Trump was warned about retaining classified documents, notes reveal | Mar-a-Lago | The Guardian

Exclusive: previously unreported warning contained in notes taken by lawyer Evan Corcoran that prosecutors have viewed in recent months


All of this should come as no surprise to anyone for Trump seriously believes he is ‘above the law’ he even said so during his last presidential campaign.

Trump is no respect for law and order, unless it is law and order as perceived by him and has no respect for the American Constitution.

When he became President he believed he could dictate his terms to everyone as does his ‘Lord and Master’ President Vladimir Putin of Russia and his other idol President Kim Jong un of North Korea.

If he ever becomes President again not only will it be some of the same, but so much more worse, for America will cease to be anywhere near a democratic country.

He would allow Putin to run more riotously than ever before and create many more war crimes and in so doing no country and their populations would be safe until Putin was overthrown.

So 2024 please respect democracy.


Source: Trump was warned about retaining classified documents, notes reveal | Mar-a-Lago | The Guardian

Kasparov Predicts Collapse of Russian ‘Empire’

The activist and former world chess champion told Newsweek about his vision of Russia’s future.


Garry Kasparov speaks out and he needs to be listened to for the world to exist.

Ukraine has to win and Putin be overthrown and for Russia never to be allowed to continue like this ever again.

The West and all others need to work together like never before.


Source: Kasparov Predicts Collapse of Russian ‘Empire’

Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run

Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run

Dominic Nicholls By Dominic Nicholls

Diplomats are normally considered to be persons of sober, unflappable and serious dispositions. They could, perhaps, be described by the less charitable as being a little boring.

They are not known for great displays of humour.

However, Russia’s assumption of the presidency of the UN Security Council on April 1 was described by a number of diplomats as “an April Fool’s joke”.

By comedy standards, it’s no barnstormer. But it does reveal the disquiet, bordering on anger and disbelief, running through much, but by no means all, of the international community at the bizarre sight of Russia holding one of the most powerful positions in the world after the disgusting spectacle we have witnessed in Ukraine.

Moscow continued the run of comedy on Tuesday when Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, chaired a meeting in the UN, titled ‘Maintenance of international peace and security’.

Ahead of the meeting, Mr Lavrov said the UN system was “enduring a profound crisis”, and accused Western countries, particularly the US, of being responsible.

“It’s not all about Ukraine,” he said, hoping to somehow blame the war in that country on the actions of the US and other Western nations.

Mr Lavrov continued: “It’s about how international relations will continue to be shaped through the establishment of a sound consensus on the basis of balance of interests or through aggressive and volatile advancement of Washington’s hegemony”.

His words were roundly dismissed in the UN Security Council chamber with diplomats, including Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “violation” of international law and the UN charter. (It’s not the strongest condemnation from the man in charge, but at least it’s a start Mr Guterres; more please.)

None of Mr Lavrov’s words made much sense, of course, but then that’s not the point.

He was basking in the moment, enjoying the privilege of being able to speak at the world’s highest security body. After all, since violating international law and murdering thousands of people for the warped dream of an empire that only lasted seventy years when they last tried it, Russia has been excluded from many international fora.

So Lavrov was attempting to use the moment to mark a sense of normality, to say to the world: ‘Russia is not going anywhere, we have, and will continue to hold, a seat at the top table, you cannot exclude us’.

We can.

He wants us to think there is no point in objecting to Russia’s actions; that any protest on our part is meaningless. We would be better to accept the inevitable, he is saying, and start to come to terms with the idea we will have to live alongside Russia after Nato’s mad adventure in Ukraine is defeated. Indeed, it would be better to admit our error now, he wishes us to think, and beg for Putin’s munificence before we anger him more.

Not me. I will continue to point and laugh at this ridiculous man who can only say the things he does with a straight face because his soul has long ago been sold to Putin’s dark vision. He has neither the energy nor inclination to turn back now. He, like so many others in the system of foetid corruption Putin has created, has nowhere to run.

We should continue to remind him, and all the other cronies, of that fact.


This is really farcical and shows how the current UN is in many respects not ‘fit for purpose’, perhaps rather than allow Russia to have the presidency of the UN Security Council the council should be disbanded and then reconstructed without Russia, perhaps not even allowing Russia to be a member of the UN.

For Russia has shown their complete contempt for the UN and all that it does, whatever that is. For many just ignore the UN, well the UK has on a number of occasions as do many other countries.


Source: Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run | The Telegraph

‘Absurdity to a new level’ as Russia takes charge of UN security council | United Nations | The Guardian

Monthly rotation of presidency of 15-member council has been unaffected by Ukraine war


This is indeed absurdity and means for the now there is no effective UN Security Council, for instead there will be a UN Non-Security Council.

But then, while Russia is still on the UN Security Council it is not all it should be, but to be led by Russia is totally absurd.


Source: ‘Absurdity to a new level’ as Russia takes charge of UN security council | United Nations | The Guardian

Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert refuse to stand or applaud for Zelensky | The Independent

War-time president receives standing ovation from members of Congress


Who would have politics, but for our sins we have.

Ukraine is fighting for its sole existence and for democracy, if Ukraine fails then, not only will Ukraine not exist, but the writing will be on the wall for democracy too.

Perhaps, the Republican Party is not bothered about democracy, but the majority of Americans are, so, they need to put politics aside if they wish for democracy to survive and this will only occur if Ukraine survives too. For, if Ukraine loses the Ukrainian/Russian war, Putin will see this as his ‘Green’ light to extend his takeover of not just all of Ukraine, but all countries around and maybe many more, the start of a new Russian Empire.

Is this what the Republicans really desire, or are they too in the pocket of Putin. The democratic West will be finished and perhaps, even the World.


Source: Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert refuse to stand or applaud for Zelensky | The Independent

Schengen: Romania blasts Austria for ‘inexplicable’ move to block access to EU’s passport-free zone | Euronews

In a high-stakes meeting of interior ministers, Austria was the only country that opposed Romania’s accession into Schengen.


The reasoning behind Austria’s decision is greater than the blocking of Rommania’s accession into Schengen, as it shows and brings to a head the problems with Schengen. If there was no Schengen then the current illegal immigration into France and then into the UK would have been mitigated, as currently once into the EU area, Schengen allows free travel through to France until they come to the North coast of France and the last travel of illegal entry in boats that are very unsafe for the journey across the English Channel. Also it encourages the criminal gangs to enter into these ventures.

Source: Schengen: Romania blasts Austria for ‘inexplicable’ move to block access to EU’s passport-free zone | Euronews

Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Unfortunately this lack of police action is nothing news, as many years ago I caught on my CCTV camera a person breaking into my vehicle at the front of my property, even showing his full approach and he was clearly seen as the camera caught him full face.

One Police officer did attend, but no forensics and I did download the footage onto a disc which I gave to the office, but I heard no more.

This was well before the Tory Government cuts to police budgets so this is implying that these incidents are viewed as minor by our police and not worthy of their time and it appears even less so now. So it is a Police force for the few not everyone. No wonder, some people pay for their own security forces, but we are not all in that position financially and with the increases in costs and the stake of the UKs finances many more will not be able to, so it is even more essential that the Police is there for everyone.


Source: Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian

Moscow says US deployments in eastern Europe increase tensions, as Nato says Russia has moved 30,000 troops to Belarus


Any actions have to be accountable, and no one should have a right to enter another country without authorisation, at least when this relates to 2 of the supposed superpowers.

As yet neither Russia or America has recently placed troops in another country, especially Ukraine, but Russia has in the past with the Crimea and some other parts of the Ukraine and are still there. So, with Russian movements of assumed over 125,000 troops alarms have been alerted, especially when Russia has made distinct demands for certain assurances when they are unwilling to offer any such reassurances.

America have moved around 30,000 troops in its response, which could be viewed as a measured response and in reality, is no comparison to those troop numbers of Russia.

Ukraine is an independent country and as such as a right to do as it pleases within its, own boarders and so as Russia. But it is not just troop movements with Russia, for they are wishing to dictate to Ukraine what they can and can’t do, but, if Ukraine wishes to join NATO, then it has a right to do so. If, Russia has no intentions of invading Ukraine, then it has nothing to be afraid of, but Ukraine as a right to defend and plan to defend itself as the history of Russia and certainly Putin shows that neither can be trusted.

NATO is not an aggressor as Russia would lead us to believe but exists to promote democratic values and is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes to ensure the security of Europe.

President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand does engage in behaviours that appear to encourage conflicts detrimental to the peace and security of Europe. Also while saying he is using democratic principles his actions in Russia seem to say the opposite for he has effectively removed any credible opposition by either arresting or killing his opponents.

The Western powers wish for peace, but Russia and also China appear to want the opposite.


Source: Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian

HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

‘Teleoperated’ HGVs combine the efficiency of automation with the safety of human oversight.


Much needs to be done and remote controlled lorries could be eventually a solution, but safety has to be paramount. Also remote control yes, but who would then unload the lorries, surely that would require additional staff at the point of delivery, so is it financially viable?

Source: HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan

America shuts Kabul airport as Dominic Raab is forced to turn to China and Russia for help in Afghanistan



I rarely agree with anything the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, ever says, well in effect I never have, until now, when he talks about, Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan.

For it is imbecilic, as while, military forces would have to be withdrawn eventually, it should not have been until all or most of the persons who wished to leave Afghanistan had already left. For to not do so, will as we have seen, cause panic and chaos leading to deaths and distrust in Western powers.

The decision to withdraw troops was originally from former President Donald Trump that should have been a clue as to how misguided it was, but Biden took what he thought was the easy way out and a vote winner. Well he won the vote in the US Presidential elections last, but could well lose the re-election in 2024, due to his decision to continue with the troop withdrawals.

Or could Biden be a reincarnation of Trump, not a good thought to have, but could be the answer to the obvious lack of thought behind the decision and the misguided continued decision to not see how misguided it was.


Source: Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan