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As with many systems, especially those imposed by Government, they may have ideal outcomes, but the thought process to create the systems is not fit for purpose, it is underfunded, not sufficiently staff resources by numbers and aptitude. They also do not have the claimants or beneficiaries rights and needs as the primary basis, not person centred.

This is evident no matter which party is in power, as the real power brokers are the civil servants behind the elected MPs and Ministers. These are the people who are there irrespective of who is in assumed power.

Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, while comedy sitcoms were more realistic than many of the population believe.

As to the payment periods, why, in this day and age, cannot the current benefits be paid and then just changed on the day the new benefit become effective, we are after all in the computer age and with the right programming anything should be possible.

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“Restoring parity with the tax credit system by reinvesting £3bn a year into universal credit is essential, not only to protect living standards but also to prevent universal credit’s brand becoming synonymous with such major cuts, resulting in significant opposition to roll-out,” it says.

Public confidence in universal credit will collapse without an urgent £3bn cash injection to reverse cuts that are set to leave millions of families worse off, an influential thinktank has warned.

The Resolution Foundation says a spree of Treasury-driven welfare cuts since 2015 has left universal credit unable to meet its original aims of strengthening work incentives and supporting the incomes of low-income families.

It warns that the current fragile political consensus in support of universal credit risks breaking down unless ministers refinance the reform and fix multiple design and implementation problems.

The original universal credit vision of merging six benefits into one to create a…

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What a tangled web they weave and those that suffer are the people of Puerto Rico.

There is more than a hint of corruption, which appears to start with the Governor of Puerto Rico, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and others. The Trump administration should, if they were concerned for the residents of Puerto Rico, a state of the US, look into this as there appears to be a serious fishy smell or hint of corruption. Trump himself could gain some credibility by having this investigated, but will he.

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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) has canceled its outrageous no-bid $300 million contract with Whitefish Energy Holdings, which, among other things, forbid federal and Puerto Rican authorities to audit its labor costs and profit and had no penalties for failure to meet project deadlines.

But questions remain: Why was the contract granted in the first place?  And what is PREPA going to do next to restore power?

The whole thing reminds me of the contracts for reconstruction of Iraq.   After the invasion, American and other foreign companies were given lucrative, no-bid contracts to rebuild Iraq’s electrical systems, other public utilities and physical infrastructure.   Well-qualified Iraqi companies and workers were cut out of the process.

The result was that a lot of government contractors made a lot of money and very little reconstruction took place.   I can see the same thing happening with Puerto Rico—maybe a little less brazenly…

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Disabled campaigners and their allies have called on the transport secretary to restore “vital” government funding for projects to improve access to rail stations across England, Wales and Scotland. In a letter signed by more than 50 organisations, Transport for All (TfA) – which campaigns for an accessible transport system – calls on Chris Grayling to restore tens of millions of pounds of funding for the Access for All scheme that has been deferred by the government. The letter says that deferring half of all planned Access for All projects means that the “already slow progress on rail access has all but ground to a halt”. The decision by the chair of Network Rail – later rubber-stamped by Grayling – to cut Access for All funding for 2014-19 from £102 million to £55 million, with the rest carried over to 2019-24, was first revealed by Disability News Service last year. The letter has been sent as Grayling is due today (Thursday) to announce future levels of Network Rail funding, which

Source: DPOs call on transport secretary to restore Access for All funding | DisabledGo News and Blog

The terrifying prospect that even routine operations will be impossible to perform has been raised by experts alarmed by the rise of drug-resistant genes

Source: ‘Antibiotic apocalypse’: doctors sound alarm over drug resistance | Society | The Guardian

President Donald Trump last weekend shared his thoughts on NFL football players who take a knee during the national anthem as a way of drawing attention to the problems of racism and police brutality. Trump said the protests were unpatriotic and the players should be fired.

We’ve been fact-checking Trump’s remarks and reactions to them this week.


Source: Fact-checks about the NFL, Donald Trump and the national anthem

Stem cells taken from the umbilical cords of babies can help repair damaged hearts and improve their function, a new study suggests. Around 500,000 people in

Source: Stem cells taken from umbilical cords of babies can help repair damaged hearts, study suggests | DisabledGo News and Blog

The world’s most advanced vehicle hand controls, designed in conjunction with Team BRIT, are now internationally available to drivers, manufacturers and race

Source: Revolutionary hand controls set to transform disability motorsport | DisabledGo News and Blog

McDonnell listening to conference and the membership, pledging to scrap PFI and buying existing contracts out is toppling a testament to the neoliberal capitalist system.

Source: John McDonnell’s monumental promise to scrap PFI shows Labour will OBLITERATE failed Neo-liberalism | Evolve Politics

Microsoft has expanded its cloud service by letting companies enjoy all the benefits of Azure within their own data centres.

Source: Microsoft releases Azure Stack, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the cloud

A new study demonstrates the potential of wearable technology as a social-skills aid for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Source: Google Glass app helps autistic children with social interactions: A prototype Google Glass app can recognize conversational prompts and provide the user with suitable responses in return — ScienceDaily

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