Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions

Sage scientists told the Government restrictions such as enforcing masks in some public places and encouraging working from home is helping drive down Covid infections in Europe



This makes perfect sense as Sage is saying it as it is, but is the Government or more essentially are Boris and/or Sajid and even Rishi, we will wait and see. However, I do hope the wait is not long as COVID waits for no one. and by waiting pain and suffering and even deaths will occur unnecessarily.

But then that is Government for you.

Source: Covid Plan B: Sage tells government implementing measures now will reduce need for tougher winter restrictions

HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

‘Teleoperated’ HGVs combine the efficiency of automation with the safety of human oversight.


Much needs to be done and remote controlled lorries could be eventually a solution, but safety has to be paramount. Also remote control yes, but who would then unload the lorries, surely that would require additional staff at the point of delivery, so is it financially viable?

Source: HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

E-Scooters ‘Not Safe’ Without Audible Signals

Yes, audible on e-scooters would be good, but more imoertant is the attitude of the person with the e-scooter for pedestrians.

I say this for my experience of persons on bycylces, some have bells but mainly it is their vocal out bursts. For those I have come across feel they have the right of way be it road or pavement. When I wish to cross a road, I will use a crossing when there is one, but in many instances there are not so I have to cross the road. Now in my 70s I am not as nimble on foot as I used to be and cross where I see the road is clear. But my slownest of step does on some occasions mean traffic may come while I am still crossing, Cars extra will slow down and allow me to cross rather than peeing their car horns, scaring me.

But not so with the cyclists I experience, they do not slow down, they shout very loudly and angrily for me to get out of their way, rather than excepting my slowness of mobility.

You could nargue that they have the right of way on the road and you may be correct, but if they do not show consideration people will get hurt.

But on the pavement, surely the pedestrian have the right of way and I nhave experienced on many occasions, more so han on the road with cyclists shouting and ringing bells, and many occasions when they have not done so, but pass me at speed very close to me, the first I know is when they go flying past.

As yet I have to experience my first encounter, maybe that due to COVID I have not been out for more than a year.

So while bells will be good on e-scooters it is the attitude to other users of the same space, which I feel is way more important.

Same Difference

A visually impaired woman from London says e-scooters are not safe enough to be used across the city as they do not have audible signals.

The signals, which alert pedestrians to the silent e-scooters, will not be installed for at least two months.

Transport for London (TfL) said in May the e-scooters would have audible warning systems that could be used without riders adjusting their grip.

It now says that all e-scooters on the rental scheme are fitted with bells.

The RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) said e-scooters posed potential risks to blind and partially sighted people because “they are fast-moving, difficult to detect, and are often ridden on the pavement despite this being illegal”.

London’s walking and cycling commissioner, Will Norman, said the trial could not be stopped to fit them.

He said: “We can’t stop the trial before everything is brought in because we need to continue…

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How to wear your mask correctly – So are you doing it right?  | Daily Mail Online

With the World Health Orgainsation advising that everyone should ‘make wearing a mask a normal part of being around other people’, how do you tackle breakouts, fogged glasses and sore ears?

Source: How to wear your mask correctly – So are you doing it right?  | Daily Mail Online

Trump: Millions Of Americans Getting COVID-19 Is ‘Terrific’ And A ‘Powerful Vaccine’ | HuffPost UK

Trump at his worst, it is a pity there is no stop button on his mouth and Tweets, for this comment shows a complete indifference to those who have contracted COVID-19 and especially to those families who have had relatives who have died from COVID-19.

Even though he appeared to have had COVID-19 some months ago, or was this FAKE news to gain sympathy and a boost during the election period, his view of COVID-19 looks to be unchanged, in that he feels COVID-19 is not as bad as the medical experts are saying, even though the facts and figures show that it is a very serious condition causing many serious problems.

It is not just the short-term of COVID-19, but for many who have contracted COVID-19, it is the long-term conditions, which in some are extremely serious.

America and the World will not have much longer with a Trump Presidency, but the outcomes of his Presidency could have very serious effects, certainly on Americans but also all parts of the World.

For when he is the former President of America, what other mischief will he be involved with and what will the consequences be, for not only America, but all of us.



Source: Trump: Millions Of Americans Getting COVID-19 Is ‘Terrific’ And A ‘Powerful Vaccine’ | HuffPost UK

NY authorities stop wedding with up to 10,000 guests, citing coronavirus as reason | Euronews

“You can get married. You just can’t get a thousand people at your wedding. You get the same results at the end of the day. It’s also cheaper!” Governor Andrew Cuomo joked.

Source: NY authorities stop wedding with up to 10,000 guests, citing coronavirus as reason | Euronews

Alton Towers Makes Changes After Woman Taken Off Ride

It would appear that Alton Towers have listened and made the required changes, however, only time will tell.

Therefore, I suggest that Alton Towers and other similar venues need to be checked regularly on how persons with disabilities are looked after, as well as checks on the safety of rides.

Same Difference

A woman with cerebral palsy is to be involved in Alton Towers’ updated disability training after she was left in tears over treatment by staff.

The venue said it had made changes after Hannah Cheetham was publicly removed from a thrill ride when visiting with sister Becky last month.

Alton Towers apologised for that and other behaviour, and has since invited the pair back to discuss practices.

The sisters have agreed to return to the theme park.

They say they want to give disabled people a “better experience” by helping those in public-facing roles.

Becky Cheetham said she had been told her youtube video about the ordeal would form part of staff training.

Sister Hannah, who uses a wheelchair, visits the park annually as an “adrenaline junkie”, and has previously gone on every ride she wished.

But on 28 September, the pair from Greater Manchester were left upset, angered and…

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Data on Covid care home deaths kept secret ‘to protect commercial interests’ | World news | The Guardian

Exclusive: English and Scottish regulators refuse to reveal homes with most fatalities

Source: Data on Covid care home deaths kept secret ‘to protect commercial interests’ | World news | The Guardian

Surviving Coronavirus- But Living A Nightmare

Jennifer Duddy is telling it as it is for no one should wish to get COVID-19, but there are people out there who do not appear concerned if they do, or feel they have no chance of catching it.

These people are totally irresponsible for they could well be the cause of the various COVID-19 outbreaks occurring throughout the UK.

They may not be concerned for themselves, but they should be for others.

Yes, it is the choice of these irresponsible people to ignore all the information on what and not what to do, but their irresponsible nature is causing others to catch COVID-19 and this is not their choice.

There are many not Social Distancing, not wearing face-masks or wearing them incorrectly, refusing to self-isolate, etc. making it extremely unsafe for others.

Currently there is no vaccine, but if there was, there are quite a few people who would refuse to be vaccinated, again, these people are solely thinking of thesmselves and not others.

A vaccine is the only chance for COVID-19 to be eradicated, so currently, everyone should be abiding by the information and restrictions and those who still refuse to comply should be fined and eventually leading to arrest and be convicted.

The Government needs to strengthen the current legislation to make this possible.

Yes, it is restricting freedom and choice, but it is essential to safeguard others and it is what any of our Laws do, for to not do will cause anarchy.

Those in authority who themselves did show irresponsibility should have been prosecuted, but it may be that the Law was insufficient for this to occur and if so, that should be immediately rectified.

Same Difference

When Jennifer Duddy was admitted to hospital with coronavirus, she said goodbye to her young family wondering if she would ever see them again.

The 32-year-old accountant, who has asthma, first experienced symptoms of the virus in March, but says she was refused tests on several occasions.

Initially, most people with symptoms were told to stay at home and self-isolate.

Her husband, Jamie, also had symptoms, but while his symptoms slowly started to lessen, Jennifer’s got worse and eventually she was admitted to Belfast’s Mater Hospital with breathing difficulties.

She spent seven days there being treated for coronavirus.

When she was discharged, she knew it would take time to recover fully, but was optimistic and excited to again cuddle her eight-year-old daughter, Chloe, and one-year-old son Ryan.

“A lot of tears were shed in those first two months,” Jennifer told BBC News NI.

“I was on so much medication when…

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