Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert refuse to stand or applaud for Zelensky | The Independent

War-time president receives standing ovation from members of Congress


Who would have politics, but for our sins we have.

Ukraine is fighting for its sole existence and for democracy, if Ukraine fails then, not only will Ukraine not exist, but the writing will be on the wall for democracy too.

Perhaps, the Republican Party is not bothered about democracy, but the majority of Americans are, so, they need to put politics aside if they wish for democracy to survive and this will only occur if Ukraine survives too. For, if Ukraine loses the Ukrainian/Russian war, Putin will see this as his ‘Green’ light to extend his takeover of not just all of Ukraine, but all countries around and maybe many more, the start of a new Russian Empire.

Is this what the Republicans really desire, or are they too in the pocket of Putin. The democratic West will be finished and perhaps, even the World.


Source: Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert refuse to stand or applaud for Zelensky | The Independent

Schengen: Romania blasts Austria for ‘inexplicable’ move to block access to EU’s passport-free zone | Euronews

In a high-stakes meeting of interior ministers, Austria was the only country that opposed Romania’s accession into Schengen.


The reasoning behind Austria’s decision is greater than the blocking of Rommania’s accession into Schengen, as it shows and brings to a head the problems with Schengen. If there was no Schengen then the current illegal immigration into France and then into the UK would have been mitigated, as currently once into the EU area, Schengen allows free travel through to France until they come to the North coast of France and the last travel of illegal entry in boats that are very unsafe for the journey across the English Channel. Also it encourages the criminal gangs to enter into these ventures.

Source: Schengen: Romania blasts Austria for ‘inexplicable’ move to block access to EU’s passport-free zone | Euronews

Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Unfortunately this lack of police action is nothing news, as many years ago I caught on my CCTV camera a person breaking into my vehicle at the front of my property, even showing his full approach and he was clearly seen as the camera caught him full face.

One Police officer did attend, but no forensics and I did download the footage onto a disc which I gave to the office, but I heard no more.

This was well before the Tory Government cuts to police budgets so this is implying that these incidents are viewed as minor by our police and not worthy of their time and it appears even less so now. So it is a Police force for the few not everyone. No wonder, some people pay for their own security forces, but we are not all in that position financially and with the increases in costs and the stake of the UKs finances many more will not be able to, so it is even more essential that the Police is there for everyone.


Source: Burglary, robbery and theft victims failed by police – watchdog – BBC News

Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian

Moscow says US deployments in eastern Europe increase tensions, as Nato says Russia has moved 30,000 troops to Belarus


Any actions have to be accountable, and no one should have a right to enter another country without authorisation, at least when this relates to 2 of the supposed superpowers.

As yet neither Russia or America has recently placed troops in another country, especially Ukraine, but Russia has in the past with the Crimea and some other parts of the Ukraine and are still there. So, with Russian movements of assumed over 125,000 troops alarms have been alerted, especially when Russia has made distinct demands for certain assurances when they are unwilling to offer any such reassurances.

America have moved around 30,000 troops in its response, which could be viewed as a measured response and in reality, is no comparison to those troop numbers of Russia.

Ukraine is an independent country and as such as a right to do as it pleases within its, own boarders and so as Russia. But it is not just troop movements with Russia, for they are wishing to dictate to Ukraine what they can and can’t do, but, if Ukraine wishes to join NATO, then it has a right to do so. If, Russia has no intentions of invading Ukraine, then it has nothing to be afraid of, but Ukraine as a right to defend and plan to defend itself as the history of Russia and certainly Putin shows that neither can be trusted.

NATO is not an aggressor as Russia would lead us to believe but exists to promote democratic values and is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes to ensure the security of Europe.

President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand does engage in behaviours that appear to encourage conflicts detrimental to the peace and security of Europe. Also while saying he is using democratic principles his actions in Russia seem to say the opposite for he has effectively removed any credible opposition by either arresting or killing his opponents.

The Western powers wish for peace, but Russia and also China appear to want the opposite.


Source: Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian

HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

‘Teleoperated’ HGVs combine the efficiency of automation with the safety of human oversight.


Much needs to be done and remote controlled lorries could be eventually a solution, but safety has to be paramount. Also remote control yes, but who would then unload the lorries, surely that would require additional staff at the point of delivery, so is it financially viable?

Source: HGV driver shortage: remote-controlled lorries could prevent future logistical nightmares

Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan

America shuts Kabul airport as Dominic Raab is forced to turn to China and Russia for help in Afghanistan



I rarely agree with anything the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, ever says, well in effect I never have, until now, when he talks about, Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan.

For it is imbecilic, as while, military forces would have to be withdrawn eventually, it should not have been until all or most of the persons who wished to leave Afghanistan had already left. For to not do so, will as we have seen, cause panic and chaos leading to deaths and distrust in Western powers.

The decision to withdraw troops was originally from former President Donald Trump that should have been a clue as to how misguided it was, but Biden took what he thought was the easy way out and a vote winner. Well he won the vote in the US Presidential elections last, but could well lose the re-election in 2024, due to his decision to continue with the troop withdrawals.

Or could Biden be a reincarnation of Trump, not a good thought to have, but could be the answer to the obvious lack of thought behind the decision and the misguided continued decision to not see how misguided it was.


Source: Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ retreat from Afghanistan

Spain’s Court of Auditors Claims Millions of Euros from 40 Former Catalan Officials

It appears that Spain is not as democratic as they lead us to believe, for they are acting as a dictatorship, ‘obeys us or we will destroy you ‘.

I assume they are doing this to ensure the Spanish Basques do not do something similar.

While Spain is governed in this tyrannical manner there will be no freedoms in Spain.

Josep Goded

On Tuesday, the conservative Spanish Court of Auditors claimed 5.4 million euros as financial guarantees from some 40 former Catalan government officials for allegedly promoting independence abroad from 2011 to 2017. These financial guarantees are additional to others previously requested by the same court.

In total, the auditing body claims from former president Artur Mas and former finance minister Andreu Mas-Colell 2.8 million euros, as well as 1.9 million euros from former president Carles Puigdemont and former vice president Oriol Junqueras. All this corresponds to allegedly irregular expenses in the framework of the promotion of the process of independence around the world.

The official most affected by this case is the former Secretary General of Diplocat, a semipublic consortium aimed at fostering Catalonia’s interests abroad, Albert Royo, who faces a claim of 3.6 million euros.

Former foreign affairs minister Raül Romeva faces 2.1 million euros and former government’s spokesperson Francesc…

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Huge explosions rock Gaza as Israeli warplanes launch first airstrikes since ceasefire | Daily Mail Online

Israel’s military said the explosions were a response to the launching of incendiary balloons that caused fires in fields in southern Israel.



Here we have the classic no trust on both sides, similar to what we had in Northern Ireland, which is still not fully sorted, but peace has been kept to a major degree.

Israel are still allowing israeli settlemen ts on what the Palestians believe to be their land, so there needs to be some show of faith from Israel, otherwise nothing will ever be sorted. One side has to show contrition to show they can be trusted.

If there was one on whom I would expect this to be so, would be the Jewish faith for over the years they have and are still being subjected to acts against them, but they need to take the lead and to not be so distracted by act against them. To bomb Gaza as they are doing is way above the acts from Hamas. Surely a toned down response could be put in place.

It is easy for me to say, for I am not involved in either side, but in some instances eyes of others can be an advantage. This is so because the acts so far are not easing the situation just maintaining it and could well be making it much worse.

Source: Huge explosions rock Gaza as Israeli warplanes launch first airstrikes since ceasefire | Daily Mail Online

Palace under pressure to respond to Harry and Meghan racism claims | Monarchy | The Guardian

This was a very explosive interview, but one that had to take place for it showed, yet again, how ‘The UK Monarchy’ is out of place in the 21st century for it really needs to escape its assumed safety of the 19th century. For other European Monarchies have changed and survived and the ball is now and has been for sometime in the Court of The Monarchy.

Will The Monarchy survive, well I do hope so and it is still not too late for them to fully embrace Harry and Meghan.

Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan will be viewed badly by many in the UK, as many UK racists will feel their views are being supported, especially if they are Monarchists as well. Then the UK Monarchists will be against them.

But they will be supported by anti-monarchists and also many ‘people of Colour’.

This is a great opportunity for racism to be tackled by the establishment in the UK and show racists that they will not be tolerated.

I wish Harry and Meghan well and their starting family.


Source: Palace under pressure to respond to Harry and Meghan racism claims | Monarchy | The Guardian

GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

It would now appear that some Republicans in the Senate and Congress have now come to their senses and see Trump for what he is, no matter how belatedly this is.

For Trump has done and still is causing serious damage to the Republican Party, who now appear to see to it that Trump can never be elected to Governing Office again.

I feel it is forgone that the Impeachment resolution will have no problems coming through the Congress, but the hurdle will be the Senate.


Source: GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK