The Celebration of the life of Zoe Angella Sterry

Celebration of the Life of Zoe Sterry

Zoe Angella Sterry

Zoe Angella Sterry was the wife of Chris Sterry, the originator of this Post, and he lost his wife in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26 September 2020 and her funeral took place on Friday 16 October 2020.

Chris started seeing Zoe in August 1983 and they were married on 4 October 1988, so, in total they had 37 years together, in which 32 years they were married.

Chris did not have any children of his own, but looked after Zoe’s children, David, Katie and Rachel as his own, together with their 3 grandchildren Oliver, Frankie and Luke, not forgetting the latest addition Theo as a Great Grandchild. She also had a younger brother Calvin.

Zoe was a formidable lady, with a big heart and an enormous amount of love. She had a very strong personality and enormous strength of character and would express her opinions to anyone, especially to Sheffield City Council (SCC), whom she had to deal with on behalf of Katie, who had multiple physical disabilities, severe Learning Disabilities, through Cerebral Palsy and also Autism.

Together Zoe and Chris fought with SCC for Katie, which Chris will now do alone.

Zoe and Chris created a very strong partnership and Zoe will be sadly missed by, not only him, but all who came into contact with her.

There is a webcam of the funeral service and the details to access can be seen below and the link will be live for 7 days from the 16 October 2020

NameMrs Zoe Angella Sterry
LocationGrenoside Crematorium, Sheffield – South Chapel
Date & TimeFriday 16/10/2020 12:30
Event Number830579
RequesterLiz Cousins – Tomlinson & Windley
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Password: kadcavmg

Please read through the attached step by step document before using the webcasting service to ensure your system is compatible.


Wesley Media Team

Zoe Angella Sterry

Step by Step document

Please see below the Order of Service

Order of Service

The body of Zoe is now no more, but the memories live on

So does the dealings with SCC for Katie.

At least it will keep Chris busy.

Thank you

New deal revealed to keep John Lewis in Sheffield, refurbish store and save ‘significant number of jobs’ | The Star

Councillors are poised to approve a proposed deal that would keep John Lewis in Sheffield – and pay for a refurbishment of the department store.

Source: New deal revealed to keep John Lewis in Sheffield, refurbish store and save ‘significant number of jobs’ | The Star

Sheffield city Council’s “underhand” tactics add insult to injury for city’s beleaguered care sector | Care Industry News

Representatives of the Sheffield Care Association were last week hopeful that dialogue started with the Town Hall would be the beginning of a process that would address years of underfunding; cut needless red tape and allow them to receive their promised share of the £1.6bn funding package provided centrally to tackle the Covid 19 crisis.

Source: Sheffield city Council’s “underhand” tactics add insult to injury for city’s beleaguered care sector | Care Industry News

City’s highway network gets UK’s latest smart tech overhaul | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Waste bins that say they’re full, grit bins which tell you they’re empty, drains which ask to be cleaned and trees which demand water.

It sounds futuristic, but the technology is available, and it’s coming to Sheffield.

By spring, the city’s highways contractor, Amey, will have created a digitised public highway network for Sheffield, with thousands of individual wireless sensors communicating via smart sensors.


Source: City’s highway network gets UK’s latest smart tech overhaul | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Poison on our streets

Tell the Truth Sheffield

I met this guy on our street recently who I presume works for Amey. I asked him what he was spraying on the pavement and he replied: “It’s only Round-Up”.

Glyphosate sprayer

When I told him this was not just dangerous to his health but to the whole ecology of our planet, he said he knew, but he was only “spot spraying”. I asked him why he was not wearing protective clothing (he had no face mask or gloves) and he told me that he had these but had been advised not to wear them as this scared the general public. I told him the public was quite right to be scared as we don’t want poison sprayed on our pavements!  In the States, a court case against Monsanto was won by a man who developed cancer after using Roundup. He was awarded $289 million in damages.
Pesticides and herbicides…

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John Mothersole, Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, announces retirement | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Chief Executive, John Mothersole, has today announced that he is due to retire at the end of 2019.

John joined Sheffield City Council in 1998 to take up the role of Executive Director for Development, Environment and Leisure and then in 2008 became Chief Executive, where he has led the council through a decade of unprecedented change.

His retirement message is a reflection of how hard the decision to leave the council has been for him.

John said: “I have been in this role for over 11 years and it has been the best job of my life. However, nothing goes on forever and when you get to a certain stage in your career, and a certain age, the question of when to stop does become a matter of “when” not “if”. I have therefore decided that now is as good a time as any and so I plan to retire at the end of this calendar year. I know that the success of this council is the product of the efforts of everyone who works for it and with it and of the councillors who are elected to it. I will look back on my time working with the council with great fondness and affection.

“Over the next three months I will be working with my council colleagues to hand over my responsibilities and to ensure there is a smooth transition to whoever replaces me in this role.”

The journey to the position of Chief Executive was an interesting one for John having started out as a labourer in a Foundry in Blackburn in 1977. At 18, John took himself off to university. Now back in Blackburn in 1982, with a degree and unemployment at an all-time high, John was ‘rescued’ by the Manpower Services Commission, as it was called then, and offered funding to run a community centre on a council estate. John has been in continuous work ever since which included working in community arts and arts development roles in Camden and Newcastle.


Source: John Mothersole, Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, announces retirement | Sheffield Newsroom | Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Council accused of attempting to ‘rein in’ Lord Mayor Magid Magid with new code of conduct – Yorkshire Post

Sheffield Council has been accused of attempting to “rein in” its Lord Mayor Magid Magid with a planned new code of conduct to ensure holders of the role “respect tradition” and “remain non-political”.

The Green Party councillor was at the centre of a row earlier this month after he elected to wear a white poppy to a Remembrance Sunday service and has previously made headlines for “banning” Donald Trump from Sheffield and unveiling a ‘Sheffield Ten Commandments’ poster which included the instruction ‘Don’t Kiss a Tory’.


Source: Sheffield Council accused of attempting to ‘rein in’ Lord Mayor Magid Magid with new code of conduct – Yorkshire Post

‘We’re at breaking point’ Sheffield Council leaders hit out at budget  – The Star

Leaders of Sheffield City Council have hit out at the Government’s recent budget, saying there is not enough money to deliver services.  Labour councillors Julie Dore, leader of the council, and Olivia Blake, cabinet member for finance, said funding from Government was not enough after Chancellor Philip Hammond annouced the budget for 2018/19.

Mr Hammond said austerity was ‘coming to an end’ after eight years in his speach on the budget last week. But Labour councillors said they are still at ‘breaking point’.

Coun Dore said: “Since 2010 the council’s budget has been slashed by £430 million. “

But this only tells half the story, as rising demand for social care and children’s services has meant that resources have become increasingly stretched. Quite simply there is not enough money to deliver the council services we would expect.


Source: ‘We’re at breaking point’ Sheffield Council leaders hit out at budget  – The Star

Sheffield City Council – Carers Improvement Forum

Carers Service Improvement Forum

Hi, I am Chris Sterry and I am a Carer representative on the Carers Service Improvement Forum (Carers SIF) and our next meeting should be on Wednesday 25 July 2018 at the Town Hall, Committee Room 2 from 10.30am to 12.30pm and thereafter at 2 monthly intervals, some previous minutes can be found here

I say ‘should’ as Sheffield City Council wish to cancel this meeting and any further meetings due to the lack of Carers attending.

By attending these meetings, you will have an opportunity to speak and see some Council Officials relating to Social Care within the City of Sheffield, the Director of Adult Social Care, Phil Holmes attends regular.  You will also have opportunities to discuss forthcoming changes within Sheffield City Council around areas relating to caring in Sheffield.

We have already lost one Service Improvement Forum, that being for Learning Disabilities which was done by subterfuge, do we really wish to lose the Carers SIF also.

I implore you to attend on Wednesday 25 July 2018 and show your appreciation for the Voice of Carers in Sheffield.

You may not classify yourself as a carer or may not like the term ‘carer’ but if you care for anyone, on an unpaid basis, within Sheffield you are entitled to attend any of the Carer SIF meetings. If you can’t attend these meetings, do not let your voice go unheard for you can contact myself on I do have other email addresses, namely, which I created for the Learning Disability Carers group I facilitate.

Even if you do not wish to do any of the above, please use your voice and either contact your Local Councillor or your MP.

I feel it is important to have a voice and unfortunately, currently, the facilities to have one are minimal, if the Carers SIF goes then that minimal will be further reduced.

Another voice for Carers in Sheffield is the Sheffield Carers Centre which is located on

Ground Floor East

Concept House

5 Young Street


S1 4UP

0114 2788942

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 25 July 2018 from 10.30am to 12.30pm in the Town Hall Committee Room 2.

Thank you

Chris Sterry

Sheffield launches Action Plan for Adult Carers | Sheffield News Room

The newly launched Sheffield’s Adult Carers action plan will make sure that people in a caring role continue to get the support they need so that they can care for others.

The action plan was conceptualised by carers themselves at an event they held and will support their 60,000 unpaid adult peers across Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council works not only with the individual themselves but also a range of related organisations including Sheffield Carers Centre, Sheffield Young Carers, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Health and Social Care Trust and Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group to coordinate the help and support given to the city’s carers.

Chris, who cares for his adult daughter who has autism and cerebral palsy explained that it was essential that the process was a genuine collaboration between services and individual carers and that the plan needed to be “open, honest and transparent to make lasting change.”


Source: Sheffield launches Action Plan for Adult Carers | Sheffield News Room