the case of the Grenfell fire. But should costs be, really a reason to make safety not equal.

In building regulations these should be there to protect and when, especially, these regulations were not abided by, then, irrespective of costs all actions and recommendations should be carried through and make those who were at fault accountable.


Source: Government says it’s too costly to give disabled people in fire risk blocks evacuation plans – The Big Issue

US oil refineries spewing cancer-causing benzene into communities, report finds | Pollution | The Guardian

Analysis shows alarming level of benzene at fence-line of facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana and US Virgin Islands


This is not only exceedingly alarming, but shows incompetence and should be seen to be a criminal liability. One instance is one too many, but one could be seen as a mistake, but another not so and a considerable fine should be imposed. Then, if there is a third then the establishment should be closed permanently.

Then to see that these are occurring in close proximality to residential areas means that the existing exposure levels need to be tightened and why should those being exposed be largely people of colour and of low-income.

I am sure if this was occurring in close proximality to the ‘White House’ not even one exposure would have been allowed. So, the safety levels do need to be examined and be revised so no exposures occur, and if not possible the establishments need to be permanently closed or moved to non-residential areas, for surely America is more than large enough to accommodate this.

Source: US oil refineries spewing cancer-causing benzene into communities, report finds | Pollution | The Guardian

Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Little Nevaeh Austin, three, is fighting for life after being found unconscious on a bus outside Le Smileys Early Learning Centre at Gracemere, near Rockhampton, on Wednesday.


It goes without saying that this should never have happened and I do hope Nevaeh make a good recovery.

As to the 2 workers involved they have committed extremely serious situations in the actions or non-actions they did, for it is not only an extreme safeguarding alert, but also a criminal offense.

A total lack of ‘Duty of Care’.

Source: Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

Actress Liz Carr has suggested theatres consider hosting separate performances of shows for audiences who still want to wear facemasks or socially distance. The Silent Witness star won best support…


I completely agree with this suggestion and not only for Theatres for there are many, especially those auto-immune, needle averse and more people, so surely they too should be able to enjoy life more, rather than still stay at home.

But was the withdrawal of the facemasks mandate wholly due to the vaccine success, which is currently on the wane, as people believe COVID is no more, or is it really a Government or Boris ploy to offer something to the public to put him in a better light and detract from No. 10 Parties, in other words a PR exercise.

It is after all just how devious he is.

As to COVID, it has certainly not gone as hospital admissions show and the belief it has gone and no facemasks and even social distancing is a way that this highly contagious COVID virus is being spread.

Yes, it is milder than previous variants, but another variant could be easily the reverse and while being mild it has no baring on the effects of ‘Long COVID’, which can be and is very serious and can be very long term.

Do not believe the Government hype and still be very extremely careful.


Source: Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

Covid: React study finds latest wave ‘may have peaked’ in young – BBC News

It is all well and good saying just ‘live with COVID’, but for some COVID is still very serious and, if people are not taking COVID seriously this creates very worrying concerns for those of us who have many health issues.

Yes, the current variants may be mild, but they are very contagious and who is to say that the next or next variant will not be as mild and still contagious. So, while living with it, please be a responsible persons and do not discard and ignore COVID as you could be responsible for allowing COVID to be caught by the people who will become very serious ill or even die from COVID.

You, may be ‘all right Jack’, but not others.

Just because this Government is not concerned, as they are more concerned about money, than the health of the nation and the NHS, it does not mean you should follow their bad examples.

We are not all multi-millionaires or even billionaires, who can afford to live with COVID, but the majority and certainly those who are seriously at risk of COVID are nowhere near able to afford life at the best of times, let alone having to live with COVID.

Source: Covid: React study finds latest wave ‘may have peaked’ in young – BBC News

Boris Johnson and staff pictured with wine in Downing Street garden in May 2020 | Boris Johnson | The Guardian

Exclusive: photograph raises fresh questions for No 10 after denial of a social event at time of Covid restrictions



So many errors of judgement, but why are they surfacing now after a year or more has gone by. For if it was wrong now, it was wrong then, there has to be other motives other than the likelihood it could be wrong. Politics is a very dirty game and even friends are enemies, for there is no love lost in the political arena.

All of this is losing the degree of working together to overcome COVID, which is in all our interests, whether you believe in COVID or not and the vaccines.

Many are saying, if the political leaders are not adhering to the restrictions why should I, but this should not be the argument. For it is in all our benefits to adhere to the restrictions as ‘two wrongs does not make a right’.

As the negativity of others has to be overcome, by the positivity of those who are abiding by restrictions in the hope that those who are negative will see the light. If it does not be so, then there is no hope for the World and we will all perish, due to the misdeeds of those will not comply.

We need to get back to ‘normality’ or as close as we can be, for ones normal may not be another’s, whatever normal is.



Source: Boris Johnson and staff pictured with wine in Downing Street garden in May 2020 | Boris Johnson | The Guardian

Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions

Sage scientists told the Government restrictions such as enforcing masks in some public places and encouraging working from home is helping drive down Covid infections in Europe



This makes perfect sense as Sage is saying it as it is, but is the Government or more essentially are Boris and/or Sajid and even Rishi, we will wait and see. However, I do hope the wait is not long as COVID waits for no one. and by waiting pain and suffering and even deaths will occur unnecessarily.

But then that is Government for you.

Source: Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions

HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

‘Teleoperated’ HGVs combine the efficiency of automation with the safety of human oversight.


Much needs to be done and remote controlled lorries could be eventually a solution, but safety has to be paramount. Also remote control yes, but who would then unload the lorries, surely that would require additional staff at the point of delivery, so is it financially viable?

Source: HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares