Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online

An Australian-American conservative political commentator found herself ‘sandwiched’ between two supremely overweight passengers on a recent American Airlines flight.



What is exactly an Australian American, surely you are either Australian or American, as this women studied her DNA and she is only a percentage American and Australian, when people can be a varied mixture of ethnicities. Then she had the audacity to label 2 persons obese, could it be that she is so thin. If she is that particular then she should have paid the premium so she could select the size seat that works best for her.

Good on American Airlines to rebuke her and so publicly, for you pay for what you get. She paid the standard fare and therefore should not expect special privledges, so what if she is a conservative political commentator, as she should not and doesn’t deserve special treatment.

She is guilty of abusing her fellow passengers and not respecting their Human Rights, she is extremely lucky not to being served a litigation order.


Source: Woman ‘sandwiched between two obese people’ on American Airlines flight is rebuffed by airline | Daily Mail Online

‘My Daughter In Wheelchair Was Abandoned By School Taxis’

This all shows how pathetic the system is, with no one accepting accountability and leaving a very vulnerable person in, possible, great danger. All parties need to sort this out so it never happens again, ‘heads need to roll’.

Same Difference

    A mother has told the BBC her daughter has been left “abandoned” outside her high school in South Lanarkshire because of transport failures.

    The 11-year-old uses a wheelchair and is entitled to a taxi pick-up after each school day.

    But her mother Lisa Harland said she has only been picked up twice this term and staff have not waited with her.

    South Lanarkshire Council said pupils could wait inside the school if transport was unavailable.

    However, Ms Harland said she had to leave work to pick up her daughter and found the school office shutters down.

    Because the family live in Glasgow, the girl’s transport is organised by Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), and provided by Glasgow Taxis.

    Ms Harland said she had called the taxi company and SPT but had been unable to find out who is in charge.

    She said: “It doesn’t matter who…

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    How flying could be improved for passengers who use wheelchairs – The Washington Post

    The Transportation Department has announced several measures, but advocates say progress is too slow.




    This is disgraceful and very discrimitary for a wheelchair is an intergrel part of a person, as it is realy the equivalent of the legs of a non-wheelcair user and no one would expect a person to become adrift of their legs.

    But profit is deemed more important than the human rights of persons who use wheelchairs.

    In planes there should be either specific places where people in wheelchairs could continue to sit in their wheelchairs as there are in all other forms of transport, or seats should be able to be removed in order that a wheelchair could be placed instead. Much of this would require isles on planes to be much wider, thereby reducing the seating capacity, hence a loss of revenue and profits.

    Also the rights to damages and compensation should be more available and should be paid in days of a claim being made, if not immediately.

    Un til then persons in wheelchairs are not being granted the same rights as other passengers which should be illegal.

    The airlines are effectively guilty of a lack of Duty of Care.

    Source: How flying could be improved for passengers who use wheelchairs – The Washington Post

    Sewage now pollutes every single beach between Brighton and Hastings

    Heading to the south coast for a summer break? You might struggle to find somewhere clean to swim


    Unfortunately, it is not just every single beach between Brighton and Hastings, but many more beaches around the UK and even many rivers and the longer it goes the pollution just gets worse.

    But it is not just a question of lack of investments, which is certainly a major cause, but the inefficiencies of the current private companies and before them the nationalised water authorities. So, will nationalisation be the answer, I fear not, as in those instances it is down to Governments to direct the investments, and over the last 100 or more years Government have been, as much as lacking in doing so as the private companies and could have been more so.

    This is due to monies not being ‘ring fenced’, and used by these Governments for whatever areas they so wish. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that the private companies have invested more in per years than previous Governments. The public are either looking through ‘rose tinted’ glasses or are so young that they have never experienced nationalised industries in the UK.

    Just look at Railways, the UK invented railways or steam locomotives, but due to insufficient investments other countries railways expanded way above the UK and, in fact in the 60s, UK railways contracted under Beeching.

    Source: Sewage now pollutes every single beach between Brighton and Hastings

    ‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

    Using trains or planes can be fraught with difficulty and danger for disabled people, from being forgotten about at stations to being unable to use the toilet on long flights



    This all shows how ineffective and totally unsuitable the current equality legislation is and that it urgently needs to be made more effective, for nobody should have to undergo the indignities that disable people have to contend with when flying.

    They like all passengers are paying for a full service and not the diminished service they are currently receiving for they are undergoing indignities no one should have to and then being blamed for inconveniencing others, when it is the service being given which is at fault.

    The airline industry should be ashamed for the service being given to disabled people. They have rights which are being ignored.

    They are being told to wait for assistance, which should be there ready and waiting for them and in sufficient numbers so no one is left waiting. in doing so all passengers will be able to leave the planes at similar times.

    But, I see this everywhere; like persons in wheelchairs being refused travel on buses because the driver says there is no room, but there is for passengers not in wheelchairs. Then being asked to wait for the next, but who says the next will be any different or the next and so on.

    Transport should be made so that all passengers are to be treated equally. But it is the same with taxis, why should persons in wheelchairs have to order special taxis that accommodate wheelchairs, when legislation should be stating that all taxis should be made to accommodate all passengers, if not they can’t be used as  taxis.

    Equality should mean equality.

    Source: ‘I have to plan for if I am stranded, if I am dropped, if my chair is damaged’: the perils of travelling while disabled | Disability | The Guardian

    Morning Call: Can’t We Strike a Deal? | The New Statesman

    To strike or not to strike, well that is the question. But, is it easy to answer for it all depends on who you believe, for it could be that each party is exaggerating the areas in question.

    It is true that inflation has begun to rise, now 9.1% from the similar period last year, so say, a 3% salary increase would be, in real terms’ a wage cut. It is also said that due to COVID and persons working from home there has been a reduction in rail travel of say, 20% and by striking this reduction could well increase and be hard to recover, especially in the short term.

    The government could do more for all UK workers by bringing in tax cuts to Income tax, thereby increasing net pay, by reducing the rate of VAT, which would reduce, to some extent, the costs of goods and services, but would mean there would be less revenue for the Government, thereby to recover this shortfall some Government spending could have to reduced, which could lead to some services being reduced, especially those funding by Local Authorities, as, to a large extent the Government funds Local Authorities. But there are other services and organisations which are funded by the Government, including the Police, the armed services, the NHS, etc., so funding could have to be cut to these organisations and services.

    With the railways some alterations to working conditions could be a solution to save on costs and release more money for salaries, as there are some restrictive practices. Some of these are relating to work processes before modernisations or automations were made, such as ticket machines instead of ticket booking offices. But the Unions appear to be against alterations affecting the reductions in the workforce due to these modernisations and automations, so staff are effectively having less to do. There are also possible future automations, such as driverless trains, automated track inspections, automated signaling and others.

    But there is something which has not been mentioned to any large degree and that is the large pay gap from the lowest paid workers to that of the highest paid workers, of which the highest would be the Chief Executives, so the highest paid could have there salaries restricted to a certain percentage increase above that of the lowest paid.

    Much needs to be looked at and nothing should be off the table, including compulsory arbitration on all parties, with strikes being not required.

    Source: Morning Call: Can’t We Strike a Deal? – The New Statesman

    Disabled passenger stranded on Manchester Airport plane for hours calls POLICE to be rescued – Manchester Evening News

    ‘I felt like I was being held hostage so I had no other option but to call the police’


    This is a disgraceful state of affairs and it is not an isolated incident for another disabled passenger was left on a plane at Gatwick.

    As is stated the airport authorities would have been well aware that assistance was required as the planes captain would have radioed ahead that assistance was required. Even 10 – 15 minutes would be too long to wait for the required assistance should have been there as the plane landed so that the disabled passenger would be the first off the plane rather than the last.

    Yet again disability discrimination which should not be countenanced. Equality should be there aways.

    Source: Disabled passenger stranded on Manchester Airport plane for hours calls POLICE to be rescued – Manchester Evening News

    Disability advocate Janet Curtain left stranded on train platform after V/Line failed to provide accessible carriage – ABC News

    Despite booking ahead for an accessible train carriage home to Melbourne, Janet Curtain was forced to wait three hours for a taxi in a situation she says is happening to others as well.


    Transport as should all services, be there for everyone, but in many instances it is not for at least one section of the community, not just in one country, but virtually every country, and that community is the community of persons with disabilities. They too are part of the country in which they reside and should not be seen as second class, and in fact in many instances no class. They are and should be treated as equal partners in every aspect, but in many instances they are not and they feel as tough they do not belong and with certain peoples attitudes it goes even further, that is that they should not belong.

    It is not their disability that is a barrier, but attitudes of Governments and certain people within those countries. This has to change and should have changed many years ago.


    Source: Disability advocate Janet Curtain left stranded on train platform after V/Line failed to provide accessible carriage – ABC News

    Is The UK’s Travel Red List Really A ‘Black List’? | HuffPost UK Life

    African countries face restrictions following the Omicron outbreak. Young British people are questioning what’s really going on.


    This is a point well made, but many will say, it is just making ‘waves’ when there are no waves to make, but everything mentioned is fact.

    South Africa wasn’t the first country to have Omicron, The Netherlands were, but South Africa was the first country to report it, so why as The Netherlands not been put on the ‘Red List’ who is going to provide the answer, for if no answer is not forthcoming then, I feel this adds weight to the ‘African’ discrimination. and being a ‘Black’ List.

    Source: Is The UK’s Travel Red List Really A ‘Black List’? | HuffPost UK Life

    London Bus Driver Refused To Take My Disabled Daughter

    Persons with disabilities and their families have already so much to contend with, that discrimination by bus drivers is adding to their problems.

    Not only should the transport authority, TfL in this instance be fined, but also actions should be taken against the respected bus drivers, then and only then will they take their responsibilities on-board.

    Training is one aspect, but if the drivers think they will get away with it then some will, it should also go on their employment record.

    There is already insufficient space on many forms of transport, as some only have one wheelchair space, when there should be at least 2 or more.

    Same Difference

    A woman says she was left feeling “ridiculed and belittled” by a bus driver who refused to let her young disabled daughter board.

    Mother-of-five Tameika Pieternella often travels by bus in Abbey Wood, south-east London, with two-year-old D’Naiyah, who has brain damage.

    She says the driver would not get out a ramp for her daughter’s buggy-style wheelchair, while another simply drove off, leaving them at the bus stop.

    Transport for London has apologised.

    Louise Cheeseman, TfL’s director of bus operations, said: “We are very sorry that Ms Pieternella and her daughter have experienced this.

    “We would like to reassure her that making travel easier for Londoners with reduced mobility is one of our top priorities. We have one of the most accessible bus networks in the world and all bus routes are served by low-floor vehicles with an access ramp and dedicated space for wheelchair users.

    “Bus drivers have received…

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